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Best Tablets For Mobile Gaming

Best Tablets for Mobile Gaming

Online gaming is a booming industry that shows no signs of slowing down.

As a result of the recent pandemic, the number of people turning to their tablet or mobile device for gaming has increased significantly. In India, the online gaming market is expected to rise to around $2.8bn (₹208bn), driven mainly by improved mobile devices and better disposable incomes. Coupled with the recent pandemic, during which people could not leave their homes, online gaming is experiencing a boom like never before.

Of course, technological advances certainly help. 5G is being rolled out worldwide, and it is suggested by the Financial Express that by 2026, 26% of Indians will subscribe to a 5G service. That means games of all types can be more powerful with improved connectivity and much faster response times.

Which areas of online gaming are on the rise? Certainly, first-person shooters and puzzle games are increasingly popular on tablets and mobile devices, with PUBG having 34m players in India, according to The Print. Other genres growing in popularity are online slot machines and casino games. They need improved connectivity as often there is no data to download; you simply visit the site and are straight into the games.

That means vast amounts of data are being transferred, especially as games become more complex and memory intensive. For instance, Gala Bingo features themed slots such as Pirates Plenty and Golden Cleopatra that rely on creating an experience through advanced graphics and sound. Those titles rely heavily on good connectivity and processing power. The same can be said for online shooters, such as Call of Duty – if your tablet lags or cannot handle 5G then you might get cut off mid-game.

Tablets for Mobile Gaming

That means online gamers need the best technology they can get to handle the demands of modern online games. The market is swamped with choice, but which are best? You might choose one of the latest smartphones on the market, but a bigger screen is ideal, and that should lead you to purchase a tablet. We have selected three, all for different budgets, perfect for the casual mobile gamer in 2021.

iPad Pro

Apple is always around the top of lists like these because the undeniable truth is they make great products that work. The latest iPad Pro, released in 2020, has a 12.9-inch liquid retina display, an A12Z bionic processor and up to 1TB of storage. This is one of the best tablets on the gaming market, but it is reflected in the price. Expect to pay around ₹80,000 for a new one, but know you are buying the best if you do.

Amazon Fire 7

From one end of the market to the other, the Amazon Fire 7 is a tablet made for those on a budget. Its screen is just 7-inches, and it comes with a maximum of 32GB storage, with a quad-core processor. It isn’t in the same league as the iPad Pro, but it will easily cope with most modern games. The reel in here is the price – ₹6000 rupees should buy you a new one. That’s a massive difference from the Apple product, and although you do get a budget product for a budget price, it is still a solid tablet for your gaming needs.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus

There’s little doubt that Samsung best represents Android systems, and the Galaxy S7 Pro should fall in between the other two tablets in terms of price. Expect to pay around ₹65000 for a product that is undoubtedly the best Android gaming device. With a 12.4-inch super AMOLED screen, 512Gb of storage maximum and a Snapdragon 865 Plus CPU, this is the best you can get without buying Apple. It’s also relatively lightweight, making it a superb option for gamers who really do get out and about rather than simply playing at home.

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