Best Vlogging Camera for YouTube – Start your Vlogging Journey with a Bang!

So you want to start your own vlogging channel on YouTube? The first thing that pops up in your mind while thinking of a vlog is the video (of course!) and with the video in mind, comes the camera. To begin your Vlogging Journey with a Bang, you need the Best Camera for YouTube there is!

This camera will help you create exciting videos that will attract the audience over to your channel. This means the right recording equipment is as important as delivering the dope content to the world.

Vlogging has stepped up into one of the tremendously growing professions and exhilarated the market trends. This led to the increased purchase of the quality-cameras with magnificent features in order to get the best results possible. While some of the amateurs use their smartphones to capture and shoot their routine videos, many proficient vloggers are investing enough in the righteous equipment for better audio-video recording of the prolonged videos.

Based upon the type of the audience, one needs to search for the camera with required features. Nowadays, the cost of the needed gadgets has dropped significantly which made them easily accessible.

Therefore, to pick up the best gadgetry, we have compiled a list of best Vlogging cameras for YouTube available in the market. Before heading to the list, let us have a glance at the features which one should look for in the best vlogging camera.

Video Quality

Video resolution is the must! One should always go for cameras having Full HD (1080p) recording quality to give the vlog a professional gaze. Video quality is a big factor in attracting the audience on social media as it gives a complete professional look to the channel. Nowadays, cameras with the 4K pixels recording feature are available in the marketplace, popularly known as “Ultra HD” cameras. This results in sharper and clearer display content.

Sensor and Built-In Wi-Fi

Sensor size is an important feature in the vlogging cameras. If you are shooting an indoor video, it is necessary to have more illumination. Sensor size exactly does that. Larger the sensor size, the more light is captured by the camera.

Secondly, Wi-Fi is an essential component to be noticed in the cameras purchased for vlogging. As a Vlogger, one needs to upload lengthier videos quickly in a greater amount which could be really annoying while doing it from the USB cable. So, for automatic upload of the content on your smartphone, tablets or laptops, it is good to have built-in wi-fi in the camera.

Microphone Input

Filming the video with fantastic sound-quality is as important as the video or image quality. One should always go for the camera having a microphone input which can dramatically enhance the audio quality in the video by adding an external mic.

The microphone input or the headphone jack enhances the sound quality in the video and especially for the travel vloggers, the quality sound is very important to get the perfect sounds of the environment. This will be very helpful to get the best sound from the environment.


Built-in optical image stabilization is important while filming videos to provide smoothness to the video irrespective of the movements or any activity. Optical image stabilization gives the videos and images a perfect stability and removes the blurry effect from the content. One needs to purchase a tripod if there is no feature for the optical image stabilization in the camera.

These were the factors that one should take care of when buying a camera. Now, let’s get to the part where we review some cameras that might be good or YouTube and then choose a winner to save you all the hassle.

Best Vlogging Camera for YouTube – Contestant #1

Canon Powershot G7X Mark II Review (Author’s Choice)

Canon Powershot G7X Mark II Review - Best Vlogging Camera for YouTube

With the upgraded version, Canon has launched its G7X series followed by Mark II which came out to be a premium compact camera perfectly suitable as a vlogging camera. The camera engrosses amazing features overall with its powerful performance of the processor and sharper lens-quality.

Canon has also worked in the area of object recognition and contagious tracking of it. It has also improved the sensing mode of the camera from the former model and launched it as the ‘Dual Sensing IS’ which helps in reducing the blurry effects caused by the camera shake.

For the image-quality enhancement, the camera has used DIGIC 7 processor. This has boosted the camera performance to a great extent with sharper still images. It has also used noise reduction metrics to lessen the extra noise. It further contains the 20.1 million-pixel CMOS sensor with a 4x optical zoom lens that offers an equivalent focal length of 24-100mm and covers an aperture range of f/1.8-f/2.8 with the maximum burst rate of 8 fps (JPEG/Raw).

The camera has a flip-screen (180° up, 45° down) LCD monitor (touchscreen) of size 3-inch. However, there is no built-in viewfinder and external mic port available.

Overall, vloggers will love this camera because of its miniature size and easy-to-carry thing. Detailed specifications of the camera are given below:

  • Camera type: Compact
  • Sensor size: 1.0-type
  • Camera Resolution: 20.1 MP
  • Effective focal length: 24-100 mm
  • LCD Monitor: 3.0-type color TFT LCD (Tilt-touchscreen)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, NFC
  • Max movie resolution: 1080 60p
  • Dimensions: 106 x 61 x 42 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 319g
  • Data Input: Still Images (JPEG), Videos (MP4)

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Best Cheap Vlogging Camera for YouTube – Contestant #2

Canon EOS 77D Review

Canon EOS 77D Review - Best Cheap Vlogging Camera for YouTube

The Canon EOS 77D is launched as mid-range DSLR with a 24MP CMOS sensor. It gives the user a phase-detection system in the sensor, Dual Pixel CMOS AF which proves to be extremely cooperative in focusing in live mode as well as for video shooting. Additionally, the camera also provides a faster lens focusing with the help of 45 sensors contained in an AF system which used to ascertain the geometry horizontally and vertically at the same point.

The extreme light sensitive AF sensors have 27 focal points which can get upto aperture to f/8 with 9 cross-type sensors. In the subsequent camera, selecting individual AF sensor manually is possible.

The Canon 77D is really speeder which can capture up to 6 frames per second (fps) and will record up to 25 RAW files per image series. It can also shoot images in JPEG mode and can get up to 110 images per series and can get faster and more than 500 images through a Lexar SDXC card.

With all these features, the Canon 77D has very good image quality containing quick Dual Pixel CMOS AF system with 45 cross-type sensors for speedy lens focusing. The camera also consists of completely comprehensible swivel LCD. It also comes with easy handling and few tutorials for beginners. Moreover, the image sensor and autofocus system are the same as lower-priced EOS Rebel T7i. There is an optical viewfinder but with only 95 percent field of view. The 4K videos are also missing.

Please find the specifications below:

  • Camera type: DSLR
  • Sensor size: APS-C
  • Camera Resolution: 24.2 MP
  • Effective focal length: Not available
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch (vari-angle touchscreen)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth
  • Viewfinder: Pentamirror
  • Max movie resolution: 1080 60p
  • Dimensions: 131 x 100 x 76 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 540 g
  • Data Input: Still Images (JPEG/RAW), Videos (MP4)

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Best Vlogging Camera for YouTube – Contestant #3

Panasonic Lumix G7 Review

Panasonic Lumix G7 Review - Best Vlogging Camera for YouTube

Panasonic Lumix G7, being a great compact camera is an easy-to-carry camera which is on plus side for the travel Vloggers. The camera is designed specially keeping in mind for all types of shooters whether they want high-resolution videos or the rugged ones.

With the fantastic features, Panasonic Lumix G7 has stupendous video Quality with 4K (UHD) perfect pixel resolution which is not the only good thing about this camera. The manual controls add a positive point to the camera containing physical control of twin control dials with plenty of buttons and switches.

The camera consists of an MFT sensor with 16 MP resolutions that helps take amazing pictures with extra beautification. The camera also comes up with the viewfinder with the 2.36-million dot EVF. For beginners, the complete body of the camera is built from the plastic which may get a cheaper feel in contrast with the high-end cameras.

The Panasonic Lumix G7 is an excellent camera for vlogging as it shoots at high-resolution and the 16 MP sensor works rather well in many other conditions as well. In addition to this, the MFT sensor is decent, but since you have to look close, it is not precisely that big of an issue. It gets the job done even if you want to do some photography as well. Just avoid the plastic construction, and you would be good to go.

Please find the detailed specifications below:

  • Camera type: Mirrorless
  • Sensor size: Micro Four-thirds
  • Camera Resolution: 16 MP
  • Effective focal length: Not available
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch (tilt-touchscreen)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Viewfinder: OLED Live Viewfinder
  • Max movie resolution: 4K
  • Dimensions: 103 x 60 x 40 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 304 g
  • Data Input: Still Images (JPEG/RAW), Videos (MP4)

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Best Value Vlogging Camera for YouTube – Contestant #4

Panasonic Lumix GX80 / GX85 Review

Panasonic Lumix GX80 / GX85 Review - Best Value Vlogging Camera for YouTube

The Panasonic Lumix GX80 / GX85 is a compelling choice for those seeking an easy-to-carry lightweight and interchangeable lens camera which delivers exceptional still images and video quality, good ergonomics and solid autofocus. It also comes with a useful package full of sterling specifications such as 5-axis sensor-based optical image stabilization, 4K video shooting, a tilt angle touchscreen, dual control dials, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Panasonic Lumix GX80 / GX85 finds its place in the list because of its excellent features. Its compact flat-topped body makes it easier for the vloggers to carry as compared to the earlier version GX7 and further loads it with many upgradations. The central point of the camera is the built-in stabilization which gives tough competition to the prevailing high-end cameras. The GX80/GX85 comes with a flip-screen shooting the 4K videos. The still photos can be captured at a stunning rate of 30fps and with properly adjusted focus; the camera can get sharper and splendid images.

The resolution of the sensor might be quite disappointing as it only has 16 MP, but by removing the low-pass filter, the images get a little bit crisper. A phase-detect autofocus isn’t available, but Panasonic has improved its DFD system to a point where you can capture the action as better as it gets.

Moreover, one more upsetting fact is that the camera does not contain any microphone input. If one is seeking for the moderate range camera with interchangeable lens, then the subsequent camera is the perfect fit and withstands the performance for the money.

The camera is good for street, travel and general-use photography. It is also good for the casual sports shooting and 4K video shooting which comes up with easy social sharing. It is not good for the large-handed shooters and serious videographers who need a microphone or headphone input.

The detailed specifications are given below:

  • Camera type: Mirrorless
  • Sensor size: Micro Four-thirds
  • Camera Resolution: 16 MP
  • Effective focal length: Not available
  • Monitor: 3.0-inch (tilt-touchscreen)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi
  • Viewfinder: Electronic Viewfinder
  • Max movie resolution: 4K 25p
  • Dimensions: 122 x 71 x 44 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 426 g
  • Data Input: Still Images (JPEG/RAW), Videos (MP4)

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Best Vlogging Camera for YouTube – Contestant #5

GoPro HERO 6 Black Review (Readers Also Like)

GoPro HERO 6 Black Review - Best Vlogging Camera for YouTube

GoPro HERO 6 outperforms all the DSLRs and one of the best picks for the backpackers. It is launched as the improved version of the former model from the series, GoPro HERO 5 which includes numerous upgraded specifications.

Go Pro HERO 6 has come up with the better image stabilization providing optical stability to the shoot as compared to the GoPro HERO 5 (previous version). The latest manual exposure settings give the boost to its robust features which means the Hero 6 has now the tools for more on-demand configurations. Video frame rates have been increased which allows you to shoot at 4K at 60 fps and incredible slow-motion quality at 240 fps with the ultimate perfect pixel resolution of 1080p.

GoPro HERO 6 is equipped with the new G1 processor, which leads the camera to have a really good dynamic range and good image quality in low illumination. One can now magnify the visual by using GoPro Hero 6’s touchscreen which is not possible in various models. The interactive display screen of size 2-inches makes it really easy for the user to adequately click shots, alter settings, as well as playback and review footage.

The transmission of the content from the GoPro HERO 6 can be done on fingertips, only due to 5GHz Wi-Fi which is three times faster in data transfer speeds than previous generation GoPro series cameras. Besides the video and image capturing, the waterproof feature of the GoPro HERO 6 up to the depth of 33ft is a real plus point for the travel Vloggers.

However, the sound quality is not as satisfying as the one in the previous model. Advanced wind noise reduction is also quite disappointing. With these new enhancements, the price may not be cheap. Please find the detailed specifications below:

  • Camera type: Action
  • Sensor size: 4.5 x 6.2 mm
  • Camera Resolution: 12 MP
  • Effective focal length: 14-28 mm
  • LCD Monitor: 2.0 (touchscreen)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Max movie resolution: 4K 60p
  • Dimensions: 62 x 45 x 33 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 118 g
  • Data Input: Still Images (RAW), WDR photos

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Best Vlogging Camera for YouTube – Contestant #6

GoPro Hero 5 Black Review

GoPro Hero 5 Black Review - Best Vlogging Camera for YouTube

The exterior of the camera is very much alike to that of the GoPro Hero 6 Black. The model has the similar blocky design with the coating of grey colored rubber over most of the body. The shutter release button on the top is quite larger with a comparative smaller Power button. The display quality is improved from the previous version with the brighter touchscreen at the back. A comparatively smaller screen is also provided at the front to give the information regarding mode, vacant storage, and, remaining battery.

The GoPro Hero 5 Black delivers an astounding image and video quality with its 12-megapixel wide-angle sensor which can shoot up to the 4K video at 30 fps. It also contains a new GP1 processor, although the performance of that of the Hero 6 Black is much better. Though the model provides better still images, the addition of Electronic Image Stabilization is a huge boost for this camera, as it produces a quite smoother recording with a wider field of view which is a prevailing motion issue in some of the rivals.

Hence, the GoPro Hero 5 Black comes with the convenience of being waterproof without a case up to 33 ft. It also supports 4K 30 fps recording and also shoots good video in daylight. It also comes up with an easy-to-use application. On the same side, the camera struggles in low light and quite expensive as compared to the others.

Please find the specifications below:

  • Camera type: Action
  • Sensor size: 6.17 x 4.55 mm
  • Camera Resolution: 12 MP
  • Effective focal length: 14-28 mm
  • Monitor: 2.0-inch (touchscreen)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth
  • Viewfinder: None
  • Max movie resolution: 4K 30p
  • Dimensions: 62 x 45 x 33 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 118 g
  • Data Input: Still Images (JPEG/RAW), Videos (MP4)

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So, which one is the Best Vlogging Camera for YouTube?

Selecting a suitable camera for vlogging needs a proper prioritizing of a number of parameters which completely differs from capturing the still images.

Keeping in mind all the factors, we can say that the Canon Powershot G7X Mark II is the best vlogging camera for YouTube. Considering the quality and affordability, the features offered by the Mark II is up to the par.

GoPro Hero 6 can be stated as the best alternative to the Mark II and our readers seem to like it pretty good. You can choose any of the best cameras according to your budget and usage.

If you’re looking for some cheaper Vlogging Cameras, we suggest you to check out out other posts where we have reviewed the best cameras for vlogging under $300, $200, and $100. But before checking them out, let us warn you that those cameras might be cheap but the quality will be compromised as compared to the ones listed above. If you are serious about your YouTube journey, don’t compromise with the quality!

Today, Vlogging has become a really popular content style and there are no signs of slowing down of its popularity. Anyone with the right equipment can become an amazing Vlogger and build a huge audience to maximize their fame.

Day-by-day increasing numbers of cameras show the advancements in the technology to a great extent. It is noticeable that with the passing time, it is getting easier (and more affordable) to search for suitable digital cameras to capture stupendous photos and shoot exceptional videos.

Irrespective of the experience level and goals, no one has not any trouble finding a great vlogging camera from the above-provided list, one can use the cameras from it for their own vlogs.


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