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Best Gaming Tablet under 200 Dollars

Best Gaming Tablet under 200 Dollars!

A tablet is one h*ll of a device that lets you have the fun of using a phone but with a bigger screen. Gaming is something we all do and love when we are free as it becomes our partner and helps kill time. If you are an avid gamer, a tablet is something that can give you a really good experience because of the bigger screen but what to do when you are on a budget? Well, check out the Best Gaming Tablet under 200 Dollars!

These tablets will suit your gaming requirements and also your pocket! You will be happy with the experience you get and your wallet wouldn’t feel bad either.

I know you can agree with me and relate when I say that if lag were a person, I would hit it straight in the face, because the relief of playing a good game after getting back from work or after an exhausting day, is something that only an avid gamer can understand.

But poor speed and lag steps on the relief you just started imagining. I know I am right! But are you worried about the cost you might have to pay for this? Considering the price of great gaming devices, we don’t really give it much thought and settle for what we definitely did not expect in the first place. There are Tablets that cost only $100 and then there are tablets that go from $200 and up till $300 or more!

But you will be delighted to know that there are some tablets that are perfect for gaming that you can buy for a price that won’t hurt your pocket. So, today we are going to review the best $200 gaming tablets that you can buy so that you don’t have to settle for just anything.

Best Gaming Tablet under 200 Dollars Reviewed

So, let’s get started with the reviews of all the Tablets below and you can then see which one suits you the most and get it right away! Why delay getting something that helps you forget about your problems? 😉

MEBERRY 10-Inch Tablet Review (Author’s Choice)

MEBERRY 10-Inch Tablet Review - Best Gaming Tablet under 200 Dollars!

Armed with an ultra-fast octa-core processor, the Meberry M7 tablet is a legend as far as performance and looks are concerned. This stunning tablet sports an 8000 mAh battery owing to which it is in high demand across the world. You would be surprised to know that this premium Android tablet offers an average battery life of 8 hours with just a single charge. The battery life is enough to make it the Best Tablet for Gaming under 200 Dollars!

If you do not use the tab after it is 100% charged, it can stay on standby mode for an entire month. Known to boast an HD resolution of 1280×800, this tablet features a crystal clear IPS touchscreen display having a size of 10 inches. Deemed perfect for multitasking, the super-powerful Meberry M7 tablet is packed with 4GB of RAM because of which it runs like butter.

There is no denying that this tab is great for gaming and everyday purposes like browsing the web, watching videos on Netflix, playing games, etc. Saving files on this tablet is quite simple as it has a massive internal storage of 64 gigabytes. Also, you can extend the storage by up to 128GB by adding an external Micro SD card into the tablet.

You can make use of the inbuilt Bluetooth facility to connect your tablet to external keyboards and other devices. Moreover, fast WiFi connectivity and accurate GPS support are some of the other advanced capabilities found in the Meberry M7 tablet. Above all, you can click pictures and capture beautiful moments with this tablet since it comes with a top-grade rear camera of 8 megapixels.

But that’s not where the story ends as this Android tablet also has a 5 MP front camera which is ideal for having live face-to-face interactions with your friends, coworkers, and family members. Having 2 high-end stereo speakers, enjoying your favorite tunes on this tablet will be fun.

The Meberry M7 tablet is pretty lightweight and easy to carry around. Most notably, it comes preinstalled with Android OS version 10.0.

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CHUWI Hi10 Pro Review

Chuwi Hi10 Pro Review - Best Windows Gaming Tablet under 200 Dollars!

Popular for its fancy and efficient gadgets, CHUWI is hands down the best company that you can rely on if you are planning to get yourself a dynamic tablet. We had reviewed Chuwi V10 Plus earlier and now we are reviewing the Hi10 Pro. The search for an ideal tablet ends at CHUWI Hi10 Pro.

It is at the top of this list as it is the best windows gaming tablet under $200 for not one, but many reasons. The major feature that makes CHUWI Hi10 a desirable tablet for gaming requirements is the RAM of 4 GB. Now imagine the performance you can get from a tablet with 4 GB RAM. You can now gladly step into the battlefield, all set for a win.

More great features like an internal memory of 64 GB and a Quad-Core, 1.44GHz Processor, are what makes this product a tough competitor in the gaming market. We understand your Need for Speed, and this is why we refer CHUWI Hi10 Pro as the best tablet for gaming under $200. Read below to check out more of them and see which one suits your needs.

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ASUS Zenpad 10.1 Review

Asus Zenpad 10.1 Review - Best Gaming Tablet under $200!

The chic-looking ASUS Zenpad 10.1 is winning hearts with its quirky features and unparalleled design. Elegant looking ZenPad 10.1 runs over a ZenUI offering striking features such as a rich and vivid display which is good for people of all age groups.

What makes this tablet more appealing is its 64-bit, Quad-Core, 1.3GHz Processor and 2GB DDR3L RAM, with an unimpeded graphical display. Once you lay your hands on this charming tablet, you will know why we call it a Boss.

It comes with 16GB/64GB eMMC Memory storage so you can several games without worrying about the storage getting full. It also comes with a MicroSD slot expandable up to 64GB. More space = More games!

It has a good battery life of 9 to 10 hours, so you can play your favorite games without any wires getting in your way, which makes this tablet long-lasting since you will never have to smash it into the wall with agitation.

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VANKYO MatrixPad S30 10-Inch Review (Readers also like)

VANKYO MatrixPad S30 10-Inch Review - Best $200 Gaming Tablet on the market!

The Vankyo MatrixPad S30 is a big favorite among the new generation of Android tablet lovers because of its outstanding build quality. The tablet supports 1080p resolution and boasts a wide touch screen display that measures 10.1 inches and facilities the delivery of detailed visuals. The tab’s back camera of 13MP can come in handy for shooting high definition videos.

Whereas the 8MP front camera of the tablet can be used for video calling purposes. Additionally,  the Vankyo MatrixPad S30 boasts a long-lasting 6000 mAh battery which is another plus point. The battery performance is excellent and you can easily get a backup of around 10 to 15 hours. You can reap the benefits of the tablet’s 32GB of internal storage capacity to store various files.

The tablet also has a vacant microSD slot which can be used for storage expansion up to 128GB. You can always bump your favorite songs on this Android tablet as it has 2 loudspeakers to ensure a fun and comfortable listening experience. In addition to offering fast speeds on WiFi, the Vankyo MatrixPad S30 boasts smart GPS connectivity features that can work wonders for purposes like location tracking and navigation.

Given the fact that this tablet supports Bluetooth 5.0, transferring photos, videos, and documents across devices will hardly take any time. The nicest part is that you will not experience any lag while using the Vankyo MatrixPad S30 as it comes fitted with an efficient octa-core processor. The tablet is loaded with 3GB of memory and this simply means that multitasking and switching between apps will not be an issue.

So, if you want an Android tablet that will perform efficiently for years without requiring any repair, you should right away buy the Vankyo MatrixPad S30 to get good value for your money. We can safely say that it is the best $200 gaming tablet!

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Dragon Touch X10 Review

Dragon Touch X10 Review - Best $200 Tablet for Gaming!

Dragon Touch X10 is the king of multitasking among the tablets within $200 range. It is actually a tablet that you can get for around $150. The brilliant Octa-Core, 2.0GHz Processor along with PowerVR SGX544 GPU has made this tablet the talk of the town.

The crackerjack speed and smooth display is a treat for the price that it is available at. It is powered by Smart Color Technology which gives a phenomenal experience of gaming because sometimes its more important than the win (Just kidding, winning is our primary goal 😉 ).

A great User Experience is the king of best business strategies and Dragon Touch certainly seems to have mastered the trick. The Mini HDMI port and a USB port lets you sync your tablet with HDTV, and allows data transfer without any complications.

It has an internal storage of 16 GB and all the amazing features make Dragon Touch X10 one of the best gaming tablets under $200.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab A Review - Best Tablet for Gaming under 200 Dollars!

No matter how much we deny it, but company’s reputation plays a vital role when we pick from a pool of options. Samsung is one such brand that assures reliability, and Samsung Galaxy Tab A is certainly the major preference of people.

With an adaptable TouchWiz interface and 1.4GHz Quad-Core Processor, lending you the perfection of the smooth transitions of graphics, Tab A is a judicious choice for the passionate gamer in you. It is an Android-based tablet that doesn’t cost a lot and since Android is backed by a huge community, you get a lot of games for free!

It has 2GB RAM which is up to par for its price and quality. Some other companies provide even more RAM but we cannot forget about the quality of the brand.

The tablet features dedicated Adreno 308 graphics, and with smooth handling of all the latest games on Play Store, you need not be fretted of the irksome lag when you’re close to winning the game.

Moreover, you can control your device using the voice command feature. Aren’t these features all we need? So, when you win your next game using this tablet, don’t forget to flaunt the ever so efficient Samsung Galaxy Tab A, a tablet under budget.

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Dragon Touch Max10 Review

Dragon Touch Max10 Review - Best Gaming Tablet under 200 Bucks!

Known for its blazing-fast performance and classy design, the Dragon Touch Max10 tablet is on the wish list of almost every other tech enthusiast who cannot compromise on speed. Since this powerful tablet runs on Android 10.0, it is compatible with all the latest applications and games which are available on the Google Play store. The best thing about Android OS 10.0 is that it leverages the power of AI (artificial intelligence) to keep a track of your preferences to pave the way for a personalized experience.

The Dragon Touch Max10 tablet offers full support for GPS and its octa-core processor combined with 3GB of RAM delivers unparalleled performance. The tab also has 32GB of onboard storage which can be expanded whenever the need arises. If you ever run out of space and are unable to store more data on your tablet, there ain’t no need to be worried buddy because this problem can be dealt with easily.

You can resolve this issue simply by getting a Micro SD card of up to 128GB. The Dragon Touch Max10 tab comes equipped with a large IPS screen of 10.1 inches that produces bright colors, the sight of which enthrall your senses in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, it is a promise that you will not at all be disappointed by the overall visual clarity of this tablet’s display as it boasts a 1200×1920 (Full HD) resolution.

The tablet is powered by a smart technology that reduces blue light exposure and automatically adjusts the brightness so that your eyes do not get strained after continuously looking at the screen. What distinguishes the Dragon Touch Max10 tablet from other Android devices is its slim and lightweight design. Moreover, the tablet’s responsive touch panel is another added delight

The tab also boasts dual-band WiFi connectivity and offers super-fast network speeds around the clock. Having a large capacity battery of 5000 mAh, the Dragon Touch Max10 tablet features a highly advanced power saving mechanism. Once the tablet is fully charged, you can enjoy up to 10 hours of non-stop entertainment and gaming and this is what makes this tab worth owning.

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Vital Air 9″ Review

Vital Air 9 Review - One of the Best Gaming Tablets under 200 Dollars!

Vital Air 9″ is a quad-core, 1.3GHz processor that is built to last. It comes with PowerVR 8X Mali-450 GPU which makes gaming smooth. Along with that, it has an internal storage of 8GB and a microSD card slot.

Gaining popularity with its elegant look and intelligent features, Vital Air 9″ definitely has the potential to become your pick this time.

Apart from a lightweight body, this gadget is blessed with some attractive features like an expandable memory, so that you never have to limit yourself to downloading just a couple of games.

The display is quite clear which yields a better gaming experience. The Quad-Core processor is the reason for its good speed and an amazing gaming performance. If you are on a budget, then Vital Air 9″ can be potentially a pick for you!

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Conclusion – Which is the Best $200 Gaming Tablet?

So, which one is the Best $200 Tablet for Gaming? For us, MEBERRY 10-Inch Tablet is the best gaming tab. Our readers also like VANKYO MatrixPad S30 10-Inch! Both of these tabs have amazing specifications and both seem to be a good choice to go with.

On one hand, you get MEBERRY’s elegant looks, amazing gaming experience, and on the other hand, you get VANKYO’s reliability and again, the amazing gaming experience. In the end, it comes down to you.

If I had to choose, I would go with MEBERRY 10-Inch Tablet but you can choose any one of these two and get it right away. You don’t want to miss out on any sale going on right now! Got any other Tab that should be on this list and think we missed something? Comment below and let us know!

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