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Chuwi HI9 Air Review – An Affordable Tablet for an Average User!

Chuwi HI9 Air Review - An Affordable Tablet for an Average User!

If you’re looking to get a new tablet under $200 then this Chuwi Hi9 Air Review might come in handy for you.

Chuwi has made it to the Android tablet marketplace through their latest gadget, the Chuwi Hi9 Air. Chuwi Hi9 Air being released this year comes up with the data connectivity which is different from the other models of the series.

Moreover, it is the first kind of tablet in its series to enable the user to experience an advanced design with its metallic body, a modest substantial chipset, and a number of peculiar specifications outstanding it from the other models of the subsequent series.

Furthermore, it provides a powerful functional Android 8.0 (Oreo) with a high degree of performance with the latest software. Apart from these utilities, there are some insignificant stumbling blocks which are common in an android tablet. Henceforth, Hi9 Air is compelling and made its premier entry at a low price of $200 and one can take a look at the gadget in the marketplace for the latest Android tablet.

Chuwi HI9 Air Specs Review

The Hi9 Air tablet has the dimensions as 241.7 x 172.0 x 7.9 mm and weight approximately to the 0.55 kg. It comes up with a slimmer body than the Apple’s iPad due to the form factor. It is worth noting that the tablet has an impressive specification module as it possesses Helio X20 deca-core processor and 4 GB RAM with high perfect resolution and boastful battery backup.

Below are the given points corresponding to its pros and cons.


  • Android 8.0 (Oreo)
  • Amazing Display
  • Dual SIM
  • Bountiful 8000mAh battery


  • Micro-USB charging
  • No accessories
  • Somewhat cheap-feeling construction facet

Design and Build Quality – Chuwi HI9 Air Review

Design and Build Quality - Chuwi HI9 Air Review

Chuwi has put firm efforts to the Android tablet Hi9 Air which gives it the look to the latest and hi-tech tablets like Nexus 7 tablets whether in the terms of build display or quality. The body comes up with a complete metallic body which will give the user a premium feel irrespective to the price tag of the device.

The edges of the gadget are smooth and the body material is extended to the camera. The material also surrounds the headphone and charging ports, and running nearly the full width of the tablet. This incorporates the micro SD cards and dual SIMs slots. This provides the user a sense of cheap-feeling.

Display – Chuwi HI9 Air Review

Display - Chuwi HI9 Air Review

The display quality of the hardware has not upset the user either. The touches on the screen like taps, swipes, etc. are very much responsive which is as expected from any good android tablet. Apart from not being slow to respond, the displaying colors on the 2K touchscreen are vivid and striking with the deeper tones are as dark as any panel available.

Although it does not match up to the Super AMOLED but its ability to decode the 4K video will show everything as crispier as compared to that of any other Android gadget in the marketplace. Additionally, the brightness feature in the model is quite impressive and can help immensely in the brightest sunlight as well. Although the device is so advantageous, there are quite pitfalls and mainly, the only actual pitfall in the display is that the display technology is deprived of hardening.

Moreover, the issue of bezels might be there. With that said, the 10.1-inch screen tablet could have better screen brightness. The tablet is not only fit for the indoors but also works perfectly outdoor i.e. in the bright sunshine also. The detailed specifications of the display are provided as follows:

  • Screen Tech Specs: 10.1 inch 16:10 Display, 2560 x 1600 resolutions, 299 PPI

Performance and Battery Life – Chuwi HI9 Air Review

Performance - Chuwi HI9 Air Review

In respect to the performance, the latest deca-core MediaTek processor works considerably and admired by the users. The standard criterion shows the gadget must execute the calculations and withstand in the panel to that of the latest releases of 2016 on most fronts. With regard to the graphical interface, the case is quite different but the indicators would let you know that hardly.

The company has not developed the gadget focussing much on the game lovers or to store too many applications in the device, hence there is a recognizable lack at that side. With that said, it is difficult for the tablet to compete with the rivals that are lined up in the field of intensive latest smartphone games and applications because of the technology advancements in the hardware sector.

Nevertheless, the Chuwi Hi9 Air android tablet comes under the series of a moderate range tablet, the features and specifications of the tablet are satisfying enough for the daily-routine user as it fulfills all the requirements. In précis, it can be said that the Chuwi Hi9 Air is a tablet with the quality traits of what the average user will be needed with no complaints.

The software of Hi9 Air is using android 8 effectively and efficiently employing enough MediaTek features. It is likely to observe that there is nothing much installed on the Chuwi Hi9 Air to be considered as the bloatware.

The all-inclusive specifications regarding the factors affecting the performance of the software are given below.

  • CPU: Helio X20 (MT6797) – 2 x 2.3 GHz, 4x 1.85 GHz + 4x 1.4 GHz (Cortex A72)
  • GPU: ARM Mali-T880 MP4 (780 MHz)
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 64 GB
  • Expandable: Yes

Battery Life - Chuwi HI9 Air Review

The battery of the Android tablet is 8000mAh which as unexpected in contrast with the size of the display screen and the fact that the Helio X20 is quite an older version having only 20 nm CPU. With all that mentioned, the Hi9 Air table is an easy-going tablet to the substantial hours whilst doing engaging stuff on it.

Cameras – Chuwi HI9 Air Review

Cameras - Chuwi HI9 Air Review

Ultimately, both the cameras in the device i.e. the front and the rear are operative which is one of the essential characteristics. The resolution of the rear camera is 13 Megapixel and that of the front camera is 5 Megapixel. Both of the cameras are able to provide good-quality images which are comparative to that of produced by the Samsung tablets.


To a great extent, the Chuwi Hi9 Air is a device with great value for the price. The tablet is able to excel in the fields where a small-screen is not competitive as well as economical.
The performance of the device is smooth and responsive when used for working. The display screen is amazing and the battery life is commendable.

The Chuwi Hi9 Air android tablet is a great looking with sheeny and sleek tablet body that can execute multiple applications altogether effectively. Hence, the tablet overall is well worth for consideration to anybody if one is looking for a large-screened Android tablet in the marketplace.

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