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Best CPU Cooler for i7 7700k in April 2021

Best CPU Cooler for i7 7700k for Effective Cooling!

Looking to get a new CPU Cooler? Using an i7 7th gen Intel processor and want to make sure the cooling is proper for your CPU? We got you covered! In this guide, we have reviewed several CPU Fans and found the Best CPU Cooler for i7 7700k processor which is compatible with the processor and cools it off effectively.

Heating issues can ruin your experience and your PC itself and it is important to have a cooler in place to dissipate the heat. Excessive heating can damage the hardware and you may have to replace the whole CPU itself. To avoid this, it is important to invest in an effective, performance-oriented cooler so you can increase the lifetime of your hardware!

Recently we reviewed some Coolers for i9 9900k and now we have come up with the coolers for i7 7700k. Since we have gone through so many CPU Coolers on the market, we have done enough research and collected enough information, it has become a bit easier for us to analyze and find Air Coolers compatible with specific processors. So, without waiting too long, let’s get started with the reviews!

Best CPU Cooler for i7 7700k Reviewed!

Given below are the comprehensively detailed reviews of the 5 best-rated CPU coolers for i7 7700k desktop processor.

Noctua NH-D15 Review (Author’s Choice)

Noctua NH-D15 Review - Best CPU Cooler for i7 7700k!

Loaded with many super-advanced features and new-age technologies, the Noctua NH-D15 is indeed the best CPU cooler for i7 7700k as it efficiently disperses heat and delivers superb cooling performance while ensuring long-term reliability. This high-end CPU cooler is fully compatible with the majority of premium RAM modules and its two 140mm well-optimized PWM fans offer an ultra-quiet cooling operation.

Suitable for overclocking CPUs for performance maximization, the air cooler guarantees easy installation, and it is also backed by a long warranty of 6 years. Having won plenty of awards over the years, the NH-D15 CPU cooler also has an automatic speed control facility.

That being said, the 6 quality heat pipes and dual-tower design of this PC cooler makes it even more desirable. Best of all, the most noteworthy thing is that the Noctua NH-D15 cooling system can effectively meet the high-performance CPU needs of hardcore PC users in an instant.


  • Packed with several advanced features and latest technology
  • Evenly disperses excessive heat and delivers maximum CPU cooling
  • Boasts 2 highly optimized cooling fans
  • Perfect CPU cooler for overclockers and people with high-performance needs
  • Features automatic speed control facility
  • Supports most high-end RAM modules

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Cooler Master MasterAir MA620M Review

Cooler Master MasterAir MA620M Review

Regarded as the best cooler for i7 7700k by hundreds and thousands of PC users in different corners of the globe, the Cooler Master MasterAir MA620M features a dual-tower heatsink design along with a stunning lighting badge that complements the overall looks of the product. Users who are fond of experimenting with personalization options can leverage the cooler’s RGB-powered LED controller to try out a wide variety of customizable effects and colors for that particular purpose. Above all, the fan settings of this CPU cooling solution are adjustable and it can be fine-tuned for the best possible results.

Renowned for its exceptional silent performance and better thermal conductivity, the MasterAir MA620M CPU cooling system evenly dissipates extra heat thanks to its uniform pipe layout. It must also be noted that this remarkable system cooling solution from Cooler Master has made a name for itself in recent times. In addition to all this, the CPU cooler’s exclusive mounting system makes it possible for computer users to install the system with maximum ease and convenience.


  • An ideal choice for high-end gamers
  • Boasts 2 separate sets of heatsink and a visually appealing lighting badge
  • The fan settings of this cooling solution are customizable
  • Popular for its improved thermal conductivity and silent cooling performance
  • Features an inordinately advanced uniform heat pipe layout
  • Comes with an exclusive mounting system for quick and easy installation

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EVGA CLC 400-HY-CL28-V1 Review (Amazon’s Choice)

EVGA CLC 400-HY-CL28-V1 Review - Best i7 7700k Cooler!

Are you looking to invest in the best air cooler for i7 7700k and get good value for your hard-earned money? Do you want to own a high-grade cooling system that will keep your CPU functioning smoothly while paving the way for top-notch performance simultaneously? Uniquely designed to ensure improved heat transfer and better flow rate, the EVGA CLC 400 liquid cooler is extremely popular among a large number of new-school PC heads owing to both its solid overall build quality and outstanding design.

The advanced PWM fans of the EVGA CLC 400 boast Teflon bearings for extended durability and they effectively disperse heat for ultimate cooling. Besides being feature-packed and reasonably priced, the CPU cooler boasts a long manufacturer warranty of 5 years to make it easier for users to seek professional support in case any issue arises in the future. You can make use of the EVGA software suite solution to control flow and adjust the fan speed of the cooler.

With the utilization of the modern-day inbuilt RGB LED facility, you can browse through various eye-catching color profiles and personalize the rig based on your likings. You would be glad to know that this CPU cooler is quite easy to install and it operates with minimum noise while delivering A1 cooling efficiency all day long. Having said that, consider buying this top-end liquid cooling system to keep your PC running properly without any hassles.


  • Popularly known for its solid build quality and excellent design
  • The CPU cooler facilitates enhanced heat transfer and improves the overall flow rate
  • Comes with all the newest features as well as a 5-year long manufacturer warranty
  • The cooling system is fully controllable via the EVGA software solution
  • Boasts RGB LED facility to allow users to customize their rig using color profiles
  • Operates with the utmost efficiency without making much noise

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Golden Field SF240 Review

Golden Field SF240 Review

Another great i7 7700k cooler for CPU, the Golden Field SF240 boasts splendid durability, and its high-quality CPU block is made of pure copper. The 240mm radiator of this PC cooler enlarges the surfaces meant for heat contact and facilitates effective air circulation throughout the day. Not just that, this all-in-one PC cooling solution from Golden Field redefines attractiveness and features extremely stylish looks to keep passionate RGB lovers hooked.

Despite being available at an economical price tag, this A1 CPU liquid cooler is equipped with all the necessary features required for apt PC functioning. The powerful fans of the Golden Field SF240 CPU cooler work wonders for enabling proper system cooling whereas the all-new solid seal interface ensures that there is no leakage during the entire operation.

Another added advantage is the cooler’s thermally optimized plate which makes the product a big favorite among people. It is also one of the quitest coolers for CPU which is something to take into consideration. If you want a cost-effective system cooler for your 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor, the best choice would be to opt for the Golden Field SF240.


  • Effectively circulates hot air and increases the surface of heat contact areas
  • This stylish cooling system would be a good choice for RGB enthusiasts
  • Features an incredibly durable copper CPU block for increased lifespan
  • Sustains ample coolness to facilitate apt system functioning
  • Boasts a no-leakage design as well as great build quality
  • The advanced fans of this modern CPU cooler ensure effective cooling

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NZXT Kraken Z73 Review (Reader’s also like) (Premium Cooler)

NZXT Kraken Z73 Review - Best Fan for Intel i7 7700k!

Also considered a suitable CPU cooler for i7 9700k, the NZXT Kraken Z73 boasts dynamic bearings and it is known to provide a highly effective yet silent cooling operation around the clock, thereby keeping all sorts of inconvenience at bay. The improved pump of this CPU cooler adds to its overall efficiency, gets rid of excessive heat, and keeps the different PC components cool 24/7. Speaking of the product’s durability, the Kraken Z73 cooler is made with robust components and its top-grade mesh sleeves efficaciously protect against mishandling.

What is noteworthy is the cooler’s installation procedure, which is quite simple and easy. Keeping everything else aside, you can easily manage the system’s performance and personalize the appearance of the CPU cooler by making use of the latest CAM software solution. And apart from all these phenomenal fine-tuning capabilities, this high-end CPU cooling system features an advanced RGB connector as well.

The good thing about this product from NZXT is that it is deemed the best CPU fan for i7 7700k because it comes packed with lots of modern technologies which make this cooling system a real delight for hardcore technology enthusiasts. Take note that combining your 7th gen Intel processor with the Kraken Z73 CPU cooler would definitely make up for an amazing upgrade.


  • The top-quality nylon mesh sleeves make this CPU cooler incredibly durable
  • The cooling system’s appearance is completely personalizable
  • Boasts a hassle-free installation procedure and excellent fine-tuning capabilities
  • Equipped with many modern technologies
  • The CPU cooler’s performance can be customized with the CAM software utility
  • Comes with a modern RGB connector for personalization purposes

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Conclusion – Which is the Best Cooler for i7 7700k?

Featuring 4 cores along with an 8MB cache, the Intel Core i7 7700k is a super-powerful processor but it requires a top-grade CPU cooler to facilitate seamless functioning and efficient performance at the same time. However, it must be taken into consideration that no tech geek in the world can deny the truth that getting hold of a highly advanced cooling system in today’s age is a challenging task as the CPU cooler market is flooded with various options. Though we faced several major hurdles while putting in work during the final selection process, our efforts eventually paid off and we achieved the decision that the best CPU cooler for i7 7700k is the Noctua NH-D15 thanks to its world-class build quality.

Equipped with 2 strong PWM fans, the Noctua NH-D15 premium-class CPU cooler offers full support for the newest RAM modules, quietly cools the system, and provides users with a fantastic experience. Having finished with this PC cooler buying guide, you must have become armed with the needed technical knowledge, and thus, picking out a quality product should now be a walk in the park for you. But in case you come across any hassles, you can reach out to us via the comment section and we will be more than glad to help you overcome difficulties so that you can quickly find the best fan for i7 7700k without inconvenience.


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