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Best Motherboard for i9 9900k

Best Motherboard for i9 9900k for Gaming as well as Normal usage!

If you are into gaming (or any other high-CPU usage tasks like graphic designing, animation, etc) and own the latest i9-9900k CPU by Intel and want to take your gaming to the next level then this post is for you! Presenting the Best Motherboard for i9 9900k!

When the Core i9 9900k was released by Intel about slightly over twelve months ago, it basically took the industry by storm with its unprecedented clock speeds and its 8 Core prowess, which easily beats most of its competitors, one of them being the Ryzen 2700x. Okay, Intel has had high core counts before, but this was the first time they were trying it out on consumer-grade processors.

With significant improvements, the likes of stable 5Ghz clock-speeds across all cores and superior temperature control via the dye’s soldered HIS which helps sustain 80-degree Celsius temp even when at overclocked speeds, it didn’t take long before the 9900K found itself in almost every other processor being produced. However, this processor doesn’t come cheap. Now, with that said, who wouldn’t want to harness the full potential of this mighty device.

Which brings us to the question as to which is probably the world’s best gaming motherboard for i9 9900k? Well, let’s take a closer look at the options we have for you.

Best Motherboard for i9 9900k Reviewed!

MSI MEG GODLIKE Z390 Review (Author’s Choice) (Amazon’s Choice)

MSI MEG GODLIKE Z390 Review - Best Gaming Motherboard for i9 9900k!

The MSI MEG GODLIKE is undoubtedly the best i9 9900k gaming motherboard out there. This motherboard juggernaut is your route to ultimate gaming experiences. Okay, it’s going to cost a pretty penny, but hey, you only live once, right? Price shouldn’t rule your decision-making if you’re chasing your passion.

The MEG is one of the most advanced motherboards on MSI’s lineup, so you can be sure of something way above average. With that said, how good is the Z390 really? Keep reading and find out.

It’s funny how MSI didn’t think PLX chips were necessary additions to the board. There are 3 onboard M.2 ports. Anyway, the secret behind the MEG Z390 is the introduction of the new thermal pads found on both sides. Furthermore, there’s also a Turbo U.2 SSD port with tremendous transfer speeds making it truly “godlike”, as its name suggests. Oh, and another solid plus is that this motherboard has a postcode. It supports 2-way SLI, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t run a 4-way crossfire.

The board also contains a BIOS switch feature which gives you the chance to enjoy dual-BIOS. If one gets broken, the other BIOS you have can be used to unbreak the first. Below the board, you’ll find a pack of several other useful OC functionalities as well.


  • It has LN2 cooling
  • Highest overclocking speeds attainable
  • Sixteen phase VRM


  • No PLX chips on the board
  • It’s rather quite expensive

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ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming Review

ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming Review - Best i9-9900k Gaming Motherboard

Packed with a wide variety of advanced features, the Asus TUF Z390 gaming motherboard has greatly grown in popularity across the globe owing to the phenomenal performance it offers. This mobo facilitates improved memory stability and guarantees blazing-fast WiFi speeds all day long. Above all, it comes armed with 1 HDMI port as well as dual M.2 slots which are meant for SSDs.

Backed with TUF protection, the PCIe slot of this motherboard is armed with fortifying metal owing to which it boasts a stronger retention force. What makes this gaming mobo stand out from the crowd are its premium looks and superb overclocking capabilities. Keeping all this aside, it boasts an incredibly powerful cooling operation so that your system remains cool no matter how long you play your favorite games.

You can download the Fan Xpert 4 software which will allow you to adjust fan speed and keep your graphics card’s temperature under safe limits. Coming to memory holding capacity, the Asus TUF Z390 motherboard is equipped with 4 memory slots in total. Moreover, it supports up to 64GB of RAM having a maximum frequency of 4266 MHz. The mobo also features top-quality Japanese capacitors which ensure a steady flow of power to the various PC components.

If you have always wanted to style up your gaming rig, the RGB lighting facility of this mobo can work wonders for making your dream come true. Boasting both RGB LEDs and onboard headers, the lighting of the motherboard can be personalized with the Aura Sync application. Also, the Asus TUF Z390 mobo is compatible with both 8th and 9th gen Intel processors.


  • It has a highly efficient cooling system
  • Offers full support for system overclocking
    • Comes with the newest RGB capabilities
  • Features up to 4 RAM slots


  • WiFi adapter is of average quality

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ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula Z390 Review

ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula Review - Best Motherboard for i9 9900k!

ASUS has quite a stronghold on the market, as far as motherboards are concerned. As soon as you unpack the Formula XI, its matte black coloring and mirror chrome tubing radiates awesomeness from the get-go and always looks to be the baddest in the room. It comes with dual M.2 ports alongside 3 PCIe slots. Ensure to handle the board very carefully because it lacks an anti-static bag. The VRM has a wonderful four-phase overall design that uses dual-stage Vishay Silicon X 50A MOSFETs. It provides high-performance levels even at overclocked speeds.

It has 8 (+4) pins for enough supply ensuring you can meet any overclocking need. You might think this overkill, but it isn’t. This 8+4 design is perfect. Furthermore, it has a clear dual BIOS and CMOS button respectively. The VRM’s thermal finesse, impressively, allows it to maintain high heat levels ranging from around 50-60 degrees Celsius, still with great power efficiencies at overclocked speeds.

You want temperature levels to stay around there so that it can still tolerate hot environments as well. This motherboard also features DDR4 memory clocks that can support up to 4400MHz.

Now, let’s look at the audio and cooling system features. It uses supreme FX audio solutions that help properly suppress the mic’s noise, which gamers will love because it’ll help them hear their teammates’ voices clearly. If you want this motherboard because of its audio capabilities, ensure not to exceed volume 90 in the settings.


  • Aura Sync RGB lighting
  • An 8+4 phase VRM with reliable thermal control
  • Temperature spikes are managed accordingly at overclocked speeds


  • Overtightened screwing at the M.2 ports

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ASRock Phantom Gaming 9 Review

ASRock Phantom Gaming 9 Review - Best i9 9900k Motherboard!

The Fatal1ty range of motherboards on ASRock’s lineup is beaten by the new Phantom Gaming line, which has managed to garner quite some attention in the realm of motherboards. ASRock has come a very long way when it comes to their motherboards and their new Phantom 9 brand with its wide array of features is coming to take the industry by storm. Price-wise and performance, you certainly can’t categorize it as cheap.

It also comes with 3 PCIe ports that support 2-way SLI accompanied by an additional PCIe port for longer graphics cards. Its 2 M.2 ports have only been trimmed up to their NVMe and don’t support SATA. But, there are added SATA compatible M.2 ports located under the heat sink.

Its VRM cooling system is quite beefy with 12-phases that can maintain VRM temps of up to 67-degrees. However, that’s not all. It’s a powerhouse when harnessing graphics cards is concerned. It can support CrossFireX, 3-Way CrossFireX, AMD Quad CrossFireX, and NVIDIA SLI technology. It is loaded with so many features that we can’t even begin to imagine. This makes the mobo the best i9 9900k motherboard for gaming!

The board also offers 6(4) fan headers and an LED bug. Furthermore, it’s probably the only motherboard that has 3 LAN slots of 2.5 Gbps instead of the more traditional 1 Gpbs Ethernet LAN features. However, the Gaming 9 loses a few marks in benchmarking and overclocking results.


  • 5 Gbps interface LAN slots
  • Additional (1) PCIe slots


  • It’s kind of on the expensive side
  • Temperatures can get very high
  • Consumes a lot of power during overclocked mode

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GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Ultra Review (Budget-Friendly)

GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS Ultra Review - Cheapest Motherboard for i9 9900k!

GIGABYTE hasn’t been left behind in this heated motherboard competition. The last few chipset generations or so, GIGABYTE has kind of been struggling to keep up with this cut-throat race of what makes the best board in the industry. A lot of this is because of their very basic BIOS that was manufactured by other manufacturers.

However, with their new installation, they’ve flipped the script with their emboldening 12+ phases VRM design. For our list here, we decided to include the most balanced motherboard in the series, the Z390 AUROS. The Z390 Auros is the cheapest motherboard for i9 9900k on this list!

Its VRM heatsinks include fins and it’s the only motherboard that does this. Furthermore, it offers better thermal contact levels between the back-plate with thermal pads and the motherboard because of more surface area being touched. It also has a (6) 12-phase high-quality VRM as well as including all the common features all the other motherboards have.

If that hasn’t sold you just yet, when tested in the real world, it shows one of the best thermal measurements, especially because it comes at quite a reasonable price-tag. So, if you thought that GIGABYTE hasn’t caught up just yet, think again. Triple ultra-fast NVMe Gen3 PCIe (4) M.2 with triple thermal guards will further enhance the experience.

It operates using a digital CPU overall power design that includes both digital DrMOS and PWM Controller. These one-hundred percent digital controllers and added 8+4 pin CPU power connectors help provide incredible precision when delivering a lot of power to the board’s most energy-sensitive and power-hungry parts, allowing the hungry enthusiast to search for all the power they’ll need to power their i9 9900K. Also, its audio system is dexterous and prevents problems such as distortion and low volume.


  • It has a very stable VRM
  • Direct touch-heat piping on its chipset


  • Its BIOS is a bit on the primitive side
  • Some PCIe slots’ retention clip seems to have a few quality issues
  • VRM Coil Whine

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EVGA Z390 Dark Review (Beast-like Motherboard) (Readers also like)

EVGA Z390 Dark Review - Best i9 9900k Gaming Motherboard

EVGA’s Dark brand of motherboards has been in the vanguard of the top boards by EVGA. The Z390, which holds true to its label, comes in a black color option with a few gold accents spotted here and there. But, its aesthetic features have been restricted to that alone, a black PCB. EVGA claimed they had initially wanted their Z390 board to be focused on performance rather than how it looks. Unfortunately, the Dark has its few downsides here and there despite it being a considerably expensive board.

With that said, this classy-looking black stallion really means business as far as high-octane overclocking and rich output is concerned and this rich output is what got this board into this list of best gaming motherboard for i9 9900k. You’ll understand a bit more when you get to see the specs. It has 7 3.1 USB Gen 2 slots (one type-C header, one type-C, Five Type-As), two 32Gbps M.2 Key ports and 3 (16x,4x,16x) PCIe ports. Its 17-phase VRM is very bulky and is cooled via a passive heat sink, of which some of you out there might think is overkill, however, you get everything you need to manage any game on the planet.  This motherboard also features an 8-pin CPU and 24-pin power connector that are located side-by-side from each other.

It’s a pretty good option for those of you overclocking enthusiasts looking for the highest of the high. With that said, there are many other options that perform the same or even much better that’ll cost you almost half of what this particular board would. Furthermore, with this device, you’ll have to switch up the stock settings as well as having to suffer through a less-than-average BIOS navigation system.


  • A heavy VRM overall design
  • Overclocking-centric layout


  • Its CMOS battery has quality control problems
  • Stock settings run at high voltages which helps make it run very hot
  • So pricey yet it lacks the RGB sass and flair

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How to Choose a Motherboard for i9-9900k – Buying Guide

A few factors you need to consider before buying a motherboard include:

VRM Quality

The advantage Intel has lies in its clock speeds and high IPC. But, this allows it to consistently achieve boost clocks, without any VRM limitation. Of course, this is only assuming you choose a cooling system that is limiting in any way. For a lot of Core i5 and Core i7 CPU devices, this shouldn’t be of too much concern, however, that’s still really no excuse to skimp on the motherboard.

Choosing The Right Chipset

Unlike chipsets from AMD, chipsets from Intel tend to lock in certain functionalities. For those of you serious content creators, nothing short of the Z390 chipset should do. Why, well, for starters, you require either a board with the Z390 or Z370 chipset if you intend on overclocking either your memory or CPU. But, since the Z390 boards are better and come at a similar price, then why would you need to consider any Z370 offer?

 Expandability And I/O

It can be really frustrating when you don’t have enough connection ports or realize that your storage capacity is about to reach its limit and you lack additional slots for storage. You need to strongly consider the board’s back panel and its extensibility if you want to avoid some of these unwanted scenarios.

Overclocking And Max PCIe Lanes

If you happen to be a content creator that has frequent rendering tasks that’ll consistently stress your system, then you might want to over-look overclocking. But, if you’re in search of snappy viewpoint performances or a blend of both, then a mild overclock feature could help improve your productivity. Furthermore, you simply can’t do without a memory clock, so this feature is quite important. Oh, and if you happen to be thinking about multi-GPU formations, then max PCIe lanes is a very significant factor.

Conclusion – Which is the Best i9 9900k Motherboard for Gaming and Normal Use?

The new processor from Intel is designed to be compatible with the new Z390 chipset. A lot of power users and gamers alike are currently looking for new boards. Hopefully, this article has given you a lot of insight into what you should be looking for when it comes to the motherboards for i9 9900k.

As you’ve seen, there are a plethora of fantastic boards that are compatible with the 9900k, but one that really stands out is the MSI MEG GODLIKE Z390. The GODLIKE is in the top league of gaming motherboards for i9-9900k. Not many can do it better than this board can. Another board that gives the MSI GODLIKE competition is the ASUS ROG Maximus XI Formula. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean the others on the list can’t get the job done. They certainly can, you just need to know what you’re looking for.

If you can’t pick a motherboard yourself, you can go with the choice above, and trust me, you won’t regret it! After doing intense research and testing, we got all the mobos on this list and all of them are good enough for you to buy. Let us know in the comments which one you got and how was your experience with it!

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