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The New Apple MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air – A Detailed Comparison!

The New Apple MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air - A Detailed Comparison!

In case you’re in the market for getting a laptop for yourself, odds are you had already looked at Apple’s MacBook with an envious heart. In case you’re ready to spend some cash into a laptop from Apple, it’s normally a choice that comes down to the MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air.

Recently we covered an article about iPhone 11 and what we know about it and now it’s time to get into the Laptop section of Apple. Here we’re looking at the MacBook models, comprising of the Pro and the Air which both flaunts a 13-inch screen. All things being equal, there are different choices to make. Would you probably go for a lighter, progressively versatile and portable laptop or pay a bit extra for the Pro?

MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air

We’ll go through the differences and also things that are similar between the Pro and Air in details and that could make it a lot simpler for you.

Let’s GO!

Weight and Design – MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro

The 2019 version of MacBook Air weighs approximately 1.25kg contrasted. In comparison, the MacBook Pro weighs about 1.37kg. Both of them have an all-aluminum finish, with both of them providing space dark and silver shading choices, in spite of the fact that the new Air additionally comes in gold. Anyway, both the Air and Pro looks very similar.

MacBook Pro Design

The Macbook Air and also the pro comprise of Retina displays. Even though it is kind of same, the difference in brightness is evident between the two laptops and are like chalk and cheese. Likewise, the Air and the Pro gives you Thunderbolt USB-C ports. These ports can achieve a wide range of tasks, including charging and rapid speed data transfer.

A thing that differentiates is that the Macbook Air doesn’t have a Touch Bar. After some bad response to the Touch Bar, Apple chose to concentrate on different features for the Air. The Pro does have the option for the Touch Bar. When it comes to design, there are several smaller companies that try to copy whatever Apple launches and MacBook Pro and Air are no different. There’s Yepo 737s and Jumper EZBook 3 Pro that look more or less like MacBooks and may or may not have the performance.

RAM and Processor

Both of them have the eighth-generation Intel Core i5 processors but are quite different to each other. The Macbook Air may have a noteworthy speed of 1.6GHz but it is limited to being a dual-core.

The Pro is actually quad-core 1.4 GHz and has Turbo Boost that goes up to 3.9GHz. This implies that it is much more dominant and large, while the Air and it’s chip is increasingly about efficiency and balancing power.

They both sport 8GB RAM, but you can configure both to about 16GB.

Storage Capacity – MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air

As per storage, both the MacBook Air and Macbook Pro begin at 128GB. Of course, you can configure and increase the storage capacity of Macbook Air to 1TB. Also, in case you require much more, the Macbook Pro goes a notch higher at 2TB.


While the speed of the processor is plainly in the MacBook Pro’s side, while in terms of battery life, the Air comes out as a winner by a slight margin.

Apple asserts that the Air can deal with about 12 hours of web browsing wirelessly and also video playback of straight 13 hours.

Display – MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro

The display in the past for the Air and Pro were very different, however, Apple has got them a lot nearer in 2019.

MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro

Both the models have a 13.3 inch LED display with IPS technology and boasting of a solid 2560×1600 resolution. The main difference presently is that the Pro flaunts a 500nit brilliance level and wide color (P3), which is missing in the new Air.

Portability Difference

The MacBook Pro is 0.59 inches thick and 11.97 inches wide, the MacBook Air in comparison is 0.16 to about 0.61 inches as per thickness and 11.97 inches wide. That makes the MacBook Air the more slender and lighter choice for going around with it.

Pros & Cons – MacBook Pro vs MacBook Air

MacBook Air


  1. It currently packs in an eighth-generation processor and took some design prompts from the MacBook Pro as well, including at last getting a point by point Retina screen.
  2. It additionally had its speakers moved to the sides of the keyboard, instead of underneath, making the sound progressively effective and more clear.
  3. As you know, the Air is light and thin. It’s an incredible choice for any individual who travels a great deal with their lappy and wouldn’t like to be hindered by a heavy burden.


  1. The Air doesn’t comprise the fundamental snort for truly difficult tasks. For those undertakings, that is the reason the Pro exists.
  2. The speed of doing work in a Macbook Air is to some degree slower when contrasted with the Macbook Pro.

MacBook Pro


  1. In the MacBook line up, the Pro is the apex, making it the most alluring laptop bearing the Apple symbol. The explanation behind this is it is loaded down with tech, from quick Intel processors to devoted Radeon designs cards.
  2. The MacBook Pro is a monster in itself, intended to handle complex video editing and graphical preparation easily.
  3. Uses incorporate utilizing it to clean through the frames on a video file, or rapidly add emoticons to your messages.


  1. The Pro is certainly the costliest laptop in the MacBook line up and can run you up to $2,800 if you choose the 15-inch model with 512 GB of storage and a blisteringly quick 8-core i9 processor. That is not one for the economical, yet it’s a genuine asset for the professionals.

So, which one is better – MacBook Air or MacBook Pro?

Picking between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro truly boils down to two central points in the form of Budget and Requirement. If you opt for the Pro, you’re getting a high spec beast that accompanies a costly price to be paid. While the Macbook Air is similarly great, yet it can lack the power punch with its affordable price.

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It is up to you. Which one out of the two do you intend to buy? Let us know in the comments!

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