Best Vlogging Camera under 100 Dollars for better Video Quality!

Best Vlogging Camera under 100 Dollars!

Starting a Vlog of your own? Not sure about which camera to go for and how much to spend? Check out the Best Vlogging Camera under 100 Dollars to get your feet wet before going all in on an expensive camera!

Let me tell you one thing – A camera under a hundred bucks may sound cheap and you may get second thoughts BUT don’t let it distract you from the fact that you can still get the quality you need to get started. So, keeping that in mind, let’s move on to finding the best camera for vlogging under $100!

Digital media is penetrating almost every aspect of life, and it is interesting to note the emphasis on content creation is increasing substantially. Content creators are deemed as the people at the helm of the new media with Vlogging as one of the most prominent forms of media. The preferences of the digital audience towards visual content depicted in the form of videos or images have resulted in people placing more importance on Vlogging.

One of the foremost requirements for beginning your Vlogging pursuits is a good quality camera. Now, it is easy to find out good quality cameras for vlogging in the high-end price range. However, to find the Best Value Camera for Vlogging under 100 dollars, you would have to stir up the pool of information sources on the internet to find out just the right camera within your budget.

Another prominent reason to look out for an economical camera is that a newbie in the field could get to know the basics of the play before trying their hand at some high-end gear. It is also imperative for aspiring Vloggers to obtain a clear impression of the positive and negative aspects of each camera they find within their budget.

The following article would reflect on the five most economical cameras that are considered appropriate for Vlogging under a budget. Let’s get started.

Best Vlogging Camera under 100 Dollars – Competitor #1

  • Sony DSC W800 Review

Sony DSC W800 Review - Best Vlogging Camera under 100 Dollars!

The DSC W800 does not offer any chances for Vloggers to complaint in such a low price range. The best-tested model is a unique mix of efficient build quality as well as affordability provided at affordable pricing thereby making it the most feasible choice for Vloggers in the initial stages that do not have a large budget for the equipment.

The 20.1MP sensor in the camera allows users to capture videos in 720p HD resolution. Despite being unable to match the highest available video quality, the camera facilitates the effective ratio of quality to file size. Losing out on resolution also implies that the vlogs would not consume substantial space and could be uploaded quickly.

The user interface is powered by the Simplify system of Sony in which the cameras leverage a simple point and shoot interface to combine with a lens and sensor for accomplishing superior quality. The Easy mode and Steady Shot stabilization available in the camera not only makes this one suitable for complete beginners but also the best camera for vlogging under 100 dollars.

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Best Camera for Vlogging under 100 Bucks – Competitor #2

  • Nikon COOLPIX L32 Review

Nikon Coolpix L32 Review - Best Camera for Vlogging under 100 Dollars!

The next entrant in this list of best affordable cameras for vlogging is the Nikon COOLPIX L32, and Nikon has accomplished a commendable feat in this model by addressing all basics of a vlogging camera effectively. It is also complemented with versatility as it can be used promisingly for vlogging as well as for conventional point and shoot.

The Vibration Reduction System in the camera helps in zooming in and out during the filming of a video without any jittering, especially at instances when you don’t have a tripod. This feature is considered effective for shooting lifestyle and traveling vlogs.

What’s more is the 3-inch screen on the L32 which unlike other vlogging cameras in the same price range provides a better preview of videos. Furthermore, a dedicated video recording button allows the option to start shooting within an instant. On the other hand, a slightly inefficient built-in microphone may have to be replaced by separate one for recording that accounts for a setback in an otherwise exemplary camera.

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Best Value Vlogging Camera under 100 Bucks – Competitor #3

  • Canon PowerShot ELPH 340 HS Review (Author’s Choice)

Canon PowerShot ELPH 340 HS Review - Best Camera for Vlogging under 100 Bucks!

Canon is one of the giants in the photography market and its offering to the category of vlogging cameras does not fail to please users. The PowerShot ELPH 340 could be very easily considered as the right mix of sophistication and affordability that can be validated through identifying the features of the camera alongside its presence in the list of best vlogging camera under 100 dollars.

Some of the key features that can be noticed in the case of this camera include built-in Wi-Fi Connectivity, CMOS sensor, Wide LCD, and capability for a 12X zoom. The striking feature in this camera is the ability for shooting videos in 1080p HD resolution that could contribute loads to the value of vlogs.

The 16MP camera strives for providing the clearest shots and superlative video quality that is supported by DIGIC 4 and an image processor in the camera for obtaining the best possible quality in vlogs. With all the features and quality outputs this camera has to offer, there’s no chance it would be left out from this list of Best quality Camera for Vlogging under 100 Bucks.

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Best Cheap Camera for Vlogging under 100 Dollars – Competitor #4

  • SUNLEA Digital Camera Review

SUNLEA Digital Camera Review - Best Vlogging Camera under 100 Dollars!

Just when you had a look at the one camera that can provide the facility of shooting videos in 1080p HD resolution, the SUNLEA Digital Camera also appears to be in the competition which is a 1080p vlogging camera available under 100 bucks. The foremost feature in the camera that appeals to Vloggers is the flip screen that can be lifted up and rotated by about 180 degrees for watching the video alongside recording. If a Flip screen is something you’d like, I recommend checking these cameras with flip screen.

The feature of specialized face detection systems in the camera allows for automatic adjustment of the white balance so that the subject’s appearance does not shift over the duration of the video. The retractable flash is considered as a prolific feature in the camera that allows for shooting in low light situations albeit with recommendations for dedicated lighting in such scenarios. With a one-year warranty and so many striking features, the SUNLEA digital camera deserves a place among the ranks of best camera for vlogging under 100 dollars.

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Best Camera for Vlogging under 100 Dollars – Competitor #5

  • Canon PowerShot A2500 Review (Readers’ Choice)

Canon PowerShot A2500 Review - Best Camera for Vlogging under 100 Bucks!

This entrant from brand Canon comes so late in this list as it is slightly more than 100 dollars. However, it would be unreasonable to exclude one of the credible products from Canon’s lineage of great cameras for vlogging just because it is priced at a few dollars more. The PowerShot A2500 is powered by the DIGIC 4 image processor of Canon that allows for rendering crispy resolution and vibrant colors in the final video output.

The low aperture value of f2.6 allows for flexible shooting in low light settings along with superior output. Therefore, this camera is considered suitable for filming vlogs in diverse varieties of lighting environments. Readers seem to like this particular camera a lot and hence it is one of the Best Vlogging Camera under 100 Bucks.

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So, which one is the Best and Cheap Vlogging Camera under 100 Bucks? – Conclusion

Since we have discussed the features of the best value vlogging camera under $100 above, it is imperative to focus on the criteria to be followed for selecting the right choice. So, it is mandatory to focus on the traits that you should emphasize in an economical vlogging camera for landing up a credible tool for vlogging.

First of all, look for build quality, and in this case, reputable manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, and Sony win the bet all the way. It is also necessary to look for a vlogging camera with a specialized and high-quality microphone to save money on a separate microphone. The final aspect is the resolution, and in the case of vlogging, 720p HD resolution is the thing you should be looking for as a beginner. If you can get a better resolution than that’s even better.

From a personal perspective, the best vlogging camera under budget to suit the requirements of Vloggers searching for economical and high-quality cameras for vlogging in the above list would be the Canon PowerShot ELPH 340 HS Digital Camera since it satisfies the prerequisites mentioned above effectively.

So, you now know which Vlogging camera to go for and have the green ticket to order it now! It fits the budget and does exactly what you need it to do with exceptional quality and features, it is one of the best choices according to us. Use the button below to get it now (you might get lucky and get some discount).

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