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Potential Problems while Gaming on a MacBook

Potential Problems while Gaming on a MacBook

While Macs are pretty reliable computers, people who play video games on macOS are likely to encounter some issues.

Given how popular gaming is, even MacBook owners are looking to indulge in their hobby. And while it may be difficult to run AAA titles optimally because they have high specification requirements, indie games should still be something one can enjoy on a Mac.

But what if the MacBook is in the state when even indie video games are not running the way they are supposed to? Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues while playing video games on a Mac and how to solve them.

Potential Problems you may Face while Gaming on a MacBook


Let’s start with crashes while gaming. You may be in the middle of a boss fight, and before you are finished, the game decides to crash all of a sudden. These crashes can be quite tilting, particularly if they happen frequently.

One of the possible reasons behind the issue is the lack of free storage on the hard drive. If there are only a few gigabytes of free storage left, the issue is more or less inevitable.

Of course, the problem may lie elsewhere with your MacBook’s drive. If you invest in an external storage device to free up the laptop’s storage, it is one of the ways to solve the issue.

However, there are some instances when even the external storage device fails to meet expectations. If you can’t access external hard drive mac will still remain the same in the sense that you cannot free up the storage.

Thankfully, there are other options. For one, when you cannot transfer files to an external HDD, use cloud services like iCloud or Dropbox instead.

Deleting old downloads, applications, and other files you no longer need would also free up the MacBook’s drive storage. Finally, scan the system for potential malware that may be eating the free drive space.

Random Notifications

Random Notifications

Random notifications are also a common problem that can ruin the joy of playing video games. Similar to random crashes, a notification may pop up and minimize the game window without pausing it.

The solution is pretty straightforward. Do not give access to applications you install on a MacBook. Also, go to the Notification Center and disable notifications that may be bombarding you while you are playing video games.

Lastly, if you receive messages about installing macOS or other updates, do not ignore them for too long.

FPS Drops

FPS drops are not necessarily a problem if you are playing indie video games, but it is noticeable when a video game has higher system requirements.

An occasional drop here and there is not that bad. However, if you are stuck playing on below 30 FPS, you will need to make some changes to improve the situation.

The first is reducing in-game settings. Sacrificing graphic quality for the sake of better performance will be worth it if a video game is not driven by its visuals. Get rid of visual effects like shadows and water reflection. Also, reduce the texture quality.

While tinkering with the graphics is an effective way to boost FPS in video games, you could also make some changes to the computer as well.

Quitting background applications and decluttering the desktop should increase the frames as well. Also, disable visual effects like a backlit keyboard for an even more optimal MacBook performance.

Flickering Screen

A flickering screen is an issue that may occur even when you are not playing video games on your computer. And it may happen regardless of your computer model.

For MacBooks, the likeliest cause behind those annoying flickers is the incompatibility between the macOS version and the graphics processing unit. If the problem began after you installed the latest operating system update, switching back to an older OS version should solve the problem.

Having the latest macOS version is necessary because of the overall improvements to security and performance. However, if an update causes the screen to flicker, you will need to stick to a previous OS version and wait for a hotfix.

Overheating and Loud Noise

Overheating and Loud Noise

Video games take a significant amount of system resources. Sometimes, the internal hardware cannot keep up. If you hear loud noises and notice that the MacBook’s temperature is too high, playing video games will put even more of a strain on the laptop.

Investing in a cooling pad and cleaning the dust inside the MacBook are two solid options to solve the overheating and loud noise problems. Also, it is worth mentioning that the filth inside accumulates quite fast, and you should get in the habit of removing it regularly.

In case you are afraid of taking the hardware apart to clean the MacBook thoroughly because it could potentially damage something, get someone to do the work for you. There should be a computer service store nearby that can help you.

Problems with Internet Connection

Some video games require the internet if you want to play them. You will not enjoy multiplayer games if your internet connection is poor.

If your ISP ensures that things are okay on their end, look for what is causing internet problems at your home. It could be third-party peripherals like microwave ovens or wireless printers that interfere with the signal.

Getting an ethernet cable instead of relying on a wireless connection is also a possible solution.

In case these suggestions do not help, try rebooting the MacBook a few times. Disconnecting from the internet network and setting it up from scratch again is also known as one of the methods to deal with poor internet on a Mac.


To sum it all up, knowing what problems you can expect while gaming on a Mac and how to deal with them ought to be a big boost to get the most out of the MacBook while playing video games. And keep in mind that the more of these suggestions you implement yourself, the better your gaming experience will be.

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