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5 Apps to Install on your New Windows Laptop

5 Apps to Install on your New Windows Laptop

If you have recently bought a new Windows laptop and are just getting started with it, then you have stumbled on the right blog. When you buy a new laptop, the first thing you need to do is to install all the necessary apps on it so you can run it seamlessly. In this article, I have mentioned a few essential apps that you need to install on your new laptop right away. While some of these apps will help you manage your files better, others will provide you with some great entertainment.

Most of these apps are not only available for Windows but also can be installed on Mac laptops. Let’s take a look at them!

5 Apps to Install on a New Windows Laptop

5 Apps to Install on a New Windows Laptop

Soda PDF

Soda PDF is an app that can come in handy for the purpose of document management. It can help you organize your documents better. This app will allow you to transfer data from your old laptop seamlessly and help you eliminate the dead weight. Soda PDF allows you to edit, create and merge documents effortlessly to ensure maximum convenience. You can use this app to create PDFs from almost any format. Above all, you can even convert your desired PDF to image, PPT, Word file etc.

The coolest part about Soda PDF is that it comes packed with a plethora of advanced features which are not found in other apps. With SodaPDF split, you can also cut the part of old documents that you don’t need to save more space on your PC. Apart from that, Soda PDF also offers you OCR, with the help of which you can convert your paper documents into digital text in an instant. The app also gives you the option to store your original and converted PDF files in the cloud. So, if you don’t want documents flying around in your new laptop, Soda PDF is the app to go.

Google Drive

Google Drive is among the most popular apps out there as it can make your life easier in many ways and this something no tech enthusiast will deny. It is a cloud-based storage platform that allows you to store documents, images, videos, and other files on it. This simply means you won’t need a pen drive to move your files from one laptop to another. You can simply upload the file on Google Drive and access it anytime you want and that too from any corner of the world. This is indeed a great way to backup your precious files.

The best thing about Google Drive is that it not only stores the files for future use, but it also allows you to edit them online whenever the need arises. Microsoft Office documents can be viewed and edited by multiple users at the same time. This facility can prove to be quite useful in group projects where several people have to access and make changes to the same file. One of the main reasons why Google Drive is so famous among people is that it boasts a user-friendly interface and its functions are very quite easy to understand. Even if you are someone who is not tech-savvy enough, you will not face any hassles while using this app.

Norton Antivirus

Even though Windows 10 comes with its own firewall and security, you still need to install an antivirus to keep your laptop safe and free from harmful viruses. There are thousands of different malwares out there, and if you don’t have an antivirus program that updates regularly on its own, your laptop is more likely to get infected. That is why it is recommended that you install Norton antivirus right after you have unboxed your laptop in order to guard against potential threats.

Norton’s security will keep your laptop up to date and strengthen its firewall as well. As a matter of fact, the incredibly efficient 2-way firewall of Norton Antivirus is capable of preventing both external and internal traffic at the same time. Most notably, the interface of this antivirus solution is pretty easy-to-use. Unlike the majority of other anti-viruses that are popular in the world of technology, Norton antivirus comes with a wide variety of unique virus removal capabilities. In addition to offering robust protection against viruses and cyber threats, Norton boasts a lot of other features like parental control, auto backup, spam blocking etc.


What fun is a new laptop if you cannot play music or videos on it seamlessly?  Windows 10 has a couple of media players pre-installed, but let’s be honest; none of them are as efficient as VLC. If you want to watch videos or listen to your favorite music without any glitches or pauses, VLC is the best choice for you. Similarly, if you are planning to put a movie DVD into your new laptop, VLC will provide you with a great experience that you will never forget.

The nicest thing about this media player is that it supports a large range of file formats without requiring any extra codecs. Best of all, it supports streaming and it can optimize both audio and video playback to meet your preferences. Given the fact that this media player is capable of streaming, you can use this app for playing video files online directly from their original source. On top of all this, VLC is a free app, and you can easily install it within a few minutes all thanks to its small size.


There comes a time when you run out of space and you are left with no choice but to compress certain files. This is where an open-source archiver like 7-Zip can work wonders for fulfilling your needs. Boasting advanced compression algorithms, this app is way better than Window’s inbuilt zip archiver.

With a compression tool like 7-Zip at your disposal, you can easily compress large files within a few minutes. While this app offers full support to Zip and Rar files, its own 7z format is capable of squashing down heavy files into a single archive which is much smaller in size. Another amazing thing is that 7-Zip supports more file formats than any other compression utility available online.

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