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How to Get Into Someone’s Instagram Without a Password

How to Get Into Someone’s Instagram Without a Password

Instagram is a place where people get to share pictures, videos, and memories with their followers, friends, and family. It’s just a colorful place to be. You can view these pictures and videos to monitor the activities of your loved ones.

So, what happens when you get blocked from seeing what they are doing? Even if you’re not, pictures and videos aren’t all that is there to it. What about who they are connecting with or chatting within their direct message?

This is what prompts you to check out what they are doing. You are interested in knowing what your child, partner, or friend is doing on their Instagram. You have tried the simple way of guessing their passwords but to no avail. No access. Nothing. Which prompts you to find out how spy someone’s Instagram without a password.

How to Spy On Someone’s Instagram

How to Spy On Someone’s Instagram

Just by typing “how to log into someone’s Instagram without them knowing” into the search engine, you will find tons of ways to spy on someone’s Instagram and even get Instagram spy apps suggestions.

Many people have written articles on how to spy on someone’s Instagram, and some have developed some methods you can use to spy on a person, of which 99% are fake. Many of these methods are fake or scam, while some are phishing methods that may require the expertise of a hacker to pull through at a very high price.

The best way to spy on someone’s Instagram is to use Instagram spy apps.

Easy Instagram Spying: No Longer a Myth

Spying on Instagram is no longer a myth, and it’s something you can do easily with your smartphone, as long as you are tech-savvy. You don’t need to have hacking skills or hire a professional hacker to get into someone’s Instagram account. You don’t even need large computer screens or type on keyboards profusely to get in like in the movies.

You only need a spy app. There are many spy apps you can use to spy on someone, but the recommended one, which is the best and less expensive of all, is mSpy. It has a lot of functions that you can benefit from, and its spying capabilities aren’t limited to only Instagram.

Why mSpy App is the Best to Spy on someone’s Instagram

Why mSpy App is the Best to Spy on someone's Instagram

You can actively view the activities of your child, partner, or friend remotely on the mSpy app. With mSpy, you can look through someone’s Instagram direct and the links they share. Before you can use the mSpy Instagram tracker, you need to root your phone device.

MSpy Instagram tracker is only available on android devices and not on iOS.

Ways to Maintain Security and Stay Safe on Instagram

There are many hackers out there who are interested in knowing what you are doing or up to on your Instagram. They may be trying to log you out of your Instagram account. Now that you have just read about Instagram spy apps, you know how easy it is to get into someone’s Instagram account and spy on them.

You ought to protect yourself from the prying eyes who want to monitor you on Instagram. How can you maintain security on Instagram and keep it safe?

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

You can make it hard for any Instagram spy to prey on your account by enabling two-factor authentication.

Check your Login Activities

You can also stay safe on Instagram by checking your login activities. Go to Settings on your Instagram and check your previous log-in activities. There you will find the locations you have logged into your account and the devices you used to log in.

If you find any unusual or unfamiliar activity, you can log out of all the devices and change your Instagram password. Check regularly to know whether there is anyone trying to log in to your account.

Make your Account Private

Make your Account Private

When you make your account private, only the followers you approve of will be able to see your posts and send a direct message to you. That way, you get to choose who sees your pictures, likes, or comments on your posts. It makes your account secured from any unwanted attention.

Also, if your account is private, Google won’t be able to index your images to Google images. Protect your personal account by making it private.

Revoke Access to Third-Party Apps

While browsing on some websites or your other social media account, you might have granted access to them to connect to your Instagram because of some additional functionality or information. Often times you lose track of them and forget to revoke their access to your Instagram.

A good way to stay secure is to revoke those websites and unknown apps that you have connected to your Instagram account if you don’t want your information to be stolen, or worse, get logged out of your account.

Secure Payment Options

Many people use their Instagram for business purposes, and often times they run adverts, and when you click on the buy now, you probably want to pay with your card. Before you decide to buy, add a pin to your card in the payment option of your account settings. This will protect your card from being used in case you misplace your device, or they get into the wrong hands.

Other ways you can protect yourself is to restrict accounts, mute them, report or block accounts if you see them as threats to you.


The world is changing, and getting into someone’s Instagram account is as easy as using a spy app. All you need is a smartphone and a cheap subscription. Mspy is the recommended spy app to use if you want to spy on someone’s Instagram. While you are here reading on how to spy on someone’s Instagram account, endeavor to protect your account as well because there are probably other people who want to know what you are up to on your Instagram.

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