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Best Gaming Keyboard under 50 Dollars

Best Gaming Keyboard under 50 Dollars for Best Gaming Experience and longer life!

Eat. Sleep. Game. Repeat! This has been my dream life and I am just getting closer to living one thanks to these specialized gaming-friendly keyboards that I have brought to you today. Here’s a list of the Best Gaming Keyboard under 50 Dollars to suit the budget without straining your pocket.

One question that pops up is what is so different about gaming keyboards compared to our normal PC keyboards. Do they guarantee victory? Certainly not. That will be ensured only by your gaming tactics and practice of course!

But they are bound to lift up your chances of winning. Along with Keyboards, one must have a good GPU and Motherboard to support that GPU. If you have a proper GPU then you just need a good Keyboard and Mouse combo and you’re ready to go!

Your fantasies of leaving your enemy down on the ground can be brought to reality now! Coz these exclusive gaming keyboards come with features like tactile feel, high responsiveness, appealing backlight, water resistance, wrist rest, and much more. Imagine your opponent with a broken butt and grinded into the ground. Grinning cheerfully already? Aren’t you?

You can also save yourself from the strain that comes along with the thrills of grueling long hours of gaming. Fifty dollars is certainly not a price range belonging to the highly affluent lot of the gamers. The right gaming keyboard does not always demand high bucks.

I have brought to you some of the best gaming keyboards under 50 dollars only. Breaking the enemy’s resistance does not necessarily require breaking your wallet!

There are a lot of gaming keyboards out there that are affable to your pocket. You can choose your gaming partner from among these without any hesitation. Be assured. Your investment will not be futile. Victory is surely coming your way! Just make the right move and the game is all yours!

Let us now glide our way through the following list of the best gaming keyboards that require less than 50 dollars to be yours and get you better at games like Fortnite, LoL, Overwatch, PUBG, Apex Legends, Valorant, R6 Siege, etc!

Best Gaming Keyboard under 50 Dollars

Tecware Phantom 87 Review (Readers also like)

Tecware Phantom 87 Review - One of the Best Gaming Keyboards under $50 on the market!

Designed specifically for intense gaming sessions, Tecware Phantom 87 is armed with around 87 buttons and it boasts outstanding durability all thanks to the keyboard’s double-shot keycaps. This gaming keyboard from Tecware comes with spare switches and essential tools so that you do not face any hassle in case you have to replace certain switches when they become unresponsive. You would be happy to know that maintaining this product is quite easy as the mechanical switches of this keyboard are easily removable.

This simply means that you can replace switches and clean accumulated dust pretty quickly. Unlike the majority of mechanical keyboards available out there, Tecware Phantom 87 has a polling rate of 1000Hz and it registers key presses relatively faster, thereby paving the way for a smooth and seamless gaming experience.

One thing that cannot be ignored about this mechanical keyboard under $50 is its RGB backlighting capability which can work wonders for adding style to your gaming setup in the wink of an eye.

You can choose from 18 different lighting modes or create a lighting configuration of your own to give your keyboard the much-needed makeover. Lastly, just keep it in mind that you will have to download Tecware’s dedicated software solution from its official website to personalize RGB lighting, assign keyboard macros etc.


  • Equipped with robust keycaps for extended durability
  • This keyboard is easy to personalize
  • Comes with essential maintenance tools
  • Boasts inbuilt RGB lighting capabilities

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Corsair K55 Review

Corsair K55 Review - One of the Best Gaming Keyboards under 50 Dollars!

Corsair has been one of the well-known names in the gaming industry. And it has now brought another addition to the market, one of the best budget gaming keyboards, the Corsair K55.

It has half a dozen macro keys on the left which you can obviously program and customize as you desire. You can assign any function from single keystrokes to multikey combos to these macro keys as per your discretion.

The dedicated multimedia controls on the top right, three for volume plus four for playback let you access the audio without hampering your game. You will also be getting a detachable soft rubber wrist rest, so you save yourself from that aching wrist as you toil for hours to kick your opponent’s a$$. The quality and comfort combination make it the best gaming keyboard under $50!

With dimensions of 18.9 x 6.6 x 1.4, you might think that Corsair K55 is not as compact as the Redragon K552-R KUMARA and so a downside but hold on! The keyboard has been so ergonomically shaped that your hand is going to have the least possible movements, so obviously an improved performance in the game for sure! Moreover, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

If you flip this over you find four rubber pads so your desk’s top surface is saved from scratches and along with this you also get two feet so you can tilt your keyboard a bit and provide the necessary inclination.

You will be getting membrane keys in this keyboard and not the mechanical ones but despite this fact, the keys are quite responsive and with my experience with this gaming partner I can assure you, you will have no reasons to whine after purchasing it. A lot of CS: GO players find it to be a great choice. If you are into Counter Strike: Global Offensive then this is the keyboard you need!

You are getting an extensive combination of features in a budget of just $50. So for anyone who is just entering the PC gaming community, this impressive integration is just the right choice to make.


  • Stylish and efficient simultaneously
  • Comes loaded with ample macro keys
  • Boasts dedicated multimedia controls
  • Features a highly ergonomic design
  • Incredibly responsive keyboard keys

Check Best Price on Amazon

BlueFinger CM200 Review

BlueFinger CM200 Review - Best $50 Gaming Keyboard!

This one has definitely got one of the most alluring appearances considering the fancy cracked surface design that it features. Well, good looks to flaunt along with the sturdiness it gives that too in this astounding price range of just 50 dollars! Doesn’t it sound like a distant dream?

I would suggest you grab this amazing deal knocking right at your doorstep. The USB wiring along with the other components is quite sturdy and quality to swear by.

Who doesn’t like it when life gives you choices? I don’t know about life but the BlueFinger CM 200 is giving you three backlight options and you can easily alternate between them using the functions key together with PS for blue, PB for red, and SL for a sterling purple.

At the top of the keyboard, you can find a hefty set of 10 multimedia hotkeys that you can use to access applications like mail and media player without any kind of interruption to your gameplay. Your game shall remain undisturbed from any sorts of interventions.

The keyboard has also been provided with a mouse and that too one of the most silent mouses I have ever come across. Easy installation and compatibility with Windows XP/ Vista/ WIN7, 8, 10/Mac OS remain just a formality to talk about.

BlueFinger is also offering to provide a 6-month warranty and exchange service in case you encounter any quality glitches. But considering the reliable name that BlueFinger is, you shouldn’t be requiring any of these services after purchase. The name was enough to make it one of the best keyboards for gaming under 50 Bucks.


  • Popular for its alluring and robust design
  • Features several backlighting options
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Backed by a 6-month long warranty

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Redragon K552-R KUMARA Review (Author’s Choice)

Redragon K552-R KUMARA Review - Best Gaming Keyboard under 50 Dollars!

One of the top requirements of a best feature gaming keyboard is its ergonomic design. Any game calls for your swiftness and that is only possible if you have a compact design. If we talk about the dimensions of the Redragon K552-R KUMARA, it is precisely 13.9 x 4.9 x 1.5 inches. Your limited desk space is saved in this case since it comes without the NUMPAD.

It comes with mechanical keys hence enhancing its responsiveness making it the best mechanical gaming keyboard under $50 on the market. Built of aluminum, the board has also been provided with a gold plated USB connector. Conflict-free keys and features like 100% anti-ghosting gives it an upper hand in this price range.

It consists of 12 multimedia controls flanked with 12 function keys. The Redragon K552-R has a sterling red backlight though you can switch it on or off or adjust its brightness levels depending on the work you are doing. Even the positions of the WASD keys and arrow keys are interchangeable. It is saved from one more glitch that we usually come across with such keyboards that is the infuriating task of installing drivers of the keyboards.

This gaming wizard comes with plug and play feature. So just plug in the keyboard and you are all good to go! The operating system is not an issue here since it is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac.

One more thing, due to its shape and keys, it is really recommended to get this keyboard if you are into Fortnite! We have reviewed more of these keyboards that are good for Fortnite in another post. With all the features and all OS support, it is the best $50 gaming keyboard and you will not be wrong to get this one right away!


  • Equipped with top-grade mechanical keys
  • Boasts excellent anti-ghosting capabilities
  • Designed with high quality aluminum
  • Offers super-fast plug and play facility

Check Best Price on Amazon

Redragon S101 Review

Redragon S101 Combo Review - Best Keyboard for Gaming under 50 Dollars!

Today, Redragon has succeeded in establishing a name for itself despite the fact that the gaming market has always been dominated by pre-existing tech giants and now it has been working to deliver in accordance with its objective to release the best gaming device in each price segment. Well, the Redragon S101 bears testimony to this!

Redragon S101 is a combination of a keyboard and a mouse and uniquely, these have also got their respective names. Vajra is the name given to the keyboard and the mouse is called Centrophorus, Holding the FN key and the Q key, you can easily alternate between activating and deactivating the variable speed control for typing that the keyboard encompasses.

Moreover, you can easily change the positions of the WASD keys and the direction keys. If you don’t want to trouble yourself with this trivial task also, no issues! You have also got the option of interchanging the functions of the WASD and direction keys pressing FN and W keys together. You use 19 keys together on this keyboard and there shall be no conflict whatsoever.

You get a range of 12 media keys that can be activated by pressing the FN key along with the F key from 1 through 12. The combination comes with Centrophorous which is a 6 key mouse along with 2 side buttons whose functions can be assigned to your whims. It comes with a pre-set dpi setting of 1000, 1600, and 2000 and has got black and red-colored braided cord appears quite fanciful compared to the usual dull-colored grey wires.

You get weights with the mouse so you can maintain balance and motion throughout the game especially for gamers like me who particularly enjoy playing using a heavy mouse. The keyboard has got lighting options but the keys are not specifically backlit. This was a downside I encountered but considering the price range it is offering along with its exclusive features, you cannot really crib about this trivial issue. Comparing all the pros with the cons, we can say that it is still a good option and can be stated as the best keyboard for gaming under $50!


  • Built with components of the highest quality
  • Features many interchangeable keys
  • Boasts pre-configured DPI settings
  • Ensures a superior typing feel

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HAVIT Rainbow Combo Review (Readers also like)

HAVIT Rainbow Combo Review - Best Gaming Keyboard under $50!

Our next contender in the series is the HAVIT Rainbow Combo. It gives you all the specifications a gamer can demand for. It has got a sturdy built, still, it is light weighted.

The keyboard is available in black and white color options and for the keyboard backlights LED, you get a multitude of color alternatives available. The backlight can be switched between medium light, high light, and the breathing mode and if the light is annoying you in any way like it does to me, you can switch it off by pressing the Fn and Esc keys simultaneously.

It comes with 19 anti-ghosting keys, so you can use 19 keys simultaneously without any conflict. With a keyboard size of 17.9 x 7.2 x 0.9 inches, this gaming weapon has been provided with 5 multimedia keys with again, the feature of interchangeable WASD and direction keys. You can also block the WIN keys to save yourself from clicking it in pursuit of clicking the ALT key. This is a small but beneficial feature when the triumph or defeat is in your hands and any minor error will mean buckets of flak from your team players.

If you flip the keyboard over, you will find two rubber treated holders to keep the keyboard in place. The holes in the back of the design of the HAVIT Rainbow save it from any fluids that you have on your desk which you might spill over in the haste or fervor of hitting the enemy.

It can be connected to the PC using a USB (a 150 cm USB cable has been provided with the keyboard) and there is no requirement of installation of any drivers.

The mouse breathes through red, blue, purple, pink, and light-off mode. You get a DPI switcher on the top so you can alternate between the 5 programmable DPI settings starting from 800 till 2400dpi. Interestingly, the mouse comes with a braided cable and adds to the aesthetic appeal of the combo.

The fact that it comes with an amazing looking mouse and lots of features in the keyboard itself makes it one of the best keyboards under 50 dollars for gaming and you can get this one if you like! It is also a good keyboard for League of Legends players and if you are one of them, you should consider getting it. You can find more similar keyboards that are really good for League of Legends by going to this post!


  • Sturdy and lightweight design
  • Comes with a durable USB cable
  • DPI settings are fully programmable
  • Boasts a huge range of advanced features

Check Best Price on Amazon

These were all the Best $50 Keyboards for Gaming. Now, if you haven’t made your mind or are confused about which one to get, read below as we have picked one keyboard specifically from this list. You can simply get the one specified below and better your gaming exponentially!

Important Factors to Look for When Getting a Gaming Keyboard under $50

Other than having a very good hand and eye coordination all you need for your gaming is an awesome keyboard. There are a lot of factors that come into play while choosing the best keyboard under 50 dollars for playing your favorite games and we will help you choose the one that is perfect for you.


Since the budget is our priority here, we should definitely consider the durability of the keyboard above all the other things. To be honest, keyboards generally last a very long time even a few years, and therefore it is better to invest in a sturdy one rather than the one with flashy features but flimsy build quality. Before making your buy, make sure that your keyboard uses good quality materials. Some keyboards also come with aluminum body and plastic keys and they are really good in terms of longevity.


What is the main thing that differentiates a lousy keyboard from a gaming one? Yes. RGB lights.

There is nothing better than breathing LED backlighting on your keyboard. Not only it will uplift the aesthetics of your keyboard but also your entire gaming rig. Having backlit keyboards also changes the game in terms of the environment of a room that you play in since illuminated keycaps will enable you to identify the keys in the dark and let you play your games or type out your documents without any hassle.


In terms of connectivity, keyboards are available in two types, wired or wireless. While a wired keyboard is comparatively easier to set up, it has its own problems because of the wire. The physical tethering of your keyboard to your computer offers you a shorter range and there is also the problem of your cable getting in the way of the other peripherals. If you opt for a wired keyboard make sure it has a braided cable and it is pretty long in length.

Wireless keyboards come with an adapter that plugs into the USB port of your computer and all you need to do is to establish the connection via Bluetooth or other options. These types of keyboards are far better when it comes to portable systems or when you need an extended range and overall flexibility. The only thing you need to be aware of is the battery running out.

Form Factor

Believe us or not but the size or the form factor of your keyboard really comes into play depending on the type of work you do. Nowadays, traditional and gaming keyboards come in three different sizes and they cater to different types of people with different requirements.

The Full-size keyboards are the most common ones found in offices and home desktop computers and they have all the keys just like a standard keyboard including the function buttons, the arrows keys, and a dedicated Numpad to types in those numbers easily. These keyboards are the most useful for productivity tasks. They are also known as 100% keyboards.

Then there are the Tenkeyless and the 60% keyboards with a smaller form factor which very portable and is great for travelers.

Conclusion – Which is the Best Keyboard for Gaming under 50 Dollars?

Inferences, if any, that I could draw from this entire activity of analyzing the pros and cons of an entire lot of available gaming keyboards is that you can keep both your kidneys intact and safe for future use.

Your gaming weapon need not necessarily be costly to beat the one on the other side of the court. Let the gamer inside you use your wit and apply its senses to select the one that meets its requirements.

My verdict will go in the favor of the Redragon K552 R KUMARA. It is simply the Best 50 Dollars Gaming Keyboard. I believe it has been rightly built and crafted keeping the gamers in mind. It gives you quite a wide range of gamer-oriented attributes that will not let the passion that you have for gaming go in vain.

With this keyboard, you can most appropriately utilize your gaming skill along with that zeal and eagerness to hit the enemy right in the core! You don’t want to blame your defeat on the lack of a good gaming keyboard. Do you? Why lament afterward when you have reasons to rejoice and that too without spending much.

Our readers really seem to like Tecware Phantom 87 because of all the features you get for such a low price point. Worth checking out if you are not very satisfied with the K552 R KUMARA.

A saving here and there and you will not be far from getting the best deals right in your houses. If you can spend a little higher, then you should check our post on gaming keyboards under $100. If not, then these are enough to get you going. Hurry up! You don’t want your opponents to get better while you’re reading this. Order your desired keyboard now and show ’em who’s the Boss!

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