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An Honest Lemfo Lem6 Review

The Lemfo Lem6 Review - All You Need To Know

A huge reason why many people love smartwatches is that it gives them the ability to access their smartphones using their watches. What this means is you not having to for your phone handset every single time you want to use it. With that said, if you’re a lover of smartwatches then this Lemfo Lem6 Review is what you need to read.

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing a very cool one. It goes by the name Lemfo Lem6 3G and it’s quite an outstanding product. Lemfo has been at for quite a while now when it comes to building and designing good quality smartwatches.

Let’s take a closer look at what this one, in particular, has in store.

Design And Appearance

Lemfo Lem6 Review - Design and Appearance!

One unique thing about this product is that it isn’t a clearly recognizable smartwatch. The design kind of looks like something that would come out from Diesel. Despite having a considerably large black casing it doesn’t carry too much. Also, the keys do not press or aren’t disturbed when you angle your hand wearing it.

To display your installed applications or to waken your clock you’ll need to press the crown on the right-hand side located in the middle. You can also rotate it when you want to scroll through your menus and apps. The four buttons, two on each side of the watch, can be assigned to any of the applications on the watch and thus are sort of like shortcuts to these applications. Its I.2-1.4 inch display is crisp and super sharp due to 400×400 pixels resolution and the brightness adjusts automatically to your surrounding environment.

The width of the bracelets measure 24mm and are equipped with quick-release features. This means they can be exchanged on request. A 500mAh battery is what’s used to provide energy. For this, Lemfo has provided a tiny docking station that has a USB port. The power supply doesn’t come with it and you’ll have to acquire that separately in most cases. A full charge process will take around two hours or so and on the display itself, a red LED will show charging.

On a regular day, the watch will only need to go through around three to four charge cycles. If you are looking for a smartwatch with better battery life, take a look at one of the other smartwatches reviewed here! Lem6’s IP67 certification is very clear. Only temporary submergence in water is what’s allowed by the manufacturers. Nonetheless, truth is, such things can be flexible sometimes, but that depends on you and if you’re the type to push the limits.

Storage And Software – Lemfo Lem6 Review

Storage And Software

The Lem6 from Lemfo comes with 1GB of RAM alongside internal storage of 16GB ROM. Its powerful quad processor containing a 1.0 GHz MediaTek processor allows you to multitask freely when using the watch. You can check your texts while playing your favorite tunes with ease. Even though there’s no mem card slot on the watch, an internal storage capacity of 16 GB is more than enough for a smartwatch. The specs provided in this smartwatch are pretty good considering it is in sub $150 range. If you have a lower budget, you can check out this article containing watches that lie below $50 range. They may not be the best ones but they are pretty good if you are getting your first smartwatch!

Android 5.1 is what the Lem6 runs on and it doesn’t have any lags. By the way, a full charge should be able to last you around three to four hours non-stop. You can even receive text messages directly to the watch but you’ll need to incorporate a nano sim-card for this. The watch supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and that’s actually how it connects to your smartphone. It’s also water-resistant, however, containing an IPS label. Like mentioned earlier, this basically means that it’s not advised you wear it while in the shower or when swimming.

Display Screen

Display of Lemfo Lem6 Smartwatch

Screen size ranges from 1.2 to 1.4 mm. Full Guard takes a lot of credit for the spectacular resolution. The S3 model measures 360×360 pixels. The Lemfo Lem6 blows this out of the water coming in at 400×400 pixels. You can see the difference very clearly. The technology behind the screen is AMOLED, which makes the pictures as amazing and awesome as you’d get on any of the tech Samsung would display.


The Lem6 is powered by MediaTek MTK6580 tech with a 1.0Ghz Quad-Core processor. It’s quite a powerful smartwatch and is very similar to the Yamay Smartwach which we have reviewed here. You can also both count your calories and footsteps using this model. These are actually things people have come to expect of a good quality smartwatch. Its Bluetooth connectivity capabilities ensure you can connect your calls via smartwatch. Also, for 3G messages, calls, and several other great features, it has a slim card slot you can use to make this all happen. This adds dynamism to the whole product in general.


The thing that stands out with the Lemfo Lem6 smartwatch at first glance is its feel and look. However, that’s not all it’s good for. It has so much more to offer. For one, the Android OS it uses, which happens to be the most popular choice for smartwatches in many parts of the globe, is a perfect fit. There are several more smartwatches that lie in the range of around $100 and have the Android OS as it is always easier to connect with your smartphones!

The unique bracelets it has on also adds to that dynamic aesthetic. In fact, one could go as far as saying this new product by Lemfo was designed with more fashion-forward people in mind. But, that will also eventually have to boil down to what one is interested in.

The Lem6 smart watch can pretty much compete with the best of them in the market and still completely hold its own. When it comes to its overall performance, pound for pound it does extremely well. Lagging is something you won’t have to be worrying about all the time. Definitely, well worth every penny.

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