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How to Pick a Motherboard for Gaming?

How to Pick a Motherboard for Gaming?

Since gaming has now become an incredibly popular leisure activity that attracts people of all age groups, the importance of owning a feature-rich motherboard cannot be denied. However, a large number of people hold on to the false belief that a motherboard has nothing to with the PC’s gaming performance. Contrary to popular opinion, a mobo is responsible for interconnecting all the essential hardware within your system and it also plays an extremely crucial role in facilitating a super smooth and lagless gaming experience.

If you want to prevent your CPU performance from getting bottlenecked, you must consider investing in a branded motherboard that boasts all the latest capabilities which are needed nowadays. But remember that there are a number of important things that you need to keep in mind in order to make the correct choice and secure the best value for your money. Without more delay, let us get straight to the article and discuss the top 8 factors which will simplify the selection process to a fairly great extent and help you identify the most powerful motherboard for your gaming needs.

Factors to Look for When Buying a Motherboard

Type of Chipset

There is no denying the fact that pairing your processor with the right motherboard can bring notable improvements in your PC’s performance and this is why you cannot ignore this matter. Your motherboard’s chipset type can help determine whether it will support a particular generation of processors or not. Gamers who are tech-savvy must probably be knowing that different motherboards come with different types of chipsets and hence, it is essential to select a mobo that would be compatible with your existing hardware.

If you are building your PC using an AMD processor belonging to the Ryzen family, you should purchase a motherboard that is equipped with a Socket AM4 chipset. Going for Ryzen 9 3900x is the current best option! On the other hand, the latest Intel processors run only on motherboards that have an LGA 1151 socket. Keeping all this aside, both the above-mentioned socket types are durable enough to last for numerous years to come and this is exactly what makes them worth owning. Make sure that you pick a motherboard with the right chipset type or else there are chances you might lose your hard-earned money.

If you own the Ryzen 9 3900x processor but don’t have a good motherboard for it then you can visit this page and get the best motherboards that will deliver performance and get the best out of your processor!

Memory Support

With modern games and software demanding more RAM than ever, motherboard manufacturers have begun offering excellent memory support. As a matter of fact, having at least 8 gigabytes of RAM has become a prerequisite for playing heavy games like GTA 5, Witcher 3, Max Payne, and so on. If you do not mind spending a little bit extra, you should go with a motherboard that supports up to 16GB of RAM. This amount of memory will come in handy for running RAM-intensive programs and games, the execution of which consumes a whole lot of your PC resources.

SATA Ports

SATA ports are required for enabling connectivity between different drives such as HDD and SSD. To put it simply, the storage system of your computer relies on SATA ports to function correctly and without them, it is of no use. Taking this into consideration, the mobo you select must have an ample number of ports so that you can enjoy outstanding storage functionality all day long.

If you plan to use dozens of storage drives in the future, you should not neglect this factor at any cost. Apart from being equipped with all the major ports, the motherboard should offer complete support for other components like a sound card, WiFi adapter, etc. You would be delighted to know that almost all motherboards feature multiple SATA ports regardless of the price range they belong to.

PCIe Slots

As we all know, modern-day gaming titles are known for their realistic graphics owing to which they are a big favorite among PC enthusiasts. Since games have improved graphically over the years all thanks to major technological advances, upgrading your system with a high-grade video card is now extremely important unlike previously. The only way you can connect a graphics card to your system is through your mobo’s PCI-E slot.

This makes it clear that your mobo can significantly impact your gaming sessions. Without a PCI-E x16 slot in your motherboard, you will not be able to install a graphics card in your CPU. So, if you want to take delight in the sight of crisp visuals and add more fun to your gaming sessions, see to it that you choose a motherboard that comes armed with at least 1 PCI-E x16 slot.

Another important thing to note is that a lot of newer motherboards now feature more than 1 PCI-E x16 slot, however, they are priced relatively higher. Therefore, you can also consider going for an expensive motherboard with multiple PCI-E slots provided that your budget allows that.

Build Quality

Just like any other piece of hardware, a motherboard’s build quality adds to its appeal and it is something that definitely deserves your attention. The ideal motherboard should not only boast a robust design and cool appearance but it should also deliver A1 performance at the same time. So, make certain that you shortlist only those motherboards which are built with components of top-notch quality, or otherwise you might have to get a replacement done soon, which will again cause you to spend more money.


One thing that matters the most is the overall size of the motherboard, which you have chosen for your day-to-day gaming requirements. While most motherboards have a standardized size, there are some mobos available online that are designed keeping in mind the varied needs of desktop users. Always remember that the size of the motherboard is not a concern as long as it fits in your cabinet.

If you have a standard computer case, your best bet would be to opt for the ATX form factor as it would meet your expectations in the best way possible. Otherwise, you can select a motherboard of any size based on your needs. Just ensure that you carefully measure both the height and width of your cabinet so as to buy the right-size mobo.

Extra Features

Everyone desires to have a motherboard that is loaded with a plethora of new-gen features, which have become a necessity in the present time. Some of the features found in premium-grade motherboards include fast WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity, support for high-quality audio, etc. Nevertheless, it has usually been seen that people who act hastily and do not research sufficiently about the features of a specific mobo end up with regret after purchasing the wrong product.

In addition to focusing on the advanced features and other important aspects, you must find out about the motherboard’s overclocking ability. If you are lucky enough to own a motherboard with this particular capability, you will easily be able to overclock your system, and getting more FPS in Triple-A titles will be a piece of cake. This way your CPU’s performance will get a major boost and you will not face any kind of lag or stutter even after years when the newest games will be launched.

Inbuilt LED Lighting

It is worth noting that a majority of hardware manufacturers have started incorporating RGB technology into their motherboards. While this is something that completely depends on your preferences, a mobo with inbuilt LED lighting capabilities definitely looks a lot more stunning compared to non-RGB motherboards. RGB features are commonly used by gamers who love to personalize their computers with colors.

Above all, the new generation of RGB-powered motherboards boasts numerous color schemes and lighting effects to complement your PC’s style. Given the excellent appearance, it goes without saying that mobos that possess lighting capabilities are nothing less than a delight for the modern breed of desktop users and gaming enthusiasts. Therefore, if you are looking to invest in a combination of both performance and style, be prepared to spend a few extra bucks from your pocket to own the motherboard of your choice.

Conclusion – How to Choose a Gaming Motherboard

When it comes to getting your hands on a top grade motherboard, you need to take into account both the product’s overall performance and cost before spending your money on it. However, people who do not analyze reviews and research enough before arriving at the final decision are bound to regret their choice in the future. This is the main reason why you should be extra careful while selecting your favorite motherboard to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Without a doubt, a high-end motherboard can work wonders for enhancing your gaming experience, especially when you pair it with a good processor. Now that we have thrown light on all major factors, make sure you ponder upon the aforementioned points and leverage the information shared in this buying guide to select the most advanced and feature-rich motherboard for your gaming needs. Be it night or day, feel free to contact us for assistance as we are active around the clock to sort out your queries so that you can make the purchase without experiencing any difficulties.

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