Best Smartwatch under 200 Dollars to get your Swag up!

The smartwatches have changed the perspective of people towards the smart Technology. No matter what, when it comes to purchasing the best Smartwatch, nothing can be much tough then making a choice. If you are still confused, whether you should finally purchase the right Smartwatch or not, you need to clear your confusion and come out of dilemma state.

Here is the list for the Best Smartwatch under 200 dollars of 2018 that will help you make a decision on which one to choose.

The smartwatches are not only meant for answering the incoming calls through Bluetooth or keeping a track on your heart rate while you work out. They have evolved into two devices that can connect you to the world at every minute and take the stress away from you of carrying the device in your pocket all the time.

When you step out in the market, you will realize that there are smartwatches that are as expensive as the Smartphones and spending on them is worth it. If you are interested in buying a Smartwatch, consider the top 6 smartwatches listed below that you can find in a budget.

Best Smartwatch under 200 Dollars – Contestant #1

Ticwatch S Review (Amazon’s Choice)

Ticwatch S Review - Best Smartwatch under 200 Dollars!

In this price range, all the smartwatches by Ticwatch are quite impressive and worthy. When you look at that Ticwatch S, it will give you a strong sporty feel as it comes in a green color band surrounding the frame. However, you can’t change the color of the straps, but the watch feels good when you wear it.

The smartwatch comes with a Google kit along with an assistant and some other apps that can come handy to the user. The Ticwatch S is not loaded with LTE or NFC which is the deficiency because it is an ongoing Trend of incorporating LTE into every smart Technology and today a lot of smartphones are LTE compatible.

Other than the LTE deficiency, the smartwatch is loaded with a number of features to excite the users such as the amazing multi-touch OLED 1.4 inch display, you can receive the incoming calls when your smartphone is paired with your smartwatch, you can receive the notification from different apps, it can monitor your heartbeat, accelerometer, and a GPS to track the location.

It has the built-in GPS which is amazing for outdoor running exercises but does not shows accurate readings while workouts. The device is also compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. When you look at the overall performance of the Smartwatch, the price is very good.

Although it doesn’t incorporate everything you want in your Smartwatch if you haven’t used one in your life before, beginning with this device is nothing wrong. At this price range, the specifications and features enabled by tic watch smartwatches in the S model are quite appreciable. If you want more qualities in your smartwatch, you need to look for expanding your budget.

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Best Smartwatches under 200 Dollars – Contestant #2

Ticwatch E Review (Author’s Choice)

Ticwatch E Review - Best Smartwatches under 200 Dollars!

The design of the smartwatch series is not only stylish but also sleek and stunning. As you know that the E series comes with an Android 2.0, you can try hundreds of Android applications in your Smartwatch. You get an OLED screen which means that display will be Chris and crystal clear. The straps are also sweat proof and comfortable to wear for long hours.

Unlike the Ticwatch S smartwatches, you get to exchange the straps and choose the color you want to wear. The device comes with a sleep tracker, and inbuilt GPS, water resistant IP67, Google Assistant support, 4.1 that helps you connect your Smartwatch to your handset, etc. The smartwatch is compatible with both Android and IOS smartphones.

If you want you can also enjoy music with the help of Spotify, receive the incoming calls with the help of an inbuilt speaker, acts as a fitness tracker with Google fit, etc. The device is lightweight, and you can make comfortably wear it all day long without getting disturbed whatsoever.

It gives you are decent battery life, and if you use it on an average it can give you two days battery backup. You get an option to switch on and off your ambient screen for the extra battery life of your device. You get a magnetic charging unit which makes it the best Smartwatch under 200 Dollars.

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Best Value Smartwatch under 200 Dollars – Contestant #3

Samsung Gear S3 Review

Samsung Gear S3 Review - Best Value Smartwatch under 200 Dollars!

Samsung is one of the most popular brands in the world that stands in the top three or four names in manufacturing best technology gadgets and appliances. It also manufactures the best of smartwatches in the world. Take a look at the Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch which is an upgraded version for the gear 2 Smartwatch.

The brand has been making some changes and upgrades to its watch to make it unique and versatile in every way possible. The design and quality of the Samsung smartwatches are quite similar to that of what you see in the Samsung smartphones. Other than its cheap plastic bands, you will hardly find anything disturbing or deficient in this amazing Smartwatch.

You get a bright and crisp screen and looking at it closely reveals pixel. You get an amazing battery life that can last up to two days with the single charge on an average. If you take your Smartwatch out every five minutes, you will certainly lose the battery life much faster. However, Samsung’s gear sport provides its customers with hundreds of options for its battery life.

Your smart watch’s battery life gets affected by increasing use of Bluetooth, WI-Fi, notifications, etc. One thing that might annoy you when you buy the Smartwatch and that is turning on and off the watch. This is because you have to press the button on the side of the smartwatch every time you want your watch to turn on.

Although the Smartwatch is compatible to work with both Android and IOS devices, the Smartwatch fails to get much when it is connected to your iPhone. It comes with some workout apps with the help of which you can track your heartbeat, footsteps, etc. Other than that, the smartwatch is excellent regarding performance, design, attractiveness, and the quality as compared to other smartwatches available. All the features and the quality make it worthy enough to be on the list of best smartwatches under $200!

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Best Smartwatch under 200 Bucks – Contestant #4

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Review (Good for Professional Use)

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Review - Best Smartwatch under 200 Bucks!

The Samsung Gear fit 2 Smartwatch is not a watch but is a smart band It comes with a curved display that fits your wrists comfortably without any problems. Most of the smartwatches today have one thing in common that irritates a lot, and that is how tight indentations they leave on your wrist when you take the mouth after a long day of wearing.
The Samsung Gear fit 2 Smartwatch does not bother you even if you wear it day and night.

It is lightweight and easily snapped onto your wrist/ if you are a fitness person, you should not lose a chance of considering this Smartwatch or smart band. It has a color screen display that makes it attractive and a reliable option as well for the users as compared to the other smart fitness trackers available in the market.

However, it does not impress with its poor battery life and performance. Although you can extend the battery life of your smartwatch by decreasing the brightness levels and turning off the Bluetooth connection when it is not needed, it is not the ideal solution. You probably should choose a Smartwatch that gives ample battery life to at least run it for two days.

It comes with some inbuilt applications, and you can also download some of them from the Play Store directly. It has built-in GPS connection that helps you to detect the workout and begin with your fitness tracking accurately. Overall, considering its price and features, it is certainly one of the best choices one can make under a budget of 200 dollars.

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Best Smartwatches under 200 Bucks – Contestant #5

Fitbit Blaze Review (Best for Fitness Freaks)

Fitbit Blaze Review - Best Smartwatches under 200 Bucks!

When you talk about the best fitness watch in the market, how can you forget about the Fitbit smartwatches? The Fitbit company is one of the most renowned and popular companies that manufacture fitness trackers. Fitbit Blaze is a Smartwatch cum fitness tracker that is super stylish and is equipped with most of the fascinating specifications and features.

Although it is called as a smartwatch, it doesn’t have all the qualities that a Smartwatch should have. You get a stylish and trendy watch design and an amazing battery life that can go up to three to four days on an average. Unlike The Other smartwatches in the market, the fit Blaze smartwatch can detect when you turn your wrist to look at the watch and automatically displays the screen without making it an effort for you to press the button.

You can download fitness apps from the store and link it with your Smartwatch to keep a track on all your exercise routines. However, it doesn’t come with a comfortable strap that can disappoint you, but other than that, it is certainly one of the Best Value Smartwatch under 200 dollars category. It has a crystal clear display, gives you a wide range of options to choose when it comes to tracking your fitness goals, give a few easy options for navigation, etc.

You need to remember that this smartphone is not capable of sending text messages from your smartphone or receive any incoming calls or any other activities that the smartwatches are capable of doing. However, this is disheartening, but it is best if you use this Smartwatch as a fitness tracking device.

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Best Smartwatch under 200 Dollars – Contestant #6

Asus Zenwatch 3 Review

Asus Zenwatch 3 Review - Best Smartwatch under 200 Bucks!

This Smartwatch is absolutely the best choice you can make for the young and new generation group. Does Zenwatch 3 is powered by an amazing battery, 1.3-inch AMOLED display, gets protection from Gorilla Glass 3 which means that your smart device will be scratch proof for a long time.

This smartwatch is made of stainless steel which means it is a little bit heavy as compared to other smartwatches in the list. You can connect it with Wi-Fi or and get all the notifications when you connect it with your phone. You can check your messages, calls, emails, etc. on your Smartwatch when you connect it with your smartphone.

You can also reply to all the notifications with the help of the Google, voice assistant. The device is water resistant and protects against water immersion up to 1 m which means you need to take off your Smartwatch before getting into the swimming pool. The one thing that can disappoint you is that this device does not come with a heart tracking software or a sleep tracker. If you want to use it as a fitness watch, it won’t help you.

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Best Smartwatch under $200? – Conclusion

The Ticwatch E Smartwatch is certainly one of the best options that you can choose from the list this is because it is a fully loaded Android wear that you can have under 200 dollars. It is best when it comes to GPS tracking and sensing the heart rate, affordable price, excellent features enabled, etc. Although the design will not suit everyone and the charging will not impress all, it is still the best Android Wear watch you can buy right now.

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The reasonable price and the fact that everything works well on this Smartwatch makes it one of the best choices you can make. You get a list of all the basic fitness features on the smartwatch. The true highlight of this Smartwatch is its low price which is around half of the price of a lot of other devices that you’ll find in the market.

Now you have a clear perspective about which Smartwatch will be best for you. These are some of the best smartwatches you can find under the budget of 200 dollars. If you want to use it for professional purposes, you can opt for the Asus Zen 3, Samsung Gear S3, and if you want to use it for fitness purposes, you can buy the Ticwatch E.

If you are looking for something cheap, you can check out the Best Smartwatches under 100 Dollars and 50 Dollars too but let me warn you, you won’t get the quality as good as you can get with the watches listed above. You get what you pay for 😉


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