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Best Keyboard for Overwatch in April 2021

Best Keyboard for Overwatch to Win Every Game!

One of the most legendary competitive team-based shooter games, Overwatch is known to take players to a whole new dimension. Deemed a favorite amongst the new wave of online gamers in different parts of the world, Overwatch mainly revolves around shooter skill, character mastery, and circumstantial awareness. Investing in the Best Keyboard for Overwatch is imperative for achieving the highest ranks and complementing your gaming experience around the clock. Nevertheless, if you do not put in the necessary efforts to pick out the right gaming gear, your performance can decline to a great extent.

Since the gaming keyboard market is flooded with hundreds and thousands of options, making the right choice can be an uphill challenge for the majority of customers. It is so because one must have a thorough understanding of the professional gaming scene to be able to identify the best gear. Plus, when you spend your hard-earned bucks on a mechanical keyboard, getting your money’s worth becomes extremely important.

To simplify your quest of finding the greatest gaming keyboard for Overwatch, we have reviewed all the best options available in the market in the best manner possible. So, this guide will help you choose the right keyboard for your gaming needs, thereby making you more efficient at playing Overwatch.

5 of the Best Gaming Keyboard for Overwatch

There is no doubt that your choice of gaming gear can significantly impact your Overwatch experience. This is the major reason why you must conduct extensive research on the available products before arriving at the final decision. Listed below are the top 5 keyboards for Overwatch that will make you a better player in the blink of an eye.

Logitech G910 Orion Spark Review (Author’s Choice)

Logitech G910 Orion Spark Review - Best Keyboard for Overwatch!

A great gaming keyboard under $100, the Logitech G910 Orion Spark is equipped with exclusive Romer G mechanical switches to ensure quick command execution, hence paving the way for a spectacular gaming experience. The keyboard comes with 9 programmable G keys with which you can create 27 personal commands for enabling fast maneuvers during gaming sessions.

Guaranteeing a maximum of 70 million keystrokes, the Logitech G910 Orion Spark comes with intelligent RGB illumination capabilities so that users can personalize lighting for specific keys with the utmost ease and convenience. Above all, the Logitech Gaming Software is already loaded with more than 300 fantastic lighting profiles to ameliorate your overall Overwatch experience.

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Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Review

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Review

The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is backed by a durable air-craft grade aluminum frame to withstand wear and tear even after years of gaming. Preferred by a large number of leading professional gamers, this keyboard comes with 6 dedicated macro keys to give players an in-game advantage. With ample customization options, it also features dynamic RGB backlighting.

Perfect for playing action-packed games like Fornite, the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum has Super anti-ghosting capabilities and it also boasts an onboard profile storage of around 8MB. Additionally, the detachable soft-touch wrist rest, CHERRY MX mechanical switches, and dedicated multimedia controls are indeed an added delight.

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Razer Blackwidow TE Chroma V2 Review

Razer Blackwidow TE Chroma V2 Review - One of the Best Keyboards for Overwatch!

This gaming keyboard from Razer has been designed keeping durability in mind as it promises up to 80 million keystrokes. Popular for its phenomenal speed and responsiveness, the Razer Blackwidow TE Chroma V2 comes with the anti-ghosting capability and features a key matrix optimized for gaming. The ergonomic wrist rest ensures ultimate comfort for users during long hours of gameplay. It only costs close to $50 and this is the cheapest keyboard for Overwatch on this list!

With over 16.8 million brilliant color options to choose from, you can personalize lighting effects as per your likings and preferences. Other than this, the keyboard comes equipped with 5 dedicated macro keys to enable users to reprogram buttons for specific functions. Best of all, this amazing gaming keyboard can also come in handy for professional CS: GO players.

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Logitech G Pro Review

Logitech G Pro Review

Known for its outstanding performance and top-notch build quality, the Logitech G Pro aims to give Overwatch players a competitive edge over other gamers in the professional scene. With the durability of up to 70 million keypresses, it comes with highly durable Romer G switches to enable faster actuation. Moreover, the keyboard has a compact design and it is ultraportable.

Incredibly responsive, the Logitech G Pro is powered by RGB lighting technology and it allows users to customize effects. Since the keyboard has an onboard memory, you can easily save your lighting configurations without any hassle. It also comes with a detachable micro USB cable to facilitate quick and secure connection instantly.

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Corsair K65 LUX RGB Review (Amazon’s Choice)

Corsair K65 LUX RGB Review - Best Gaming Keyboard for Overwatch!

Another great mechanical gaming keyboard for Overwatch, the Corsair K65 LUX RGB is known to provide an exceptional experience to professional gamers. Highly compact, this keyboard is loaded into a lightweight and robust aluminum chassis. The CHERRY MX switches facilitate super fast linear actuation and ensure inaudible clicks.

The Corsair K65 LUX RGB features a 10 keyless design and comes with large font keycaps too. The advanced lighting control gives users the freedom to explore infinite game customization options. No matter how fast you play, the 100% anti-ghosting capabilities of this mechanical gaming keyboard facilitate dependably accurate performance.

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Conclusion – Which is the Best Keyboard for Overwatch?

After indulging in careful consideration for a while, we arrived at the conclusion that the Logitech G910 Orion Spark is the best gaming keyboard for Overwatch owing to its excellent build quality and superfast actuation capabilities which make it a must-have equipment. Powered by Logitech gaming software, this performance-driven mechanical keyboard comes equipped with RGB lighting features for intelligent illumination and it allows users to take their pick from over 16 million eye-catching colors. Since Logitech G910 is reasonably priced, one does not have to spend a fortune in order to purchase it.

The best part about this keyboard is that it can also be utilized for playing League of Legends.

Ultimately, you have to make the final selection based on your preferences and gaming style. Regardless of which keyboard you purchase for uplifting your Overwatch experience, just make sure that it has mechanical switches as they are more durable and responsive. Having said that, feel free to connect with us and drop your valuable opinions in the comment box below so that we can know about your favorite choice.

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