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Best Gaming Keyboard under 30 Dollars in April 2021

Best Gaming Keyboard under 30 Dollars for Best Gaming Experience!

Looking to buy a new gaming keyboard but are on a budget? I started my gaming career with an even lower budget and with time, I upgraded my gaming gear and so can you! If you’re looking for the best gaming keyboard under 30 dollars, then this is the post you need to read. Forget about all the articles on the Intenet. Just read this and you won’t need anything else.

Being a fellow gamer, I know how important it is for you to have the best stuff at your disposal. It becomes even crucial when you are low on budget and can’t afford to get into a situation where the keyboard you bought turns out to be a disappointment. This is why my team and I have curated this list with proper testing and research so you can pick a keyboard that won’t disappoint you.

There are several factors that you should know when buying a gaming peripheral (be it a mouse, a keyboard, a GPU, or anything else) but for now, we will not get into that detail because the stakes are lower here and you can trust our recommendations for now. When buying something of higher costs, always know what things affect the experience of the peripheral you’re buying.

In this article, we have found and reviewed (after intense research, of course) the best gaming keyboards under $30 and we have also picked the one that we think is the best and suitable for you to get. You can pick any of the keyboards you like as they all are up to the par and will give you the bang for your buck! Okay, so let’s get started!

Best Gaming Keyboard under 30 Dollars Reviewed!

Redragon K502 RGB Gaming Keyboard Review (Amazon’s Choice)

Redragon K502 RGB Review - One of the Best Gaming Keyboards under $30!

The Redragon Karura K502 has a dimension of about 17.75 x 8 x 0.75 inches making it a very lightweight keyboard that weighs only about 1.3 pounds in total. The keyboard is completely made out of a different type of plastic. This piece of hardware is one of the best gaming keyboards under 30 dollars. Unlike most keyboards, the plastics used for this keyboard are not hard; instead, it is very soft if you touch it.

The build quality is excellent and the keyboard feels great to the touch. The keys of the keyboard might not feel clicky and have a mushy feel to it. This might pose a problem for most gamers who are used to mechanical keyboards and the clicky feel of their keys. Some people might find it difficult to realize whether the key is properly pressed or not. The very low price tag makes this and a few others the best keyboard for gaming under 30 dollars.

The resting area for your hands is very large thereby allowing you to rest your hands freely while gaming or typing without putting a strain on your wrists. The wrist rest is large enough to support wrists of any size and provide a comfortable typing and gaming experience. The numeric and alphabetical symbols on the keys of the keyboards are engraved with laser and therefore they will not wear off easily after a few weeks of usage.

Now when it comes to the aesthetics of the keyboard, the Karura K502 has seven differently colored background lightings. It also has a pulse mode. Unfortunately, there is no access to the backlight settings. It also has background lighting with 7 different colors and a pulse mode. The keyboard comes with a 1-meter cable that is braided to make it extra durable and gives it a stylish look.

The keyboard also comes with the anti-ghosting features which are very necessary when it comes to gaming keyboards. The Karura K502 RGBhas 25 conflict-free keys allowing you to press multiple keys at once. These features make this the best gaming keyboard for apex legends and other first-person shooter games.

The K502 Gaming keyboard can be connected to your system using a USB port. It supports USB 3.0 and also USB 3.0 uses USB technology.


  • 25 Conflict free keys with Anti-ghosting features.
  • RGB backlit keys to give the keyboard an aesthetic look.
  • A large resting area for the wrist offers a better gameplay experience.
  • Laser engraved key symbols.

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NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard Review (Author’s Choice) (Amazon’s Choice)

NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard Review - Best Gaming Keyboard under 30 Dollars!

The NPET K10 is a bit heavy than most keyboards with a weight of just over 2 pounds but is light enough to be easily moved around. If you are looking for a gaming keyboard to play Fortnite then this one provides you with great stability during intense gameplay.

The keyboard spans about 17 inches and since it does not have a border, it fits quite nicely into any desk space. Speaking about the build, the keyboard sports a base made out of stainless steel which gives it a sturdy feel. The keys are removable using a key-puller that is already provided and the keys are spacy and floating.  The base of the keyboard has rubber feet for grip. It is the best gaming keyboard under 30 bucks for us!

The keyboard connects to the computer or laptop using a USB cable which is about 6 feet in length and is long enough for most situations. The LED backlighting offers you 4 different modes whether be it breathable or permanent.

Gamers might find this keyboard to be a bit uncomfortable at first since this is not a mechanical keyboard, although NPET claims that the experience of using the K10 is similar to that of a mechanical keyboard. Other than that the keys are very responsive and offer a great overall experience.

Even though the K10 is a membrane keyboard it has tons of similarity to a mechanical one in terms of the experience. Unlike most membrane keyboards, the K10 has an actuation force that is slightly lower than most. With about 55 grams of actuation force, the K10 claims to have a similar click rating when compared to mechanical keyboards. The keyboard claims to have a 60 million clicks lifespan and hence is pretty durable.

The K10 has a floating key design and exhibits an elevated feel with great ergonomics. The keys are cylindrical in shape and have an indentation which offers a comfortable contact between the fingertips and the keys. The K10 also comes with the Windows lock button which allows gamers to have uninterrupted gameplay. There are also keys provided for media control and accessing shortcuts.

The keycaps are UV coated and the symbols on them are etched using a laser injection system and hence they do not wear out or fade easily even after heavy usage. The keys are highly durable as they also have the anti-sweat feature which prevents damage to the keyboard due to sweating. The keys feedback is good too. The great construction quality of the keyboard makes it the Top Gaming Keyboard under $30.


  • RGB LED backlighting with 4 breathable or permanent color modes.
  • Sweat and water-resistant.
  • Stainless steel base with rubber padding.
  • Floating keyboard layout and removable keys.
  • Windows lock button and multimedia shortcut keys for easy access and uninterrupted gameplay.

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AULA SI-859 Backlit Gaming Keyboard Review

AULA SI-859 Backlit Gaming Keyboard Review

The AULA SI-859 is very light, weighing in at about 700 grams. Instead of mechanical keys, the keyboard has membrane keys that offer a low key force of about 50 grams and also a travel of nearly 2 mm. Serious gamers mostly prefer mechanical keyboards over any other type of keyboard hence this may not be everyone’s cup of tea but is a great choice for entry-level gamers and beginners.

The design of the AULA SI-859 is a bit quirky and resembles the shape of a spaceship. This approach makes this keyboard exhibit a peculiar but stylish look at the same time. Combining curves with drops and an uneven profile makes this a great gaming accessory to look at. This is the best $30 gaming keyboard you can find with such a unique look.

The light intensity changes when you move across the keyboard. The absence of a breathing option makes it impossible for the keyboard to cycle through different color schemes. The keyboard offers 3 colors that the user can choose from when it comes to the backlighting – Hyperactive purple, Fiery red, and Sober blue. This is evident as the intensity of the lights differ as you move across the keyboard.

If you are used to mechanical keyboards, it might take a while before you get used to this keyboard as there is a lack of spacing between the keys. Apart from that, the keys are compact and the layout offers many shortcut keys that work with the FN key. With a total of 104 keys, there are six media controlled keys that work together with the Fn key and there are no profile selectors or macro keys which is a bummer for most gamers.

Another downside to the AULA SI-859 is the absence of the anti-ghosting feature. This feature is very beneficial to gamers during intense gameplay. Most keyboards in the market have this feature and cost no more than $30 but since this keyboard has an even lower price tag we are letting it slide. With the absence of the anti-ghosting features, this might not be the best keyboard for playing rainbow six siege and other similar games.

In a dark environment, the backlit keys look quite good and they breathe well. The keyboard offers four different brightness levels. In terms of build quality, it is not the best but it feels sturdy and durable with a decent sized palm rest area.


  • Backlight keys with 3 different color settings and 4 different brightness options.
  • Very lightweight as it weighs about 700 grams.
  • Six media controlled keys that offer easy access to shortcuts
  • Very low price tag.

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PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard Review (Amazon’s Choice) (Readers also like)

PICTEK RGB Gaming Keyboard Review - Best Keyboard for Gaming under 30 Dollars!

The PICTEK RGB gaming keyboard takes up a bit more space than a traditional keyboard as it sports a bulky design with a wide frame. This is a wired keyboard and can be connected to any computer system via a USB port. Though many people prefer a wireless keyboard, gamers usually like physical tethering to their computers.

In terms of the usability and performance of the keyboard, the PICTEK RGB is a beast and there are only a few keyboards that can rival this one considering the price at which it is available.

The keyboard comes with the anti-ghosting feature and there are about 24 keys with this feature. The keys are splash-proof and have smooth edges with beveled corners and sides offering maximum comfort. The keys feel nice to touch and type on and very few people will have trouble getting used to them.

The keys are backlit which gives the keyboard a sporty feel which most gamers like. The PICTEK RGB is not only a great choice for professional gamers but also for beginners. The backlighting looks great in a dark environment. In terms of the build quality, the PICTEK RGB gaming keyboard is made up of heavy-duty plastic that offers durability. The keyboard feels sturdy and the build quality seems super-fine.

The keyboard can handle day-to-day usage and hardcore gamers do not need to worry about damaging the keyboard during intense gameplay. The keys are easily detachable allowing easy cleaning and maintenance. PICKTEK claims that the keys have undergone a 10,000,000 keystroke test hence the keys are very durable.

The keyboard has seven backlight modes which not only give the keyboard a fresh look but also give you immersive gaming experience. The PICTEK RGB is perhaps the best keyboard for overwatch players. If you are on a budget then this is a great keyboard for gaming for 30 dollars.

There are a total of 8 different multimedia keys that work independently and also 12 shortcut keys for easy access to different controls. The keys come very handy during gameplay and will also allow you to get a lot of work done during the day with great efficiency. The keyboard is compatible with all the Windows Operating Systems and also Mac OS.


  • Rainbow RGB backlight keys with seven modes.
  • 12 shortcut keys and 8 multimedia keys.
  • Compatible with any Windows OS and also Mac OS.
  • Highly durable keys that have passed the 10,000,000 keystroke test.

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RGB 87 Keys Gaming Keyboard Review

RGB 87 Keys Gaming Keyboard Review

The overall build quality of this gaming keyboard is pretty good considering the price at which it is available in the market. The backplate of the keyboard is made up of aluminum and the edges have bezels. The keys on the RGB 87 are responsive and feel solid and clicky with pretty good feedback.

The actuation of the keyboard is very light. The keys feel very responsive and are not only great for intense gameplay but is also a great choice for typing in general. The keycaps have a low-profile design which is pretty unique. This might be the best choice if you plan to buy gaming keyboard under $30 with a low-profile design. The keys have a slight texture on them which feels nice to the touch and offers a comfortable contact between the fingertips and the keycaps.

The keyboard connects to the system via a USB cable which plugs into any USB port whether it is USB 2.1 or USB 3.0. The entire keyboard is RGB LED-backlit. The keyboard also has the anti-ghosting feature which allows the user to press and hold multiple keys at the same time. There are 19 non-conflicting keys on the entire keyboard.

The keyboard offers several different backlighting modes including the light breathing mode and also the permanent light mode. The keyboard also has multiple multimedia keys and other shortcut keys which allow the users easy access to the different settings. The keyboard is compatible with all the Windows operating systems and the keyboard supports the plug and play feature.


  • Rainbow LED RGB backlit keyboard layout with different lighting modes.
  • Low profile keycap design with responsive keys.
  • Compatible with all Windows operating systems.
  • 19 non-conflicting keys with the anti-ghosting feature.
  • Best gaming keyboard under 50 dollars if you are under budget.

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NPET G20 Compact Gaming Keyboard Review (Cheapest Keyboard)

NPET G20 Compact Gaming Keyboard Review - Cheapest Gaming Keyboard under $30!

The NPET G20 is not only a great keyboard for gaming but is also a great choice for typing. The keys are soft to the touch and the RGB lighting makes gaming and typing much easier during the night. The keys are sensitive and very responsive with clicky feel.

The LED RGB backlighting also gives the keyboard an eye-catching look. The G20 comes with the anti-ghosting feature and 10 non-conflicting keys to allow seamless gameplay as users and press or hold multiple keys simultaneously. The keyboard supports plug and play feature which means you only need to connect the keyboard into a USB port and you are ready to go. The G20 is one of the best cheap gaming keyboards under 30 dollars.

The ergonomic design of the keyboard provides the users with a satisfying feel and a comfortable gaming experience during long gaming sessions. NPET claims that the G20 has a life span of about 10 million keystrokes which is plenty and thus the keys are sturdy and durable.

The entire build of the G20 is out of ABS plastic which is stronger and more durable than cheap plastic. It has a cargo angle bracket which is very large and adjustable and keeps the keyboard fixed to its place to allow intense gameplay and is arguably the best keyboard for playing CS: GO and similar gaming titles.

The G20 exhibits a spill-proof design and is implemented with the water-resistant technology which NPET calls the “all core water resistance triple protection”. The backlighting can be changed as there are 3 modes including static and breathable options.

With 19 non-conflicting anti-ghosting keys this keyboard lets you press multiple keys at once and thus allow more control over your gameplay. The keyboard also provides 12 multimedia key combinations and is compatible with all Windows operating systems and also Mac OS.


  • Floating key design with durable ABS plastics build.
  • Spill-resistant design with water-resistant technology.
  • Non-slip ergonomic and spill-resistant design
  • 19 anti-ghosting responsive keys allow interrupted gameplay.
  • RGB LED-backlit keys with 7 different modes.

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Conclusion – Which is the Best Keyboard for Gaming under 30 Dollars?

When it comes to gaming keyboards there are a ton of factors that come into play. In this above-mentioned article, we shortlisted the best keyboard that is available in the market under $30. According to us, the NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard is the best gaming keyboard under 30 dollars among all the ones above. Not only does it have an excellent build quality it also offers one of the best performance when compared to its competitors.

In terms of looks, the keyboard has you covered with its RGB LED backlighting with four different modes depending upon the choice of the user. Although being a membrane keyboard, NPET claims that it provides the experience of a mechanical keyboard which is good news for most gamers as they tend to prefer mechanical keyboards over other types of keyboards and the K10 will provide just that with the same feels like that of a mechanical one. The K10 also serves to be a great keyboard for playing league of legends.

Another unique feature of this keyboard is that it has the anti-sweat feature and also is water-resistant. Most keyboards of this price range usually lack this feature. The keys have a floating design and the keycaps are removable too. The combination of performance, excellent build quality, and tons of features make the NPET K10 the winner and the top gaming keyboard under 100 dollars.

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