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Best Mouse for CS GO to Win in April 2021

Best Mouse for CS GO to Win

Over the years, first-person shooter video games have been soaring in popularity owing to the growing interest in online multiplayer gaming. Without a doubt, CS GO is an all-time favorite of millions of zealous gamers from around the globe. Being a highly competitive game, Counter Strike requires players to be super quick as each shot counts. Moreover, it is crucial for players to remain alert lest the enemies around the corner take them down. Having the Best Mouse for CS GO is necessary as it is indeed one of the most important pieces of gaming equipment that can make a significant difference to your overall performance in the game.

The best part about owning a good mouse is that it complements your gaming setup and ameliorates your CS: GO experience to a great extent. Contrary to popular belief, choosing a gaming mouse in accordance with your preferences and playing style is a piece of cake provided that you put in the needed efforts.

But for that, you must develop a thorough understanding of the professional gaming scenario and familiarize yourself with the various basic features of gaming mice. Before buying a mouse, you must analyze its configuration flexibility to determine whether you would get a wide range of customization options with your product or not. This way you will be able to get a bigger bang for your buck.

Other factors to take into account before making a purchase is the level of comfort, ergonomics, tracking performance, durability, and sturdiness. Nevertheless, taking note of all these vital points at the same time can be an uphill task. To make things a little easier and save your valuable time, we have extensively reviewed all the best available options in the market so that you can make the right selection without any difficulty. Given below is the list of the top gaming mice for CS: GO from which you can take your favorite pick.

6 of the Best Mice for CS GO!

When it comes to selecting the Best CS GO Mouse, the eventual decision should only be made after carefully considering a wide range of products. If you are in doubt about which mouse to opt for, this guide will come in handy for making the selection process simpler and less time-consuming. However, it is extremely important that you consider your gaming requirements and come up with a realistic budget before making the final choice. Having said that, let us quickly go through the top 6 gaming mice that are used by hundreds and thousands of professional Counter Strike players worldwide.

Logitech G Pro Review (Best Mouse for CS GO) (Amazon’s Choice)

Logitech G Pro Review - Best Mouse for CS GO!

Renowned as one of the lightest wireless gaming mouse, the Logitech G Pro has an exceptional design and is must-have gaming equipment for those who want to play CS: GO like a real professional. The mouse’s advanced optical gaming sensor delivers superb tracking accuracy and paves the way for precise super quick maneuvers during intense gameplay sessions.

Highly responsive, you can play Counter Strike comfortably for long hours without experiencing any kind of monotony as this excellent mouse from Logitech makes gaming fun. It features an advanced tensioning system and comes with durable metal springs that ensure dependable click performance around the clock. Equipped with high-quality rugged buttons that can stand extreme gaming action with the utmost ease, the Logitech G Pro promises up to 20 million clicks.

The RGB lighting technology makes this device worth owning. You can make use of the Logitech gaming software solution to experiment with over 16.8 million colors and customize phenomenal game-driven lighting effects. The 6 configurable buttons of this mouse can be programmed to create custom commands to facilitate the execution of intricate in-game actions in an instant.

Other than this, the Logitech G Pro comes with an inbuilt memory in which you can easily save your preferences without any hassle. And since you can set up and store customizations directly to the device, you do not need to reconfigure your settings again and again. The G Pro is also the Best Fortnite Mouse on the Market!

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BenQ Zowie FK2 Review

BenQ Zowie FK2 Review

Another amazing mouse for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the BenQ Zowie FK is highly ergonomic and has a lightweight body. Being a plug and play device, you do not need to install any additional drivers to use this device. With an incredibly unique tracking performance, this device features an ambidextrous design with numerous shapes to ensure the best performance and open doors to a comfortable gaming experience all day long. This mouse has an adjustable report rate for varied levels of responsiveness and it gives you complete control over your movements during the game.

Used by multitudes of CS: GO players globally, the BenQ Zowie FK is easy and comfortable to hold, thereby enabling smooth and precise operation during prolonged gameplay sessions. With 2 thumb buttons on each side, the mouse perfectly caters to the requirement of both right and left-handed users and making it an Ambidextrous mouse. Therefore, if you are really on the lookout for a mouse that is designed for ultimate comfort and has a low-profile design, your best bet would be to get your hands on the BenQ Zowie FK without giving it a second thought.

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Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Review (Readers also like)

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Review - Best CS GO Mouse!

Popular for its premium build quality and exceptional performance, the Logitech G502 prepares the path for a highly personalized gaming experience. Using its DPI shift feature, you can easily have more control over the game by making the necessary adjustments as per your preferences. The top-notch optical sensor of the mouse comes with zero acceleration, thereby providing you with perpetual responsiveness and outstanding tracking accuracy irrespective of the sensitivity levels you have chosen for your device.

In addition to the remarkable performance of the Logitech G502, other great aspects to look for in the device are the mechanical micro switches, rubberized grips, and the primary buttons of the mouse which are durable up to 20 million clicks. If you are searching for a mouse that is suitable for gamers with big hands, then the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is undoubtedly for you.

The mouse’s top-quality metal wheel delivers smooth control in between gaming sessions. Above all, the device also features multiple balancing configurations and customizable RGB lighting along with purpose-built game profiles. With the Logitech gaming software, you can effortlessly personalize the mouse based on your likings and playing style within the twinkling of an eye.

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Corsair M65 Pro RGB Review

Corsair M65 Pro RGB Review

The Corsair M65 Pro RGB is a great gaming mouse for Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Its advanced weight tuning facility allows you to set the gravity center of your device on the basis of your playstyle. Equipped with 8 strategically placed buttons, the mouse comes with a 12000 DPI optical sensor to ensure ultimate responsiveness and tracking while offering you superior performance irrespective of the surface. The Corsair M65 Pro RGB has an aircraft-grade aluminum frame which gives the device outstanding durability and makes it sturdy enough to withstand years of intense gaming.

Loaded with high-capacity switches rated to 20 million clicks, the mouse promises reliable performance even during extended gaming sessions. Besides configuring the M65 Pro RGB as per your gaming style, you can program it with customized RGB lighting, double macros, etc. This mouse can fulfill the needs of those gamers who spend most of their day playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive and love to remain indulged in the experience of killing enemies.

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Mionix Castor Review

Mionix Castor Review

If you want a professional-grade gaming mouse for CS: GO that will help you make a difference to your overall performance, the Mionix Castor is indeed designed to meet your expectations. Putting it simply, this multi-color ergonomic gaming mouse from Mionix comes with 6 rugged buttons and it is an apt choice for right-handed gamers owing to its unique shape which supports fingertip, palm as well as claw grip for offering full control to users. The Mionix Castor comes with a dedicated ring finger support-groove so that users can hold and lift the device without difficulty in world-famous FPS games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Equipped with an exceptional optical sensor which has neither negative nor positive acceleration, the Mionix Castor is one of the best mice ever made. Thanks to its RGB multi-color lighting technology, the device features around 16.8 million custom color options to ensure that you can illuminate the scroll wheel of the mouse as per your preferences. And not to forget the ergonomic make-up of this device that makes it a lot easier for you to keep a firm grip and target your enemies with professionalism. The best thing about the Mionix Castor is that it always responds with super sharp accuracy regardless of your gaming sensitivity.

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Razer DeathAdder Elite Review

Razer DeathAdder Elite Review - Best Gaming Mouse for CS GO

The Razer DeathAdder Elite is truly the most classic gaming mouse of all time. Guaranteeing a maximum of 50 million clicks, this mouse is used by a large number of professional CS: GO players owing to the speed and unmatchable accuracy it offers. The mouse’s high-grade scroll wheel allows you to have a firm grip and ensures better control. Its consistent tactile feedback and top-notch optical sensor are an added advantage. Moreover, the rubberized side grips of the mouse give you a strong and comfortable hold during CS: GO gameplay sessions. The highly durable Razer mechanical switches of the mouse are built to last.

The Razer DeathAdder Elite comes packed with 7 fully programmable buttons and stellar ergonomics validated by leading CS: GO players worldwide. The mouse also features Chroma RGB lighting technology and includes more than 16 million colors with loads of preset profiles for added fun. Keeping everything else aside, the main reason this great mouse from Razer is in high demand is that it is an ideal option for users with small hands.

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Conclusion – Which is the Best Mouse for CS GO?

Picking out the best gaming equipment from the aforementioned list was quite herculean as all the products reviewed above are in a class of their own. But after thorough consideration and hours of analysis, we drew the conclusion that the Best Gaming Mouse for CS GO is none other than the Logitech G Pro.

Apart from being the lightest wireless gaming mouse in the market, the durable make-up and unparalleled performance of the device enable it to give players an evident edge over their competitors. The Logitech G Pro is a highly economical product and it gives users the best features without breaking their banks. The onboard memory of the device makes it possible for you to save configurations in the mouse itself instead of making changes repeatedly. Best of all, the mouse is super responsive and it comes with infinite customization options to allow you to get a little more creative with colors.

There is absolutely no denying the fact that having the best gaming equipment in your possession is key to outperforming leading competitors and succeeding in the professional gaming arena. Having said that, the value of a good gaming mouse should not be underestimated at any cost. Yes, it is true that getting your hands on top-notch mice will not make you an efficient player in one go.

Nevertheless, quality gaming gear will definitely help you augment your shooting skills gradually, thereby making you better at playing CS: GO with the passage of time. More importantly, you should be willing to spend your hard-won bucks on a durable mouse which will last for years to come rather than going for a cheap alternative if you want the maximum value for your money.

Regardless of which product you purchase from the list mentioned above, bear in mind that you will not regret your decision. It is so because we have prepared this buying guide after intensively researching the products’ technical details and studying the opinions of a large number of professional CS: GO players in the global gaming scene.

Since different gaming mice are built for different gamers, you must select the right one for yourself. The most notable advantage of investing in a high-quality gaming mouse is that it gives a substantial boost to your Counter Strike experience. Last but not the least, do not hesitate to get in touch with us in case your doubts are still unsolved and also make it a point to drop your precious opinions in the comment section below.

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