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Most Profitable Bosses in OSRS

Most Profitable Bosses in OSRS

If you’ve been looking for the most profitable OSRS bosses, then you stumbled upon the right guide. Some of the options you will find here can earn you a good profit by simply slaying some of the most well-known bosses in Old School RuneScape. In cases like this, we’ll be taking a look at the ones that will get you the most profit since you want to get as much OSRS gold as you can.

While you can buy OSRS gold outside the game and just focus on the loot dropped by these RuneScape bosses, you might be more interested in defeating them and getting the gold directly from them.

Now, based on our experience, here are the best OSRS bosses for gold farming that you should try and defeat.

Most Profitable Bosses in OSRS


You have to complete the Dragon Slayer II quest to get to Vorkath, which means you will have to acquire good combat levels before you can defeat this profitable OSRS boss.

Your main goal is to have the ability to boost the number of RS gold you can earn each hour. Bearing this in mind, obtaining a Dragon Hunter Lance or Crossbow will mean you could get more kills for each hour you spend fighting Vorkath. These items have bonuses that increase the damage and accuracy when you bring them to battle.

The most difficult portion of the battle that we have a hard time overcoming is the poison segment. Be certain you can move well or else you’ll lose because of the poison balls which can kill you off fairly fast.

Considering that you can get 135,000 GP for every kill, and you’ll be able to get 30 kills each hour by going to battle with the right equipment. One noteworthy drop from this OSRS boss is the Onyx Bolt Tips, which you can sell for about 40 to 245 million OSRS gold or you can go with the Skeletal Visage that can fetch a value of about 30 Million GP.


Zulrah - Buying OSRS Gold

This specific boss was among our favorite bosses to match up with because of its low requirements. It’s not uncommon to see Zulrah appear on several OSRS money-making guides. If you need OSRS gold fast, we suggest completing the Regicide quest right away so you can get a chance in slaying Zulrah.

Of course, much like any OSRS boss on this list, Zulrah still presents a good challenge since you have to go through four phases until you can reach Zulrah. To make it through these phases, you need to have an ideal setup in which your Ranged and Magic skills are at good levels and you also bring the necessary equipment to easily defeat this boss.

If you’d like a faster method of taking down Zulrah, then you need to check into obtaining a Twisted Bow. I know, it’s a rare item, but it’s worth it since Zulrah can get you 3 million OSRS GP per hour.


Another profitable OSRS boos is Zalcano. However, you will need to complete the Song of Elves quest first before you can get to his place. Zalcano is known for being a skilling boss where you’ll want to utilize your mining, runecrafting, and smithing skills to be able to defeat him. Getting your skills to about level 80 or maybe even 99, especially for Mining, may be of excellent help as you can utilize the Crystal Pickaxe. Using this OSRS item will allow you to get the most OSRS gold per hour when slaying this OSRS boss.

Zalcano has some quite lucrative drops like the Crystal tool seed and you can earn about 162,000 GP per kill. If you can kill this boss for about 20 times per hour, which is the maximum allowed, then you can earn about 3.2 million OSRS gold which is one of the highest GP/hour in the game.


Now, all these OSRS bosses can definitely earn you money, but you have to consider the items and skills your character has right now. It’s best to focus on skills that can be useful and profitable for you in the long run like runecrafting and mining. Just remember to be prepared for each battle so you can get the greatest number of kills and in return, increase the amount of gold you can make per hour.