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Best Keyboard for Fortnite in September 2020

A top-notch keyboard is something which is a must for you in case you need to hold an edge on Fortnite or even any other online games you play. Most of the players usually settle in for a pretty much normal keyboard which rather affects your game-play and results. Do you want to sacrifice your game by not looking at the Best Keyboard for Fortnite? It is pretty sure that you do not want to hamper your gaming experience by settling in for an average gaming keyboard.

Having an amazing keyboard will not only give you an edge over others but also not break your bank. Season X has already started and you need to get going with all guns blazing. So, are you ready?

Let’s get started with some of the best keyboards for Fortnite and decide which one will be ideal.

Best Gaming Keyboard for Fortnite – Contestant #1

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Review (Author’s Choice) (Amazon’s Choice)

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Review - Best Keyboard for Fortnite!

This is a beast of a keyboard that makes your gaming experience smooth. With a classy look of its own, it does have vivid backlights and also an LED strip placed on top. The macro key keycaps are angled marginally inwards so that it is much simpler to reach. Different things like the metallic volume wheel and the wrist-rest are only better than the Ripjaws KM780R.

Usually, all these exceptional features don’t come at an affordable price. In any case, if you’re looking for a fantastic keyboard that won’t spoil your game, make sure to go for this without a doubt.

What makes it exceptional is that the Corsair K95 has the looks and furthermore premium built that makes it remarkable and cool when compared with different gaming keyboards.

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Best Keyboard for Fortnite – Contestant #2

G.Skill Ripjaws KM780R Review

G.Skill RipJaws KM780R Review - Best Keyboard for Fortnite!

If you can ignore looks and focus on the features, the KM780R has got it all for you.

The dedicated macro column provides you access to the inventory slots in Fortnite. This makes choosing things as simple as a flick. Apart from these, it is equipped with a USB pass-through, set of replacement keycaps and a huge separable wrist rest.

If you can kind of ignore its looks, then the KM780R is a pretty good option for anyone looking for a good enough keyboard for Fortnite.

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Best Keyboards for Fortnite – Contestant #3

HyperX Alloy Elite Review

HyperX Alloy Elite Review - Best Keyboards for Fortnite!

HyperX Alloy Elite is a fabulous keyboard for gaming. The wide selection of Cherry MX switches, complimented with a bristling list of features, makes it an ideal one for any gamer. The hard wrist-rest gives extra comfort during long gaming sessions. In spite of having no dedicated macros, its features as well as performance make sure to cover it up for you and highlights more than compensate for its weaknesses.

One thing that is in favor of the HyperX Alloy Elite is that it is kind of affordable in case you’re on a lookout for a great keyboard. This keyboard is pretty good for League of Legends!

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Best Gaming Keyboards for Fortnite – Contestant #4

Razer Huntsman Elite Review (Readers also Like)

Razer Huntsman Elite Review - Best Gaming Keyboards for Fortnite!

The Razer Huntsman Elite for its dazzling and cool looks have gathered lots of attention and acclaim from pro gamers.

It has an optomechanical switch registers keystrokes by interfering with a laser under each switch. Its brilliant physicality is accompanied with a reverberating click, making it an appealing choice for those searching for an increasingly responsive option in contrast to the Cherry MX Blue switch.

The Huntsman Elite scores heavily in terms of style and features. The solid smooth chassis is the hub for the media controls and a programmable dial placed on the upper right. There are also light rings on both the chassis of the keyboard and the adjustable foam wrist rest, delivering a shine around your desk when you’re in-game during the dark.

This amazing keyboard has got it all for you with its looks but surely expensive.

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Best Keyboard for Fortnite – Contestant #5

Cooler Master MasterKeys S Review

Cooler Master MasterKeys S Review - Best Gaming Keyboard for Fortnite!

Being compact with quality keycaps, the Masterkey S is one gaming keyboard that stands out. Players who prefer to have their mouse nearer to the focal point of the table, the tenkeyless structure factor helps colossally.

The MasterKeys S utilizes Cherry MX switches under the hood in an extensive way. Macros are customized and put away directly on-board, sparing some issue when it is connected with another PC.

In the era where RGB backdrop illuminations are the standard, the MasterKeys S takes it off by replacing it with plastic keycaps. You might find it difficult in the dark; however, rest assured that the key legends will never wear off.

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Cheapest Gaming Keyboard for Fortnite – Contestant #6

Logitech G213 Review (Cheapest Option)

Logitech G213 Review - Cheapest Gaming Keyboard for Fortnite!

Made solely for gaming, the G213 has a lot in its belly to provide you an upper hand during Fortnite and other games. You’ll get the proficient performance that gives up to 4 times the speed and performance that you are looking for in a keyboard.

The Mech-Dome switches pair consummately with the gaming software that makes clamping victory with ease. It is incorporated with wrist-rest, clear design, striking RGB backlight with a comfortable experience for you. An extraordinary offering by Logitech, and potentially a standout among the top gaming keyboards for Fortnite in the market.

Also being one of the cheapest options when it comes to Gaming Keyboards for Fortnite, this keyboard finds a place in this list. We have also reviewed some cheap gaming keyboards and this is somewhat similar to those except it is better when it comes to Fortnite.

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Conclusion – Which one is the Best Keyboard for Fortnite?

Well, let’s get back to the discussion about which keyboard is the best for your Fortnite experience. There is no suspense to this, as the crown for the best gaming keyboard for Fortnite goes to Corsair K95 RGB Platinum due to numerous reasons.

It is the choice of most of the pro-level gamers and it was judged as the best gaming keyboard in the year 2017 and has been the best till today. It is for all kinds of players, whether you have fast fingers or heaviest hands. Aside from its excellent switches, lighting controls, full of space wrist rest and also comprises of about 6 dedicated macros. Damn!

Well, we have a winner in the form of the Corsair K95 RGB Platinium for getting you the Victory Royale in Fortnite. We have also reviewed some cheaper keyboards that can be used for Gaming and ranging from $50 and $100. They are all also packed with performance and will give you optimum output but if you want to have a blast playing Fortnite, the K95 is the best choice!

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