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Best Graphics Card under 50 Dollars in April 2021

Best Graphics Card under 50 Dollars - Budget Friendly Gaming!

A Graphics Card under $50 may not do much but it is still better than not having any GPU, right? I assume you are just getting started with your Gaming journey and are limited on a budget, so, here’s the Best Graphics Card under 50 Dollars for you (along with other GPUs in the same range).

Now, if I were you, I would increase the budget to a $100 and get a wayyy better GPU under budget that can pack 4x power but if you are strictly limited to a $50 budget only then also it’s fine because we have tried our best to get you the Best GPUs that can run some games (not all) at medium settings and provide you some lag-free gameplay.

If you want a GPU for Fortnite, I would recommend going through this article. If you are on a strict budget then you can continue.

Gaming is something that helps me escape from the real world and have some ME time. It helps me relax, forget about all the stress and make me feel fresh. When I say that Gaming actually changed my life and helped me get better, I bet you can relate to it too! Even if you can’t, worry not because this will happen to you too as you start spending more time gaming!

Gaming has a separate place in everyone’s heart and once you start, there’s no going back. You will always come out with better reflexes and a fresh mind, ready to take on new challenges from life!

Alright, let’s get started with the reviews of Best GPUs under $50 so you can get started with your life-changing gaming experience!

Best Graphics Card under 50 Dollars – Contestant #1

Gigabyte GT420 2GB Review

Gigabyte GT420 2GB Review - Best GPU under $50!

Currently one of the most useful graphics card under the budget of $50, it can provide you with some solid gaming experience that you were wishing for without dropping off too much cash from your pocket. The GT 420 is surely affordable yet has a core clock capacity of about 700 MHz.

It is powered by the NVIDIA GeForce GT 420 GPU, so you can depend on this to play a lot of heavy-duty games. It does comprise of 2048MB DDR3 memory and 128-bit memory, which are both incorporated for better performance.

It can even run Adobe Premiere Pro without upgrading the PSU. You need to know one thing; this graphics card is best utilized for low to medium-level graphics level games.

Regardless, this is a big improvement over the inbuilt 4600 GPUs. You can play surely better games and furthermore run office programs proficiently.

It does have some drawbacks but it also offers the optimal value for money.

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Best Graphics Card under $50 – Contestant #2

EVGA GeForce 8400 GS 1GB Review

EVGA GeForce 8400 GS 1GB Review

Talk about a graphics card with a low cost and something which provides you with numerous features. Apart from games, this card is useful for playing HD DVD movies.

This graphics card is quite ideal for you to play entry-level games. Games like Doom or Counter-Strike will work buttery smooth without much of an issue. Also, it does have low power and hardware requirements.

If you’re wondering, this graphics card works with Windows and Linux too. The card is, in fact, compatible with Mac PCs as well. That is a lot of advantages, right? One noteworthy bonus is that this works with double display monitors until the PC has an OS Visa or up.

The downside of this graphics card is that it is only ideal for playing legacy gaming titles. Never mind, it is still a value for money.

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Best GPU under 50 Dollars – Contestant #3

Zotac GeForce GT 710 2GB Review (Author’s Choice)

Zotac GeForce GT 710 2GB Review - Best Graphics Card under 50 Dollars!

This is a decent redesign over other integrated graphics cards. It just has 2GB of memory, so this card isn’t for high-end gaming. Moreover, it gives a boost to your gaming experience

Being a rather budget graphics card, it works well. The card can play Skyrim on high settings with any kind of lag. Then again, a game like Fallout 4 can run, yet requires tweaking graphics to be set on the lowest. It does have the capacity to playback 1080p video at 30 fps, which is magnificent yet at 60 fps some lag can be seen.

One noteworthy drawback is that this card can get somewhat hot due to fan-less cooling. Fan-less cooling is not suitable enough to keep GPU units adequately cool during game-play.

Anyway, it is possible to utilize two outputs utilizing this card since it does have a VGA port. Another drawback is that it has a low video memory. If you put the pros and cons together, you will notice it to be one of the Best $50 Graphics card.

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Best GPU under 50 Dollars – Contestant #4

MSI ATI Radeon HD6450 1GB Review

MSI ATI Radeon HD6450 1GB Review

This is one of the top budget graphics cards under $50. It comprises of a Radeon HD6450 chipset with a 1GB DDR3 video memory. This resolution limit it can support is 2560×1600. The GPU unit can support two monitors at the same time.

It likewise accompanies high-bandwidth digital content protection support. This is uniquely intended for low profile PCs, which is a huge bonus. Also, the card plays Blu Ray and HD DVD graphics as well. If you have an old PC that can’t play HD video, then this particular graphics card would be a huge boost.

Generally speaking, this card is appropriate for light to medium gaming, in addition to dual graphics mode. The GPU accompanies a CD yet requires downloading drivers from the net. To work with present-day games, the GPU unit must be physically updated inevitably.

At a spending cost, this graphics card lets you do medium graphics games, which is without a doubt a steal.

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Things to know before getting a GPU

Check your PC hardware before you go in for a purchase of your preferred graphics card. Different specs on your PC should have the capacity to support the card you purchase.

Unless you think of upgrading the processor too, stick with a mid-range graphics card. In case you’re going for a budget graphics card, purchase the best level graphics card you can get for a seamless performance.

Try not to pick a graphics card with high memory. What is important is the bandwidth. You will have to purchase a cooler when you purchase a graphics card. A few cards come with coolers. These may be a bit on the costly side, yet they are worth the money. This is all you need to know when it comes to buying a $50 GPU.

Conclusion – Which one is the Best GPU under 50 Dollars?

Since you’re here, it is quite evident that you went through the list of best graphics card under 50 Dollars. Now, if you had a better budget, you could take a look at these GPUs under $200 or something below $300 for a better gaming experience. For a mere $50, we can’t expect much but if the budget can be increased somehow, the final result would be very different.

Alright! Let’s get back to Business. The best out of all the mentioned graphics card is the Zotac GeForce GT 710 2GB for various reasons. For a graphics card to be under just $50, it does pack a punch with a smooth gaming experience with a powerful memory for a great time with your gaming.

To top it all, it can even run Adobe Premiere Pro. In the end, it does depend on you about which graphics card you need depending upon your budget and also your requirements.

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