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Best Mouse for Fortnite

Best Mouse for Fortnite for Victory Royale!

Who doesn’t love playing Fortnite? All of us enjoy this amazing game and if you are serious about it and want Victory Royale streaks just like I did, this is the post you need to be reading! Presenting, the Best Mouse for Fortnite to get straight Victory Royales like never before!

To win, you need several things in your favor like a good gaming mouse, a good keyboard, a fast GPU, a fast Internet connection, and most of all – Skills! Skills can be improved by practice and you get better the more you play but the same is not true for other things, right? This is why we have made this list of Mice that will get you going. All the gaming mice on this list can be stated as the Best Fortnite Mouse as they all are amazing in terms of performance. But, I’ll be choosing the best one for you so you can make an informed decision.

So, without wasting too much time, let’s get straight to the point. We will have reviews of all the top mice for Fortnite but before going into the reviews, here’s a few things that you need to know beforehand.

What Makes a Mouse good for Fortnite?

Since Fortnite is a shooter game that requires quick building, aiming, and shooting fast, you need a mouse that has a few side buttons to make it easier to switch weapons and build on the go! There are several factors that affect your aim and your building skills. Some of them are:


You need to have an accurate mouse in order to aim precisely. If the accuracy of the moue is not good, the aim will not be proper and you won’t be able to shoot your enemy and hence, getting the Victory Royale will get out of sight.

Build and Design

The build of the mouse is very important. It has to be sturdy to take all the wear and tear AND have a good design so it feels good using it. If you don’t feel the comfort of the mouse while holding it in your hand, you may not get the best experience out of it.

Low Click Latency

It is important to have a low click latency (along with fast Internet, obviously) to make sure your clicks get registered as fast as possible. Sometimes, a few milliseconds can make a difference and get you the final kill and help you win the game.

Some Things to keep in Mind

Some of the things that you should know before diving into the reviews:

  • If you don’t know about things you should look for before buying a mouse for gaming, it is recommended to go through this guide.
  • Not all the mice on this post are Ambidextrous. The ones that actually are Ambidextrous will have it written in the review, so, read carefully!
  • Not all mice will work for all hand sizes. Some mice may work for Small Hands and some may work for Big Hands
  • All the mice have amazing performance and you can absolutely go with any of the mice that suits your vibe

Alrighty, let’s get going with the reviews of the best gaming mice for Fortnite now!

Best Mouse for Fortnite for Victory Royale

FinalMouse Air58 Ninja Review (Very Lightweight)

FinalMouse Air58 Ninja Review - Lightest Mouse for Fortnite!

The FinalMouse Air58 Ninja is a premium ambidextrous mouse weighing only a mere 58 grams making it the lightest mouse for Fortnite. It is very expensive due to the fact that it is limited in availability plus the premium build quality it comes with. It is an amazingly light mouse and comes second in the list of the lightest gaming mouse on the market! The company achieves the lightweight by punching hexagonal holes in the whole body and hence reducing the material.

The mouse has a total of 6 buttons including the DPI switch given just below the scroll wheel. The mouse does not come with a software but with features like these, it is still well worth it. It has a DPI range starting from 400 and going up to 3,200.

It comes with a cable that is very flexible and doesn’t drag when moving the mouse. The cable is lightweight and is made in a way that you won’t feel it while using the mouse. This helps in smooth and faster movement which is required when shotting your opponents. All in all, this is an amazing mouse with a very low weight that can help you be quick in aiming and shooting. The only downside is that it is expensive and hard to find but if you’re lucky, you can find it for a good price on Amazon. Click the button below to see if you’re lucky enough and if you are, don’t wait!


  • Total of 6 buttons
  • Weighs only 58 grams
  • DPI ranges from 400 up to 3,200
  • Visually appealing
  • Ambidextrous build
  • Very flexible cable with anti-drag
  • Pretty expensive and hard to find

Check Best Price on Amazon!

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Review (Best Wired Mouse for Fortnite)

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Review - Best Mouse for Fortnite!

The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is top of the line wired mouse there is on the Internet and is the best gaming mouse for Fortnite. It has an amazing built that suits your hands and feels comfortable while holding it. It feels great if you have small or medium-sized hands. The mouse comes with a software that lets you tweak a lot of things (more on this later).

There are a total of 11 programmable buttons that can be set to do whatever you like using the software it comes with. The mouse is equipped with top of the line sensor PMW3366 that gives you the most accurate movement for better and precise aiming. The DPI of the mouse ranges from 200 up to a massive 12,000. It is also equipped with a button on the side which changes the DPI of the mouse to the lowest when using a sniper and it is called the “sniper” button. This can come in handy when you have a sniper in Fortnite to lay your opponent to rest!

The software it comes with has several features that include scanning your computer to find games and set up profiles for those games automatically where the buttons get mapped for the attacks in the game. Other features include the calibration of the sensor so it works perfectly on any surface. It also lets you adjust the DPI more accurately according to your needs and customize the RGBs according to what you like or vibe with.

Other than all these features, the mouse also has an Adjustable Weight feature where you can easily add some weights to the side of the mouse (comes with a magnetic door). It has three side buttons including the “sniper” button so changing the weapons or building isn’t going to be too hard. The cable it comes with is also very smooth and gives you smooth movement. The mouse weighs around 164 grams (adjustable) and it isn’t the best out there but the mouse itself is still the best wired one for Fortnite!


  • 11 programmable buttons
  • DPI ranging from 200 to 12,000
  • Top of the line PMW3366 sensor
  • Well built
  • Works on almost any surface
  • Adjustable weights
  • Tons of customizability using the software it comes with
  • Suited for Right-handed users
  • Weighs around 164 grams
  • Has a “sniper” button

Check Best Price on Amazon!

Corsair Scimitar Pro Review

Corsair Scimitar Pro Review - Best Fortnite Mouse!

Coming to the Corsair Scimitar Pro, it is one of the better built mouse due to its aluminum body. It has a good build and feels comfortable in your hand. It is not an ambidextrous mouse (right-handed) and doesn’t work with all grip types but if you have an average-sized hand, you’re good to go! It has a sleek design and is visually appealing and comes in two colors – yellow + black and all-black.

It comes with 17 programmable buttons out of which 12 are on the side panel. The no. of buttons is a lot and you probably won’t use all of them for your Fortnite gameplay but it can come in handy playing other MMO games. The mouse has a click latency of 11 ms which is not the best in the market but still good enough to get your clicks registered fast.

It has a stiff cable that may drag when moving the mouse and it is not the best thing about the mouse. The mouse comes with a software that lets you customize the DPI (ranging from 100 and going up to 16,000), the RGB, the profiles, and it also has onboard memory to save your profiles and use them on the go. Pretty good features if you ask me. Switching profiles on the go, wide range of DPI, tonnes of programmable buttons, low click latency, etc make the Scimitar Pro one of the best mice for Fortnite without any doubt! It surely is a worthy competitor.


  • 17 programmable buttons (12 on the side panel)
  • 11 ms click latency
  • DPI ranging from 100 to 16,000
  • Stuff cable that may drag on movement
  • Customizable using the software it comes with

Check Best Price on Amazon!

Steelseries Rival 310 Review

Steelseries Rival 310 Review - Best Gaming Mouse for Fortnite!

The Rival 310 is a right-handed mouse with an attractive design and appealing fiber-reinforced plastic body. It is comfortable in hands and is full of performance. It is a competitively priced mouse that costs under $50 which is a good option for those who are on the lookout for a cheap mouse for Fortnite!

It comes with a total of 6 buttons which may not be the highest count but we don’t really need too many buttons for Fortnite, right? The two buttons on the side are more than enough to get us going making it a really good mouse for FPS games! It has two spots for RGB. One is the scroll wheel and the second is the logo at the lower end of the body. This gives the mouse the aesthetics that everyone is crazy about.

It does not come with weight adjustment but the mouse itself is not too heavy and not too light. It weighs around 122 grams which is good comparing it to the other options on this list. The mouse boasts the new TrueMove 3 sensor which was made for esports. The DPI of this mouse ranges up to 12,000.


  • 6 programmable buttons
  • DPI ranges up to 12,000
  • Appealing Body
  • No Adjustable Weight
  • Right-handed option

Check Best Price on Amazon!

Logitech G Pro Review (Best Wireless Mouse for Fortnite)

Logitech G Pro Review - Best Wireless Mouse for Fortnite!

The Logitech G Pro is one of the best wireless mouse for Fortnite out there (also the best for CS: GO) and the performance speaks for itself. The mouse has an ambidextrous design so it will suit both left-handed as well as right-handed people. The built is perfect. It is not too big and not too small and is suited by all hand sizes and all grip types be it claw grip, fingertip grip, or the palm grip. It got you covered. Considering all the features, we can say that this is the best gaming mouse for Fortnite!

Moving on to the buttons, the G Pro got 8 programmable buttons with two buttons on both sides. You can easily set these side buttons for building or some other task and your gaming experience will improve tremendously. Another thing to consider is its click latency. It provides a latency of 10ms in wireless mode (better than most wired mice on the market) and 9ms when in wired mode (yes, you can add a wire to it too).

The mouse weighs around 82 grams when wireless and around 115 grams when wired. The weight itself is pretty low and you can experience fast movement. The cable it comes with is not the best on the market as you can experience some drag but other than that, all is good.


  • 8 programmable buttons
  • Low click latency of 10 ms (9 ms when wired)
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Well built body
  • Visually appealing
  • Weighs around 82 grams
  • Suited for all Grip types
  • Best Wireless Fortnite Mouse

Check Best Price on Amazon!

Razer Naga Trinity Review

Razer Naga Trinity Review - One of the Best Mice for Fortnite!

Razer is a name in the gaming peripheral industry that everyone knows about and this particular mouse is nothing short of awesomeness. It is similar to the Corsair Scimitar Pro in a way that it has a 12 button side-panel which is highly customizable. The body is a little big and bulky but is well-built for those with medium or large hands.

It comes with a total of 20 programmable buttons, excluding the DPI switch, which is a lot if you ask me and you won’t even be able to use all of them when it comes to Fortnite. Can’t say the same for other games though. If you compare it with the Scimitar Pro, you can see this mouse has 3 extra programmable buttons. 3 may not be a big number but it does make a big difference.

It has a DPI range starting at 100 and going up to 16,000 which is also the best on the market. The Naga Trinity, without a doubt, is one of the best mice for Fortnite on the market and a major competitor of the Scimitar Pro not only in terms of programmable buttons but also latency.

Coming to the responsiveness, the click latency of this beast is only 6 ms which is probably the lowest on this list and it will give you a pretty fast response for all your clicks. The mouse weighs around 148 grams which makes it a little heavy and not too great for traveling. Other than that, it’s a pretty good mouse with a really nice performance! It also comes with tonnes of customizations done using the software it comes with. You can play with the DPI, the RGB, saving profiles, and what not!


  • 20 programmable buttons
  • DPI range from 100 up to 16,000
  • Click Latency of only 6 ms
  • Weighs around 148 grams
  • Right-handed built
  • Visually appealing
  • Tonnes of customizability

Check Best Price on Amazon!

Corsair NightSword RGB Review

Corsair NightSword RGB Review - Best Mouse for Fortnite!

The Corsair Nightsword RGB gaming mouse boasts top-tier build quality and it has 10 programmable buttons that you can utilize to facilitate fast and seamless gameplay. Speaking of sensitivity customization, the mouse features an advanced optical sensor that has 18,000 DPI.

Above all, the mouse also comes with an intelligent RGB lighting facility using which you can take a pick from a wide range of vivid effects and customize your rig the way you want.

The nicest thing is that this mouse boasts numerous latest features and functions efficiently although it has an affordable price tag. You can style up your rig in an instant by investing in this stunning looking mouse. Given the mouse’s apt form factor and next-level performance, Corsair Nightsword RGB is sure to fulfill your gaming needs and give the best value for your money.

Apart from all this, the mouse has a contoured shape and it features top-grade rubber grips to fit your hands perfectly. Since the mouse body is a little bigger, it is most suited for people with bigger hands. All thanks to the advanced tunable weight system of the Corsair Nightsword RGB, you can adjust the weight of the mouse as per your needs. Fam, if you want to get more kills in Fortnite and enhance your overall gaming experience, you should get your hands on this fantastic mouse from Corsair without delay.


  • Outstanding build quality and looks
  • Boasts high-performance rubber grips
  • The weight of the mouse is adjustable
  • Features smart RGB lighting options
  • Comes with 10 programmable buttons
  • The mouse has an excellent form factor

Check Best Price on Amazon!

Conclusion – Which is the Best Fortnite Mouse?

If you are looking for a wired mouse then I would suggest you go with the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum. It has got 11 programmable buttons, DPI up to 12,000, the PMW3366 sensor (top of the line) that works on almost any surface, and comes with adjustable weights. For what it’s worth, you’re getting the top of the line stuff!

If you want to go for a wireless mouse and don’t want to compromise with the click latency, I would recommend the Logitech G Pro. It has a click latency of around 10 ms in wireless mode and can be converted to wired mode with click latency of 9ms. It also weighs pretty low and comes with 8 programmable buttons and has an ambidextrous design so it will work for both right-handed and left-handed people which is a big plus! All in all, these two are the best gaming mice for Fornite and these mice fit almost all hand sizes!

No matter which mouse you choose from this list, it will give you the best performance for your Fortnite gameplay! Let us know in the comments which one you got for yourself and how it helped you improve your gameplay.

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