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5 Best Speakers for Cars – Enjoy your Drives with Great Music!

Best Speakers for Cars - Buyer's Guide!

What if you could get the Best Speakers for Cars for cheap and enjoy your car drives with your loved ones? Wouldn’t it be great if you had the best bass you can get from your Car Speakers? Well, we have you covered!

In this post, we will be reviewing some of the Best Car Speakers that you can get for a price that won’t hurt your wallet AND your life will get as better as your Car’s Music System would.

We know that music has a great impact on our thinking system. Psychologically speaking, music can literally change your mood from happy to sad to depressed if you can’t connect with it. We all wanna be happy, and to achieve that, we need to really connect with the positive vibes.

Now, if you have a Speaker system for your car which produces shi**y sound, you wouldn’t feel the music. You NEED the Best Speakers you can get your hands on to really boost your Mood and Aura!

With these great speakers, you can never be in a bad mood because you can hear to all the positive music that you like and enjoy the best quality that you deserve!

So, let’s not keep you waiting and get you the list of Car Speakers that we think will be the best for YOU!

Best Car Speakers – Contestant #1

  • Kicker DS65 Review

Best Speakers for Cars - Best Car Speakers you can find!

Kicker is a brand we all know and trust and they know what really is preferred by their customers. Keeping everything in mind, they came up with the DS65, a speaker designed for quality sound!

The DS65 is a 6.5″ speaker. It’s a 200w, 2-way speaker. It comes with a heavy-duty motor structure which improves the quality of the sound to the next level!

The speaker itself looks good enough and the Bass is just awesome! The size of the speaker is standard and fits most of the cars. If not, they have several speakers and they come in several sizes. Meets everyone’s demands!

In our opinion, it’s a good speaker for cars. It is cheap too, so you get what you pay for!

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Best Car Speakers – Contestant #2

  • Pioneer TS-A6996R Review (Readers’ Choice)

Best Speakers for Cars - Best Car Speakers you can find!

Pioneer is one of the best manufacturers of Speakers and we tested the TS-A6996R. The sound quality was really good, the music was crisp but not too loud. The bass was above average and everything seemed to be good enough!

It’s a 5 way, 6″ x 9″ speaker. It takes 650w Max power (100w Nominal). It comes with Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone Design for Responsiveness and optimum sound production. The sound quality produced from it is 10 times better than any other Car Speaker.

The Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone Design is a new technology introduced by Pioneer in order to deliver better sound quality and deeper bass. The sound (mid and high range frequencies) is widely dispersed giving you a premium experience!

We want a good speaker to make our day and Pioneer tends to provide one. It’s on this list because it has really good sound quality and also it’s the Choice of our Readers!

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Best Speakers for Cars – Contestant #3

  • Kenwood KFC-6965S Review

Best Speakers for Cars - Best Car Speakers you can find!

Kenwood is a Japanese brand. It has been making Sound Systems, Car Radios, Audio systems for Homes, etc since 1946! They know what they are doing and are quite good at it.

For this post, we tested the KFC-6965S and we were quite happy with the results considering its price. It is one of the cheapest car speakers in the market and we would say quite a good one too!

It is a 6″ x 9″, 3-way speaker which takes a peak input power of 400w. Connect it to your battery and you’re good to go!

It comes with a 2″ Polyetherimide Cone Tweeter which makes sure the sound is perfect and is dispersed properly. It also has a 1/2″ Ceramic Super Tweeter.

Overall it’s a good speaker and if you are a bit low on budget, you should get this one for sure!

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Best Speakers – Contestant #4

  • JBL GTO629 Premium Review (Editor’s Choice)

Best Speakers for Cars - Best Car Speakers you can find!

We all know about JBL. They are the king of the music and we found that the GTO629 Premium was the best speaker that gave the most High-Definition sound along with great bass!

Looks-wise, this speaker beats them all! It is available in two sizes: 6″ x 9″ and 6.5″. You can choose the size that fits your car. It’s a medium-priced speaker that provides premium sound quality because of its shape and also the technology used to develop it.

It comes with Carbon-Injected Plus One Cones which are larger than general Cones and this extra size blows more air and hence producing more Bass than others.

It is made for better power handling and heat dissipation as it comes with Soft-Dome Tweeters which produces perfect highs. These features make it the best speaker in the market for this price range.

If you have some money to spend and don’t want to compromise with the sound quality as well as the Bass, buying the GTO629 Premium is your best bet! It is, in our opinion, one of the best speakers for cars!

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Best Car Speakers – Contestant #5

  • Alpine SPS-610C Review

Best Speakers for Cars - Best Car Speakers you can find!

Alpine’s SPS-610C is on this list because of the quality it provides. I wouldn’t say that it’s the best speakers for cars on the market but it is good enough to be on this list. We tested the sound quality and were pleased by it.

This speaker consumes quite less power as compared to others. It takes 240w at its peak. The Mica cone helps produce clear and crisp sound.

It has a Wide Range Silk Dome Tweeter that can produce the Highs. The music can only be truly felt when there is a perfect sync between the Highs and the Lows, the frequencies, and the Sound Quality.

Alpine has done a great job in making this speaker and giving it a level that it deserves. If you want to really feel the music, the SPS-610C is a good choice!

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Conclusion – Which one to Choose?

So, you read the post on Best Speakers for Cars and as you can see, our Readers picked Pioneer TS-A6996R and we picked the JBL GTO629 Premium. Both of them are great! You can’t get confused between the two.

Both have a lot to offer and at last, it comes down to personal choice! The Pioneer looks good enough but JBL beats it in the appearance field. For Sound Quality, they both are good enough to be in your car.

We personally liked the GTO629 by JBL as it was much easy to install in the car and the Sound was just godly. Pioneer wasn’t behind in the race either!

As I said, it comes down to personal choice and you must choose between one of the best car speakers.

Whatever you choose, you won’t regret it! Looking for more Car accessories? We got you covered! Click here to surf some other awesome accessories!

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