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GPD XD Plus Review – An Android Based Gaming Console!

GPD XD Plus Review - Build

Miss the Retro Gaming and want to get it back again? I remember the old times when we used to play those games and enjoy life. We were 10 and free from the responsibilities of the world, only worrying about our favorite shows and playing those retro games. Life was good.

What if I told you there’s a chance to get those days back?! Well, not everything but yeah, the gaming part. You can enjoy the Retro gaming yet again! Presenting, GPD XD Plus, an Android-based console that can give you a major dose of nostalgia.

In this article, you will read the GPD XD Plus Review. How it works, what you can do with it (other than playing games), how you can buy it and if it’s worth getting.

A blend of traditional console and flawless emulation, the Android gaming market just got its latest offering from the Chinese tech company GPD and it is certainly striving in fierce contention with the Nvidia’s Shield Portable to become our preferred handheld emulation device. This device has got to be the gamer’s dream for sure, but is this gadget really worth the price it claims? Stick around to find out.

Design and Build – GPD XD Plus Review

GPD XD Plus Review - Design and Build

With its clamshell design, the GPD XD Plus is best described as a physical clone of the Nintendo’s 3DS. Its clamshell design ensures you that your device is safe from any forms of bumps or scrapes while it is rolling around in your bags.

Conforming to the most handheld devices, this latest addition to the market comes with traditional controls with dual analog sticks, D-Pad, XYBA face buttons and the now common bumper buttons.

The device has also been provided with supplemental buttons to navigate around on the Android screen. The whole system can be smoothly controlled with these buttons without relying on the capacitive screen. Also, the meticulous positioning of the controls on the console has got to appeal you right away.

The GPD XD Plus comes with Android 4.4.4, certainly not the latest version of Google’s Android OS but this would not even slightly hinder your gaming experience. With a user interface to look out for, the device presents you with a range of categories made up of icon grids.

The interface is divided into sections to provide you quick access to games along with ROMs. This is quite useful since you’d obviously be using it in landscape orientation using the D-Pad and not the screen itself.

As per our experience with the XD, I would not deter from claiming that the thumbsticks it encompasses have got to be the best we have used on a handheld device. They feel quite sturdy and comfortable to use.

The power button is centrally located in line with the volume controls, task manager buttons, and the control assignment buttons.

The GPD XD Plus comes with several ports. You can find MicroSD port, Micro USB port, a Mini HDMI port for you to connect it to a TV, a headphone jack! The downside here is that you won’t be provided with an HDMI cable. You’ll have to get one yourself.

Battery and Performance – GPD XD Plus Review

GPD XD Review - Performance and Battery!

Powered by the Rocket chip processor RK3288, the GPD boasts of a decent hardware in its price range. The CPU, in particular, is a Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A-17, clocked at 1.8GHz per core which claims to provide a 60% augmentation in performance and around 20% reduction in power consumption.

The GPD has got an upper hand over the other emulation devices with its GPU, the ARM Mali-T764 which is bound to enhance your experience of playing Android games when compared to its adversary, the JXD S7800.

Performance wise, this device is pretty good. While gaming, we didn’t experience any lag and you won’t too. Lagless gaming is something we gamers thrive for and this gadget doesn’t disappoint!

While the new GPU isn’t the latest from ARM, we can assure you that you won’t miss on trying your hands on the latest Android games. In the end, we just want to play games and have fun and the GPU is capable of running the major games.

It’s 6000 mAh battery can keep you gaming for a span of around 8 to 10 hours! This is something we liked the most in this console.

The GPD XD Plus has been brought to you in three versions namely 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. Even if you decide to download plenty of ROMs, you’re unlikely to run out of space for a while. If you do, then the MicroSD card slot is bound to come in handy – it can accept cards of up to 128GB in capacity.

It has a 2GB of RAM which is enough to have smooth gaming and run multiple games in the background and switch easily. It is enough to carry out all the tasks in the device.

The device comes with a 5-inch, 1280 x 720p IPS capacitive touchscreen. The high resolution features fine contrast and high Image quality. What’s better than playing games in high resolution so you can see your enemy from far away.

Though Android gaming tablets do not actually enjoy a good reputation when it comes to the firmware but this device is trying to do away with this norm as the default firmware that comes with the GPD XD Plus is quite stable implying you will not need to get a custom firmware just to be able to use the device in a proper manner.

Not everyone will like the default stock launcher that comes with the device, don’t worry GPD have made it very easy to switch to a different launcher by including the stock Android launcher from the get-go.

It is missing on Bluetooth so you will not be able to save yourself from the headphone wires in that case. But with the features it has got to offer, this shortcoming is absolutely not going to be the game changer.

Besides gaming, you also have options of streaming videos online on Youtube and Netflix. Meaning, while you’re not in a mood to play games, the GPD XD Plus can keep you entertained with amazing sitcoms and videos from all around the world!

Conclusion – GPD XD Plus Review

For us, this device has the best overall balance of features and power. You are just a click away from having the best fit of emulation and entertainment in your palm. Gaming becomes better when the device is portable and this is something you would like to get.

The review price might appear to be higher than its competitors in the market but every penny you invest in this pocket-sized Android tablet is worth the extravaganza. The GPD XD Plus is surely an undeniable buy you would not like to miss on!

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