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Bluestacks Alternative – Best Alternative to Bluestacks!

Bluestacks Alternative

Looking for an Alternative to Bluestacks? Tired of the same old emulator that gives you slow processing and laggy gaming experience? Well, we present you with the Best Bluestacks Alternative!

Bluestacks is an Emulator that helps you run Android Apps on your Mac or Windows PC. It is the most popular software because it was probably the first to run Apps on PC. Soon, the Internet got flooded with more of those Emulators and each one of them had different features. Using these Emulators, you can play games, call on whatsApp, chat with your friends on messenger app, or run utility apps for free and with ease! That’s what makes them very popular.

Some of them offered features that were absent from the others. Some had better usability, etc. But the most useful features were changing IMEI, Device ID, etc and also the emulators that consumed less RAM were used more. Let’s now see why we actually need a replacement for Bluestacks.

Why do we need an Alternative to Bluestacks?

Bluestacks, being the best Android Emulator, sometimes faces some problems. The problems can be crashing, app incompatibility, rooting problem, etc but the major issue is that Bluestacks consumes a large amount of RAM and requires you to have a good GPU. To overcome these problems, you need an alternative to Bluestacks so that you can run all the Apps you want.

Bluestacks Alternative List

Below is the list containing the best alternative to Bluestacks that will help you run Android apps on your Mac or Windows.

  • Nox App Player – Best Alternative to Bluestacks

    Bluestacks Alternative - Nox App Player Nox App Player is a bit new in the market and has left behind all the other Android Emulators due to the features it offers! It is able to run all the Android Apps without any lag or any other problem.

    It is a standalone program which can be installed and launched within Windows itself, unlike a few other Emulators.

    The biggest advantage of using Nox App Player is that it does not require lots of RAM or GPU, i.e., it works perfectly in the systems having low RAM (works on 2GB RAM) and low GPU (works on 1GB Intel HD Graphics). The other features it provides are Root Access, IMEI Changer, etc.

    To sum it up, I can say that Nox App Player is the perfect Alternative to Bluestacks!

  • MEmu Android Emulator – Alternative to Bluestacks

    Bluestacks Alternative - MEmu Emulator MEmu Android Emulator is another good alternative to Bluestacks. It offers some amazing features that not even Nox App Player has. Along with good compatibility and stability of the tool, you can run Multiple Instances of the Emulator at a time. Although it will require more RAM and GPU but it is useful when you have to run multiple apps at the same time on your screen. The UI is also good and easy to use. The only problem with MEmu Emulator is that it sometimes crashes.

  • KOPlayer – Bluestacks Alternatives

    Bluestacks Alternative - KOPlayer KOPlayer is an Android Emulator that is stable, fast and free and can be declared a good Alternative to Bluestacks! It offers good compatibility of Apps and is compatible with all the Graphics Cards. It works fine on all versions of Windows.

    The UI of KOPlayer is also similar to Bluestacks and is very easy to use. It offers all the features that a normal Android phone would have so it will be able to run Android app without any problem.

  • Droid4X – Bluestacks Alternative

    Bluestacks Alternative - Droid4X Droid4X is a great Android Emulator. It is down on the list because of it of low performance. It lags a bit while gaming but normal app’s usage is quite good. You can download it if you want but for perfection, go to the top of the List 😉

  • GenyMotion – Bluestacks Alternatives

    Bluestacks Alternative - GenyMotion GenyMotion is a good alternative to Bluestacks but the only thing that made it be at the bottom of this list is that the tool is Paid, i.e., you need to buy it in order to use it. Although it works like a charm. Good Compatibility, High Performance and what not!

So, these were the Perfect Bluestacks Alternative that I would recommend going with. There are some more Android Emulators like Andy Android Emulator, YouWave Android Emulator, Console OS, etc and you can check them out too but as I said before, If you want best Alternative to Bluestacks, stick to the top of the list!

If you know any Emulator that should be on this list, let us know through the comments below. Liked the Article? Share it with your Friends!

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