Best Studio Monitors under $300 - Detailed Review!

Best Studio Monitors under $300 in March 2020

There are plenty of studio monitor options out there, and each of them has its own unique purpose and characteristics. With that said, the most common thing among all consumers is that they want a unit that offers the best sound quality. However, if you’re trying to create mixes or record music for different types of multimedia projects, having speakers that just sound good might not be the only thing you need to be considering.

Speaker units that were designed for entertainment and personal use were manufactured to enhance sound quality. They’re supposed to ensure everyone is enjoying listening to them, even though it may mean compromising any original sound quality. One the other hand, professional studio monitors offer only the original and most accurate sound possible.

So, as a newbie, how do you identify a good quality studio monitor? It can be very overwhelming if you haven’t shopped for one before, especially if you do not understand the audiophile language required just yet. But, don’t worry. That’s why we’re here today.

If specifications and technical terms are something that will leave you confused, then it’s good you’re with us right now. We’ve got you covered. In this article, you’ll find a roundup of some of the best studio monitors under 300 dollars. You can get high-quality devices without you having to break the bank too much. Take a look and see if there’s anything that’ll interest you. There are several studio monitors that cost up to $500 but they also provide amazing sound quality and if you’re looking for the best stuff then you should check that post! There are cheaper options too but we recommend going for quality and this post is the perfect balance between quality and pricing!

Best Studio Monitors under $300 – Detailed Review!

KRK RP5G3-59107 Monitor Review

KRK RP5G3-59107 Monitor Review - Best Studio Monitor under $300!

The RP53G-59107 has everything you’d expect good studio monitors should have. They offer loud, crisp sound quality, they contain all the connections a user might require and they fit comfortably in almost any workspace because of how compact and sleek they are. The additional low frequency, high frequency, and volume trim ports make these speakers a near-perfect studio monitor option.

Another great thing about these speakers is that they’re a pretty accurate and clean monitor that comes at a very affordable price. Many other speakers tend to exaggerate lows and highs, however, with this one, in particular, you can get a sound that’s very authentic. Not many studio monitors valued under $300 can do what this one can.

Even though they might not be the most accurate, their overall build and price tag makes these speakers a super catch.


  • You get the basics as well as a lot more
  • Low and high frequency
  • Volume trim pots
  • Provides super clear and loud sound quality
  • Close to authentic


  • Could improve on the build quality
  • You can sometimes hear unwanted noises
  • You might need isolators if you want to solve that issue

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IK Multimedia iLoud Review

IK Multimedia iLoud Review

If you’re creating in a small work area or home studio, then you might want to strongly consider this studio monitor. Tight spaces are usually known to have acoustic complications as standing waves and reverberating fields exaggerate base responses. When this occurs, your accuracy will tend to be a little off, which will, in turn, make proper mixing so much harder to achieve. With that said, there’s still some good news. The iLoud is specifically designed to have smaller speaker units which can help keep those waves at bay allowing for great mixing and sound quality.

One thing that a lot of people will love about this particular device, especially those that work from home or in cramped spaces, is how considerate they are about the workspace the user has. It doesn’t matter where or how you choose to place your monitors or how your overall workspace looks like, IK iLoud speakers look to provide its user with a consistent and even quality of sound.

Another very interesting thing about these studio monitors is that they’re Bluetooth-enabled as well. How cool, no? Sometimes the songs you want to work with might either be on your tablet or phone, right? And, maybe you don’t want to go through the whole process of using a cord to plug in the device and start work. Bluetooth to the rescue.


  • Designed a built for small workstations
  • Ideal for those working out of home studios
  • Has Bluetooth capability for wireless streaming
  • Minimizes wall reflections that lead to bass response exaggeration


  • The build quality could use some improvement.

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JBL Professional 308P Review (Author’s Choice) (Best Studio Monitor under $300)

JBL Professional 308P Review - Best Studio Monitor under 300 Dollars!

Number one on the list is the Professional 308P from JBL. From the get-go, you can tell that this JBL is a good studio monitor. The fact it has inherited the previous LSR3 series’ best qualities, and added some new upgrades as well, has made it one of the best options in JBL’s roster. If you’re looking for a high-quality machine that will not cost you more than 300 bucks, then the Professional 308P is what you should be strongly considering right now.

This new model has an incredible image control waveguide, something they borrowed from the LSR3s, which offers users fantastic imaging and detail. The 308P’s broad sweet spot also ensures impressive optimal sound quality even when the unit is off-axis. As an upgrade, this new model from JBL now has updated sets of low-frequency (LF) and high-frequency (HF) transducers that offers the user optimized damping for greater linearity and superior transient response, hence producing an outstanding deep bass that has low harmonic distortion.

Its new boundary equalization is also a very nice addition. Thanks to this EQ, its users now have access to even better quality sound and it doesn’t matter whether the speaker units are on adjacent walls or a work surface. But, why many people will probably fall in love with this particular product is because of how compact it is.


  • Has some very interesting features compared to earlier JBL models
  • Very affordable considering its quality and build level
  • Offers crystal clear sound, even when the volume is high
  • Comes in a compact and sleek design
  • Takes up very little space for a studio monitor


  • Not good for those looking for a pair because they come as single monitors
  • Has a slight hissing sound when it isn’t being used to play music
  • Slightly less accurate than the higher-end options on the market

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Mackie CR5BT Review

Mackie CR5BT Review!

These Mackie studio monitors are basically all about convenience and that’s something many creators will love. After all, tech is meant to make lives that bit easier, so why settle for devices that make your life more complicated? Anyway, the CR5BT contains a front aux panel for tablets and smartphones, a volume knob that doubles up as an on/off feature and a headphone out port. You can also set up the volume control whichever side you want with the right and left speaker placement button.

Its Bluetooth capability is an added bonus, and those of you that aren’t for plugging in chords every time you need to use your tablet or smartphone will absolutely love this feature. Also, another great thing about these studio monitors is how clear and loud the sound quality is. This Mackie has been built using premium components and meticulous designs that help guarantee top-quality results. Coming in with an authentic studio-monitor waveguide system, high-output drivers and an all-wood outer cabinet, there is literally nothing you’ll be lacking with these fantastic speaker units.


  • Manufactured using premium components and cutting-edge designs which help guarantee consistent top-notch sound quality
  • Has a convenient and smart user interface at the front
  • It comes with a lot of accessories, the likes of isolation pads and cables.


  • Not as accurate compared to its other counterparts highlighted on this list
  • Not advised for professional mixing

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Avantone Pro Active MixCube Review

Avantone Pro Active MixCube Review - Best Studio Monitor under $300!

This studio monitor, from the outside, has the appearance of a simple cube, however, you will be surprised to find out how much of a punch and power their speakers pack. Although these speaker units are 60watt active mini full-range monitors, they don’t come as a pair and they have a 5.25-inch driver.

The Avantone Pro device has balanced inputs, with combo XLR input features that comfortably support a quarter-inch three-conductor balanced TRS/ two-conductor unbalanced quarter-inch male plug as well as a balanced XLR male plug. Furthermore, you’ll also find a variable control feature that allows you to adjust the signal sensitivity that is seen at the inputs.

Lastly, arguably one of the best things about this studio monitor is how retro and simple it looks. It looks like something that was brought back from the past. It has a simple cube shape aesthetic with a neat-looking cream paint coating the outside casing. If you happen to be into the whole minimal vintage aesthetic when it comes to studio monitors, then this product is exactly what you need in your life.


  • It comes in vintage and simple design. Doesn’t have a lot going on with it
  • Sleek and compact
  • Well manufactured
  • Ideal for those that have just started out with mixing
  • Perfect for the home studio


  • It has a few issues with accuracy. Could do a lot better

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Presonus Eris E5 Review

Presonus Eris E5 Review - Best Monitor Speaker under 300 Dollars!

If you’re in search of nearfield studio monitors that are budget-friendly and can get the job done, then the Presonus Eris 5 is what you should be strongly considering. Quite a number of people have complained about the bass responses on cheaper nearfield studio monitor units, however, you won’t have to worry about any of that when you’ve got the Eris 5. They catch the bass sounds very clearly, especially for a device that valued under three-hundred bucks.

What helps it achieve such great sound is its pair of 2-way, high-definition 5.25-inch nearfield studio monitor speaker which each contains a one-inch silk-dome, ultra-low-mass, high-frequency transducer. The bass has a refined and clear sound because of the help of the front-firing acoustic port features that help encourage superior bass-frequency reproduction.

Presonus is not a brand that many people know, however, they’ve proven over the years that they can produce some top-quality studio monitor units and this is one of them.

Their speaker units also offer an outstanding mid-range quality without being too aggressive on the treble. All in all, the Eris 5 from Presonus provides its user with impressive sound quality at a rather affordable price. Furthermore, it can also fit comfortably in almost any size workstation. What we’re saying here is that they’re not too bulky and big so there is often a lot of room for both you and the speaker unit to comfortably co-exist.


  • A well-manufactured nearfield studio monitor that provides an impressive bass sound
  • Produces a sound quality that can be compared to the higher-end studio monitors
  • Comes in a sporty, compact design
  • Saves a lot of space in almost any size workstation


  • It’s not very durable. Doesn’t have a long lifespan

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Conclusion – Which is the Best Studio Monitor under 300 Bucks?

Don’t let anyone fool you, you can still get top-quality results from what most might consider a cheap studio monitor. However, if you’re ready to spend around three-hundred dollars and there about, then you’ll be opening yourself up to options that have new, exciting additional features as well as advanced specifications. This article has attempted to highlight some of the best options available at this particular price range. While we believe in all the entrants on this list, we could only pick one as our best.

Our winner is, hands down, the Professional 308P by JBL. It’s without a doubt the best home studio monitor for three-hundred dollars and less. Not only is it manufactured and designed by a worldwide brand, however, it also has quite an outstanding list of features. It’s very easy to both use and understand. Furthermore, it also contains all the features that’ll help ensure accuracy as well as clear and crisp sound quality. It’s an ideal fit for the regular audiophile or for those that work in multimedia production.

It really doesn’t get any better than this, especially at this particular price range. We have also reviewed studio monitors that are under $100 and $200 but if you want something of super high-quality then the JBL Professional 308P is exactly what you need in your life. With that said, all the highlighted above are still very valid alternatives.

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