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Best Motherboard for i3 8100 in April 2021

Best Motherboard for i3 8100 - 8th Gen still got the Power!

The i3-8100 Intel Core model is undoubtedly among the best budget CPUs on the market right now. It’s very popular in the gaming community and even after the 9th generation Core processors were released, Intel still did not release the i3-9100 product because the i3-8100 going for less than $150 was still more than good enough. In this article, we will help you find the Best Motherboard for i3-8100!

In the past, we have reviewed several motherboards for i7 processors, and for i5 processors, and this time, we are reviewing some of the best mobos for i3-8100!

For a lot of people, this Quad-Core i3 processor is the first they get their hands on and from most of the reviews it doesn’t disappoint as an excellent gaming choice, especially if you don’t have the finances to come up with your own high-end PC gaming device that has a high-quality CPU like the i7-9700K or the i5-9600K.

Being that the i3-8100 model is locked, a Z370 chipset motherboard wouldn’t be advised for building PC gaming units. This is important because you should try as much as you can to invest your cash in things that’ll boost performance. With that said, hereinbelow are the best motherboards suitable for the i3 8100 Intel Core.

Best Motherboard for i3 8100 – Contestant #1

Gigabyte H310MA Review (Value for Money)

Gigabyte H310MA Review - Best Motherlboard for i3-8100

This motherboard, in general, may not be the best out there but for the i3 8100, it is certainly one of the very best. It’s also at the top when it comes to value for money because for its price it has very good performance. The power phases don’t have a heat sink but that doesn’t mean it will suffer from very high heat temperatures because it won’t, except if you limit airflow and suffocate the case that is.

This Micro-ATX motherboard is a rather simple board with 2 DIMM slots that have the ability to support up to RAM of 32GB overclocked to 2666Mhz. This happens to be a lot better than what the previous-gen H110 chipset motherboard could offer. When it comes to the graphics card, it has got one PCI-EX16 slot which runs at a speed of X16 and there are several good budget graphics cards that can help maintain proper performance balance for the i3 8100.

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Best Gaming Motherboard for i3 8100 – Contestant #2

MSI B360 Gaming Plus Review (Author’s Choice)

MSI B360 Gaming Plus Review - Best Motherboards for i3 8100

MSI’s B360 is next up and should be the max used for i3 8100. This board has a good quality VRM system with power phases that have decent heatsinks. These help in the prevention of overheating even if the case you have is suffocating and does not have enough airflow. This motherboard also has many FAN headers that can be utilized to balance airflow in the case. There are seven of them in total and that includes the pump headers and CPU fan. It has two PCI-EX16 slots of which one is given more strength with the added armor steel cover.

It can support RAM of up to 64GB overclocked to 2666Mhz accompanied by 4 DIMM slots. If the modules you use are 4GB they can support RAM of up to 16GB easily even if you just started from that 4GB. This is the best motherboard for i3 8100!

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Best Motherboard for i3 8100 – Contestant #3

MSI B360M PRO-VD Review

MSI B360M PRO-VD Review - Best Gaming Motherboard for i3-8100

This B360 chipset motherboard puts up a lot more features than your average H310 chipset motherboard. Although basic H310 chipset boards the likes of Gigabyte H310MA should be able to get the job done, if you want an upgrade then your best bet would be to go with the B360 chipset board. This board features a superior VRM that has 4+2 power phases and won’t overheat even though they lack heatsinks over them. It has one PCI-EX16 slot for the graphics card and for more reliability it uses a steel armor cover. There are two extra PCI slots for those that might need to install a sound or WiFi card, or something like that.

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Best Motherboards for i3-8100 – Contestant #4

Asus PRIME Z390-A Review (Readers also like)

Asus PRIME Z390-A Review - Best Motherboard for i3-8100

Sometimes you’ll find less is more. This is one of those moments. This product has a lot going for it and offers a lot of value for money. ASUS is undoubtedly one of the most influential and well-recognized motherboard manufacturers in the world.

You can’t be a PC enthusiast and say you’ve never owned, heard of or come across an ASUS product. Anyway, the Prime Z390-A is largely based on the Z390 Express Chipset from Intel that’s why it kind of has that “less is more” appeal. Its feature set is minimalist in nature. You essentially get only what the chipset supports natively. It has a PCI-Express 3.0 slot, Intel Optane technology, USB 3.1 Gen 2 and much more. Because of the quality Asus provides and the value you get for your money, this is one the best motherboards for the 8th gen i3 processor!

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Best Motherboard for i3-8100 – Contestant #5

ASRock Z390 Pro4 Review

ASRock Z390 Pro4 Review - Best Motherboard for i3 8100

This motherboard features a black PCB with a grey colored patterning that’s similar to what you’ll find on the Phantom Gaming Z390 4 model. It doesn’t employ the use of power delivery heatsinks and it also lacks a rear panel cover. It has 4-pin fan headers (four of them) as well as ten phase power delivery. Its two PCIe 3.0 slots run at x16 which is a very good performance. This initially means that 2-way CrossFire can be supported. With this option you’ll be provided with four RAM slots with a max capacity of 64 GB. On the rear panel you’ll find 2x USB 3.1 Gen2 ports alongside 2x USB 2.0 and 2x USB 3.0 ports.

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Conclusion – Which one is the Best Motherboard for i3-8100?

Not only is the i3-8100 CPU a great choice for gaming, but it’s also quite pocket-friendly as well. However, if you don’t pick the right motherboard for it then you might end up overspending on stuff you don’t necessarily even need. So, among all the above choice, you’ve got the option of picking one that comfortably fits your price range and one that meets all your needs and requirements.

If you ask us to choose one, it would be MSI B360 Gaming Plus as it has got all the features and power that you need and it also fits the budget. It is worth going for! The second best would be the Asus Prime Z390-A. If you are low on budget then the Gigabyte H310MA is the best bet for you!

All the motherboards listed here are the very best and you can go with any one of them and still have a great experience. Let us know which one you choose in the comments section below.


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