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Best Motherboard for i7 7700k in April 2021

Best Motherboard for i7 7700k for Gaming as well as normal purposes!

Own an i7-7700k and looking for a new Mobo? You are in luck because we will be reviewing some of the top Motherboards and will conclude with the Best Motherboard for i7 7700k be it for normal usage or for gaming purposes!

The reputation of Intel i7 CPUs has been rising since their launch in 2008 with promising domination over the performance charts. Gamers, individuals in need of substantial amount of processing power, and avid multitaskers have considered i7 CPUs as their go-to option.

These CPUs are known for being high-end processors for the general customers, and their performance is only below the server-grade CPUs such as Xeon and the Intel Extreme which are targeted towards completely different user segments.

The i7 processors have not faced any sort of competition in their segment only except Ryzen launched by AMD. The seventh generation of i7, the i7-7700K, has drawn the attention of many PC enthusiasts and gamers alongside implying the need for a new gaming motherboard that features a new Z270 chipset. So it is undoubted that many gamers and processing power fanatics would search for the Best Z270 Motherboard for i7-7700k. You can refer the reviews of Best Wifi Motherboard, Best Gaming Motherboard for i7-6700k, motherboards for i7-8700k, and even motherboards for i7-9700k and now we will find the Best Gaming Motherboard for i7 7700k.

The following discussion would serve as a guide for you to find a reliable and best i7 7700k mobo as it includes basic information about the i7 7700K and some exemplary alternatives based on diverse requirements. The information would probably be a helping input for finding the top motherboard for i7-7700k that would prove to be an effective investment regarding price as well as features.

What is i7-7700K?

What is i7-7700k - Best Motherboard for i7-7700k processor

The i7-7700K could be considered as one of the high-end and powerful CPUs of Intel that serves the best choice or Intel fans to assemble a high-performance rig. It is based on the Kaby Lake architecture which is a development of the Skylake architecture with the feature of enhancing the 14nm fabrication process. The Kaby Lake architecture characterizes all 7th generation variants of Core i7 CPUs that were launched in January 2017.

The Kaby Lake processors are found to be compatible with the existing 1151 socket thereby implying that these CPUs can be supported by both Z270 as well as Z170 motherboards. Kaby Lake architecture is considered as an optimization of Skylake architecture for which the clock speeds have increased, overclockers have received a higher barrier, and the facility of Turbo speeds has been available.

The promising reviews from many gamers have consistently called for pushing the limits of processing power. The three processors which are known for unclocked clock speed are the i7 7700k, the Core i3 7350, and the i5-7600k that are exceedingly fast and suit the requirements of most of the gamers.

The operating frequency of the processor is 4.2 GHz, and with the support of the Turbo Boost technology, it could also reach 4.5 GHz processor frequency. However, the overclocking potential of the i7-7700k implies that if it is complemented with the Best i7-7700k gaming motherboard, it could easily cross the 5 GHz barrier.

The primary criteria to look for while searching for a motherboard would be the Z270 chipset since any other inferior chipset would cause limitations for the processor. Even after consideration of this criterion, you would find a wide assortment of alternatives that might put you in a dilemma. So there is no reason to continue with your indecision as the following options could turn out to be just the right thing you were looking for.

Best Motherboards for i7-7700k

After some intense research of around 2 weeks, we shortlisted the 6 below motherboards. These are the mobos that we will be reviewing in this article. You can check if they meet your need and buy accordingly. We will also conclude with the best Mobo for i7 7700k that we think should suit everyone’s needs.

Some of these Motherboards are good for gaming and some are in the low budget range so anyone can afford them and some focus on getting the most out of your processor to get you the best performance. Whatever be the purpose, we got it covered. Let’s move on to the reviews to get to know more about these motherboards.

Best Motherboard for i7 7700k Reviewed!

ASUS Maximus IX Apex Review (Author’s Choice)

ASUS Maximus IX Apex Review - Best Motherboard for i7 7700k

The ASUS Maximus IX Apex is the perfect alternative for people who want to overclock and push the components of their rig to the maximum limits. The design of the motherboard is completely based on the aspects of customizability and performance. Regarding design, the ASUS Maximus IX Apex does not have stood out features such as massive water block on Maximus IX Extreme or the thermal armor found on SABERTOOTH models and could be very easily considered as another generic ASUS motherboard.

However, close attention reveals that the size of the motherboard is massive with Extended ATX. The shape of the motherboard translates the angled elements that look adapted directly from the F-117 Stealth Fighter Jet, and the board has an X-Shape asymmetrical design. The other customizable features suited for 3D printing are integrated with the Aura Lighting feature thereby allowing the opportunity for customization of cutouts. With the light effects, the ASUS Maximus IX Apex does stand out from the rest of the pack.

The Maximus IX Apex might be facing competition by design but is considered as a straight winner when it comes to performance. The 2X8 pin power connectors imply that it is one of the Best Z270 motherboards for i7-7700k which could improve the frequencies of a CPU without having to face the troubles of lack of power. The VRMs surrounding the CPU socket are provided with cooling, and it also has various controls for fine adjusting the overclocking settings.

The board has been known to drive the i7 7700k to the frequency of 7383MHz which is nothing less than a world record. The features of the Maximus IX Apex also includes the DIMM.2 slot which could support two M.2 drives along with proper cooling and extremely high speeds. Regarding connectivity, the Maximus IX Apex lacks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity while being rich in other aspects.

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Gigabyte GA-Z270X-Gaming 9 Review

Gigabyte GA-Z270X-Gaming 9 Review - Best Mobo for i7-7700k

The Gaming 9 is considered as one of the best alternatives for people interested in the features of a motherboard for i7 7700K. Gigabyte has been successful in introducing much-needed improvements in its boards with the Aorus line. The Extended-ATX format, massive shield, hybrid heat sink for cooling the VRMs and a huge chipset heat sink make the board appear bigger.

Regarding color, the Gaming 9 features a neutral color scheme that comprises of a black PCB along with certain silver and white colored elements and a slight hint of color in the Aorus logo. This feature ensures that the board could be suited nicely for any color theme that users may have in mind for their rig. The aesthetics of the board would continue to amaze once you have powered it on as the six distinct RGB light zones would light it up.

The Gigabyte GA-Z270X-Gaming 9 is not considered as the top i7 7700k motherboard just for its appearance. The astounding hardware features on the board are also responsible for raising its credibility. The provision of the hybrid cooler in the VRM area facilitates exemplary levels of cooling thereby implying that even in extreme overclocking scenarios facilitated by the diverse overclocking controls, the VRMs would never have any issues.

Apart from the CPU horsepower, the Gaming 9 has also added a PEX8747 chip which improves the number of PCI Express lanes to the CPU reaching 32 that can guarantee superior performance even in Crossfire or SLI configurations. Regarding audio, the board has a ZxRi chip which is certified for 120+dB, and two hardware amplifiers. Furthermore, the board has support for SATA drives as well as U.2, Gen3 x4 NVMe PCIe SSDs and M.2 drives.

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ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac Review (Best for Gaming)

ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac Review - Best Gaming Motherboard for i7 7700k

The Fatal1ty Gaming-ITX/ac is not just like any other cheap Motherboard for i7-7700K. It offers the features of a high-end board with a compact size. The board has all hardware essentials that can be found in its larger counterparts. Featuring a red-black color scheme, the board comes with a black PCB accented by red on the RAM slots as well as the chipset and VRM heatsinks.

The decision to exclude LED lighting seems plausible as the use of this motherboard is suited for small builds where other components could obstruct the visibility of the motherboard. Regarding hardware, the Fatal1ty could compete with other motherboards without any doubt. The dual-stack MOSFETs and the 60A power chokes are some high-quality hardware components that ensure the board’s superior performance in overclocking.

This board could easily drive an i7 7700K processor beyond the 5GHz barrier, and interestingly, it also offers the facility of RAM overclocking. With RAM overclocking, all you need to do is have a good RAM kit and some tweaking for pushing the processor well above 4000MHz. The Fatal1ty Gaming-ITX/ac also provides favorable storage functionality with one SATA Express and Ultra M.2 slot each alongside 6 SATA ports that leave you with no limitations on options.

The board also facilitates promising connectivity features that can be needed for almost any usage scenario. It includes 6 USB 3.0 ports, 2 Wi-Fi antenna ports, one Display port, HDMI port, and Intel Thunderbolt 3 port each as well as 7.1 channels audio + optical output. These connectivity features would be just the right thing you needed for an HTPC setup or a gaming build.

If you are into gaming and want the best performance for the best gaming experience, this mobo will satisfy your needs.

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ASUS Maximus IX Hero Review

ASUS Maximus IX Hero Review - Best i7 7700k Motherboard

The Maximus IX Hero comes in the line of the cheap motherboard for i7-7700K with appealing levels of performance. The high-end motherboards of ASUS are generally known for their attractive aesthetics that generally involve highly contrasting color schemes and use of shields covering a major portion of the PCB.

However, ASUS has decided to keep it subtle with the Maximus IX Hero by maintaining a mostly-black color scheme with no striking elements to catch attention. It may appear that the board may not be as appealing to look at as its counterparts. On the contrary, the well designed and large heat sinks impart an elegant appearance to the board.

The two areas lighted with RGB LEDs and multiple 3D printer-friendly elements as well as support of the Aura Sync technology make for some of the highlights in the design of Maximus IX Hero. The board also tends to show amazing performance regarding hardware components.

The ASUS Dual Intelligent 5-Way Optimization feature in the board improves the flexibility and speed of overclocking by facilitating all tools in a single place. The storage functionality of the Maximus IX Hero could be observed clearly in the two M.2 slots and 6 SATA ports. The M.2 slots are characterized with support for Intel’s Optane Technology and different RAID configurations.

Considering the ASUS Maximus IX Hero as one of the Best Z270 Gaming Motherboard for i7 7700k would not be an overstatement as it features the SupremeFX 8-channel audio chip of ROG that provides various enhancement options as well as crystal-clear sound.

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MSI Z270-A PRO Review

MSI Z270-A PRO Review - Best Z270 Motherboard for i7-7700k

The Z270-A PRO motherboard of MSI is aptly suited for individuals having a tab on their budget for the build. This board proves to be a bang for the buck! The design of the board is not astounding like others as it has a black PCB along with a few standout elements such as the white circuit for physical delimitation of sound card from the remaining portion of the PCB, the black and white VRM heat sink and the metallic silver PCI-Express slot.

Without any blinking lights, large shields or heat sinks, the Z270-A PRO does not prove to be a suitable choice for show-offs. Regarding hardware components and features, the MSI Z270-A PRO proves to be worthy competition for some of the other mobos in the market.

Even if the 4+2 power phase design is not suited for overclocking, the inclusion of MSI Military Class 5 certified components assures of pushing the limits of performance. While the memory support is restricted to 3800MHz in official listing, a certain form of overclocking could be possible. The storage functionality of the board is basic with the normal 6 SATA ports along with one M.2 port. The ultra-fast M.2 drive for the operating system and SATA III SSDs for file storage are also included in the board.

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ASRock B250M-HDV Review (Budget-Friendly)

ASRock B250M-HDV Review - Cheap Motherboard for i7-7700k

The B250M-HDV could not be considered as an appropriate alternative for the i7 7700k in the long run but is a Cheap Motherboard for i7 7700K. This board is suited for short-term use if you are running out of the budget and need your rig to be functional as soon as possible.

It does not have any eye-catching features in the design and to be fair, a price of less than a hundred bucks would not fetch any high-end designs. For starters, there are no customizable elements or lights and fancy heat sinks. You would also find that it does not have a VRM heat-spreader as it is not meant for overclocking purposes.

The ASRock B250M-HDV is also notable for lacking a Z270 chipset with a B250M chipset in its place. The sole reason behind this is that the board is meant only as a replacement to make a PC functional before adding a relevant motherboard. However, the B250M-HDV does not disappoint regarding hardware and features as it includes an M.2 slot, 32GB of DDR4 memory with a maximum of 2400MHz, and 6 SATA III devices.

The decent connectivity features including Gigabit LAN, VGA, HDMI and DVI ports as well as 6-channel audio and 6 USB ports add up to the functionality of the B250M-HDV. So, with all the information about different Z270 chipset motherboards that you can use for i7-7700k, it would no more be difficult to make the right choice for building your rig.

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Conclusion – Which one is the Best i7 7700k Motherboard?

For us, the Asus Maximus IX Apex was the best motherboard on the market for i7 7th gen processor and we think it will suit all the needs you have. Be it casual gaming, surfing the Internet, or running heavy software, the Maximus IX Apex will take care of it. It can give a good boost to your Processor’s performance and get you the best out of it.

If you are more into gaming, the ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac can be stated as the best gaming motherboard for i7-7700k. If you’re under budget and looking for a temporary Mobo (to use for only a short time) then the ASRock B250M-HDV is the best budget motherboard for i7 7700k.

These were all the mobos we found to be the best on the market! After researching more than 15 motherboards, we shortlisted on these and we picked the winner according to us as well. If you think some other Motherboard should be on this list, let us know via the comments and we will make sure it gets added in here.


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