8 of the Lightest Gaming Mice on the Internet!

8 of the Lightest Gaming Mice in July 2020

Fast Movement is very crucial when it comes to gaming and what’s better than having a lightweight gaming mouse?! If you’re a hard-core gamer like me and like to play for long hours sessions then it is necessary to not only have a light gaming mouse but one that fits your hands properly and that is why I’m reviewing 10 of the Lightest Gaming Mice on the Internet that you can get and make those gaming sessions more enjoyable and your arms less fatigued!

The lighter the mouse in your hands, the faster the movement and if it’s an FPS game, you gotta be fast or you get shot. The mouse may not be the only factor to win a game but it is the biggest one when it comes to your input devices and it is necessary to have only the best when you don’t want to compromise with your gaming experience! This is the exact reason why this post exists. To show you the lightest mouse for gaming for best results! Now, before diving right into the reviews, you gotta know a few things first.

What you Need to Know?

You gotta read the following points before moving to the reviews.

  • All the mice on this list are ambidextrous and provide good enough quality, performance, smoothness, and are available at a good price point.
  • Most of the mice are suitable for all hand sizes but if they are not, it will be stated explicitly in the review.
  • Most of the mice are suitable for all types of grips be it palm, claw, or fingertip grip. If they are not suitable for a particular grip type, it will be stated explicitly in the review.

These were a few things that you needed to know before proceeding. We also have a full detailed guide on choosing the right gaming mouse! So, without further waiting, let’s get started with the lightweight gaming mice collection. I will share my experience with these mice and will pick the one which I found to be the best in terms of weight, mobility, size, and price.

8 Lightest Gaming Mice on the Internet!

Finalmouse Air58 Ninja Review

Finalmouse Air58 Ninja Review - One of the Lightest Gaming Mice!

The Air58 is one of the lightest gaming mouse weighing only 58 grams which makes it a good fit for games like Apex Legends or Overwatch. It has a unique body filled with holes to make it even lighter. The body of the mouse is sturdy and durable and is appealing due to its design. It lacks the RGB lights which makes it a little light but some people prefer mice with RGB over the ones without RGB.

This mouse comes with a 3-year warranty which you may not even require due to the quality it has to offer and due to this, it costs way more than the average mice in this list. The cord is the best out of all the mice in this list. It is so lightweight and flexible that it doesn’t even feel like it is a wired mouse. The Air58 is a little smaller than the Model O from Glorious.

The body is made up of plastic and comes with aesthetically appealing colors. The mouse comes with 6 buttons out of which one is the DPI switch button. Two of the buttons are placed on the side of the body and can be used only by the right-handed users although the mouse has the ambidextrous design.

Overall, this mouse is a beast in performance and is pure quality. The design is good and is very lightweight. It has a set of appealing colors for the body and provides very accurate and fast movement.


  • Weighs only 58 grams
  • 6 buttons setup
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Suitable for all hand-types
  • Expensive Mouse
  • Good Performance and comes with 3 years warranty

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Finalmouse Ultralight 2 – Cape Town Review (Lightest Mouse)

Finalmouse Ultralight 2 - Cape Town Review - Lightest Gaming Mouse!

Another Finalmouse entry here and this one is even lighter than the one above. This mouse, as the name suggests, is ultralight and weighs only 47 grams without wire which is around 10 grams lighter than the Air58. It also contains the honeycomb pattern to use less material (plastic) and hence become lightweight.

The body of the mouse is appealing and is very compact and small in size. All hand-sizes can work with it but if you have a little bigger hand size then you can make use of the latex grips that come with it. These latex grips called infintyskins can be attached to the body of the mouse and can change its shape and size to fir your needs.

It does not contain any inbuilt tool and you have to make use of third-party software to adjust the DPI according to your suitability. The mouse again does not contain any RGB lights but the body itself is pretty appealing and those who are a fan of light gaming mouse will find it to be heaven. It is very accurate, smooth, and easy to move.

The cable of the mouse is light and flexible and you won’t feel any drag. The use of bungee will make it even lighter. The mouse contains 6 buttons that cannot be programmed and the DPI switch button is present at the top.


  • Weighs only 47 grams
  • 6 buttons setup
  • Ability to change shape and size using infinityskins
  • Fast and accurate movement
  • No RGB
  • Lightweight and flexible cable with almost no drag

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Glorious Model O Review (Author’s Choice)

Glorious Model O Review - One of the Lightest Gaming Mouse!

The Glorious Model O weighing at only 67 grams is one of the lightest mice for gaming here. It has a minimum DPI of 400 and a maximum of 12000. It is an ambidextrous mouse that enables both right and left-handed users to use it. It also has an amazing design contributing to a good grip for all types of users.

This gaming mouse can be used for all sorts of gamers in all the genres. The only problem here is that it is a wired-only mouse and you’ll have to face a little drag. The Model O is a little big in size and is not suited to those with smaller hands BUT worry not! There’s a Minus model available too which is going with the name ‘Glorious Model O Minus’ which can be bought by those with smaller hands. If you don’t like the Minus version, check out this post containing only the mice suitable for people with smaller hands!

Coming to design, the mouse is pretty simple and sleek. The buttons have low latency and provide fast response and can take up to 20 Million clicks (which may not be too high but still pretty good). The mouse has 6 buttons which can be programmed using the software that comes with it. Using the same software, the RGB can be customized too!


  • Weighs only 67 grams
  • 6 buttons setup
  • Withstands 20 Million clicks
  • Customizable RGB
  • DPI ranges from 400 to 12000
  • Not suited for smaller hands (go with Glorious Model O Minus instead)

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Logitech G Pro Wireless Review

Logitech G Pro Wireless Review

The Logitech G Pro from the Pro series from Logitech is the lightest wireless gaming mouse that can be used by gamers as well as normal users as it is made in a way to work with all sorts of grips and all sorts of hand sizes. The best part with this gaming mouse is that it has low wireless latency and the clicks get register fast.

The mouse looks sleek and decent visually and weighs at around 80 grams which is a little high considering other mice on this list. It also has an ambidextrous design. It comes with 8 buttons and one of them is a profile switching button and one is the DPI switch button.

It does not have a very appealing RGB lighting but it still looks good due to its simple design. It is an accurate mouse and can get work done easily. The Logitech G Pro Wireless has been stated as the best wireless mouse for Fortnite!


  • Ambidextrous design
  • Weighs around 80 grams
  • 8 buttons setup
  • low wireless latency
  • Can be used by Gamers as well as Normal users

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Razer Viper Ultralight Review (Readers also like)

Razer Viper Ultralight Review - Lightweight Mouse for Gaming!

Razer has been in the gaming industry for quite a long time and is known for its amazing gaming equipment and it had to be on this list! A lot of Razer’s other mice have been listed as the best for several games like CS: GO, Fortnite, League of Legend, etc and this mouse is nothing short of awesomeness. This lightest ambidextrous gaming mouse was focused on esports and was considered the best esports mouse weighing only 69 grams which makes it one of the lightest gaming mice on the market. Due to its RGB lighting, it is visually very appealing.

The viper comes with 8 buttons set up that includes 2 buttons on the left as well as the right side and a DPI profile switch button. The buttons are optical and hence provide a fast response. They are also durable due to their mechanical nature. It has an anti-drag cord which makes it easier to move the mouse at faster speeds.

The mouse itself is very comfortable, sleek, and durable. It is quick and accurate. It saves some fractions of milliseconds on every click due to the fact that it has a very low response time. The company says the switches can take up to 70 million clicks which is quite high. It also comes with customizable RGB lightings as does all the Razer equipment.


  • Weighs only 69 grams
  • 8 buttons setup
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Withstands 70 Million clicks
  • Anti-drag cord
  • Low response time
  • Customizable RGB lighting

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Cooler Master MM710 Review

Cooler Master MM710 Review - One of the Lightest Mice for Gaming!

The MM710 is a little heavier than the Ultralight 2 reviewed above weighing at only 55 grams (8 grams heavier than the Ultralight 2). This mouse contains a honeycomb pattern all over the body and not only the top which makes it so light.

The mouse has a good visual appeal and is mostly hollow. It has 6 buttons out of which one is the DPI switch. The 4 buttons out of the 6 can be programmed along with the scroll up and down. This is something I really liked. The RGB is also good looking and since most of the mouse body has holes in it, it looks really great!

The MM710 is suitable for all types of grips and fits all hand sizes except large hands. If you got big hands then you would have to go with some other mouse (we have reviewed some of the top mice for big hands here). The mouse has the ambidextrous design so left-handed as well as right-handed people can use it without any problems. The software that comes with it allows a lot of customization and that makes it a dream mouse for customization freaks!

Coming to the performance, the mouse performs pretty good. Due to its lightweight, it can move very fast and the cable that comes with it is braided and doesn’t drag a lot. The accuracy of the mouse is also good and the click latency is low so your clicks get registered pretty fast!


  • Weighs only 55 grams
  • 6 buttons set
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Suitable for all grip types
  • Not suitable for people with big hands
  • Lots of CustomizationAvailable
  • RGB looks good due to honeycomb pattern available on the whole body
  • Accurate and fast movement and low click latency

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G-Wolves Hati HT-M 3360 Review

G-Wolves Hati HT-M 3360 Review

Another amazing and ultra-lightweight mouse with lightest ambidextrous mouse design and honeycomb pattern weighing only 68 grams. The mouse is well-built even though it contains the honeycomb pattern which makes mice a little squeaky. The mouse is suitable for all types of grips and works for both left-handed as well as right-handed people. This is the reason a lot of League of Legends and Rainbow Six Siege gamers prefer this mouse.

The size of the mouse is a little on the larger side and may not be very suitable for people with shorter hands. It comes with 6 programmable buttons consisting of two buttons on the left side of the body and a DPI switch button at the top. The click latency is pretty low and stands at only 13 ms. With the old firmware, the click latency was a little high but after upgrading the firmware, you can see significant improvement in the speed and performance of the mouse.

Coming to performance, it has a polling rate of 125, 500, and 1000Hz.  This allows you to have fast and smooth movement and since it is very lightweight, your mouse will literally fly! It is accurate and works just as it should. The cable it comes with is pretty lightweight, flexible and doesn’t get stuck in things. Overall, this mouse is one of the lightest gaming mouse and is good enough to be on this list.


  • Weighs only 68 grams
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • The polling rate of 125, 500, and 1000 Hz
  • Low click latency of 13 ms
  • Doesn’t suit people with smaller hands
  • Lightweight cable

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Razer Abyssus V2 Review

Razer Abyssus V2 Review

Another Razer entry of a lightweight mouse weighing at around 80 grams. It is also an ambidextrous mouse as all the mice in this list and works for all hand sizes and grip types. It is a wired mouse that provides low click latency and accuracy.

This mouse comes with 4 buttons only and that too including the DPI cycle button. Not the best part about it. The mouse provides good accuracy and fast movement. The build quality is good and the mouse itself is pretty durable. Using the Razer’s Synapse software, you can bind the scroll up and down to a function of your choice but it requires the software to be running at all times.

Design-wise, the mouse is appealing. It has the green glowing Razer logo on the top which itself looks pretty cool. The scroll wheel has also the glowing effect of green light. The cable is not braided and may drag a little reducing the smoothness and performance but overall this mouse if good enough to be on the list. There are obviously better options available but the brand name and quality got this mouse this far!


  • Weighs at around 80 grams
  • 4 buttons set
  • Visually appealing
  • Good quality
  • Works for all hand sizes and grip types
  • Cable not braided and will drag reducing the smoothness

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Conclusion – Which is the Lightest Gaming Mouse to get?

The lightest mouse for gaming on this list is the Finalmouse Ultralight 2 – Cape Town. It weighs only 47 grams and is the lightest one on this list. It is a beast when it comes to performance too but the only downside is that the Finalmouse products are a little hard to get, i.e., the availability is a problem and also the mouse itself is pretty expensive. But for the performance you get and how lightweight it is, everything’s justified.

I personally liked the Glorious Model O. It weighs around 67 grams and can withstand up to 20 million clicks. Along with that, it provides good accuracy and is a beast in performance. The price is not too high and is justified by its appearance, performance, low click latency, and all the features that it comes with.

If you want to go with some different mouse then the second choice for me would be the Coolermaster mm710. Another amazing mouse with great quality, great performance, and amazing features. Pricing is on point too and our readers seem to like that one a lot! It has got good reviews from all over the Internet and is worth looking into if you can’t decide.

Whichever mouse you choose from this list, it won’t disappoint you. They are all light and up to the par and provide good performance. Let us know in the comments, which one you liked the most and bought for yourself!

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