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Chuwi VI10 Plus Review – A Tablet PC with Ultra Battery Backup!

Chuwi VI10 Plus Review - A Phone with Ultimate Battery Backup!

Chuwi VI10 Plus is a device that surpasses the expectations of people from an average China Tab. It is believed that China phones and tabs are popular and highly desirable because of their pocket-friendly price. Since they pay less, they expect to settle for less.

With Chuwi’s star performance, it has been something very talked about. So, today we will write the long-awaited Chuwi VI10 Plus Review. We will give out all the positives and negatives of ChuwiVI10 Plus, and then you can decide yourself. And, we are sure that your decision will not be different than ours.

Most of the China phones and tabs are equivalent to average phones and tabs at low prices. But Chuwi VI10 Plus is a device that’s ahead of the race, and getting the popularity it deserves to change the game.

Chuwi has been known for designing aesthetically beautiful devices with superior technology at such low prices that people all over the world can lay their hands on it. And we can’t deny because Chuwi has proved itself multiple times and again. And this time, it has another great model launched to give a tough competition to the other desirable devices out there.

Chuwi VI10 Plus is what they call ‘an Ultrabook Tablet PC’. As sassy as it sounds, Chuwi VI10 Plus has taken the world of the Chinese market by storm. There are many advantages of Chuwi VI10 Plus that makes it better than the others already competing.

Chuwi VI10 Pro has a chic design; the looks to charm. It has front and rear glass frame which makes it look super elegant. So when it comes to the appearance, it is nothing short of exemplary. But with glass body, you might need to be a little careful while using it.

However, the device comes with a metal frame. It is a 10.8-inch tablet which looks absolutely stunning. It comes at a very cheap cost, but this is not the only reason this tablet is famous for.

It can be used with or without a keyboard. However, the package does not include the keyboard. You will have to buy it separately. Apart from this, there are many other features that make Chuwi VI10 a great buy. From its display to the processor, to camera, to battery Chuwi VI10 has everything more than what you would expect at the price that it is available.

Hardware and Performance – Chuwi VI10 Plus Review

Hardware and Performance - Chuwi VI10 Plus Review

The biggest advantage of Chuwi VI10 Plus is that it supports two of the most popular Operating Systems – Android and Windows. So when you are looking for the best of both worlds, Chuwi VI10 Pro is your best option.

You can work at ease with its Windows OS, and enjoy a pool of apps with Android 5.1. For Windows 10, rooting will be required. Though, it has been observed that it works smoother with Android. Also, it is really easy to switch to the other OS just within 15 to 20 seconds.

Chuwi VI10 plus comes with 2GB of RAM, and Intel Cherry trail Z8300 quad-core processor which is clocked at 1.44 GHz. It has 32GB eMMC. The internal storage is 32 GB with a free space of 4.6 GB in Android and 10.5 GB in Windows. Some of you may think that it is too little but, at its highly economical price, a device with such impressive specifications is hard to cross out from the list of potentially great buys.

Design – Chuwi VI10 Pro Review

Design - Chuwi VI10 Plus Review

It has a 3.5mm headphone jack, 2 USB ports, 1 micro USB port, 1 micro SD Card slot, and 1 HDMI output. With a convenient port space at left, it has a 9 mm thickness and a weight of 626 grams.

The touch scaling is set to 125% because of which you won’t have to press harder on the screen. It is highly responsive which makes it even more fun to use while playing games on your tablet.

Display and Camera – Chuwi VI10 Plus Review

Display and Camera - Chuwi VI10 Plus Review

It is really convenient to use this device since the display is extremely glossy and has a glass fingerprint magnet. Its 10.8-inch IPS display comes with a 1920×1280 resolution and has a great display.

Although the functioning with Android is smoother, the display is certainly clearer with Windows. The brightness is just what is needed to not be harsh on the eyes. There isn’t much about the camera that should be talked about since it has a 2 MP camera each at the front and the back. The camera quality is alright compared to other devices at this range.

Battery Life – Chuwi VI10 Plus Review

Battery - Chuwi VI10 Plus Review

The battery life of Chuwi VI10 Pro is the best feature that the users could ask for. It has an 8400 mAh battery and runs for 9 to 10 hours non-stop without any problem.

With a brightness of 40%, it can run for 6.5 hours in Android and 7 hours in Windows. If you don’t want to go out on a Sunday evening and want to stretch on your sofa with your laptop, then Chuwi VI10 Plus is something you would need.

You can play videos at 720p, browse the internet, and play games constantly, the battery would back you up!

Cons – Chuwi VI10 Pro Review

Apart from being an amazing Tablet PC, VI10 Plus, like others, has some things that we didn’t like and here they are:

  • Although the battery life is extremely efficient, it takes good 5 to 6 hours to charge to complete 100%
  • The camera quality is nothing close to great.
  • It is not equally efficient on both the Operating Systems.

Conclusion – Chuwi VI10 Plus Review

With a price this low, this device is nothing but perfect for the ones who want a great tablet without their pockets getting a big hole. It has dual Operating Systems and has a maximized performance for everyday activities.

It also has an IPS panel which has some 3D performance benefits which can be observed while gaming. The benefits of Chuwi VI10 Pro are manifold so without giving it much thought hit that ‘buy now’ button and make a great choice for yourself.

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