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Best Mousepad for Rainbow Six Siege

Best Mousepad for Rainbow Six Siege for Better Gaming Experience!

Gaming is not all about new GPUs and fast processors, it is also about the other hardware you have. Mice play an important role in Rainbow Six Siege as it is a shooter game but what’s the use of a high-end gaming mouse if you don’t have a good mousepad? This is why we have found and reviewed the Best Mousepad for Rainbow Six Siege that will help in better movement of your mouse and hence improve your precision!

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the top multiplayer, tactical shooter game which has been on the market for so long and the popularity still hasn’t died down. A big fanbase is still playing the game right this moment and competing against each other. The competition to win is fierce and this is why you need to have all the odds in your favor!

Owning a good gaming mouse may get you better control over customization, DPI, aiming, etc but if you don’t have a mousepad with you, the mouse may not give you the best performance. A Gaming Mousepad comes with RGB lightings and it enhances the looks and aesthetics of your overall setup. This is why having a good mousepad for playing Rainbow Six Siege is important!

Best Mousepad for Rainbow Six Siege Reviewed!

Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review (Readers also like)

Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review - Best MousePad for Rainbow Six Siege!

For just around 35 Dollars, the Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad has got you all covered. Equipped with some of the best features that you do not expect to find on a regular mousepad along with the large mat size gives you the edge that you need to elevate not only your gaming skills but also the look of your setup. It is feature-packed and is also stated as the best Apex Legends gaming mousepad due to its material, design, aesthetics, and extra features!

Want to know what’s unique about this mouse pad from Blade Hawks? It comes with 3 additional USB 2.0 ports to plug in your gaming accessories such as headphones or USB drives easily. Along with the USB ports, the mouse pad also features a built-in speaker with a 3W power output. Honestly speaking, the spear is not that loud but will suffice in most occasions where you need sound to watch videos or listen to audio clips. The plug and play feature really comes in handy since all you need to do is plug the USB into your PC or laptop and you are all ready to go without even installing any drivers.

The mouse pad is huge in size and with a 4 mm thickness, the Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad is thinner than most RGB mousepads in the market. The large 780 x 300 mm surface feels very smooth and is waterproof so that you are never worried about spilling your favorite drink even during intense gaming. The cloth surface with micro-texture helps the user to aim better as it provides precise control over mouse movement.

Perhaps the best thing that a gamer expects from any gaming accessory other than performance is RGB lighting and the Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad gives them just that. The mouse pad features RGB LEDs lined along the edges of the mousepad that offer up to 15 different RGB lighting modes that include 4 dynamic modes and 11 static color modes. Complete with an anti-slip rubber base the mouse pad gives you everything that you require to play tactical shooter games like Rainbow Six Siege and VALORANT. This is undoubtedly the best Gaming Mousepad for Rainbow Six Siege if you want the most bang for your buck.

Key Features

  • The XXL size gives you plenty of room to place your keyboard and move your mouse around.
  • Features RGB LED lighting with 15 different color modes.
  • Anti-slip rubber base with micro-textured waterproof cloth surface.
  • Built-in 3 W speaker and USB 2.0 ports.

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Corsair MM150 Ultra-Thin Gaming Mouse Pad Review (Amazon’s Choice)

Corsair MM150 Ultra-Thin Gaming Mouse Pad Review - Best Rainbow Six Siege Mousepad

The first entry into our list of the Best R6 Siege Mouse Pad is the MM150 Ultra-Thin Gaming Mouse Pad from Corsair. If you are a gamer then there is a high chance that you have come across Corsair. They are highly known for manufacturing high-quality reliable gaming components and gaming accessories for offering the consumers a much more immersive gaming experience.

The MM150 gaming mouse pad measures 350 mm x 260 mm and fits quite nicely with your gaming setup and leaves you a ton of desk space for your other gaming accessories like headphones and keyboard. With an ultra-thin height of 0.5 mm, the mouse pad offers unrestricted mouse movement while playing some of the most intense games such as Rainbow Six Siege. The only downside is the fact that the mousepad is not that huge in size.

As far as build quality goes, it is quite excellent as the surface of the mousepad is made of polycarbonate and is, therefore, tear-resistant. You can expect to use the mouse pad for a long time since it is quite durable again thanks to the polycarbonate surface.

The mouse pad is available in grey color with the Corsair logo on one side of the surface along with some dark grey accents. Even during the most intense gaming sessions the mousepad stays put and in its place thanks to the anti-skid silicone base.

Key Features

  • Ultra-thin height of 0.5 mm.
  • Measures 350 mm x 260 mm.
  • Stylish design with gray accents and tear-resistant polycarbonate surface for smooth mouse movement.
  • The Anti-skid silicone base keeps the mouse pad in place.

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Havit RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review (Author’s Choice) (Amazon’s Choice)

Havit RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Review - Best Mousepad for Rainbow Six Siege

The next entry into our list of the best gaming mouse pads for Rainbow Six Siege is the Havit RGB Gaming Mouse Pad with integrated RGB LED lighting and a solid design built to last a long time. This mouse pad is a great budget option that is available for just around 15 Dollars on Amazon right now and the perfect size combined with RGB lighting and a water-resistant surface is what makes this mouse pad bang for its buck. It is also picked as the best Fortnite mousepad on the market!

The RGB lighting lines the edge of the mouse pad and features up to 14 different lighting modes that include 7 static ones to match the color of your rest of the system and also 7 other dynamic RGB lighting modes to add that Rainbow color to your gaming setup with breathing lights and tons of other effects. The lighting not only gives your gaming setup the signature gaming look but also creates an awesome gaming environment in lowly-lit rooms.

Made of non-slip material, the rubber base of the mouse pad holds on to the surface even with vigorous mouse movements thereby enabling you to get faster kills in FPS games with little to no hassle. The top surface of the mouse measuring 350 x 250 mm is made of soft fiber cloth that offers almost zero resistance to mouse movement on top of it allowing you to be a champion in precise mouse movements. The mousepad is plug and play and all you need to do is plug it into your PC via the USB cable. Clearly the Best Rainbow Six Siege Mouse pad with a compact size.

Key Features

  • Supports Plug and play feature and does not require any drivers.
  • Equipped with RGB lighting with 12 lighting modes
  • Made of fine mesh cloth for smooth mouse movement
  • Has an anti-slip rubber base

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Corsair MM300 High-Performance Mouse Pad Review

Corsair MM300 High-Performance Mouse Pad Review - Best R6 Siege Gaming Mousepad

The Corsair MM300 is available in many different models with different features such as Qi Wireless technology, built-in USB pass-through ports, and what not but for our list, we went with the Extended X-Large model which offers a gigantic mouse surface for maximum mouse movement which is essential when it comes to FPS games.

The MM300 from Corsair is specifically built for superior control over your intensive games such as Rainbow Six Siege. The mouse offers pixel-precise targeting in games thanks to the textile weave surface measuring 11.8 inches in breadth and a staggering 36.6 inches in length that gives you enough space to fit in your keyboard and leave more than extra space for your mouse.

Allowing the user to achieve low friction tracking, the mouse pad comes with stitched edges minimizes the chances of the surface from peeling away or fraying which thereby displays the top-notch build quality of the mouse pad. The mouse pad is optimized for both optical and laser sensor mice and is equipped with an anti-skid rubber base so that it stays securely in its place.

Key Features

  • Super larger Extended size gives you enough room to fit in your mouse and keyboard.
  • Stitched edges to avoid fraying.
  • Optimized for both laser and optical mice.
  • Features an anti-skid rubber base and a durable cloth surface.

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Speclux RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Speclux RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Pad Review - Best Gaming Mousepad for Rainbow Six Siege!

The Speclux RGB Soft Gaming Mouse Pad is quite similar to the Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad but the former one lacks few features like the 3W built-in speakers but still performs well enough to get the highest frags while gaming.

A gaming accessory is incomplete without RGB LED lighting and just like most of the mouse pads in this list, the Speclux RGB gaming mouse pad also has RGB lighting lining the edges of the mat which has up to 12 different RGB lighting modes including 3 dynamic modes with breathing lights and 9 stac color modes.

The huge surface measures 31.5 x 11.8 inches and gives you plenty of room to place your favorite gaming keyboard and mouse on it while leaving enough space for mouse movement.

Made out of micro-textured super fiber cloth material, the surface of the Speclux mouse pad offers low to no resistance even during sharp mouse movements. Complete with a non-slip rubber base the mouse pad stays in its place and is a great addition to your gaming arsenal. The keyboard is a simple plug and play and comes with a two-meter long USB cable that plugs into your gaming device.

Key Features

  • RGB lighting with up to 12 different lighting modes.
  • 2-meter long USB cable.
  • Made with micro-textured super fiber cloth.
  • Features non-slip rubber base for ultimate stability.

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Conclusion – Which is the Best Gaming Mousepad for Rainbow Six Siege?

The mouse pad that you wish to buy is a completely personal choice that depends on what features you want and in this article, we have covered each and every requirement. For a desk space-saving option we vote for the Haveit Gaming Mouse Pad as the Best Gaming Mousepad for R6 Siege with integrated with RGB LEDs and a soft surface for the least resistance to mouse movement. Finally, if you require features on your mousepad along with excellent gaming performance then we recommend going with the Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Mouse Pad which is our pick for the Best Mouse Pad for Rainbow Six Siege.

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