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Best Star Projector on the Market in April 2021

Best Star Projector in 2019 to give you the Sky full of Stars at Home!

The Ocean of Emptiness, the Cosmos, Deep Space. Regardless of whatever you call the universe of planets and stars in the great abyss, it’s really hard to deny how beautiful and fascinating that vast blackness in the sky is.

Child, woman, or man, those twinkling lights that shine in the night sky often transfix us all. That might be why we humans have tried to simulate the galaxy by building large planetariums all across the globe. However, rather than have to go in search of these gigantic astral displays you can bring the universe into your house by getting your hands on the best star projector. How cool, no?

Some of the home-planetariums on the market are just to die for and are great, not only for the kids but for the entire family in general as well. For adults, there’s no better party ambiance than bringing the beautiful night sky into your living space, and for the kids what better way to help them go to sleep than by staring at the stars?

Anyway, if you’re looking for a good quality star projector – or are considering getting one – then you’re exactly where you need to be right now. Let’s take a look at some of the top star projectors currently on the market.

Best Star Planetarium/Projectors on the Market

Sega Homestar Original Review (Author’s Choice)

Sega Homestar Original Review - Best Star Projector

One of the simplest to use galaxy and star projector is manufactured by Sega, and yes it’s the same company that was known for making video game consoles a long time ago. An automatic timer switch that gives you the ability to choose between a fifteen, thirty or sixty-minute timer as well as a convenient off/on switch are both featured at the front side of the projector.

Using the timer will instantly start a countdown that will tell the projector when it needs to shut-down. The other two buttons found on the device can be used not only to choose how you want your stars to move but they can also be used to add shooting stars as well. It comes inclusive of two discs but Sega also gives an option of thirty discs and more that you can buy and then use on the projector too.


  • Three automatic timer settings
  • Inclusion of a shooting stars feature
  • Works on almost all the white surfaces
  • Best Gadget for getting the Stars in your room


  • Doesn’t work too well in tiny rooms

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Sunnec Night Light Cosmos Review

Sunnec Night Light Cosmos Review

With five color pictures to pick from, this star projector can help you entertain guests at a party as well as help you fall asleep. It’s a wonderful addition to any living room or bedroom setting. At the bottom you’ll find a solid base that helps support the projector’s weight, however, this base also has an arm that’s designed to lift the projector itself off the ground so it can effectively throw the images and lights all across the room you’ve placed it in.

The numbers located on the arm, which kind of have that microscope setting look, can be used to choose the exact area of the night sky you’re interested in displaying. This projector also comes with laminated sheets that you’ll need to connect and attach together with the projector so that you can view the displays. These pieces, however, can sometimes give users a problem when it comes to attaching.


  • Gives you the ability to choose different parts of the night sky
  • Durable laminated sheets included in the package
  • Five color settings you can choose from


  • Requires some home assembly

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Sega Homestar Classic Review (Value for Money)

Sega Homestar Classic Review - Best Star Planeterium on the Market!

Another Sega product makes it to the list and it goes by the name Homestar Classic. It’s a galaxy and star projector that’s certainly worth your while and is also pound-for-pound probably the best value for money in this article. It has got a fun casing that comes in a metallic blue shade which helps remind the user of how the sky looks at night.

Just like Homestar Original it also has an automatic timer feature that allows you to set the timer for fifteen, thirty or sixty minutes. Furthermore, you can also add shooting star effects to your displays as well. Sega’s Homestar Classic has a small stand at the bottom that’s designed to help support the projector which means that you won’t really require plenty of table or counter space for it and that’s what makes it an amazing gadget to have.


  • Includes galaxy and constellation discs
  • Features fifteen, thirty and sixty-minute timers
  • The projector is kept in place using a compact base


  • The quality of images is a bit lacking
  • It’s not that bright

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Elmchee Star Night Light Review (Cheap Star Projector)

Elmchee Star Night Light Review - Cheap Star Projector

It can be used both as a star projector as well as a night light and it’s ideal for the kids’ bedrooms. The Elmchee Star Night Light is the cheapest Star Projector on the market. This model comes with shades that can easily slip off and on which, in fact, is what makes it so easy to use. It can be used without the shade if you only want to use the night light alone. The shade has three films that can be used to see the entire universe or just a few more stars. You can power the device either by using a USB cord or AA batteries.


  • Runs on AA batteries or USB power
  • Can work as both a night light or star projector
  • Includes rotating and still display options


  • Doesn’t have timer functions

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What to Look for Before Buying a Star Projector?

With more and more people turning into passionate astronomy enthusiasts in various corners of the globe, it can be seen that the demand for top-grade star projectors has skyrocketed. But it is a well-known fact that the online star projector market is flooded with an endless number of options and this is the prime reason why making the right selection is deemed quite a difficult task by a large number of people.

But the good news is that you do not need to carry any worries as we have come up with this star projector buying guide to help you bag the right deal and get excellent value for your valuable money. Without further delay, let us thoroughly discuss the topmost important factors that you should take into consideration before investing in a star projector so as to pave the way for the best possible experience in the twinkling of an eye.

Build Quality

If you really want to indulge in some fun experiences, the very first factor you should look at before choosing a star projector is none except the “overall build quality”. Once you are done researching and have made your mind to buy a particular star projector, make sure that you properly examine the product’s durability.

Keeping everything else aside, also check whether the star projector comes with a manufacturer warranty or not since it is great to have instant support services available in case there are any issues or the product stops working in the future. Bear in mind that a projector whose build quality is not up to the mark will last only for a short while.

Projection Style and Modes

When it comes to purchasing a star projector, you should not neglect the projection styles and modes that the product offers. Since different projectors boast different projection styles, it is extremely important that you determine your exact requirements before making a purchase.

Similarly, some star projectors have peaceful and calm lighting modes for laid-back individuals. Whereas others feature highly energetic and lively modes which are ideal for rocking party spaces. Apart from all this, the star projector you pick for yourself should be easy and convenient to use.

Price Tag

Another crucial thing to take into account is the price tag of the star projector. Contrary to popular opinion, a high-priced projector is not necessarily the best at all times and hence, you must find a product that will give you good bang for your buck. Select a feature-rich star projector that you can afford with ease. To put it simply, consider going for a product that offers the right set of features and fits seamlessly within your budget at the same time.

However, it would be fantastic if you could extend your budget by a little bit and opt for a well-priced projector as doing so will prove to be a boon in the long run. Last but not the least, see to it that you go through some product testimonials before arriving at the final decision to ensure that the star projector is actually worth the total price you are paying.

Conclusion – Which one is the Best Star Projector?

A good way to find the best star planetarium is by looking at reviews and articles such as this one. Getting the right projector is not as easy as one would think, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t. With that said, in our view, the best star projector in this list, in particular, is no doubt the Sega Homestar Original. It literally has everything you’d want from a star projector and that’s why it’s the top option.

If you’re looking for a star projector then this is a good one to start with. Hopefully, now you know what you need to be keeping an eye out for. Let us know in the comments what you think of the Homestar Original!

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