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Oukitel K6000 Pro Review

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review

Oukitel usually makes smartphones with large battery capacity and they have this phone called Oukitel K6000 Pro with a massive 6000mAh battery and we will go through Oukitel K6000 Pro Review, today!

We have already reviewed Oukitel K4000 Pro and it was a beast! A great battery capacity, awesome features, and not to forget, the Price! After K4000 Pro, they have launched K6000 Pro which seems to be a great one! So, let’s start with the Oukitel K6000 Pro Specs.

Oukitel K6000 Pro Specs

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review

Let’s take a look at the Specifications of Oukitel K6000 Pro. You will love it for the specs!

  • Display – 5.5-inch Full HD Display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Comes with a 2.5D Arc Dragontrail Glass Screen
  • RAM – 3GB LPDDR3
  • ROM – 32GB
  • Camera – 13 MegaPixel Rear with Flash and 5 MegaPixel Front Camera
  • CPU – MTK6753 64-bit Octa-Core 1.3GHz Processor
  • GPU – Mali-T720
  • Battery – 6000mAh
  • Sensors – FingerPrint, Gravity, Proximity, Light, and Hall Sensor
  • Bluetooth – 4.0
  • SIM Card – Dual SIM
  • System – Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Additional Features  – Off-Screen Gestures, OTA, OTG, Miracast, HotKnot

So, as you can see that the features are just sweet! Most of the smartphone companies won’t give you what they are giving for only $151.99! Let’s now start the brief review of Oukitel K6000 Pro!

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review – First Look

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review

The K6000 Pro comes with a Metal Body which gives it a premium and sexy look. Along with the attractive appearance, it enhances the durability of the phone and makes it pretty solid. Now, don’t let the metal body fool you for its weight! It weighs only 214 Grams which is quite light!

Along with the premium metal body, the phone is splashproof, dustproof, durable, and provides a good grip. Although it is a 5.5-inch phablet, still, holding it in hand feels nice. The credit goes to the premium finish of the body.

Now, we know it looks good and you must be already tempted by it, but wait! There’s more to this phone except for the body. You will be amazed by the number of features it has got! Keep reading the Oukitel K6000 Pro Review to find more about it.

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review – Display

Oukitel K6000 Pro

Oukitel K6000 Pro comes with a 5.5-inch Full HD Display having a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The resolution is high enough to show the Images in amazingly well quality and not to forget that the display is of very high quality which lets you see the graphics clearly at slant angles too.

The colors are warm and sharp. The images/videos look bright. Now, along with a good display quality, it offers Capacitive touch with up to 5 Points! Isn’t that great?!

Along with the great screen, it has great protection too. It comes with a Dragontrail Glass 2 which is scratch and dust resistant. Meaning, you are safe from all the scratches! The Dragontrail glass is pretty solid so you don’t have to worry about the screen damage either.

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review – Battery

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review

Oukitel has always been one step ahead of all the brands out there in terms of battery! The K6000 Pro comes with a massive 6000mAh Lithium-Polymer Battery which provides 360 hours of Standby time.

We charged the Phone completely and then started using it. For normal usage, the phone lasted for 3 days! But when we did some gaming, watched movies, and did some processing, the phone lasted for around a day! Now, this is literally great!

Along with the huge battery capacity, the K6000 Pro comes with Fast charging. Charge for 5 minutes and it can provide 2 hours of talk time! The Battery is of 5V and 2A. Fast charging helps it get charged in around 3 hours! So, 3 hours of charging provides 360 hours of standby time.

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review – Performance

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review

Oukitel K6000 Pro comes with a 64-bit, Octa-Core, Mediatek Processor (MTK6753) with a 3GB LPDDR3 RAM. This Combination is enough for a fast processing. Switching between apps is smooth. Animations are smooth. No lag while normal usage.

It is packed with Mali-T720 GPU which lets you play high-end games with no significant lag. The Processor and RAM also provide smoothness. We started with Asphalt 8, then moved to N.O.V.A, and then NFS Most Wanted.

Gaming Experience was good enough for us. No Significant lag whatsoever. We played the games for like 15 minutes each and the phone didn’t heat at all. The phone does not have any heating issues. Along with the fast processing, if you are also looking for a good gaming experience, this phone is good for you!

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review – Camera

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review

A 13 MegaPixel Rear Camera with Dual Flash makes the pictures alive! We found the Camera Quality to be very good. Pictures captured in the daylight are fabulous and the camera does not lag behind in the low lighting conditions either. It’s a great phone for Photographer in you!

Along with the 13 MP rear camera, it comes with a 5 MegaPixel Front Camera. Selfies are just simply awesome! We got some really good selfies from it. In the daylight, the image quality was great but in the low lighting conditions, the quality was a bit low. Nothing significant though!

Now, for only $151.99, you get a real good deal. All the great features and a good camera. Sweet enough for me!

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review – Sound

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review

The K6000 Pro comes with Sixth Gen Class K Audio Amplifier providing you with very High-Quality Music! The Speakers are situated at the bottom of the back. The sound gets blocked when the phone is placed on its back. But when it’s placed on its screen, you can hear the true music quality.

Speakers are Efficient and produce accurate sound. Low Distortion. We played some music, watched some movies and yeah, the sound quality was good enough! All the words were clear and understandable. This high-quality music box makes Oukitel K6000 Pro a fine phone!

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review – Extra FeaturesOukitel K6000 Pro ReviewAlong with all the features that we reviewed above, Oukitel K6000 Pro comes with some more extra Features like OTG Reverse Charging, 3-Finger Quick Screenshot, Off-Screen Gestures, HotKnot Share, Remote Capture Pictures, Clip Photos. It also has a FingerPrint Sensor and is loaded with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Let’s discuss them too!

  • OTG Reverse Charging – With this feature, you can use your phone as a Portable Charger (a Powerbank) to charge other devices. This feature may come in handy when you don’t have a Powerbank. The Massive 6000mAh battery can charge other devices quite easily!
  • 3-Finger Screenshot – Just swipe 3 fingers down simultaneously and a screenshot will be captured! Taking Screenshot in a go made simple!Oukitel K6000 Pro Review
  • FingerPrint Sensor – A high-quality FingerPrint Sensor which detects fingerprints almost instantly. Accurate and good quality sensor helps taking pictures, unlock phone instantly, and even manage App Permissions!Oukitel K6000 Pro Review

Oukitel K6000 Pro Review

All these features are great and if you want good processing along with good gaming experience, this phone is for you! A good camera which lets you take perfect pictures. High-Quality Music Box, 3-Finger Quick Screenshots, Fingerprint Sensor. Everything is just great with this phone!

If you are planning to buy a phone and have a budget of about $150, this phone should be highest on the list. Pretty good quality for only $151.99!

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