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Best Monitor for Fortnite

Best Monitor for Fortnite for Gaming

Have an amazing GPU but can’t actually see the power? A lot of monitors on the market are not made to show you the real power of your gaming PC and that’s why you need the Best Monitor for Fortnite that can complement your powerful gaming rig. The perfect monitor will have a high Refresh Rate, low Response Time, and will give you the best resolution.

We all know that Fortnite is a graphics-rich game and it won’t do justice to the game if you don’t experience it to the full quality and resolution. Normal monitors don’t have enough refresh rate and response time to give you higher FPS and show you all the details in higher resolution and that is why you need a gaming monitor to get the best experience when playing Fortnite!

In this post, we have covered several gaming monitors for Fortnite and you can go with any of the ones below as they all are good enough to be on this list. If you have a hard time choosing a monitor for your PC, we have prepared a buying guide (after the reviews on this page) that tells you what to look for when buying a gaming monitor! So, without further ado, let’s get started with the reviews of some of the top gaming monitors for Fortnite!

Best Monitor for Fortnite Reviewed!

Asus ROG Strix XG279Q Review

Asus ROG Strix XG279Q Review - Best Gaming Monior for Fortnite!

Considered the best gaming monitor for Fortnite by the majority of passionate gaming enthusiasts in different corners of the globe, the Asus ROG Strix XG279Q boasts a remarkably fast response time of 1 millisecond and delivers well-detailed visuals. Since this world-class IPS gaming monitor has a rapid 170 Hz refresh rate, it holds great potential for ensuring a seamless gaming experience around the clock. Featuring the newest G-Sync technology, the monitor comes with ample rich connectivity options.

Another nice advantage is that you can try out different viewing positions with the utmost ease as this gaming monitor is ergonomically designed. Apart from providing the perfect screen size and resolution for high-end gaming, the Asus ROG Strix XG279Q HDR monitor also offers the latest Aura Sync ambient lighting facility for everyday customization purposes. Last but not the least, if you are fond of playing graphics-rich games at high frame rates, this feature-packed Asus gaming monitor is sure to meet your expectations.


  • Features a super-fast response time
  • Facilitates the delivery of highly detailed gaming visuals
  • Boasts a favorable refresh rate for seamless gaming
  • Comes with the latest G-Sync technology
  • Offers the ideal resolution for graphics-rich gaming purposes
  • Has many cool ambient lighting options for personalization

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Acer XFA240 Review (Author’s Choice) (Under Budget)

Acer XFA240 Review - Best Monitor for Fortnite!

Popularly deemed a great gaming monitor for CS: GO, the Acer XFA240 is renowned for both its lightning-fast response time of 1 ms and superb 144 Hz refresh rate that ensures the efficient delivery of stunning stutter-free visual experiences during incredibly intense gameplay sessions. Known to provide quality visuals with outstanding detail, the monitor facilitates smooth transition rendering for uninterrupted fun.

And that is not all, the highly advanced vision care technologies of this monitor come in handy for significantly decreasing eye strain that results from prolonged gaming. You would be happy to know that this Nvidia G-Sync gaming monitor from Acer is extremely responsive and it boasts unparalleled durability too.


  • Highly responsive gaming monitor from Acer
  • Provides a stutter-free in-game experience
  • Loaded with ample vision care technologies for protecting against eye strain
  • The quick refresh rate ensures less input lag during gaming sessions
  • Popular for its matchless durability and great design

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ViewSonic VX2458 Review

ViewSonic VX2458 Review - Best Fortnite Monitor for Gaming!

Promising unmatched durability with an incredibly fast 144Hz refresh rate, the ViewSonic VX2458 is a top-notch FreeSync gaming monitor that boasts a wonderful curved screen design. The monitor’s highly advanced flicker-free facility offers great eye comfort for extended gaming sessions. The monitor guarantees the much-desired response time of 1ms and it is equipped with integrated speakers.

Being the dream monitor of many gamers, ViewSonic VX2458 delivers fluid gaming visuals and tremendously reduces input lag. If your sole aim is to own the Best Fortnite Monitor without breaking the bank, your best bet would be to bag this fantastic deal and invest in ViewSonic VX2458 without thinking twice.


  • Provides clear and fluid gaming visuals throughout the day
  • Safeguards your eyes from strain
  • Features dual inbuilt speakers
  • The most cost-effective yet powerful gaming monitor

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BenQ EL2870U Review (Readers also like)

BenQ EL2870U Review - Best Fortnite Gaming Monitor!

The BenQ EL2870U is another top monitor for Fortnite that comes packed with the all-new FreeSync technology and its exceptional response time of 1 millisecond provides ultimate gaming enjoyment. Besides eliminating motion spear and screen tearing, the monitor enables the flawless rendering of dramatic transitions. Moreover, its slim design and outstanding functionality add to its overall appeal.

Thanks to the Intelligence Plus technology that ensures the automatic adjustment of display settings to maintain optimum viewing comfort and reduce eye strain concurrently. Keeping everything else aside, the best part is that this excellent 28-inch monitor makes it possible for Fortnite players to indulge in 4K gaming experiences.


  • One of the best FreeSync monitors for high-end gaming
  • Exceptional response time for uplifting gaming enjoyment
  • Flawlessly renders dramatic transitions all day long
  • Features an attractive ultra-slim design and great functionality
  • Significantly minimizes eye strain for utmost comfort
  • An ideal choice for heavy 4K gaming

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LG 34GL750-B Review

LG 34GL750-B Review - Best Gaming Monitor for Fortnite

Have you been hunting for a high-grade Fortnite monitor that will add more fun to your gaming experience and make your everyday sessions livelier? Do you dream of enjoying the best gaming display while playing Fortnite and other similar games? Loaded with all the present-day technologies, this curved gaming monitor from LG comes with blur reduction facility along with a lightning-quick 1ms response time to enable smooth gaming action 24/7.

Speaking of image precision, the LG 34GL750-B display performs quite well in this area. Offering amazing G-Sync compatibility, the monitor wholly eliminates screen tearing and delivers more accurate colors. Best of all, it has a gaming-grade refresh rate of 144 Hertz and the immersive display of this monitor is a true delight for passionate gamers.


  • Facilitates seamless blur reduction for smooth gaming
  • Equipped with the modern-day G-Sync technology
  • Efficiently gets rid of screen stuttering
  • Boasts a great refresh rate and response time
  • Provides an immersive display for hardcore gaming heads

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Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor Review

Alienware 25 Gaming Monitor Review - Best Monitor for Fortnite!

Boasting a large screen size of 25 inches, the Alienware gaming monitor runs on Full HD resolution (1080P) and it offers crystal clear display clarity. The monitor is armed with an LCD panel that features apt brightness levels and its cables are concealed to give a cleaner look. The coolest part is that this monitor is powered by AMD Freesync technology that gets rid of choppy visuals and broken frames, thus ensuring a smooth gaming experience.

Guaranteeing a blazing-fast 240-hertz refresh rate, the Alienware gaming monitor is sure to give you maximum value for your money. The monitor also boasts an unbelievable response time of 1 millisecond which makes it ideal for fast-paced games which involve a whole lot of action. Since the monitor has an adjustable height, you can even tilt the display as per your everyday needs.

You need not be bothered about connectivity as this monitor comes with both HDMI 2.0A and Displayport. If you want to future proof your gaming build, buying the Alienware gaming monitor is the best decision you can make.


  • Boasts the latest LCD panel technology
  • Offers an incredibly superior refresh rate
  • Supports AMD Freesync facility
  • The height of this monitor is adjustable
  • Equipped with modern connectivity ports

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Things to know before Buying a Gaming Monitor for Fortnite

Things to know before Buying a Gaming Monitor for Fortnite

Identifying a top-end PC monitor in today’s age is very complex as this particular process asks for a whole lot of time, determination, and continued efforts simultaneously. But since your prime purpose of buying a computer monitor is gaming, you only need to focus on a couple of vital factors that will make it somewhat simpler for you to find the most apt product for your requirements. What must be noted is that a large number of gamers worry a lot when it comes to choosing a quality gaming monitor as they are unsure whether they will be able to make the right choice or not.

Truth be told, people with no previous experience in buying desktop gaming monitors can have a challenging time making the correct selection owing to the lack of sufficient technical knowledge. However, you need not be concerned at all because we are here to simplify the task of finding the best gaming monitor for Fortnite to ensure that you do not face any major hardships during the selection process. Let us move further with this buying guide and briefly discuss the 5 topmost essential points, the implementation of which will work wonders for helping you get your hands on your favorite Fortnite gaming monitor in an instant.

G-Sync vs FreeSync PC Gaming Monitors

While most technology enthusiasts must be aware of what G-Sync and FreeSync monitors are all about, those individuals who are not much tech-savvy should properly understand the difference between these two terms in order to make the right purchase without any hassle. Your choice of gaming monitor will be significantly influenced by the video card you have in your possession at the present moment and this is exactly where the terms “G-Sync and FreeSync” come into play.

To make it even simpler, computers that are armed with AMD graphics cards go well with FreeSync gaming displays that run seamlessly on HDMI. On the other hand, G-Sync gaming monitors get connected via the display port and they are supported by desktops that have Nvidia GPUs. Another important thing you must take into consideration is that G-Sync displays are costlier compared to FreeSync monitors.

What is the Best Screen Size and Resolution for Fortnite

One cannot deny that Fortnite boasts rich graphics and quality visuals, thereby arising the need for a perfectly sized A1 gaming monitor. When you are on the lookout for a grand gaming monitor for Fortnite, do not settle for anything less than 24 inches lest your overall gaming experience will be negatively impacted to a great extent. And, you can also pick a monitor bigger than 30 inches if that is what you want.

More important than all, the most ideal resolution based on the preferences of professional Fortnite players is 1080P (1920X1080). But if you own a powerful beastly rig and feel that your PC can efficiently handle the load, you can go for the 1440P resolution as well. That said, ensure that you select the right resolution for playing Fortnite to pave the way for the most exciting and fun-filled gaming sessions of your life.

Refresh Rate

Bear in mind that selecting a monitor with favorable refresh rates is of paramount importance for facilitating a smooth gaming experience. But it is often seen that whenever people come across the term “refresh rate”, they think of it as something very technical although this is not true. In layman’s language, refresh rate simply refers to the update frequency of your display and it is always measured in Hertz (Hz).

Multitudes of tech heads agree that gaming monitors with higher refresh rates serve the purpose better. No matter which computer gaming monitor you select for Fortnite, just make sure that it has a high refresh rate of at least 70 Hz or else you will regret your choice in the long run. If you opt for a gaming monitor with a low refresh rate, you will not be able to enjoy super-sharp and crystal-clear visuals.

Response Time

Many PC gaming lovers find it difficult to understand the role of response time in a monitor. To put it simply, response time is the pace at which pixels on the screen change from black to white and it determines the overall visual clarity too. If you want to avoid motion blur and keep bad quality visuals at bay, make certain that you never buy a monitor with a long response time.

Having said that, low response times are what you should be seeking in a gaming monitor. Ideally, you should get a monitor that has a response time as low as 0.5ms for achieving the best experience. But a gaming monitor featuring a response time of 5 milliseconds will also work fine.

Build Quality and Compactness

Finally, yet importantly, the monitor you choose for gaming purposes should be built with robust components. It is so because gaming monitors that boast outstanding build quality tend to last for almost 15 years. Whereas monitors that lack durability usually stop functioning after a few years and this is the reason why you must consider this factor before spending your precious money on a specific product.

Make it a point to always pick out a renowned monitor that comes with a long manufacturer warranty to be on the safe side in case things turn out to be unfavorable at any time in the future. In addition to all this, see to it that you examine the compactness of the monitor as the same plays a crucial role in determining the amount of space it would occupy.

Conclusion – Which is the Best Fortnite Monitor for Gaming?

As we all know, the web-based peripheral market is flooded with a wide variety of quality products and hence, finding a premium monitor for high-end games is not a child’s play in the slightest degree. While it is completely true that arriving at the final decision was not at all easy, but we continuously kept investing efforts and at last concluded that the best Fortnite gaming monitor is none other than the Acer XFA240. Known for its eye-catching design and super-fast 1ms response time, this gaming monitor facilitates phenomenal color accuracy and provides players with ultra-smooth gaming visuals at the same time.

The greatest thing about this fantastic monitor from Acer is that it efficiently eliminates ghosting and screen tearing, thus ensuring gaming with negligible input lag. Having become fully familiar with this display buying guide, choosing the most suitable product, and making a smart monitor buying decision should not be a tough task anymore. If any query or doubt is lingering in your mind regarding the best gaming monitors for Fortnite, get in touch with us via the comment section without hesitation to get a quality response in as little time as possible.

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