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Best Mousepad for Apex Legends

Best Mousepad for Apex Legends for Gaming!

Apex Legends is the game everyone has been waiting for and it has taken the gaming community by storm! Getting better at this game can not only be achieved by a good GPU, processor, mouse, and keyboard, but you also need a good mousepad. A good gaming mousepad can help you have better control over your mouse and get better aim and precision. This is why we have found and reviewed the Best Mousepad for Apex Legends that will help you get better in the long run!

Everyone talks about how a fast processor and a good GPU can help you get better at a game like Apex Legends but when it comes to shooter games, it always boils down to aiming and precision. For that, you need to have a good gaming mouse but that is not the only thing. A good gaming mouse can only give the best performance when used with a good mousepad.

Other than providing a better surface for your mouse to perform over, it adds a nice aesthetic to your overall PC. Nowadays, gaming mousepads not only come with high-quality material, rubber base, etc but also come with RGB lightings that make them look more appealing! This is why you should invest in a good gaming mousepad for Apex Legends. Getting a better aim can now be made easier with a good mousepad for gaming!

Best Mousepad for Apex Legends Reviewed!

Razer Gigantus v2 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad Review (Amazon’s Choice)

Razer Gigantus v2 Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad Review - Best Apex Legends Mousepad

No matter what anyone says but a good gaming mouse pad is an essential addition to your arsenal of gaming accessories. Razer is one of the most famous manufacturers of gaming components and accessories that come with the best build quality and provide near-perfect performance.

The Razer Gigantus v2 is a gaming mouse pad that is specifically built for low-sensitivity playstyles and offers a very large area for extensive mouse movement which is crucial when it comes to Apex Legends. FPS games require quite lower sensitivity compared to other genre games and this mouse is a perfect fit for such gamers. Having a large mousepad like this one reduces the requirement of lifting and repositioning your mouse every 2 seconds which is quite annoying during competitive games like Valorant and Apex Legends.

As far as the build quality of the Razer Gigantus v2 goes, it features a micro-textured cloth surface for optimized gaming performance that is compatible with all mouse sensors. The surface coating on the cloth surface allows for fast play styles as well as controlled ones.

Tired of having your cheap mouse pad slipping on your desk? The Razer Gigantus v2 also features a non-slip base made of natural-foam rubber that keeps the mousepad in place for the ultimate gaming experience.

The Razer Gigantus v2 gaming mouse pad is available in 4 different sizes– medium, large, XXL, and 3XL being the largest in size with 37.04 x 16.15 x 0.16 inches dimensions.

Key Features

  • Features micro-textured cloth surface for smooth mouse movement
  • Comes with a non-slip rubber base
  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Optimized for low sensitivity games like Apex Legends

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NPET MP02-SP RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review (Readers also like)

NPET MP02-SP RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review - Best Gaming Mousepad for Apex Legends online!

A good gaming mouse pad is an essential part of FPS gaming and can hugely improve your gameplay by providing you unrestricted mouse movement to get those flicks and awesome kills. The NPET MP02-SP RGB Gaming Mouse Pad helps you achieve that for just under 30 dollars.

Just like the previous mouse pad, this one for NPET comes with a micro-textured cloth surface to reduce friction and thereby allow you to have controlled mouse movement and top-notch aim in FPS games making it probably the Best Apex Legends Mousepad among a few others.

The non-slip rubber base is another great feature of the NPET gaming mousepad. It keeps the mouse pad in place even during intense gameplay sessions where fast and vigorous mouse movement is involved. Combining stability with accurate mouse control this is the perfect choice for any gamer.

When it comes to gaming nothing can take the looks of your gaming setup to a whole nother level other than RGB lights and fortunately, this mouse pad from NPET comes with RGB lights that line the edges of it. The RGB lights support up to 12 different lighting modes including a special starry sky effect. The mouse pad offers 9 static light modes and 3 different dynamic modes from which you can choose one that you find the most attractive. All you need to do is click the switch button to toggle through the different static and dynamic lighting modes.

Key Features

  • RGB lighting with 12 different lighting modes to choose from
  • Non-slip rubber base for the best gaming experience
  • Micro-textured cloth surface helps reduce friction for easier mouse movement
  • Features double-stitched edges making it last longer than ordinary mouse pads
  • USB powered and supports plug & play

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Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review (Author’s Choice)

Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review - Best Mousepad for Apex Legends!

Ever heard of a speaker on a gaming mouse pad? Never? Well, the Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad has one and it is not the only thing that it packs. The mouse pad is equipped with 3 USB 2.0 ports for plugging in your USB peripherals such as a mouse, keyboards, and USB storage devices.

Making the mouse pad unique is the speaker with a 3-watt power output which honestly speaking, does not pack much power or quality but it is always good to have something extra. With a very low price tag of under 35 dollars, one cannot ask for a better mouse pad and this one is no doubt the Best Apex Legends Gaming Mouse Pad you will find at this price.

The mouse pad supports Plug & Play feature so you do not need to install any drivers. All you need to do is plug in the mouse pad via the USB cable. The Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad features a micro-textured surface for precise mouse control for you to flaunt your aiming skills. The smooth surface not only allows for smooth mouse movement but also is waterproof and spill-proof. Due to all its features, it a great mouse pad for any type of gaming and has been chosen as one of the best gaming mousepad for Rainbow Six Siege!

Key Features

  • RGB lighting with 15 modes
  • Features a 3W speaker
  • Has 3 USB 2.0 ports
  • Micro-textured surface for smooth movement

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Corsair MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Corsair MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad Review - Best Apex Legends Gaming Mouse Pad!

There is probably nothing better than adding a Corsair gaming product to your gaming setup. Corsair has always been famous for manufacturing state-of-the-art components and their PC accessories are also great in all aspects.

The Corsair MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad is available in 2 different sizes – Extended size and medium size. The extended size is the largest available size and measures about 36.6 x 11.8 x 0.1 inches while the medium-sized one measures 36.6 x 11.8 x 0.1 inches. Other than different sizes this gaming mouse pad from Corsair is also available in different material variants – the anti-fray model and the spill-proof model.

The Corsair MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad promises to deliver superior control over the movement of your mouse since it features a textile weaved surface for superior precision in FPS games. The textured surface also lowers friction thereby allowing you to make quick and sharp mouse movements whenever required.

Thanks to the stitched edges, the mouse pad lasts much longer compared to the cheap mouse pads that you can get for a dollar or two. Say goodbye to frays since the stitching gives the mousepad maximum durability.

Another good feature about the mouse pad is the fact that it is optimized for both types of mice – the ones that use laser sensors and those which use an optical sensor. Just to put the cherry on top, the base of the MM300 is made of anti-slip rubber to help keep the mouse pad in place which reduces the need of lifting your mouse and repositioning it.

Key Features

  • Anti fray design with stitched edges for maximum durability
  • Textured textile weaved surface for reduced friction and smoother movements
  • Features an anti-slip rubber base
  • Optimized for both laser and optical sensor mice

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VicTsing Gaming Mouse Pad Review

VicTsing Gaming Mouse Pad Review - Best Mousepad for Apex Legends!

Let us talk about the performance of the mouse pad later and dive in with the features that it provides. The first thing about the mouse pad that you will notice is the RGB lights that line the edges of the mousepad. Offering up to 13 different lighting modes including 5 dynamic ones and 8 other static lighting modes.

Unlike other RGB mouse pads, this one from VicTsing also gives you the option to choose between 2 different brightness levels. So, if you want to elevate the aesthetics of your gaming computer then we definitely recommend this one and as far as the performance of the mouse pad goes, the VicTsing Gaming Mouse Pad is arguably one of the best Gaming Mousepad for Apex Legends. It is also one of the best mousepads when it comes to Fortnite!

Made from micro-woven fiber, the surface of the mouse pad is very smooth and extra soft for easier and comfortable mouse movement. The surface also offers lower friction for quick flick shots in games like Valorant and Apex Legends.

For maximum convenience of the consumer, the mouse pad is powered via USB and you require no driver installation since it supports plug & play feature. Just like the Corsair mouse pad, this one also features stitched edges with an anti-fray design for maximum durability and lifespan.

Under the mouse pad, you can find the anti-slip rugged rubber base that eliminates unwanted movement during intense gameplay. The mouse pad fits and secures anywhere you keep it.

As far as the size of the mouse pad goes, it measures 80 cm in length and 30 cm in width which gives you enough room for all the movement you want to make with your mouse. In FPS games like Apex Legends, big mouse swipes are necessary and this mouse pad will help you achieve that.

Key Features

  • Features stitched edges with a micro-woven surface
  • Sports a large surface and anti-slip rubber base
  • RGB lighting with 13 different lighting modes
  • Plug & play, no driver installation required

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Conclusion – Which is the Best Gaming Mousepad for Apex Legends?

The best mouse pad for Apex Legends will depend from person to person and their playstyles. Some people prefer RGB while some do not. Even though all the above-listed mousepads are ideal choices for all gamers our top pick will be the Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad that we crown as the Best Apex Legends Gaming MousePad. Packed with unique features such as a 3W speaker and USB ports, the product is quite a buy for just under 35 dollars.

Even when it comes to performance, the micro-textured cloth surface performs excellently allowing for easier and smooth mouse movement. We definitely recommend buying the Blade Hawks mouse pad but you can also select the other ones.

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