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Best Racing Drones under $200 in April 2021

Best Racing Drones under $200 - Get tarted with Drone Racing today!

Drone racing has grown to become the latest trend in the world of consumer drones. However, it’s not that easy to get started with. There are plenty of different terminologies that are often used in the industry, alongside even more racing drone options available to you. Don’t worry, though, because if you’re looking to enter the world of drone racing but you don’t want to break the bank too much when it comes to buying the drone itself, then you’re just in the right place. This article will highlight for you the Best Racing Drones under 200 Dollars!

Some people like to have their drones race against other drones and some people like to take aerial shots using high-quality cameras that come with some drones. If you are into Filming or Photography and like to take good quality pictures from angles or positions that are not physically possible then you might want to check out our post on drones for Filming!

Best Racing Drones under 200 Dollars Reviewed!

Walkera Rodeo 110 Review

Walkera Rodeo 110 Review

This racing drone is not ideal for the amateur drone pilot. If you are new to flying drones then you might want to practice a bit and get your feet wet and for that, we got you covered! Check out our post on drones which are good for novices!

This racing drone, unfortunately, may require some prior drone flying experience. Although, beginners can still fly it if they take things easy with it. Anyway, the one thing that really stands out, at first glance, with the Rodeo 110 is that it initially comes without a monitor. So if you intend on flying using FPV, then you’ll need to buy one separately. However, despite lacking an FPV monitor, it still comes with a few decent things, some of which include; a Rodeo 110 frame kit, a DEVO7 remote control, a receiver, a transmission, four brushless ESCs, and four brushless motors. These brushless motors, transmission, receiver, ESCs, etc make up for the missing FPV monitor and hence allow this drone to be here on this list of best drones for racing under 200 bucks!

The micro brushless motors in this drone allow it to reach some very impressive speeds. Using this type of motor provides for higher power outputs as compared to their brushed counterparts. Also, because the drone is fairly small in size, the environments it’s to fly around in can greatly affect both it’s battery life and stability. Keeping that in mind, you might want to consider flying it indoors or in stable outdoor conditions if you want to really get things going.


  • Six-minute flight time
  • Has a wide-angle HD FPV camera
  • Includes spare propellers and transmitters
  • Two Li-Po batteries
  • High-performance motors
  • Skill Level – Beginners/Intermediaries

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Blade Inductrix Review (Cheapest Racing Drone under $200)

Blade Inductrix Review - Cheapest Racing Drones under 200 Bucks!

If you’re just starting out with drone racing, this next drone is what you should strongly be considering. It’s ideal for the beginner level pilot. One of the best things about this drone is that it costs way less than $200 and you get it RTF accompanied by all the equipment required for FPV flight. This helps you save a lot on not having to buy any other separate components as well as on set-up time.  The drone comes with a 4.3-inch transmitter, a controller, an FPV camera and a Li-Po battery. On a full charge, the total flight time is around only seven-minutes, so you might want to consider getting a spare battery. The price of the drone and the power it is packed with makes it worthy enough to be on this list.

The reason why many people buy racing drones is to have thrilling and fun experiences, isn’t that right? Well, then you should know that not many racing drones under two-hundred dollars come better than the Blade Inductrix, especially when it comes to indoor flying. Their high-performance 14300Kv motors give the ability to reach top-notch speeds, even though fully equipped with an FPV camera. Furthermore, it’s 45C 200mAh Li-Po battery allows for the device to sustain high-level performance for a full seven-minutes or so. Okay, this might sound like a bit of time, however, when compared to other drones that are of the same size, then it’s actually quite outstanding.


  • Comes ready with an FPV monitor
  • Features SAFE technology
  • Durable outer-shell
  • High-performance motors
  • Skill Level – Beginner
  • Seven-minute flight time

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Parrot Mambo Review (Readers also like)

Parrot Mambo Review - Best Racing Drones under 200 Dollars!

Parrot is one of the drone manufacturers in the industry that have a very good reputation. Over the past few years or so they have managed to release a tonne of top-notch drone products, ranging from high-quality aerial cam drones to toy-grade quads. Their Mambo FPV drone racer is a very good way to start your drone racing experience, and all for a very pocket-friendly price at that. This is a ready-to-fly drone that a lot of beginner flyers will really appreciate. It includes high-quality FPV goggles, a transmitter, and a 720p FPV camera.

The Mambo comes with three different flying features. These include expert mode, film mode, and sport mode. Expert mode is for the advanced drone pilots, film mode is for recording video while sport mode is specifically designed for the amateur drone racer. They all offer the user a very different flying experience. Furthermore, is has a ten-minute flight time which gives you enough time to try out all the modes. As far as control distance is concerned, it has a maximum range of about 100 meters.


  • Equipped with a 720p camera
  • Includes FPV goggles and a transmitter
  • Easy control via advanced stabilization features
  • Race and Drift mode
  • Ten-minute flight time
  • Skill Level – Beginner

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Holy Stone HS150 Review

Holy Stone HS150 Review

The HS150 is a very affordable RTF drone that has been built with the amateur racer pilot in mind, especially those that are working with a tight budget. Even though it doesn’t have FPV flight capabilities, it is still undoubtedly one of the best racing drone under $200 price tag. And, despite it coming at a fraction of the cost compared to most of the other entrants on this list, this drone offers a lot of value for money.

It has an incredible top-speed of about 50KPH alongside a five to seven-minute flight time duration (of which a spare battery can double for you) that makes for fantastic flying experiences. The Holy Stone also has something known as the ‘headless mode’ and this makes flying it even better. This mode ensures the drone flies in the same direction when the forward direction is pushed forward, no matter where the drone happens to be facing at the time. In fact, this is what helps make this product so perfect for novice pilots. It also has a six-axis gyro stabilizer that helps keep the drone level and steady during flight.


  • Very pocket-friendly and ideal for starter drone racers
  • Spare battery included for double the flight time
  • Headless mode
  • Top speed of 50KPH
  • 5-7 minute flight duration
  • Skill Level – Beginner

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Bolt FPV Racing Drone Review (Author’s Choice)

Bolt FPV Racing Drone Review - Best Drone for Racing under 200 bucks!

This drone might just offer the best value for money as compared to all the other racing drones on this list. It’s high-quality, fast and includes all you’ll need to get yourself started with drone racing. For a racing drone that’s priced under two-hundred dollars, it comes with quite a lot. Some of the out-of-the-box components include; an HD screen, FPV goggles, controller, USB drone battery charger, drone battery, screen battery, USB screen battery chargers, and a set of propellers.

The Bolt Racing Drone also has the best specs on the list. One of these standout features is the flight time it provides its user with. It gives you a whopping twelve to fifteen minutes of flight duration when on a full charge. This gives you enough time to see what the drone has really got under the hood. It can even reach top speeds of up to 48kph or 30mph. You can also fly the drone by using either the FPV goggles, line of sight, or the transmitter. Furthermore, the transmitter’s screen can be removed and can be placed at the front of the goggles. This ingenious idea provides users with different flight options, without them having to drop extra cash on both a transmitter and goggles with separate screens.


  • Includes a 1080p HD camera
  • Includes FPV goggles and a transmitter
  • Durable carbon fiber frame
  • 30mph top speed
  • 12-15minute flight duration
  • Skill Level – Beginner

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Woafly LHI 220 ARF Drone Review

Woafly LHI 220 ARF Drone Review

If you’re looking to build your very own racing drone for the first time, then you might want to seriously consider getting the LHI 220 ARF Quad-Copter. Okay, truth is, if you haven’t built your own ARF drone before then this will most likely take quite a bit of your time. Fortunately for you, however, this particular drone racing kit is relatively easy to put together and comes with all the components you’ll need to get it up and running. It really shouldn’t intimidate you that much.

Some of the components that come with this drone include a Clearflight 6DOF standard F3 Flight Controller Board, a 700TVL Camera, an FPV 5.8Ghz antenna, four brushless motors, four motor guard protector caps, four propellers, and four Littlebee 20A Mini ESC. If you had to purchase all of these things separately, there’s a high chance it could end up costing you way more than this measly two-hundred. Furthermore, it’s also relatively easy to assemble. But, this usually all depends on whether you’ve assembled a quadcopter before. If you haven’t, then it might not be that easy for you. This drone may not be the most compact one but if you are looking for a compact and portable drone then you can check this drone out! It is one of the best portable selfie drones on the market and worth taking a look at!


  • Comes with all the components needs to assemble
  • DX2205 motors
  • F3 6DOF Flight Controller
  • Littlebee 20A ESCs
  • Carbon fiber frame material
  • Skill Level – Beginner/Intermediate

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What was used to Evaluate these Drones


For this price range, this aspect is especially important because chances are you may not have flown a racing drone before and you’ll want something strong. The learning curve in drone racing happens to be considerably steep and this can often result in pilots racking up a list of a couple of broken racing drones before fully getting the hang of it. Keeping that in mind, we had to consider drones that can take the inevitable beating they’ll get during this learning period. This will save racing pilots both money and time because you won’t have to be spending extra money on new drones.


Drone racing is all about, well… racing. Flying drones at the highest speeds possible. Despite the world-renowned fork-tale of the tortoise and hare, if you have a slow-moving drone then you can’t expect to win any drone races. This is why speed has to be a major factor when deciding what are the best drones for racing on the market are. Faster drones often have lightweight frames and are usually manufactured using carbon fiber materials. They’ll also have powerful motors that’ll most likely be brushless so as to provide you with enough speed.

Flight Time

In all honesty, racing drones are not known to have very good flight time durations. The motors they have on them usually need quite a lot of power if they want to reach these ridiculous top speeds. This is why most experts in the field will advise you to carry spare batteries with you at all times if you really want to have an unforgettable drone racing experience. With extra batteries, you’ll be able to double, treble or quadruple your flight time. Some of the drones on this list do have a pretty good flight time as they come with high battery capacity so, it is worth going through the review if you want to make an informed choice!


When your drone racing officially, you’ll often come across very hard assault course-like tracks that’ll need your racing drone to have the ability to move in-between very tight spaces at incredibly high speeds. Not only does this need for you to have a lot of both practice and skill, but it also needs a drone that can make agile, quick and sharp movements and turns. This is another factor we had to strongly consider when coming up with the best racing drones for under two-hundred dollars.

Conclusion – Which is the Best Drone for Racing under 200 Dollars? 

If you’re here, then we can all agree on how awesome drones can be, right? Anyway, for better or worse, these days you have a wide variety of drones available to you, and a lot of them come with price tags of less than two-hundred dollars. Getting your hands on the best drone isn’t as easy as most people tend to think. But, hopefully, with the help of this article, you can now figure out what racing drone is best for you at that price point.

The drones listed above are, no doubt, some of the best racing drones currently on the market that’ll cost you less than two hundred bucks. Not only are they extremely pocket-friendly but they’re also one rank higher compared to the cheapest racing drones. This means that whatever product you choose on this list, you’re most likely going to get great value for money. So, what are you waiting for? Start your drone racing today!

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