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Best GPU for Valorant in April 2021

A good Graphics Card is very important when you want to play high-graphics games like Valorant. In this post, we have found and reviewed the Best GPU for Valorant that will give you unmatched performance without breaking your bank! After going through at least 20 GPUs, we have found the perfect graphics cards for Valorant that will play the game lag-free and give you the highest FPS.

These GPUs are capable of running not only Valorant but also all the major AAA titles like Fortnite, GTA 5, Read Dead Redemption 2, etc. So, you can be worry-free when buying a GPU from this list as it will be able o play good games and you will be future proof! After getting a Graphics card from this list, you will not need a new one fro at least a few years.

Picking a GPU is not an easy task and it gets even hard when you have to pick one for one specific game but also make sure it is able to run other games as well. To help you with picking a GPU for Valorant, we have also come up with a Buying Guide along with the top graphics card picks. By going through the GPU Buying Guide for Valorant, you will be able to make an informed decision and you will know what exactly you will be buying!

Best GPU for Valorant Reviewed

Here is a detailed list of the top 6 graphics cards for Valorant that can make your gaming experience a lot smoother in the blink of an eye.

Asus GeForce GTX 1060 Review

Asus GeForce GTX 1060 Review - Best GPU for Valorant

Known for its premium exteriors and blazing-fast speed, Asus GTX 1060 is the best GPU for Valorant as it is built with gaming-grade components of supreme quality that promise a long lifespan of several years. The nicest thing is that this is a VR ready GPU that can efficiently facilitate gaming at 4K resolution. Boasting a boost clock speed of 1759MHz and two 4-pin PWM fan headers, this graphics card has direct contact heat pipes and 0db fans that ensure an ultra-cool and silent operation around the clock.

Furthermore, the highly advanced DirectCU III technology increases cooling by up to 30%, thereby guaranteeing maximum performance and durability. According to professional gamers and tech enthusiasts, this graphics card is an all-in-one package and this gpu is ideal for AMD Ryzen 5 3600 processor. The most amazing thing is that this video card can be overclocked with just a single click using the ASUS GPU Tweak II software solution. And that’s not all buddy, you can even record and stream your gameplay sessions to show the world your skills and boost enjoyment.

Equipped with Aura Sync RGB lighting facility, this Nvidia-powered GPU is nothing less than a real delight for gamers who love to personalize their rig with millions of colors and effects. As far as display output interface is concerned, the ASUS GTX 1060 video card features dual HDMI ports and it is compatible with all the latest monitors. Given the advanced capabilities and fantastic design of this product, this is undoubtedly the best graphics card available in this price range.

Since this graphics card is packed with 6 gigabytes of GDDR5 video memory, you will not experience any lag at all even if you install high-resolution texture mods and play Valorant at ultra-high settings. So, if you are looking for a graphics card priced below 500 Dollars, you should right away purchase ASUS GTX 1060 as it will meet your needs in the best way possible.


  • Boasts premium looks and outstanding clock speed
  • The GPU supports 4K resolution and VR
  • Comes with a powerful cooling mechanism to prevent overheating
  • Features 2 HDMI ports for seamless connectivity
  • Loaded with ample video memory to support graphic-rich games

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MSI Radeon RX 5500 XT Review

MSI Radeon RX 5500 XT Review - Best Graphics Card for Valorant

Are you facing difficulties finding a feature-rich video card for your day-to-day gaming sessions? Do you want to own an AMD-powered graphics card that will perform effectively for years to come? Loaded with 128 bit 8GB of GDDR6 video memory and 2 Torx 3.0 fans, MSI Radeon RX 5500 XT is regarded as the best graphics card for Valorant that you can get under $300. The iconic design of the MSI Torx fan delivers better thermal performance and ensures a focused airflow to keep the card functioning smoothly. One thing gamers love the most about this MSI graphics card is its phenomenal build quality.

Best of all, the graphics card has an optimized layout and it is armed with copper heat pipes measuring 6mm and this is what contributes to the betterment of the GPU’s cooling mechanism.

The overall efficiency of the cooling operation is greatly increased owing to the video card’s direct contact design and also the large amounts of thermal pads that transfers excessive heat to the heatsink. Moreover, the AMD FreeSync technology can work wonders for giving a powerful boost to your GPU’s performance by facilitating low latency and higher refresh rates, hence creating a tear-free gaming experience.

Most essentially, connectivity will not be an issue with this graphics card as it comes with both HDMI and DisplayPort. What’s special is that this GPU from MSI is pretty powerful and it is mainly recommended for efficient processors like Intel Core i9 9900k. Since the MSI Radeon RX 5500 XT GPU features Radeon smart image sharpening technology, the sight of ultra-clear and crisp graphics on your desktop monitor will send you to seventh heaven in a flash. Also, a majority of professional gamers agree upon the fact that this GPU is perfect for 1080p gaming.

Once you buy and install the MSI Radeon RX 5500 XT graphics card in your CPU, the in-game visuals will look a lot more stunning and you will be able to see the difference with your own eyes. By making use of the MSI Afterburner software solution, users can keep a real-time check on their PC’s key performance indicators and make tweaks accordingly to fine-tune their system. Additionally, MSI Afterburner can also come in handy for overclocking the graphics card. So, if your priority is to purchase a durable video card that will function optimally for a long period without demanding any sort of repair or maintenance, opting for this GPU will indeed be a good choice.


  • Equipped with powerful Torx 3.0 fans
  • The graphics card features a direct contact design
  • Boasts intelligent image sharpening technology
  • The GPU can be overclocked with the MSI Afterburner software
  • Excellent layout and thermal padding

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Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT Review

Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT Review - Best Valorant GPU on the market!

Considered the best Valorant graphics Card for Intel Core i7 9700k desktop processor, Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT features 2 silent fans and a tough metal backplate for added protection. Backed by the latest RDNA architecture, the graphics card is known for its Dual X cooling technology and a rapid clock speed of 1925MHz. Having 3 Display ports and 1 HDMI port, the video card ensures better heatsink coverage and a greater airflow without making any kind of noise.

With the Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics card at your disposal, you no longer have to play games at low resolutions to keep lag away.

You can easily get the best out of your GPU by overclocking it and unlocking its actual power. This can be done with the help of Sapphire’s software suite which is known as TriXX. Once the video card is successfully overclocked and settings are adjusted, Valorant will run at a much higher FPS and the difference will be evident to you.

Belonging to the AMD Navi family, this Sapphire GPU has got the most positive reviews because of its wonderful performance. The 8 gigabytes of GDDR6 video memory that this graphic card boasts is sufficient enough for smoothly handling any modern game you can think of. Furthermore, the classy design of this high-end video card possesses the potential to enthrall any user. Bear in mind that buying the Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT graphics card is the wisest decision you can take to add life to your Valorant sessions.


  • Comes with a strong metal backplate
  • Boasts advanced Dual X cooling facility
  • Offers an outstanding clock speed
  • The graphics card is capable of being overclocked
  • Has 2 noiseless yet highly effective fans

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Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Review

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Review - Best Valorant Graphics Card

If you are searching for a cheap graphics card for playing Valorant, the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU will definitely meet your expectations. Having earned a reputation for delivering next-level efficiency and superior performance, the GPU can handle titles like Valorant at 1080p resolution and offer up to 60 FPS consistently. This video card features an ATX form factor and it supports all the latest features of DirectX 12.

The best part is that you do not have to break your bank as this graphics card can be afforded even with a small budget of $100. Despite being so inexpensive, this superb graphic card is loaded with 4GB of GDDR5 memory and it is also powered by Nvidia’s Pascal architecture. Keeping all this aside, the fans of this graphics card are armed with stylish LED indicators which can make your rig look more stunning.

Speaking of overall design and build quality, the graphics card has a stunning and robust structure although it is priced quite reasonably.

You need not worry about overheating as this GPU’s unique spinning fan design ensures effective heat dissipation and optimized airflow. What’s more, the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card has high-grade heat pipes and it boasts a Windforce cooling system too.

All this simply means that the GPU temps will never ever go beyond the safe limit even if you do hardcore gaming for multiple hours. Last but not the least, make sure that you purchase the Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti video card at the earliest time frame possible to make your everyday Valorant sessions more fun-filled and enjoyable.


  • Comes with 4 gigabytes of graphic memory
  • Offers full support for all the newest DirectX 12 features
  • The GPU fans are equipped with high quality LED indicators
  • Facilitates optimized airflow 24*7
  • The video card is powered by Windforce cooling system

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Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 580 Review

Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 580 Review - Best GPU for Valorant on the market!

A huge favorite among the new generation of gaming enthusiasts, Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 580 is the best budget GPU for Valorant. In spite of being equipped with countless features, this powerful graphics card costs less than $200. Packed with a whopping 8GB of video memory, the matchless performance and A1 exteriors of this AMD video card are sure to impress you. Above all, this graphics card supports a wide array of connectivity options as it comes with 2 HDMI ports, 2 display ports, and 1 DVI-D port.

People who want to play Valorant at 1080p resolution but have a slightly tighter budget should consider investing in the Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 580 graphics card. Since this video card boasts a remarkable clock speed of 1366Mhz, eliminating lag will be a piece of cake and it is guaranteed that gamers will fall in love with the product’s next-level efficiency. It is worth noting that this GPU supports a maximum resolution and refresh rate of 3840 x 2160 and 120Hz respectively.

Owing to its exceptional performance, this graphics card from Sapphire is deemed a great choice for other popular games like Fortnite too. The high-grade aluminum capacitors of this video card promise outstanding reliability whereas the dual fans combined with the inbuilt cooling technology facilitate proper heat dissipation. And because the video card is HDR ready, you will get to enjoy the best clarity while playing games.

Another good thing is that the graphics card is armed with a premium-looking robust backplate that supports the GPU’s cooler and prevents the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) from bending. Furthermore, the GPU has an intelligent fan control mechanism and it is compatible with both Windows 7 and 10 operating systems. More important than all, it is recommended that you buy a branded 500 watts PSU to unleash the full power of Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 580.


  • Highly efficient and affordably priced
  • The video card is armed with multiple ports
  • Boasts 8 gigabytes of graphic memory
  • The GPU has a remarkable clock speed
  • Supports up to 120-hertz refresh rate

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5 Important Things to Look for When Buying a GPU

5 Important Things to Look for When Buying a GPU

Without a doubt, gaming has become a mainstream phenomenon all over the world, and the top priority for most gamers nowadays is finding a graphics card that is affordable and efficient at the same time. We all know that the prime purpose of getting a graphics card is to get rid of in-game stutter and facilitate a seamless and lag-free experience. As a matter of fact, it must be kept in mind that the video card you have plays a major role in determining how smoothly and efficiently a particular game will run on your desktop and this is something you cannot ignore.

All well-known GPU brands like Nvidia and AMD have their own lineups of next-gen graphics cards, however, it does not mean that you should blindly invest in just any GPU you find over the internet. In order to make the correct selection with minimal effort, you need to make a practical budget and thoroughly consider your personal gaming needs. In addition to this, you must pay close attention to the customer reviews and specifications of the GPU you are planning to spend your money on.

Since there are a lot of things to consider, the process of identifying the best Valorant GPU can be extremely intimidating, especially for beginner PC users who do not know much about modern-day technology. However, you can throw away your fears as we have summed up all the essential points to simplify the selection and make it much easier for you to choose the right video card in a short span of time. In this GPU buying guide, we will throw light on the 5 most important factors that you should think over before making the final purchase to secure the biggest bang for your buck.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

There is no denying the fact that everyone desires to own a graphics card that looks attractive and has amazing build quality simultaneously. You would be more than happy to know that a lot of GPUs now come loaded with RGB technology, which allows users to personalize their gaming setup with a large variety of lighting effects. Besides being stylish and pleasing to the eye, the video card you pick should be durable too so that you do not have to invest over and over again.

Video Memory

Another important factor that you should consider is video memory as the same is responsible for making modern gaming titles run seamlessly on your PC. Taking into account the opinion of tech professionals and online gamers, a GPU having 2GB of video memory is straight away a – BIG NO. Ideally, you should pair your gaming CPU with a top-notch graphics card having at least 4, 6 or 8GB VRAM as anything less than this will be worthless.

While a graphics card with 2 gigabytes of video memory might be sufficient for your present gaming needs, you will regret in the long run because the product will not be of any use after a few years. Even if your 2GB video card happens to support new games some years down the line, you will have to play at the lowest settings and hence, your overall experience will be badly impacted.

On the other hand, a GPU having 4GB or higher video memory will not only give you the best value for your money but will also future-proof your build.

Motherboard and PSU Compatibility

Before you buy your favorite video card, you must find out whether it is compatible with your motherboard and PSU (Power Supply Unit). If the motherboard you own has an integrated x16 PCIe slot, it will nicely connect with almost any GPU and thus, compatibility will not be an issue in the least bit. You must also check if your CPU cabinet has enough room to house the graphics card or not.

Moreover, a PSU ranging from 450 to 600 watts should be enough to handle most video cards. But if you plan to overclock your graphics card, you might require a PSU upgrade in the future, which will again cost you more money. Therefore, the best thing to do is to check compatibility in advance and select your dream GPU accordingly.

Display Ports and Resolution Support

It must be noted that different graphics cards come with different ports, namely HDMI, VGA, Displayport, and DVI which is mostly present in older units. This is why choosing a GPU with the right ports is very important. Apart from having all the display ports and being compatible with your mobo, the video card should support your monitor’s refresh rate and resolution to the fullest.

The good news is that most graphics cards are capable of handling Full HD gaming at 1080p.

However, when it comes to 4K gaming, your average GPU will not be able to perform efficiently. If your display screen has a three-digit refresh rate and 4K resolution, you should be ready to pay extra for a high-end video card that will make it possible for your monitor to reach its full potential.

GPU Cooling Capability

Ensuring that your GPU cool is key to increasing its longevity and keeping it in the best condition. Although most video cards are designed to run within a safe temperature limit, this factor should not be neglected at any cost. Once you have chosen your desired card, you should check its specs to find out the highest temperatures it can reach and see whether the GPU comes with an inbuilt cooling mechanism. And if it does not have any dedicated cooling system, you might have to purchase a GPU cooler separately to keep your graphics card cool and boost its lifespan.

Conclusion – Which is the Best Graphics Card for Valorant?

It cannot be denied that choosing a well-priced video card that has all the latest features and technologies is a matter of high importance, particularly in this digital age where most modern games have become graphically richer than ever. But it has usually been seen that a lot of people find it quite hard and time-consuming to get their hands on a feature-rich video card owing to a lack of tech-savviness. Although picking out the most advanced graphics card was no walk in the park, we devoted many hours to carry out in-depth research and finally concluded that ASUS GTX 1060 is the best Valorant GPU both in terms of price and performance.

This high-end graphics card from ASUS has a super-fast clock speed and it boasts an excellent cooling operation all thanks to its built-in mechanism. Featuring 6GB of GDDR5 VRAM and top quality heat pipes, this VR ready video card is easily overclockable and it is capable of running all newly released games. Despite delivering matchless performance, the ASUS GTX 1060 GPU operates noiselessly throughout the day. Having skimmed through the GPU reviews, just make sure that you figure out your requirements before investing in the graphic card of your choice to pave the way for lagless gaming sessions.

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