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Best CPU Cooler for i9 9900k

Best CPU Cooler for i9 9900k for Gaming!

CPU Heating issues are quite common when we are indulged in things like gaming, animation, or crypto-mining. In such cases, it is very essential to have an appropriate CPU cooler according to your processor because too much heat can physically damage your Processor, Motherboard, HDD/SSD, and RAM. In this post, we will review the Best CPU Cooler for i9 9900k so you can get the best quality for your hard-earned money!

Gaming is a passion and is more than just a pastime activity. Real gamers have long gaming sessions and for the CPU to survive these long sessions, we gotta make sure there is proper airflow. This airflow is very important for proper functioning. Without letting the heat out, you can face an unexpected shutdown of your PC or physically damaged parts. This applies when you are into animation or crypto-mining too.

Alright, so without waiting further, let’s get started with the reviews that you came for!

Best CPU Cooler for i9 9900k Reviewed!

Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler Review

Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler Review - Best CPU Cooler for i9 9900k

With the NH-D15, Noctua presents yet another top-of-the-line CPU coolers. Combining a fine build quality along with top-notch processor cooling, the Noctua NH-D15 is arguably the best air cooler for i9-9900k processor. It is also one of the best CPU coolers for i7-9700k.

In terms of looks, the NH-D15 exhibits a stylish and sleek black look. It houses a black heat sink which also has anti-vibration pads. The Cooler is equipped with multiple sockets for easy mounting. Apart from the ease of mounting, the ND-D15 is compatible with most of the best RAM modules out there in the market.

This cooler by Noctua is an ideal choice for gamers who want to overclock their system while keeping their system cool. Thus, allowing the users to unlock the maximum potential of their system in terms of performance. A total of 6 heat pipes with dual radiators are included in the NH-D15. They are fine-tuned and designed perfectly to ensure maximum air-flow by providing maximum surface area.

The exhaust of the NH-D15 is quite similar to its predecessor. There are also notches that are cut from the lower fins in order to allow installation and removal of memory. The dual radiator design allows you to install not only one but two 140mm cooling fans which are already included. If you are looking for a mid-budget CPU cooler that won’t break the bank and which has great cooling functions then the NH-D15 is the one you are looking for.


  • Excellent build quality and great design
  • Best for gamers with overclocked processors
  • Consists of 6 Dual radiator heat pipes
  • The inclusion of PWM fans ensures quiet and maximum cooling performance
  • Can support the newest RAM modules

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Corsair Hydro Series H150i Review (Author’s Choice)

Corsair Hydro Series H150i Review - Best Liquid Cooler for i9 9900k!

When system cooling and thermal dissipation capabilities are considered there is nothing better than a great liquid cooling system like the Corsair Hydro Series H150i. Liquid cooling systems might be a bit on the pricy side but if you have got the budget then they are absolutely worth the money and this one is probably the Best AIO Cooler for i9 9900k.

The H150i is an AIO cooler. AIO stands for All In One. All the cooling systems including the water blocks, radiators, heating tubes, fans, and pumps are put into a single packageThe mainframe is mostly made from plastic but is highly durable and sturdy and has an overall great build quality.

As one can expect from Corsair, the H150i not only delivers flawless performance in terms of cooling but also is one of the quietest liquid cooling systems out there. This cooler offers a 360 radiator fitted with three 120mm fans. This can be considered as one of the Best i9 9900k CPU Coolers. It is also present in the list of top CPU coolers for i7-8700k.

Corsair claims that the H150i is powered by the Magnetic Levitation system which packs thee 120mm magnetic levitation PWM fans. These fans improve the overall air-flow and also produce super low sound at full speed These fans run at a maximum speed of 1500 rotations per minute. This is an ideal choice for gamers who are looking for the perfect balance between looks and performance.


  • Looks incredible with its Dynamic Multicolor RGB Lighting
  • Precise Pump Control allows the user to elevate performance and lower noise with advanced options
  • The Zero RPM mode allows users to completely shut down their fans when required
  • The Magnetic Levitation system offers excellent cooling and maximum air-flow
  • It comes with the Corsair LINK software enabling the user to customize RGB lights and other features

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NZXT Kraken X72 Review (Amazon’s Choice)

NZXT Kraken X72 Review - Best AIO Cooler for i9 9900k!

Those of you who are looking for an All In One CPU cooler that will keep your systems cool even in the most intense gaming sessions, then the NZXT Kraken is the choice to go for. NZXT claims that its Kraken series offers the highest number of customizable options compared to any other AIO cooler in the market.

The Kraken series is an improvement over the older series as they claim to feature a newer pump capable of better liquid flow and heat dissipation. If we speak about the looks, it is a treat to the eyes. It comes with fully customizable RGB lights that the user can change with the provided software. The NZXT Kraken X72 is compatible with all of the latest Intel new generation processors and is possibly the best cooler for i9 9900k.

Kraken X72 offers three Aer fans which are manufactured by NZXT themselves. NZXT claims the fans can run up to 2000 rotations per minute thus providing flawless heat dissipation. The Kraken X72 comes with the NZXT CAM user interface software. The software brings together all the information about the current state of your computers such as the operational details and system memory usage and other details.

The cooler houses a 360 radiator and a total of three 120mm fans with rubbers protections around the mounting holes. In terms of noise, the cooler performs exceptionally and silently. Considering the cooling speed and capacity this cooler provides, we can say that it is the best liquid cooler for i9 9900k processor and the best choice for people with long gaming sessions or CPU intensive work!


  • Customizable RGB lighting options with infinity mirror design to provide a dynamic lighting experience
  • Houses 3 Aer P 120mm for maximum cooling and air-flow
  • Superior cooling control through the NZXT CAM software
  • 6-year warranty

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Be Quiet! Dark Rock 4 CPU Cooler Review (Under Budget)

Be Quiet! Dark Rock 4 CPU Cooler Review - Best i9 9900k CPU Cooler!

Just as the name suggests, ‘Be Quiet’, they are responsible for making some of the quietest CPU coolers on the market. The Dark Rock 4 is a bit big and bulky taking up almost a third of the motherboard. Speaking about the looks, the top part contains Heatpipe caps made of dark brushed aluminum. They give it an eye-pleasing look and also a premium and sturdy feel.

This model is included with extra fan clips in order to attach a third fan if the user desires. Overall it has a fine build quality with an attractive design and looks. It is one of the best CPU fans for i9-9900k and other Intel chipsets. The Dark Rock 4 is a dual fan AIO cooler with a dual tower design. Sporting a total of two fans, one 135mm SilentWings and the other 120mm, this piece of hardware packs excellent cooling capabilities.

The latter moves the air through the first tower where it meets the 135mm fan which in turn drives the air stream through the second tower and then the rear. The Dark Rock 4 also has cooling fins with an open design to maximize air-flow and heat dissipation. The top has caps cover the ends of seven 6mm copper heat pipes. The combination of the Dual fans and the twin tower system turns the Dark Rock 4 into a beast from the performance perspective.


  • The 120mm fan and 135mm SilentWings PWM fan ensures excellent air-flow
  • Cooling fins with wave-like contours for noise-free air-flow
  • Top-notch build quality
  • Fine ceramic particle coating for improved heat transfer

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NZXT Kraken X62 Review

NZXT Kraken X62 Review - Best AIO Cooler for i9 9900k!

Designed for performance, NZXT Kraken X62 has become a massive favorite among the new generation of gamers and technology buffs. This liquid cooling solution boasts extended tubing and its dual radiator fans ensure a silent cooling operation around the clock. This simply means that the cooler is capable of facilitating superior cooling at minimum noise levels.

The nicest thing is that the NZXT Kraken X62 liquid CPU cooler is backed with a warranty of 6 years and hence, you can trust the product’s durability. The modern RGB capabilities are a true delight for gaming enthusiasts and it can pave the way for a dynamic lighting experience. This cooling solution features plenty of advanced lighting modes and effects using which you can make your CPU look a lot more stylish instantly.

You can make use of the NZXT Cam software to tune fan speed, monitor system temperature, etc. Therefore, make sure you invest in the NZXT Kraken X62 CPU cooler to eliminate excessive heat and keep your PC cool at all times.


  • Armed with high-quality radiator fans
  • Ensures efficient yet noise-free cooling
  • Comes with a 6-year long warranty
  • Offers a huge range of lighting effects
  • Boasts tunable fan performance

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Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT CPU Cooler Review (Readers also like) (Amazon’s Choice)

Thermalright Le Grand Macho RT CPU Cooler Review - Best Air Cooler for i9 9900k for Heat Dissipation!

Thermalright has been around the corner for about a decade building a line of top-notch CPU cooling solutions. In the new line of products falls the Le Grand Macho RT which is considered to be the best i9 9900k air cooler. Thermalright’s new Le Grand Macho RT houses the large TY-147B fan which considering the design provides great air-flow and is significantly noise-free.

The Macho RT weighs in at about 1060g and exhibits a single tower design which makes it pretty lightweight and low profile. Aside from the large surface area for excellent heat dissipation, this model packs a total of seven 6mm heat pipes. The front part has about 35 fins including the top black one. There is a two-part base assembly below the fins. The heat pipes are plated with nickel in or to prevent oxidation and rusting.

The Le Grand Macho RT houses a single fan spanning 140mm. The fan is manufactured by Thermalright themselves and is called the Thermalright TY-147B. It is claimed to have a maximum speed of 1300 rotations per minute, enough to drive away excessive heat. Copper is used for the base of the cooler. In terms of build, the Macho RT may not look the best but is one of the sturdiest and also provides a lot of clearance space.

Performance-wise it is top-tier and does its job nicely, excellent for the ones with overclocked systems. It is one of the best CPU coolers for i9 9900k processor and is also liked a lot by our readers and is also Amazon’s Choice!


  • Top-tier cooling performance and very noise-free
  • Nickel-plated heating tubes to avoid oxidation
  • Large surface area and the TY-147B fan ensure maximum heat dissipation
  • Budget-friendly

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Things to Consider when Buying a CPU Cooler for i9-9900k

Things to Consider when Buying a CPU Cooler for i9-9900k

Now that desktop processors and motherboards are becoming more powerful thanks to technological advancements, investing in a high-end CPU cooler has become increasingly important. PC users who neglect vital points and do not buy a good cooling solution may face severe performance issues in the long run. Since ensuring proper CPU cooling is imperative, you must be extra careful while choosing a CPU cooler if you really want good value for your bucks.

It is true that people who are not tech-savvy enough are bound to face various difficulties when it comes to finding a top-notch CPU cooling system. This is the main reason why we have come up with this comprehensive CPU cooler buying guide to make things a little easier. Given here are the 4 important things that you must take into consideration while buying a CPU cooler.

CPU Socket

Different PC coolers are designed for different CPU sockets and hence, you must opt for a product that is supported by your system. Being cautious is necessary because certain cooling solutions support only a limited type of sockets. Thoroughly go through the specifications of the PC cooler you are planning to purchase and find whether it can be fitted in your CPU socket or not. 

Size and Bulkiness

Take note that there are some CPU coolers that do not fit in every PC case owing to their big size. Based on your individual needs, you need to determine which CPU is the best for your cabinet.

Remember to go for a premium CPU cooler that is less bulky and has the right size simultaneously.

Air Cooler or Liquid Cooler?

Without a doubt, keeping PC components cool and stable is a very effective way to increase the overall lifespan of your system. However, you must choose the right type of cooler to get the results. While an air cooler should be enough to meet your needs but if you execute resource-heavy tasks that make your PC run at extremely high temperatures, going for a liquid cooler would be your best bet.

Noise Levels

Another thing you need to ensure is that the CPU cooler you buy should have low noise levels so that you do not get disturbed while the cooler does its job. It has been observed that coolers that have large fans make less noise as compared to coolers equipped with small fans. Make sure that you pick out a PC cooler that will provide you with the best cooling performance without being loud.

Conclusion – Which is the Best i9 9900k CPU Cooler?

Upon testing each of the aforementioned coolers, the Corsair Hydro Series H150i stands out as the best AIO for i9-9900k. It is a total package when it comes to a combination of excellent cooling, superior design, and looks.

With customizable looks, fine-tuning, AIO facilities, and a sleek design, this is a great choice for gamers. Other than that it is also perfect for those users who want to unlock the full potential of their system all in while keeping it cool. The included software Corsair LINK is highly flexible and offers tons of software control to the user. Budget-wise it is somewhere in the middle (not too low end and not too high end) but is surely worth the money.

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