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Best Studio Monitors under 500 Dollars

Best Studio Monitors under 500 Dollars to change the Recording Experience!

Tired of your old speakers and looking to get professional with proper high-end Studio Monitors? Don’t want even a small undesired glitch or buzz in your music? If you answer yes to both the questions then you surely need to check out the Best Studio Monitors under 500 Dollars!

Recently, we reviewed some studio monitors under $200 budget and today we will be reviewing some of the better ones lying in a higher budget range. If you are new to this then we suggest going with a cheaper studio monitor that costs around $100 but if you have been doing this for a while and looking for a new and better monitor speaker then this is the article you need to read. We have found, researched, and picked the Best $500 Studio Monitor that will change your recording experience once and for all!

Studio monitors can aptly be defined as high-quality speakers that are designed for use in recording studios. The prime difference between the monitor speaker and the plain ol’ speaker is the perfect attention for precision seen in the studio monitors.

As a recording engineer, when you listen attentively to the mix, you need your device to be clear with regards to the places where the sound gels well with the rest and the spots where it doesn’t.

A normal speaker makes it hard for the engineer to identify the glitches in the music. A badly edited piece of music might seem perfect in one system while the other will make it sound horrible and you would want your creativity to be equalized on all platforms.

This is why it is critical for a sound engineer to hear the music correctly during the mixing. Before we get to the part where we list out the best Monitor Speakers under 500 Dollars, you need to know the thing you want, and here is how we do that for you. First, let’s get to the segment where we help you understand the varieties of studio monitors available in the market.

Types of Studio Monitors on the Market

Nearfield Studio Monitors

The Nearfield monitors rank among the popular as well as a smart choice if you own a small studio. The best thing about these studio monitors is the fact that they are completely economical. These speakers are placed within the distance of one or two meters ahead of you.

This is helpful as it tends to eliminate a major fraction of reflection that comes from the walls of the room. You hear what comes from the speakers rather than the reverb coming from mixing room walls.

The major drawback of these studio monitors is the fact that they provide a limited bass range. However, you can turn it to your advantage by adding a subwoofer to it. It takes into account the sound with low frequency while the monitors take care of the rest.

Active and Passive

When you seek something for the purpose of amplification, the market brings you two variants for the nearfield monitors. The active monitor comes with the amplifier already inbuilt with the system while the passive one doesn’t have an amplifier and you need to get a separate one for the task.

Far-field monitors

Far-field monitors are great for studios with large sizes and are generally placed at least 10 feet away from you. It is generally used with the studios that are treated with acoustic materials. These studio monitors have been designed to handle volumes at a high level.


Sub-woofers can be a great update to your existing set-up. They generally extend the frequency response while enabling you the feasibility to procure better decisions, especially when you want to mix the portion of the recordings with low-frequency.


Tweeters generally handle the high-frequency aspect of the music. They come in various forms; however, three of them are used predominantly which include soft dome, metal, and ribbon. All these variations bring different features to the music.

The soft dome works well with the longer sessions while the ribbon tends to offer larger frequency area which makes the decision-making process fairly easy. The metal has features that are highly detailed for proper fixing of the sound.

Now that you know the different variants of Studio Monitors, let’s get to the part where we help you pick the best studio monitors under budget that are available in the market.

Best Studio Monitors under 500 Dollars

M-Audio BX8 Carbon Review

M-Audio BX8 Carbon Review - One of the Best Studio Monitors under 500 Dollars!

M-Audio is actually a company based in the U.S. which is popular for its versatile monitors along with keyboard controllers, USB Audio Interfaces, microphones, and many others.

When it comes to the BX series manufactured by the company the BX8 functions as the highest version in the series as a successor to BX5 as well as BX6. The studio monitor was actually redesigned in the year 2014 to boost the functionalities with the “carbon” update.

This restructuring includes both external as well as internal redesigning. The BX8 attained popularity for the accuracy as well as bass that was deeply detailed with balanced highs. The monitor is capable of delivering a smooth yet detailed and high-end tonal balance that is paired with any flabby lows.

The construction of the monitor is also a detailed one with the port located towards the rear side which requires the users to leave some space behind the monitor. If you are planning to opt for the BX8 for a room that is too small, make sure you get an acoustic treatment for the room, or else switch to BX5 or BX6. Considering all the features, we can say that it is a good monitor speaker under $500 and worthy enough to be on this list.

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ADAM Audio F7 Review (Discontinued)

Adam Audio F7 Review - Best $500 Monitor Speaker!

Unfortunately, this Studio Monitor has been discontinued. You can check the adam t7v instead!

Adam Audio F7 comes with an AR rating of 76 out of 100. It is a near-field monitor that is quite a unique device when compared to a lot of its direct competitors. It comes with a basket size of 7 inches along with the voice coil of 1.5 inches.

The cone material is of Glass Fibre/Paper. It houses a broad range of frequency that comes in between 44 hertz to 50kHz along with a comprehensive control. The monitor has been decked with room equalizer designed for the high and low volumes.

The device comes with two different classes of amplifiers with 140 watts for music and 100 watts of RMS. With this device, the reproduction of tracks that are dramatically challenging isn’t an issue. It is essentially a monitor designed for the mid-range price but with high-end solutions.

The device also flaunts a massive front-firing type bass reflex with slit port that has been designed to push the overall performance even more. The tweeters in this monitor come with the design of a hybrid ribbon which is usually found with the devices of high price by Adam Audio.

PreSonus Eris E8 Review (Readers also like)

Presonus Eris E8 Review - Studio Monitor under 500 Dollars!

With an AR rating of 89 out of 100, the PreSonus Eris E8 is one of the highly trusted studio monitors that come with a massive scoreboard in terms of performance. The broader frequency range is similar in this device to most of the monitors from the Eris series.

The Transducer Complement comes with 8 inches of massive Kevlar with a low frequency based driver that is paired along with the tweeter of one-inch low mass-based silk dome. To top it all, the PreSonus comes with the front-firing type port with a bass reflex that makes it easier to righter the sound’s lower end with reduced issues that can be caused when placing these speakers way close to the studio wall.

The studio monitor also comes with amazing controls in terms of acoustic along with a rating of 130 Watts that looks fairly promising. The sound quality produced by the Eris E8 simply makes it one of the best $500 Monitor Speakers! Our readers seem to like this monitor speaker a lot not only because of the features and power and sound output it provides but also the appearance it has. The studio monitor looks good enough to blend in with any place and makes the surroundings look even better!

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Mackie XR824 Review

Mackie XR824 Review - Best Monitor Speaker under $500!

The Mackie is known to be popular in terms of producing the affordable section of monitors that come with upscale features. However, with Mackie XR824, the company has yet again proved that it is equally capable of scaling high amidst its competitors for the upper medium range of studio monitors.

This amazingly crafted device comes with the perfect combination of the hardware required for perfect identification of errors in the sound craft. Even with such features and a high AR rating of 90 from 100, this device pitches a price that is way affordable. Not just that, this studio monitor looks fabulous as well.

This version of the Mackie comes with the 8-inch, low frequency, woven Kevlar driver that can easily push the surplus amount of air along with amazing precision. For higher frequencies, there is one inch based tweeter with a low mass that sits inside the carefully created waveguide.

When you talk about power, you get the massive chunk of 160 Watts that is delivered by a beautifully strong Class D based amplifier. This aptly explains the frequency range for the device that lies between 36Hz and 22kHz.

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Yamaha HS8 Review (Author’s Choice) (Amazon’s Choice)

Yamaha HS8 Review - Best Studio Monitor under $500!

Within a limited time frame of entering the market, the Yamaha HS Series has gained ample popularity amidst the sound engineers looking for the perfect studio monitor. Even with huge competition in the market, the HS8 managed to get a good position in the market.

One of the reasons for its increasing popularity is its looks. The HS8 looks sleek and has a great and sturdy build. It has nice aesthetics which make it easier to be placed anywhere. It suits all the surroundings and can be put anywhere without making that place look odd. It comes in 2 colors – white and black. Other than the looks, it has a lot of features to provide!

HS8 comes with a wide range of features and even the best ones. With Yamaha HS8, you get some of the best features which include a massive scale for the low end which is combined with the highs that are razor sharp.

As was expected, the complete design for this speaker isn’t different as compared to others in the line. The makers just scaled the machine to gel well with new hardware. To sum it up, you get access to a similar subtly designed cabinet featuring proper material that makes it a better version in the line with the same features.

The device also features a tweeter with a great waveguide. With the strength of 120 Watts power, the device provides ample headroom for the user to work and can be considered as the best studio monitor under 500 bucks.

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JBL LSR308 Review

JBL LSR308 Review - One of the Best $500 Studio Monitors!

If you know about the JBL brand, you might be familiar with the fact that the speakers provided by them can be tagged as the best among the monitors in the competitive market.

With an AR rating of 92/100, JBL LSR308 is actually the greater sibling of LSR305 that has proven itself in the field of sound engineering with ample help in detecting the glitch between different music mixes.

With the LSR308, you get access to similar performance as LSR305 but only something enhanced. Here, we can see the device flaunting 8 inch low drivers for a frequency that is massive yet designed carefully for waveguides that support ample power option.

JBL offers all these features with the XLR connections and the TRS ones as well. Additionally, the device supports all types of acoustic controls that include LF and HF trims and much more. To sum it up, LSR308 is a thing that serves the professional-grade engineers.

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KRK RP6G3-NA Rokit 6 Review

KRK RP6G3-NA Rokit 6 Review - One of the Best Studio Monitors under $500!

The KRK Rokit Series is popularly praised for the cost efficiency, performance, and amazing design. These studio monitors function in a particularly unique pattern. This here is the 3rd generation of studio speakers by KRK that has been upgraded to follow the suit of its predecessors with an addition of several new features.

For a major faction of the change, KRK worked upon the odd features carried by the previous generation and replaced it with the new and better ones. The bi-amplified setup of the monitor pushes through a massive driver for low frequency while providing an accurate tweeter for help with locating the error with the sound being mixed in the studio.

The Rokit 6 offers complete transparency in terms of functionality. Apart from that, it houses horizontal ports that have front-firing features along with the extensive room for acoustics control found as a cluster located towards the back. All in all, the Rokit 6 Gen 3 by KRK is something that can be trusted for professional work and is one of the Best $500 Studio Monitors.

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Edifier S2000 Pro Review

Edifier S2000 Pro Review - One of the Best Monitor Speakers under 500 Dollars!

This doesn’t happen very often for sound engineers to find a perfect studio monitor that aligns outside the contemporary framework for design. Even when some brands try to opt for higher freedom as compared to others, when we take a look at aesthetics, the Edifier has amped up the game with the S2000 Pro Series.

It comes without saying that aesthetics make up for a major part of features loaded in S2000 Pro. Apart from the looks, you get an amazing set up with the 5.5-inch driver for a low frequency that is paired with a powerful tweeter.

In terms of power, the monitor functions pretty good. The Edifier amplified its efforts after the addition of Bluetooth support along with optical as well as coax inputs for I/O cluster. The Aesthetics and the features this monitor speaker has to provide makes it one of the best monitor speakers under $500 and hence inclusion in this list.

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Things to Expect from Monitor Speakers under 500 Dollars

When compared to the affordable monitors ranging around the 300 dollar range, the things you get for $200 extra is wayy better.

Raw Performance

In terms of raw performance, the $500 budget gets you a decent pair of the transducers, a lot of the Kevlar woofers, better tweeters, and transducers that easily translate the sound to ones with high sensitivity and high definition. Apart from that, you also see waveguides that are professionally engineered. If you want to increase the power, you can check this article containing $1000 Studio Monitors!


The major aspect of having transparency for the music is the production of speakers that gel well with the room it is being used in. The speakers ranging in $500 price shall come with ample control over the acoustic feature. Without the presence of these acoustic features, the improvement regarding performance would go to waste. However, the control range would essentially vary from one model to another.


The cabinet design might not reflect the flashy and colorful designs. This means that the speakers that align in this range shall be completely simple with more focus over the features as opposed to the look they need to reflect.

The design has been completely dedicated to catering better functionality to make sure the sound engineers receive the worth of each penny. To sum it up, if you seek features at a low price tag with no interest in design, the devices in the $500 range will serve best.

Conclusion – Which is the Best $500 Studio Monitor?

So, after reviewing several Studio Monitors and testing the sound quality of them all, we come to the conclusion that the Yamaha HS8 is the Best Monitor Speaker under 500 Dollars and our Readers seem to like it too.

Our readers also like PreSonus Eris E8 which is also an amazing monitor speaker but still, it doesn’t beat the sound quality provided by the HS8 by Yamaha. If you were to buy a new Monitor Speaker right away, I would suggest going for the HS8. If it’s not something that suits you then you can’t go wrong with the Eris E8.

What are you waiting for now? Get a new Studio Monitor and get started with your professional career now! If these are little out of your budget, you can check the budget monitor speakers or you can go with speakers that cost around $300!

Know any monitor that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments and we will add it ASAP!

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