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Best Drones for Filming

Best Drones for Filming - Get an Amazing Cinematic Experience!

In the current era, Drones have been providing us with scintillating and fascinating video shots that were once in the past kind of not possible. The quality of drone videography has come a long way and in the present time, the quality has surpassed everything. If you are a passionate videographer, this post will show you some of the Best Drones for Filming.

For filmmaking, having a Drone is a must with essential features like having an HD camera and others is a must. A quality Drone is ideal for people seriously into filmmaking and also for those who are just for casual fun. Regardless of whether you have no reason for getting one, you need to agree that Drones are cool.

Before we dive into the list, it is imperative to know some of the basics. If you require aerial videos by recording an occasion that is occurring right now, it is perfect to have a Drone with a stable drifting capacity. This will keep your Drone from continually rising, or drifting, resulting in bad quality videos.

Well, let’s get to the point here by discussing the Best Drones for FilmMaking. We’ve acquired some information and made a list of the Best Drones that you can go for it to have a spectacular filming experience. Are you ready to check out the list of the best filming drones? Let’s get started!

Best Drones for Filming Reviewed!

DJI Phantom 3 Review

DJI Phantom 3 Review - Best Dones for Filming!

This is an astonishing device, which offers live stream videos to your phone that is connected to the controller. It is surely in real-time and the signal does not bring about slacking at any point in time.

The Phantom 3 does have the return to the home that makes it simple to land and safe if you can’t find it. To be honest, it is quite small and it can fit in the pocket to encourage quicker transportation. Also, the design makes it more portable.

The drone usually comes in with fitted cameras that can take videos of high quality even at the far end. It is additionally fitted with a few sensors to enable it to identify any object that can bring about a crash.

The Phantom 3 Pro consequently identify subjects, follows as they move, making it simpler to get some tough shots. Advanced image recognition algorithms utilized by the Phantom 3 Pro enable it to perceive and follow the object while keeping it in the frame. Also, it is one heck of a stylish and elegant drone that attracts you.

Isn’t that cool? Also, the lenses of the Phantom 3 are of top-notch quality and pretty good mobile app control.


  • Boasts excellent live streaming capabilities in real-time
  • Easy to carry around owing to its compact and portable design
  • The drone comes armed with high-end cameras and smart sensors
  • Features lenses of the highest quality
  • Fully controllable via the mobile application

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DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 Review (Author’s Choice)

DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 Review - Best Drone for Filming

Talk about one of the best drones to fly with ease. It is certainly one of the top contenders and the best filming drone because of the high-quality video content it provides.

It does have a smooth, lightweight, and streamlined body. The device likewise incorporates a flight controller, 4K camera, 3-axis gimbal, incredible power, and huge props. This adaptable quad-copter goes for double control and has a decent measure of mobility while flying. This professional-level drone provides a very stable platform for top-notch videos.

It does have a built-in camera, which does record 4K films at 24-30 fps. Well, this makes it a certainty that whenever you’re done with filming, the end results of the videos will be fantastic. Far and superior, it is additionally able in pivoting 360 degrees, which means you will almost certainly record the surroundings autonomously of the drone’s flight path. Because of the most recent Lightbridge tech, it can transmit videos at a distance of about 2 km.

The flying height of any drone is quite important; well the DJI Inspire 1 V2.0 has a maximum flying height of around 1600 feet while the flight time is at a max of 20 minutes. To keep it short, it has everything that you require in a Drone to give you something much better than the usual ones. All in all, this is the BEST Drone for Videography!


  • Known for its amazing design and matchless flying efficiency
  • Has a pretty smooth and lightweight body
  • Comes with an inbuilt flight controller and 4K camera
  • Capable of filming high quality videos
  • Can fly as high as 1600 feet for 20 minutes

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DJI Spark Review

DJI Spark Review - Best FilmMaking Drones

The Spark is a Racing Drone at a budget price that can shoot quality videos. It comprises of some stunning features for a small price tag but comes with some cons as well. If you are looking for something cheap to test out the waters then you can also check out the Drone 720x but be aware that it is NOT a drone you would want for your filming passion. The drones listed in this article are the ones used by professionals.

One thing that can be a downside is that it can shoot only up to 1080p full HD video, however, that is unquestionably more than satisfactory to share them anywhere or even on YouTube. The feature to track objects functions admirably as well.

Where the Spark truly sparkles is the feature of gesture recognition. You can casually launch it from the palm of your hand, and capture predefined shots of you with simple motions or gestures. Frankly, the Drone can compete with others apart from some missing features.

Nevertheless, the sparkle has got it all for a smooth flowing film-making experience and gives a good competition to the other Drones of a higher budget.


  • Most budget-friendly racing drone for quality filming
  • Shoots videos in Full HD resolution
  • Features the highly advanced gesture recognition feature
  • Boasts fantastic build quality and style
  • Great choice for professional filmers

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DJI Mavic 2 Review (Readers also like)

DJI Mavic 2 Review - Best Drone for FilmMaking

Well, we are in the 4th option, and DJI tends to be dominating in this. DJI Mavic 2 has already created a name of its own with its stunning performance over the years. It is quite a handy Drone for people who love to take classy videos.

Furthermore, the Mavic 2 incorporates the ActiveTrack 2.0 system for tracking of your video subjects. The ActiveTrack 2.0 maps out a 3D perspective of the environment and also predicts the direction of an object to keep following it while it is out of view. It can track objects even at fast speed and senses in advance to have a strategic distance from obstacles.

This is a charm drone, enabling you to take fantastic videos. It has every one of the features you would need to shoot incredibly top-notch aerial shots. We have reviewed some top-notch drones here, worth taking a look!

It does come with a high price tag, yet it might be justified, in case you are searching for one of the best drones for video shooting. Some video shots or even some B-ROLL make your filming look more cinematic and classy.


  • Popular for its splendid object tracking capabilities
  • Offers style and performance simultaneously
  • Allows users to take high definition videos
  • Carries a notably high price tag
  • Best drone for day-to-day filming purposes

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Parrot Anafi Review

Parrot Anafi Review - Best Filming Drone on the Market!

Parrot wasn’t generally a contender in the Drone market until the Anafi came up in 2018. The Anafi is a good looking drone that has a lot of features and gives you that premium feel.

The carbon-fiber components of the body can feel somewhat shoddy, yet as a general rule, this is extraordinary and extremely simple to work because of programmed take-off, GPS-based return-to-home, and an especially well made folding controller with a pivoted phone grip, one that appears to be simpler to operate, thus considerably more sensible, than ongoing contenders from DJI.

One of the downsides of this is that Parrot charges you additionally for in-app features in the form of following me modes, which is disappointing. On the positive side, the gimbal can be turned as far as possible up for an unhindered angle most drones can’t do.

It is a mid-range Drone that does have many of the high-end features of top drones and last year it did have a good number of purchases.


  • Packs a whole lot of efficiency and premiumness
  • Built with top-notch carbon fiber components
  • Boasts a fully turnable gimbal for ensuring unobstructed views
  • Looks incredibly stylish and cool

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3DR Solo Review

3DR Solo Review - One of the Best Drones for Videography!

The 3DR Solo is unquestionably extraordinary compared to other drones for filming. It does not have an in-built camera, which allows you to attach an action camera according to your preference. It does comprise of a computer control framework that encourages independent flying and stability inside the space. The drone comprises of a few sensors that help it to avoid any kind of crashes.

The astounding piece is that it has high signal receivership and GPRS that assist the proprietor to have the option to find it while in the space. HD video streaming is a big yes over here, so you can attach its GoPro straightforwardly to your phone, and enjoy the live streaming at a distance of about half a mile from the drone.

Flight time is great, as long as 25 minutes, which is superior to the vast majority of the present drones.


  • Can be equipped with a top quality camera of your choice
  • Features a couple of smart sensors for crash prevention
  • Provides you with live footage in real time
  • The build quality of this drone is fantastic
  • Known for its long flight time of 25 minutes

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Walkera QR X350 Review

Walkera QR X350 Review - One of the Best FilmMaking Drones

This is one of the most affordable drones in the market today and it offers some of the quality services in the form of video content. It does have the most recent DEVO-M flight controller so it can improve stability while being in the air. In this manner, it can withstand even a solid breeze while flying up.

There are high-quality sensors attached to balance out the cameras to take quality shots. Frankly, the drone is pretty good for taking aerial videos.

We all do suffer from some drones where the battery power isn’t that great, while the same can’t be said about the Walker QR, as the battery power is great and can keep going for a significant lot of time. If you are looking for a drone to take some good amount of aerial footage, this one is for you, mate.


  • Boasts excellent stability while flying
  • Great choice for taking aerial videos
  • This drone is quite easy to afford
  • Comes attached with superior sensors
  • Has a pretty long-lasting battery life

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DJI S900 Review

DJI S900 Review - Best Drone for FilmMaking

The DJI S900 is well built with durable carbon fiber to improve stability and also to be able to withstand heavy wind. The design is sure shot eye-catching as it can be easily folded and be stuffed effectively. Another vital thing about the Drone is that it is quite light in weight, which doesn’t give you any kind of hassles. Due to its light weight, it can achieve higher speeds and hence thus, making it a top drone for racing!

The power inbuilt framework is very well structured, and the battery power is great for taking your cinematic shots for a longer time and not running out of battery. The camera it has is pretty good with a high resolution which gets you perfect shots! This drone is good enough to be on this list of Best FilmMaking Drones!


  • Made with highly durable components of the greatest quality
  • Efficient enough to withstand rough wind
  • Has a super stylish and foldable design
  • Flies at fast speeds thanks to its lightweight body
  • Equipped with a high resolution camera

DJI Inspire T600 Review

DJI Inspire T600 Review - Best Camera Drones for Filming

An ideal Drone that is pretty good in taking aerial video shots, we’re talking about the DJI Inspire T600. The Inspire T600 does comprise of attached cameras that are prepared to take videos of your favorite scenes in a jiffy. The application, as well as the Lightbridge technology, can offer live stream videos that are in HD format playing in your cell phone.

The Drone surpasses the real requirements that video fanatics would want in a Drone, as it takes eye-catching videos as well as pictures. It is produced using premium materials and in this way, it can keep going for a more extended period when compared with other drones.


  • One of the most efficient drones in the online tech market
  • Great for filming picturesque aerial shots
  • Offers full support for live streaming in HD format
  • The drone is built with top-grade materials
  • Full of style despite having an ordinary design

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Skydio R1 Review (Cheapest Drone for Filming)

Skydio R1 Review - Cheapest Drone for Filming

Following the object and collision avoidance frameworks are quite attractive features to have in drones. The R1, then again, comprises of two cameras on each corner, two pointing up, two towards the base portion, and the principle 4K camera. It is also stated as the cheapest drone for filmmaking on the market due to its low price and high performance!

The R1 utilizes this information to make a 3D guide of its environment, and even to anticipate the movement of the subject it is following, even you, to get the absolute best while staying away from trees, leaves, and other such obstacles. The system is quite similar to that of a self-driving vehicle.

Video quality is quite good with storage of about 64 Gb. In case you are planning to go for an adventure trip or something, you can surely carry this with you to bring your experience to life with its video shooting capacity.


  • Features an incredibly advanced framework
  • Delivers unparalleled performance around the clock
  • This drone is priced quite reasonably
  • Comes with a superior crash prevention mechanism
  • Boasts inbuilt storage of 64 GB for seamless video storage

Conclusion – Which one is the Best Drone for FilmMaking?

Alright! We are done with the list of Drones that are good for filming and videography. Starting from the DJI Phantom 4, Parrot Anafi, DJI Inspire 1 V2.0, 3DR Solo, and others, every one of them has a charm of their own with unique features in them.

But, we’re here for the best filmmaking drone and having an amazing experience with it. From all these 10 listed drones, some of them are lower priced, some are mid-range ones, and some being on the costlier side.

The drone which surpasses all after going through each one of them is undoubtedly the DJI Inspire 1 V2.0. The Drone has got it all to be the best, yes on the costlier side but gives you everything that one requires for an ultimate 4K filming experience. What makes it stunning is that it can also transmit videos at a distance of 2 km. Also, it is pretty light in weight and provides 24-30 Fps in 4K.

If we had to choose anything other than the DJI Inspire 1, we would go for DJI Mavic 2 as it is the second-best drone to get for the best filming experience!

Do you plan to get the best drone to improve your drone filming experience? Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to begin your journey? Let us know in the comments which is the best drone for filming according to you!


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