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Best Studio Monitor under 100 Dollars in April 2021

Best Studio Monitor under 100 Dollars to get the Best Sound under Budget!

Who said budget-friendly studio monitors can’t provide you with top-quality service. Yes, the more costly options might have higher quality materials, better builds and a lot of them may even have a few irresistible additional features, however, that doesn’t mean the cheaper versions can’t do the job right. Presenting some of the Top Studio Monitors that lie under $100 to not break your budget and get you started! We also went a step ahead and picked the Best Studio Monitor under 100 Dollars for you!

Prioritizing functionality over fancy feature services will mean you really don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a studio monitor. Fortunately for cheaper production costs, many more people can now buy studio monitors for their own home entertainment as well as for other multimedia requirements they may have. There are costlier studio monitors available too which cost somewhere around $200, $300, and ranging to up to $500. They obviously provide better sound quality but being on a budget, this post on monitors under $100 is pretty good to get you going!

Hereinbelow are some of the best studio monitors you can get your hands on for under one-hundred dollars.

Best Studio Monitor under 100 Dollars Reviewed!

Edifier R1280T Review (Amazon’s Best Seller)

Edifier R1280T Review - Best Studio Monitor under 100 Dollars!

If you’re in search of something that doesn’t have the typical studio monitor design, then you’ll probably adore this stylish Edifier monitor. It’s got a retro design with a beautiful wooden body finish that can fit into almost any home’s interior. It comes in a good size, which means it won’t have to occupy a lot of your space and it also won’t clash with your home’s overall look. However, don’t get it twisted. It isn’t just all about great aesthetics with this monitor. These speakers feature a flared, calibrated bass port, a four-inch base driver and are super versatile. This is an ideal combo for providing rich, robust bass notes.

You can also personalize your listening experience with the volume, treble, and bass details on the speakers. Also, the active speaker has an in-built control on its side making it one of the best monitor speakers under $100. You can make micro base and treble changes from -5 to +5 dB. Oh, and if you need more control than this, then you’ll be happy to know that a compact remote control is included in the package.


  • Has a beautiful wooden body and a unique retro design
  • Has powerful base responses and impressive sound quality
  • Dual RCA outputs
  • A handy remote control device included


  • Quality of cables and wires can be improved

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Mackie Studio Monitor CR3 Review

Mackie Studio Monitor CR3 Review - Best $100 Studio Monitors!

This studio monitor has studio-quality performance, as well as a sound and design that’s perfect for both entertainment and multimedia creation. Studio monitors from Mackie are widely-renowned for being able to appease different types of consumers. Their high-end models are loved and well-trusted by professionals and audiophiles alike. It’s fortunate for you that such a top-notch monitor can be acquired at such a reasonably affordable price. And, even though the CR3 model might have a lower price tag than the rest, its sound quality is similar to the other versions in Mackie’s catalog.

The only difference that the CR3 has is that it mainly just concentrates on the basics. It’s got premium-grade feature components that can help optimize sonic performance. Also, it has a frequency range that’s ultra-wide at 80Hz – 20kHz. And like the other studio monitors on Mackie’s roster, this product also has a speaker placement switch to help users choose where they want the volume knob.


  • Impressive sound quality
  • Clear and loud sound quality
  • Convenient and user-friendly front panel
  • Has a speaker placement switch
  • Manufactured using premium-grade components


  • A slight hissing sound when nothing is being played

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PreSonus Eris E3.5 Review (Author’s Choice) (Amazon’s Choice)

PreSonus Eris E3.5 Review - Best Studio Monitor under 100 Bucks

Whether you’re in search of studio monitors to professionally produce music with or watch movies with at home, the Eris E3.5 is, undoubtedly, one of the best options available to you that cost under one-hundred dollars. It comes in a sleek and compact design that’ll help save you a lot of space accompanied by a plethora of winning features that help get the job done right.

The Eris3.5 is the Eris Series’ entry-level model, however, that doesn’t make it any lesser than its counterparts. Like those on a higher-level, this Eris has a front panel that’s super convenient with on/off power button, volume, headphone jack, and stereo aux inputs all placed very strategically for easy access. Oh, and if you’re worried about sound quality, it’s got composite drivers that provide more powerful bass levels alongside an overall accurate sound quality making it the Best $100 Studio Monitor among this list! The quality of this speaker is comparable to what is given by some monitors speakers in the $500 range!


  • It has acoustic tuning features
  • Compact and beautiful
  • Comes with an easy and smart front panel interface
  • Provides accurate and loud sound at an affordable price


  • Durability and build quality needs improvement

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Alesis M1 Active 330 Review

Alesis M1 Active 330 Review - Best Studio Monitors under $100!

If you’re finding it hard to pick the right monitor and just want something that’s both simple and straightforward, then you might want to strongly consider getting the M1 Active 330. It’ll save you a lot of headache. This desktop monitor has a 10W output per channel, which helps provide loud, room-filling sound quality. It also contains a 48kHz integrated USB interface that allows for hassle-free recording experiences.

Curious about what it’s packing under the hood? Well, this device has got a 3-inch low-frequency, aluminum driver that provides a tighter, richer bass. Its one-inch silk dome tweeter produces clear, smooth highs and the elliptical tweeter is for stereo imaging and optimized dispersion. However, what makes this option so special is its Bass Boost Switch feature. Many higher-end versions often have complications with their base responses. But, this studio monitor manages to address this complication cleverly by employing the use of a simple switch. How cool, no?


  • Provides loud sound quality
  • Rich, room-filling sound capabilities
  • It has a simplistic design that doesn’t take up a lot of workstation space
  • Bass Boost Switch feature for the elimination of room acoustics


  • Quality control and durability complications have been widely reported.

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Samson MediaOne M30 Review

Samson MediaOne M30 Review - Best Monitor Speaker under 100 Dollars

The Samson brand is another one that’s really loved by audiophiles all across the globe. It may not be that expensive and it may have an overly simplistic design, however, you shouldn’t let that fool you. This studio monitor is an audio marvel and can be a perfect companion to any multimedia application and desktop. These full-range, compact speakers are also very good for gaming, watching video content, listening to music as well as even for the production of audio tracks.

This MediaOne is manufactured using high-grade materials and has an internal amplifier which results in louder, bigger sound quality. It also has ¾-inch silk dome speakers, 3-inch butyl sound polypropylene woofers and 20-watt channel output. Oh, and it also contains a 1/8-inch headphone output, a 1/8-inch sub output, and RCA stereo outputs. But, that’s not all though. It’s another studio monitor that has got, the ever-growing in popularity, Bass Boot feature. In fact, it might just be one of this product’s best additions.


  • Comes in a small and compact size
  • Produces loud and big sounds
  • Contains the Bass Boot feature to enhance lows
  • Can be connected to mixers via the RCA inputs


  • Unbalanced sound quality
  • Overbearing bass sound resulting in flat responses
  • Can do better in terms of durability
  • Material quality is inconsistent and can be improved

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Behringer MS16 Review (Amazon’s Choice)

Behringer MS16 Review - Best 100 Dollar Studio Monitor!

This compact stereo monitor is perfect for vocal and keyboard monitoring, multimedia applications, home studios, etc. The Behringer brand holds its own when it comes to studio monitors and does very well amongst audiophiles. If you’re in search of something that is of good-quality, reliable and will last you a long time, then this system is what you need. With its high-resolution tweeters and powerful 4-inch woofers, this speaker system delivers top-notch sound every time it’s connected.

It comes with a ¼-inch TRS microphone input mixable that can be separately adjusted with two 8-watt amplifiers. As far as connectivity is concerned, for keyboards, you get RCA stereo inputs. Sound cards and such can be used simultaneously with a secondary stereo unit the likes of a CD/MD player through the TRS stereo inputs. Without a doubt, we can call this one the best monitor speaker under 100 bucks! Not many come better than this, especially with a price tag of less than one-hundred dollars.


  • Not too bulky and big but is still capable of producing clear and loud sounds
  • Manufactured by a well-recognized name brand that has a reputation of providing reliable and consistent quality


  • Its bass quality isn’t as punchy as compared to the others on the list.

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Mackie Studio Monitor CR3X Review

Mackie Studio Monitor CR3X Review - Best Studio Monitor under $100!

Ideal for home recording studios, this professional studio monitor belongs to the CR-X series launched by Mackie and it delivers outstanding sound despite being priced so reasonably. The volume can be adjusted to the perfect level using the knob that is given on the front panel, which also has an inbuilt headphone output meant for increased convenience for daily usage.

Whether you want to groove to legendary tunes or produce music, this high-end multimedia studio monitor will definitely amp up your listening experience and give you the best bang for your buck. Since this studio monitor features flexible inputs, setting up the product, and getting started is a piece of cake. In addition to all this, the package comes with high-quality cables and the monitor supports Bluetooth as well to facilitate quick wireless streaming.

Above all, you can upgrade the look of your desk with this product as the Mackie Studio Monitor CR3X boasts sleek looks thanks to its textured cabinet and classy metal faceplate. The best part is that gamers can take full advantage of this monitor as the exceptional audio quality will keep them engrossed in the storyline of their favorite titles. Last but not the least, if you really want to indulge in a premium and immersive sound experience, you must invest in the Mackie Studio Monitor CR3X without giving it a second thought.


  • Offers excellent sound quality and maximum value for money
  • Comes with built-in headphone output
  • Boasts incredibly premium looks
  • A great choice for gamers and content creators


  • Undetachable power cord

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Why buy a Studio Monitor for less than 100 bucks?

When it comes to musical instruments and electronic gadgets, where quality and durability often happen to be a top priority, the price can really influence a consumer’s shopping habits. For example, some may take low price tags to mean low quality. However, it really all comes down to the needs you’re looking to meet and what you want to use the monitors for. If you’re in search of something simple that can provide you with good sound quality for your home entertainment use, then most of the products on this list will do just fine

Conclusion – Which is the Best Monitor Speaker under 100 Dollars?

Picking the best product on this list isn’t easy, even for us, however, if we had to choose then it’d definitely be the PreSonus Eris 3.5. It’s probably the best 100 dollars studio monitor available on the market. It comes from a reliable manufacturer and is part of the very popular and very strong Eris series. With that said, this does not mean the others on this list can’t get the job done right. They are all very good options for this price point. None of them will disappoint.

Let us know in the comments about which Studio Monitor you go with!

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