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Best Smartwatch under 50 Dollars

Best Smartwatch under 50 Dollars - Ultimate Comparison!

Looking to buy a new Smartwatch without making a dent in your pocket? Well, you’re in luck! Read below to find out the Best Smartwatch under 50 Dollars!

There was a time when the wristwatch was considered as an appealing accessory and the handy tool to be updated with time. Presently, we all are flourishing in the age of smartphones and smartwatches are the devices that provide the functionality of a communication device alongside a minicomputer at the convenience of the wearer.

The search for the Best Smartwatches under 50 bucks is inevitable for people who are always on the move such as fitness enthusiasts as these unique devices enable them to obtain fitness readings including the number of steps, pulse rate, etc.

On the other hand, smartwatches from renowned manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple could be quite hefty investments for a reasonable budget. So it is advisable to opt for lesser-known brands that could provide similar functionalities as those found in the smartwatches of renowned brands.

We have also reviewed smartwatches in the $100 and $200 ranges! If you want something durable that lasts longer and has more features and comes with a brand warranty then you should check those posts!

The multitasking abilities of smartwatches are also identified in the facility for being updated about Facebook notifications as well as notifications of YouTube videos. However, before jumping into a discussion about the best $50 smartwatches it is essential to note certain factors that shall be taken into account before purchasing one of these tiny, multi-tasking wonders.

What to search for in a Smartwatch?

The first factor that should be taken into consideration while purchasing a smartwatch under budget is the compatibility of the device with your smartphone and this implies the requirement for understanding the supporting operating system clearly. The display of the device is another concern that comes into play while selecting a Smartwatch since it would be used for accessing all the functionalities of your smartphone.

It is also imperative to focus on the element of comfort rather than falling for the aesthetics of the device because you would be wearing the Smartwatch for considerable periods of time. It is also essential to observe the feature in the Smartwatch for displaying notifications other than the basic ones such as messages, emails, and calls including social media notifications.

Now, let’s move on to the list of Best Budget Smartwatches under 50 Dollars so you can get to know which one you should go for to get the best out of your buck!

Best Smartwatch under 50 Dollars Reviewed!

321OU Touch Screen Bluetooth Smartwatch Review

321OU Touch Screen Bluetooth Smartwatch Review - Best Smartwatch under 50 Dollars

The 321OU is a promising Smartwatch which could work uninterrupted with Android as well as iOS smartphones by establishing a Bluetooth connection with the smartphone for responding to calls, updating about social media notifications, and interacting with text messages.

The Smartwatch also has an additional feature of using a GSM 2G or 2.5G Network SIM card in it that can provide the above-mentioned functionalities without any mandatory requirements for Bluetooth connection.

The material strap on the device is characterized by an anti-sweat matte design that could assure the wearer of promising levels of comfort even in strenuous conditions such as in the gym or on the field track. The softness of the strap adequately complements the convex design of the watch for facilitating higher comfort while you are on the move. Users could be able to download and install all compatible applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter by connecting with a smartphone through Bluetooth.

The date and time are also synchronized automatically by connecting via Bluetooth with the smartphone. The other inherent functionalities which could be found in one of the Best $50 Smartwatch include remote capture, sound recorder, two-way anti-lost, image viewer, exercise mileage counter, alarm clock, calorie counter, calendar and many more. The formidable battery life of the device could not be undermined to validate its selection as a Smartwatch within a reasonable budget.

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Aeifond Sport Smartwatch Review (Author’s Choice)

Aeifond Sport Smartwatch Review - Best Smartwatch under $50!

The Aeifond touchscreen Sport Smartwatch is the best $50 smart watch that we found on the market! It is an exemplary choice for a smart timepiece within the limits of a reasonable budget that is characterized by a stunningly functional touch screen which could assist in completing all activities in an individual’s daily routine.

This Smartwatch could be considered as the most appropriate choice for people belonging to different age groups with its versatility and the comfortable adjustable strap which won’t be exerting too much strain on your hands. The manufacturers give a lifetime warranty for the product which allows users to make the most of the privilege of using the device without bothering about any technical glitches.

The Smartwatch also contains the facility of using a GSM 2G/2.5G Network SIM card alongside the basic feature for connecting with a smartphone via Bluetooth. This Smartwatch has incredible functionality when used in the Android platform as all of its features such as remote photos, push notifications, voice recorder, sleep monitoring, pedometer, and multi-time zones could be accessed. However, some of these features could not be accessed on the iOS devices thereby limiting the potential of this device.

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Luckymore Smart Watch Review

Luckymore Smart Watch Review - Best $50 Smart Watch!

The Luckymore Smartwatch provides explicit benefits in the form of convenience for configuration for use on the Network mode or in the Bluetooth mode. The device also tends to be limited in terms of functionality on iOS platforms since all features of the Smartwatch such as calories calculation, voice recorder, social media push notifications, remote photos could be availed flexibly on Android devices. Hence it is essential to note the different entries in the function chart before purchasing this affordable Smartwatch.

This Smartwatch provides the facility of making the most of uninterrupted connectivity between the Smartwatch and the speakerphone so that the user could obtain maximum functionality from the calls and music even while being on the move. If you have come out for a jog in the morning and it starts to rain suddenly, then there is no reason to worry about the safety of this Smartwatch as it is capable of enduring the impact of rainwater.

The element of comfort in this device could be validated on the grounds of the ergonomic convex design and the NANO TPU85 strap which ensure that there is no strain in the wrist despite wearing the watch for longer time periods. The excellent battery life, as well as the flexibility for easy customization of various settings, also makes this device a definite addition to the list of budget smartwatches. However, it has also been observed in some cases that the touchscreen interface does not exhibit prolific responsiveness to commands.

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A1- WJPILIS Review

A1- WJPILIS Review - Best Budget Smartwatch under 50 Dollars

The dual working mode available in the A1-WJPILIS Smartwatch makes it feasible to be consistently notified about significant emails, texts, and calls. Along the line of other smartwatches that are outlined in this discussion, this device also facilitates notable functionality in the Network mode with a GSM 2G/2.5G Network SIM Card as well as the Bluetooth mode by connecting with another smartphone by realizing the optimal potential of the device.

The connectivity of the Smartwatch and a phone could enable flexible and automatic synchronization of date and time alongside the ability to read push notifications of Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. The other stunning features that are noted in this device include the pedometer, camera, sleep monitoring, image viewer, alarm clock and sedentary reminder.

Furthermore, the A1-WJPILIS is also renowned for versatility since it can be effectively paired with a wide assortment of devices. The devices include almost all models of Apple iPhone after 5 and 5S as well as Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL and almost every other brand of smartphone manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Sony, HTC and HUAWEI. The notable advantages that can be derived from this device include the feature for waterproofing which can come in handy especially for fitness freaks.

The considerably large screen size as well as the strength of Bluetooth connection along with the provision of a USB cord with the product for charging it could be considered as some significant pros that tip the scales in favor of the A1-WJPILIS.

However, this Smartwatch also has to experience the same setback as in the case of other smartwatches in this range which is partial functionality in the case of iOS platforms. It works perfectly with Android OS but lacks a little behind with iOS.

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JOYGIFT Smartwatch Review (Readers also like)

JOYGIFT Smartwatch Review - Best Smartwatch under 50 dollars!

The JOYGIFT Smartwatch is another addition in the long line of budget smartwatches that employs Bluetooth and could be paired up with iOS and Android devices with ease albeit with promising results in terms of functionality for the latter. The effectiveness of the JOYGIFT Bluetooth Smartwatch with smartphone models such as Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, Nexus, Huawei, HTC, and a lot of other notable players in the Android domain.

The services of the Smartwatch could be accessed through Bluetooth mode or by using a 2G SIM card for utilizing it as a smartphone. On the other hand, it is also imperative to emphasize profoundly on the fact that the SIM card should be a single micro card and with the specifications of GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz for accomplishing productive results in performance.

While using the JOYGIFT Smartwatch with iOS devices, only a few functions such as syncing contacts, responding to and making calls, and the facility of music playback through Bluetooth can only be accessed.

However, this Smartwatch does not disappoint and is worthy enough to be on this list of the best smart watch under 50 dollars as it boasts of optimal clarity even when viewed in the glare of sunlight. The characteristics of the display include a 2.5D capacitive touchscreen with 240×240 pixels on a TFT LCD of 1.54” that is supported with OGS laminating.

The strap of this device could be adjusted accordingly for effective and comfortable accommodation on your wrist. The device does not impress in terms of the speaker and could have made some improvements in terms of detailing in the manual.

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JOYGIFT GT08 Review - Best $50 Smartwatch on the Market!

The GT08 offered by JOYGIFT is explicitly characterized by commendable battery life and could help in maintaining perfect coordination between the daily fitness goals as well as the routine of an individual. The strap made of NANO TPU85 material alongside the stainless steel surface makes it an ideal alternative to wear for long hours and especially through even the most complicated and intensive workout sessions.

The ergonomic convex design found in this Smartwatch supports the comfortable strap to lend optimal comfort to the user. The water-resistant qualities of this device are also a significant plus point as it could be used throughout the rainy season without any troubles. The battery life of this entrant in the list of budget smartwatches could be considered at 2 days completely when it is charged up completely.

The extra battery provided with the GT08 Smartwatch from JOYGIFT by the manufacturers vouches for the reliability of the device for performance across long stretches of time. The functionality of this Smartwatch could be noted across the different Android and iOS models of smartphones which include the Google Pixel XL, Samsung models, and Huawei, Xiaomi.

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Conclusion – Which one is the Best $50 Smartwatch?

So, these were the top smartwatches under $50. Based on the parameters that have been considered for selection of the Best Smartwatch under $50 Dollars, it can be concluded that the Aeifond Sport Smartwatch would be the recommended choice for all buyers.

The first aspect to note here is that the smartwatches which are available within the price range of 50 dollars tend to be limited profoundly in terms of their functionality across the different platforms of Android and iOS. However, it is also legit to mention that many of the other costlier and high-end smartwatches do not work effectively in iOS platforms owing to the distinctiveness and complicacy of Apple’s iOS.

Therefore, that factor has to be struck out while making a choice of the best budget Smartwatch under $50. The prominent thing to keep in mind in the case of the Aeifond Sport Smartwatch is the display quality which is one of the basic criteria to consider before purchasing a Smartwatch.

The next important factor that comes into play for making it a reasonable selection is the comfortable and soft strap which could be adjusted effectively for a limited strain on the hands of the wearer. It is a suitable watch for people of different age groups and would make the perfect choice for a gift.

In addition to these features, the device also boasts of a promisingly fast processor which contributes to improvement in performance. Similar to every other electronic product, this Smartwatch also has its own share of flaws which include the lack of a swipe feature and the reduction of clarity in reading due to the anti-glare feature.

However, you would want to take a look at the lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer on a Smartwatch that costs less than 50 dollars as the reason to go for this device as soon as you can. What could be better than getting a cheap Smartwatch and not being worried about the costs of replacement or repairs throughout your life?

We have also reviewed an exceptional smartwatch that is just under the budget and comes with great features! Check out the Lemfo Lem6 Review! Alternatively, you can check out the Yamay Smartwatch Review too!

Let us know in comments about what you think of the smartwatches listed above. If you think some other smartwatch should be on this list, let us know and we will add it ASAP.

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