Doogee X5 Pro Review

Doogee X5 Pro Review

Doogee, a Chinese Manufacturer, came up with this new smartphone called Doogee X5 Pro and we are now reviewing it! This phone is pretty cheap and has some good specifications! To get to know it more, Read the Doogee X5 Pro Review further!

Recently, we reviewed Vernee Thor, another budget smartphone with some exceptional specifications and then we got out hands on Doogee X5 Pro and we knew we had a winner! The price for this phone is way less than what it should’ve been!

Doogee X5 Pro costs only $71.99 and it is really worth every penny! The sleek design, the sexy look, hot features, everything makes it a perfect phone for this price range! Let’s move on and get to the features, shall we?

Doogee X5 Pro Specs

Doogee X5 Pro Specifications are something worth looking at! They are literally offering a lot of features for just $71.99 and we must say that we are amazed! Without any further talks, let’s just take a look at the specifications.

  • Display – 5-inch, IPS, HD Display with 1280 x 720 resolution
  • Camera – 5 MegaPixel Rear, 2 MegaPixel Front
  • CPU – Mediatek 6753 Quad-Core 1 GHz Processor
  • GPU – Mali-T720
  • RAM – 2 GB
  • ROM – 16 GB
  • Android – 5.1 Lollipop
  • Network – 2G, 3G, 4G FDD-LTE
  • Battery – 2400mAh
  • GPS – Yes
  • Wifi – Yes
  • Dual SIM – Yes
  • OTG – Yes
  • Bluetooth – 4.0

Let’s now go a bit brief into the specifications and performance of the phone!

Doogee X5 Pro Review – Display

Doogee X5 Pro Review

Doogee X5 Pro comes with a 5-inch HD Display, offering a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. The HD resolution provides better viewing quality. The colors are bright and images are sharp.

When we started the phone and took a look at the Phone’s display, it gave a premium look. The screen was color rich and looked pretty good. For this price, it is better than ever!

Doogee X5 Pro Review – Camera

The smartphone has a fine Camera. It is packed with a 5.0 MegaPixel Rear Camera. The camera quality is not the best but considering the price, it is optimal. You can get much better pictures with Oukitel K4000 Pro, but we cannot get everything perfect every time.

The Front camera is of 2.0 MegaPixel and is not a very good option for you to take selfies. In daylight, both, the front and rear, cameras work pretty well but in low lighting conditions or Indoor conditions, you better use something else to take pictures as they won’t be very pleasant.

The Camera is the only thing we didn’t like about this phone but other features are just pretty decent.

Doogee X5 Pro Review – Battery

With 2400mAh Lithium-ion Battery, Doogee X5 Pro can provide up to 72 hours (3 days) of Standby. If you plan to use basic apps or surf the Internet, the battery can easily last for about 4 hours.

The Battery capacity is optimal considering the size of the phone, the processor used, etc. We can say that the battery is pretty decent and what can you expect for that price! Haha

Doogee X5 Pro Review – Performance

Doogee X5 Pro Review

Performance wise, this phone is pretty fine. We didn’t experience any major lag while using it for normal purposes. Surfing Internet, using Social Media apps, watching videos, etc was smooth. The offline usage of the phone was good too. No lag there!

The phone comes with a 1GHz Quad-core Mediatek Processor which is complemented by a 2GB RAM which lets you run multiple apps simultaneously in the background. Since the RAM has enough capacity, switching from one app to another doesn’t require restarting of the app everytime which is a good thing according to us.

There was some lag in the beginning when we started playing some games. The low size, low graphics game were pretty smooth but the big games like N.O.V.A, Mortal Kombat X, etc had some noticeable lag. Now, we are not saying that you can’t play big games on this phone. We are just saying that the gameplay won’t be very amazing.

If you are into gaming and like to play big games, this phone is not for you. But, if you like playing small games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Leo’s Adventure, etc, continue reading the review! 😀

Doogee X5 Pro Review – User Interface and Gestures

Doogee X5 Pro Review

With Android 5.1 Lollipop comes this budget smartphone. It has its own customized UI (User Interface) which makes the Interaction much easier and better. It gives you more control over your phone and makes it easier to customize it.

The customized UI is not very heavy and doesn’t affect the performance much. You won’t notice any lag or performance issue due to the UI. It looks pretty decent too! What’s better than having a cool looking UI, right?

Doogee X5 Pro has inbuilt Gestures too which let you access some of the apps/functions with just a swipe of the finger! You can Capture a picture by just drawing a “C” over the screen. Draw a Horizontal line to make a call, Draw an “M” to open Music App and listen to music, Draw a “W” to check messages by opening the Messaging app, etc.

Gestures really make life easier and Doogee X5 Pro will surely help you do that!

Doogee X5 Pro Review – Extra Features

Along with all the above features, this phone still has a lot of things to offer!

  • Double Tap – Doogee X5 Pro has a ‘Double Tap to wake’ function too! Meaning, you double tap the locked screen and it will light up. Similarly, double tap on the home screen and it will lock up the phone. Double Tap has always been our favorite feature and we usually dig in for such phones.Doogee X5 Pro Review
  • Decent Looking Back Cover and Grip – It offers a nice looking, premium back cover which makes it look more appealing than others! Along with the appearance, the Grip is so good, it can never slip out of your hand. The outer shell is also Skin Friendly!Doogee X5 Pro Review
  • BOX Sound Cavity – The phone has BOX Sound Cavity providing a good Sound Quality. Obviously, it isn’t the best sound quality one could get but what do you expect for this price, right? The Sound Quality is pretty decent. Pitch is perfect and music doesn’t get odd.Doogee X5 Pro Review

Doogee X5 Pro Review

Okay, now we have gone through all the features this phone has to offer and we can it’s not the best phone out it the market but it’s not worse either. For this price range, you cannot get anything better. A Mediatek Processor with 4 Cores, 2 GB RAM, and a Mali-T720 GPU is pretty decent for a good performance!

The camera, though, is not very great. If you want to get a phone for capturing quality pictures, you should look at Oukitel K4000 Pro. But if you want a decent looking phone with a normal usage performance, this smartphone is for you!

You can grab Doogee X5 Pro with a 27{c73ba5c3c4dae5b6c6b05f59a65bedad0dd1490e1c159e22ca550f04d65cff88} Discount from Gearbest or buy it from Amazon!

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Doogee X5 Review
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