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Honest Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Review

Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Review - All you Need to Know!

Looking to buy Dragon Touch Notepad K10 but not sure whether it is a good choice for you? Well, there’s only one way to find that out! This Dragon Touch Notepad K10 review covers all the technical and other aspects of this tablet. Once you have all the info, it would be easier for you to know whether it is a tablet for you or not.

Dragon Touch is a US-based manufacturer that specializes in Tablets, Drones, Monitors, Cameras, etc. They make premium quality products and come with warranties. The Notepad K10 from Dragon Touch is no less. It comes with a 1-year warranty. Meaning, you can basically get your tablet replaced with a new one for free! Obviously, there are some rules which you can check out on Dragon Touch’s Warranty Page.

All in all, it is a nice table for the price and it definitely worth the money if you ask me. But don’t take my word just yet. Check the specifications below and go through the whole Dragon Touch K10 Review and decide for yourself!

Specifications of the Dragon Touch Notepad K10

Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Specifications

  • Screen Size: 10.1 inch
  • CPU: 64-bit 1.3GHz Quad-Core Mediatek Processor
  • OS: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Display: 800*1280 IPS  FHD Display
  • Camera: 8MP Rear and 2MP Front Camera
  • Storage: 32GB in-built storage
  • MicroSD: Up to 128GB MicroSD Supported
  • Weight: 0.94 KG (2.09 Pounds)
  • Battery: 5000 mAh

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Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Review

Design and Build Quality

Design and Build Quality - Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Review

The first thing that a consumer expects from the product they buy nowadays is durability. While having a plethora of features on your smartphones, tablets and other tech devices is a good thing, one also needs to consider how durable and sturdy the product is so that one can rely upon it for a longer time. Let’s start the Dragon Touch Review with its design aspect.

The Dragon Touch Notepad K10’s construction is mostly from plastic and the rest is metal. Even with the mostly plastic build, the product does not however feel cheap or fragile in any way which is a very good thing for anyone wishing to buy a good quality touch device.

The Notepad K10 features a backplate that is made from metal which I was quite astonished to see on such a priced tablet. A fun thing to note is the fact that except for the back everything is made from plastic, yes, even the display.

A display screen made from glass would have obviously been preferred, but we can not argue with the decision of the manufacturer to use a plastic display instead due to the low Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Price. Even with the cheap plastic display, it still manages to look quite premium and I found the tablet to be quite sturdy to the touch.

Not the lightest tablet that you will find in the market I would say but definitely weighs a good 500 grams which makes it quite the lightweight device to carry around while traveling or on vacations.

One of the first things that you will notice when you pop this bad boy out is that the Notepad K10 features a whopping 10.1-inch touchscreen display. Just above the display, you will also find the selfie camera or the front-facing camera. Let us focus on the design aspects for now because I will talk about the display and other features later on.

As I mentioned earlier, the screen is made from plastic which does mean that it is less resistant to scratches and marks when compared to a glass screen and that is why I highly recommend putting a screen protector on this tablet. Judging on the build quality, the tablet is a great fit for college students.

When held in hand, the device looks and feels ergonomic and houses the volume rockers and the power button on the right side. You will also find a reset button and a 3.5 mm audio jack for connecting headphones or hooking up a speaker via an AUX with it.

On the top, one can find the micro-USB port for charging or connecting your Dragon Touch Notepad K10 to your computer or laptop. To be honest, the micro-USB port is a bummer, I wished they had gone for something better like a Type-C port. A good thing is that you also get a micro-HDMI port for you to connect your tablet to an external display device such as a TV or monitor.

Turning the tablet over reveals the LED flash and the back or rear-facing camera beside it which I will talk more about a bit later. The rear-facing speakers are placed adjacently and you can also find the microSD card slot so that you can bump your storage up to 128 GB later on if you need it.

Overall speaking, the design aspects are quite good, maybe not that great but bang for its buck. As far as the build and durability go, I tested the device for a while but did not experience anything bad apart from a few scratches.

Touch Screen and Display

Gaming monitor, smartphone, phablet, tablet, TV, whether it be anything, the display quality and the resolution of the screen always plays a big role if you want to fully enjoy the experience of such a device. A full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution display screen is a standard these days but unfortunately, the Notepad K10 has a lower-end display.

Let’s head on to the display Review of Dragon Touch. For the price that the Dragon Touch Notepad K10 is available, I can not complain about the display that it offers. The huge 10.1-inch touchscreen display has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels which is a tad bit higher than the traditional HD displays with 1280 x 720 resolution. Let us be real here, the tablet costs about $100 what more can you ask for that price.

Nonetheless, the screen is capable of displaying sharp images and you will definitely enjoy shows, videos, and movies on it although it is a severe downgrade from a full-size TV. The pixel density of 160 PPI is honestly not that bad but the texts and graphics on this tab can look a bit dull and soft. But hey you do not always have the privilege of watching a movie when out for a vacation and this tablet will help you watch one.

The lower resolution screen will not bother much while streaming videos or movies but for the readers out there, the texts can look a bit dull and I will not recommend it to people who want an electronic device to read books of any sort. The interface and the other elements also take up a lot of space.

The 10.1-inch screen has an IPS panel that offers acceptable brightness and displays pictures with decent saturation. Although the resolution of the screen is higher than HD, YouTube will only allow you to stream videos at 720p resolution. If you want tablets under the $200 mark with a better display check my blog out.

The IPS panel is definitely a good thing since it offers much better viewing eagles compared to an LCD display. For people who like to stare at the screen for long hours, the Dragon Touch Notepad has got you covered with the Eye Care mode which adjusts and optimizes the backlight and minimizes blue light emission to enable you to read and watch comfortably at night without tiring your eyes out.

For a low budget buy, definitely consider this to be an option as one can not ask for more for just a few hundred bucks.

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Camera - Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Review

A good quality camera on a phone is a must these days for letting you capture all those memories and good times with your family and friends. As of now, tablet cameras have not improved that much compared to their counterpart, smartphone cameras since the main job of a tablet device is to get productivity tasks done.

Only on flagship tablets and high-end notepads, you will be able to find some good quality camera and other than the most you are going to use your camera on a tablet are for video calls and not photography. The thing I very much liked about the Dragon Touch Notepad K10 is that even for the very small price for which it sells, it packs quite a decent rear-facing camera. As for the front-facing one, I will let you be the judge of that since for me it performed pretty badly.

The back of the notepad features an 8 MP rear-facing camera which is not that bad for clicking a quick snap or taking a picture of a note. In poorly lit situations, the camera performs horribly on its own, and that is why it is paired up alongside an LED flash to let you take pictures at night. If the camera is a priority then check out my list of best tablets under $300 that have a much better camera.

Now let us now come to the disaster of a front camera. Packing a super low resolution 2 MP camera, the images captured with this one looks way too dull and soft resulting in what you would call a poor-quality picture. The camera still gets the job done if you want to make a quick video call to a family member or a friend but for anything else such as clicking selfies, the front camera does not cut it.

The images captured from both the camera fails to produce natural colors and the ones from the front camera look washed out with low saturation. As for the videos recorded from the camera, the rear one records at 720p while the front camera is only capable of recording at 480p.

Not the best option if you want a tablet to capture images and record videos but for the price you get the Dragon Touch Notepad K10 I will let the quality of the camera slide as not many people use a tablet for the camera.

Power And Battery Backup

Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Battery Review

Here comes the Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Battery Review. Battery power is very crucial to a portable device like a tablet or a laptop and for this case, the Notepad K10 performs quite well making it one of the best travel buddies for people who like to be always on the go.

Boasting a large and powerful 5000 mAH battery will get you through the entire day without any hassle. The Dragon Touch Notepad K10 offers a great battery backup and provides a battery life of up to almost 10 hours. Now obviously that time might change depending on what you do with your device but as far as my opinion goes, the battery performance is quite fair at this price point.

Unfortunately, the tablet does not feature any special charging features like fast charging and comes with an included 5V/2A power brick and a non-braided micro-USB cable. Just connect the micro-USB end of the cable into the power port of the tablet on the top and the K10 will start juicing up.

The Notepad K10 also features Smart Power-Saving technology allowing you to tap into a mode to reduce battery drainage while using the tablet to watch a movie or play games without ever worrying about the power running out. If you want a tablet for gaming for around $200 I have many other options for you.

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Software And Features

Even for such a low price, the Notepad K10 tablet offers features that are miles ahead of the ordinary. Here is the good thing about budget oriented tablets, you get more than what you spend. The Android Operating System has been around for a long time and new software updates let you run newer applications and provides you more software support.

With the Notepad K10, you get Android 9.0 out of the box which is a pretty recent update from Google. The bad thing here is that you cannot upgrade to a newer Android like the latest Android 11 version via an update. This is the thing with budget Android devices, you just do not receive updates since manufacturers stop rolling them out. Therefore, those of you who are looking for new software updates and device support, do not go for this but other than that Android 9.0 should be sufficient for most tasks. If you are looking for Android tablets for around $100, click here!

Looking at the home screen of the Dragon Touch Notepad K10 you will find the generic home screen that comes with the outdated Android 9.0 platform. When you first boot up the tablet one thing you will notice is the complete absence of bloatware. Bloatware tends to eventually make your android device quite slow and unusable and thankfully this is not the case with the Dragon Touch Notepad K10.

Believe it or not, throughout most of my time I used the tablet, I did not suffer from any kind of severe lag or other issues. The experience with the Notepad K10 is quite fluid and smooth thanks to the stock Android UI.

As far as features go, you will find all the things that a typical Android device offers you and the K10 comes with some other extra functions that are bound to make some impact. The device just like any other device with Android 9.0 or later version, comes built-in with Google Assistant allowing you to search the web and ask questions using just your voice in the blink of an eye.

Of course, you also get the basic features like temperature updates,  smart device controls via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and more. One thing I liked about the Dragon Touch Notepad K10 tablet is the fact that it supports Dual Wi-Fi which you will not find on budget android tablets most of the time.

The micro HDMI feature is another great thing that will let you stream your favorite videos and movies on any display that supports an HDMI input. The integrated GPS is also a plus in case you would like to travel with a tablet in your hand. Although I highly doubt if anyone will use it, the K10 is also equipped with an FM radio.


Performance - Dragon Touch K10 Review!

Here comes the last but not the least important aspect of the Notepad K10, its performance. To put it simply, the device performs quite well irrespective of the low-end spec sheet and it amazed me how good the device performs under normal usage.

The specs of this baby are not at all that bad but do not expect any kind of earth-shattering performance. For basic operations and content consumption such as streaming internet videos, songs, movies, surfing social media, and browsing the device is quite excellent but for playing graphically demanding games the tablet does not cut it. I mean it is capable of running them but the experience is a bit laggy due to the absence of a powerful graphics processor.

Powered by the ARM Cortex A53 processor, the loading speed of apps is reasonably quick and things feel snappy even under heavy usage. I tried switching between multiple apps and the multitasking experience was also quite good thanks to the 2 GB of RAM at your disposal.

Testing it against some 2D games, the tablet held its own but coming to 3D titles like Asphalt the Dragon Touch Notepad K10 struggled a bit keeping the FPS up. Lag issues were still pretty minor and should be much of a problem for the most part.

From a connectivity standpoint, the tablet supports Dual AC Wi-Fi with choices between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networking speeds. The Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity comes quite in handy to connect your Bluetooth devices or a speaker which you will definitely need because the speakers on this tab are loud enough but do not deliver the best sound.

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Conclusion – Is the Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Worth Buying?

I hope this Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablet Review helps you finally decide whether you want to buy this tablet or not since it can be hard to completely rely on and buy a low-budget tablet especially if you do not know if the thing is actually good or bad.

My experience with the Notepad K10 was honestly pretty good. I mean sure the thing has got some drawbacks such as the lack of new Android updates and crappy cameras but just look at the price of it.

For just around 120 bucks you get something that will let you do almost everything that will keep you entertained starting from surfing the internet, swiping around social media, playing games, and watching some movies and videos. There is nothing more one can ask for at such a ridiculously low price and if you want alternate options for budget tablets around $150, I got you covered.

The lightweight and portability of this tab also adds to the equation and gives you the ability to take it anywhere making it the perfect choice for travelers to take a companion with them that will keep them entertained throughout their day.

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Overall, a solid budget choice if you want the most bang for your buck and I would definitely recommend it to students as well.

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