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Quietest CPU Cooler

Quietest CPU Cooler for Most SIlent Cooling!

If you are a gamer who loves playing graphic-rich games then you need to invest in CPU Cooling. A lot of CPU Coolers on the market make too much noise and it may not seem like a big issue to some but trust me, it is an issue! While playing your favorite games, you don’t want to be disturbed with weird noise coming from your CPU Air Cooler. This is why we have come with the Quietest CPU Cooler to make the cooling noiseless. We also have found the Quietest AIO Cooler for you if you have a little higher budget!

Silent CPU Coolers are the new best thing you can have as it not only keeps your PC’s internal organs cool but also makes negligible noise. It also makes sure that your PC components keep functioning properly and don’t get damaged due to high temperatures!

The best part about growing technology is that now you can find Silent Liquid Coolers too that won’t make any noise but keep your PC as cool as a refrigerator and provide your top-notch performance with their amazing build and fast heat dissipation technology! So, without wasting too much time, let’s get started with the reviews covering several silent air coolers for CPUs, and then at the end, we tell you our pick and why it is the best choice!

Quietest CPU Cooler Reviewed for Effective and Silent Cooling

This guide will cover the reviews of the top 6 highest-rated silent CPU coolers being sold in the online tech market to help you pick out the aptest one for your current or next PC build without any hassle.

Dark Rock 4 Review

Dark Rock 4 Review - Quietest CPU Cooler

If you want a silent PC cooler that will effectively cater to your hardcore gaming needs and drive away unnecessary heat, the incredibly strong Dark Rock 4 cooling system will, without a doubt, work wonders for meeting your unique expectations. This great CPU cooler boasts fins that are optimized for imported airflow and the 135mm PWM fan facilitates a virtually inaudible operation. It also packs 6 top-quality copper heat pipes for maintaining proper cooling balance.

Speaking of professional support facilities, the Dark Rock 4 CPU cooling system carries a long manufacturer warranty of 3 years as well. Besides being the quietest fan for CPU, the air cooler boasts outstanding build quality and it is known to deliver excellent results when it comes to optimizing the overall CPU performance and sustaining coolness in the system simultaneously. Since this superb Dark Rock 4 PC cooler is cost-effective and equipped with numerous advanced features, you can buy it without any further thought.


  • Great option for high-end PC gamers and overclockers alike
  • Features 6 copper heat pipes and facilitates inaudible cooling operation
  • The build quality of this cooling system is excellent
  • Guarantees 3-year long manufacturer support
  • Sustains coolness with maximum efficiency
  • This economical CPU air cooler is loaded with several advanced features

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Noctua NH-U12A Review (Author’s Choice) (Amazon’s Choice)

Noctua NH-U12A Review - Most Silent CPU Cooler!

Widely deemed the best silent CPU cooler by thousands of millions of computer enthusiasts, Noctua NH-U12A features top-performance PWM fans which perform effectively even under a heavy workload and give A1 air cooling performance. This premium-quality CPU air cooler from Noctua comes with a fantastic dual-fan configuration and it is always in high demand owing to its wonderful acoustic efficiency. Above all, the best part about this modern desktop air cooling solution is that it has a 6-year long warranty span which can come in handy in case you face any technical issues with the product.

The Noctua NH-U12A air cooler easily fits in tower cases of different types as it has an asymmetric design which also provides easy and quick access to advanced memory modules. And what adds to the popularity of this phenomenal cooling system is its incredibly durable make-up and exceptional looks. Whether you are a hardcore PC user or a fierce gamer, the Noctua NH-U12A PC cooler will fulfill your requirements in the blink of an eye.

Another noteworthy thing is that this strong CPU cooler outperforms most other cooling systems available in the same price range and hence, you are going to get the best value for the money you spend on this product. Taking all the above into account, the wisest decision you can make to keep your PC components in the coolest state is to settle for this deluxe choice and quickly purchase the Noctua NH-U12A desktop air cooler.


  • Boasts high-performance PWM fans are perfect for intense PC usage
  • Its dual-fan configuration is excellent
  • Features a spectacular asymmetric design that supports various RAM modules
  • Fits well in different tower cases
  • Backed by a super-long manufacturer warranty
  • The CPU air cooler’s make-up is quite durable and sturdy

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Corsair A500 Review

Corsair A500 Review - Quietest CPU Fan on the Market!

Have you been on the hunt for a class-leading CPU cooler that will give you excellent value for money? Do you want to keep your desktop components cool and enjoy superb performance? The Corsair A500 is another fantastic silent cooler for CPU that boasts a reasonable price tag despite being loaded with all the latest high-end features that make it a favorite among tech lovers.

Equipped with 2 robust ML120 fans and 4 direct-contact heat pipes made of pure copper, this computer air cooler offers an unprecedented level of quiet cooling operation and maximizes CPU performance. Besides drawing hot air away from your system, the Corsair A500 CPU cooler enables maximum heat transfer and delivers unmatched airflow that can be customized as well.

Featuring an easy-to-use mount system, this modern-day PC cooler provides compatibility for wide DRAM modules and it has a quick installation procedure. Most importantly, it would not be wrong to say that this world-class CPU cooler from Corsair is synonymous with super-efficient cooling and ease of operation.


  • A favorite among many tech heads
  • Armed with 4 direct-contact copper heat pipes for enabling silent cooling
  • Delivers superb airflow all day long
  • Boasts optimum heat transfer facility
  • The cooler has a quick and convenient installation procedure
  • Offers ease of use along with full support for WIDE DRAM modules

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Cooler Master Liquid ML240L Review (Sleek Design) (Readers also like)

Cooler Master Liquid ML240L Review - Quietest AIO Cooler!

Excellent heat pipe design, advanced PWM support, and inexpensiveness are some of the many reasons why the Cooler Master Liquid ML240L is seen as the quietest AIO cooler nowadays. The latest RGB facility of this attractive PC cooler allows users to personalize the product and experiment with eye-catching light effects based on their customization preferences. You can easily customize the cooler with different light profiles in a matter of seconds by making use of the wired RGB controller.

Made with industrial-grade components, the Cooler MasterLiquid ML240L facilitates a silent airflow performance and ensures greater heat dissipation due to its enlarged surface area. Keeping everything else aside, the 3rd gen dual-chamber pump gives a major boost to the overall efficiency of this PC liquid cooling solution.

Even the fan blades of the cooler are of superior quality and the outer sleeved tubing complements the product’s premium appearance making it the most silent aio cooler. Last but not the least, consider investing in the Cooler MasterLiquid ML240L CPU liquid cooler to keep unnecessary noise at bay and enjoy optimal system cooling throughout the day.


  • Known for its great heat pipe layout and advanced PWM support facility
  • This PC liquid cooler is easily affordable
  • Features many improved RGB lighting effects for users who love to customize
  • This highly durable CPU liquid cooler boasts enhanced longevity
  • Ensures better heat dissipation and seamless airflow flow with maximum silence
  • The dual-chamber pump significantly increases the cooler’s overall efficiency

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Noctua NH-D15 Review

Noctua NH-D15 Review - Quietest Air Cooler

Counted among the most quiet CPU cooler and most effeicient silent CPU cooler available over the internet, the Noctua NH-D15 cooling system is popular among the common masses for its dual-tower design and advanced low-noise adaptors that facilitate automatic speed adjustment for proper operation. Thanks to this air cooler’s secufirm2 mounting system, it is easily installable. Best of all, the lower fins of Noctua NH-D15 are recessed owing to which product’s compatibility with high-end RAM modules significantly improves.

Designed for perfection and maximum convenience, this high-end cooling solution comes armed with loads of modern technologies needed to pave the way for optimum performance around the clock. The cooling system has 6 heat pipes that cover a larger surface area and enable better heat distribution. In addition to ensuring an ultra-quiet cooling operation, the Noctua NH-D15 CPU cooler possesses the potential to keep your system running smoothly.


  • One of the most popular quietest air coolers available over the internet
  • Offers a dual-tower design and automatic speed adjustment facility
  • Can be installed without any difficulty
  • Equipped with many modern technologies
  • Provides improved RAM compatibility for top-end modules
  • Efficiently facilitates enhanced heat distribution with 6 powerful heat pipes

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Corsair Hydro H100 Review

Corsair Hydro H100 Review - Quietest Liquid Cooler for your Silent Gaming PC Build!

Regarded as one of the best CPU coolers for i7 7700k, the Corsair Hydro H100 is known to operate with the utmost silence and efficiency. Featuring a stunning illuminated LED pump head, the cooler not only looks extremely stylish but it also has a 240mm modern radiator, which amps up its cooling capacity to a great extent. Since this high-performance liquid cooler is economically priced, it is not hard to afford.

Apart from all this, this liquid CPU cooler’s 2 120mm fans deliver next-level performance. Unlike various other liquid coolers available out there, the Corsair Hydro H100 cooling system offers maximum airflow without the slightest noise. And you would be more than glad to know that the robust build quality and latest features of this cooling system make it a true delight for PC geeks in different parts of the globe.

Another added benefit is that the Corsair Hydro H100 boasts an easy installation process and comes with a highly optimized cold plate for better cooling 24/7. With that said, if you are one of those people who cannot tolerate buzzing noise for too long, going for this top-grade quietest liquid CPU cooler from Corsair would undoubtedly be your best bet.


  • Features a high-density radiator and illuminated LED pump
  • Easy to afford owing to its reasonable price
  • Comes with 2 super-powerful PWM fans
  • Offers optimum airflow and delivers next-level liquid cooling performance
  • The CPU liquid cooler can be installed with the utmost ease and convenience
  • Boasts a well-optimized cold plate for enhanced system cooling

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Conclusion – Which is the Quietest CPU Fan?

Truth be told, a large percentage of modern technology experts around the world strongly believe that choosing a feature-rich CPU cooling system that is powerful and silent at the same time is of paramount importance in today’s age. But taking into consideration the abundant variety of desktop cooling solutions available online, selecting the right product is not a piece of cake at all. Regardless of all the hardships involved in the final selection process, we strove and made plenty of efforts to arrive at the conclusion that the quietest CPU air cooler is Noctua NH-U12A owing to its powerful PWM cooling potential.

Boasting 7 remarkable heat pipes and an auto speed control facility, the Noctua NH-U12A air cooler offers complete support for high-end memory modules and facilitates a virtually silent system cooling operation. Having come this far with the article, we firmly hope that this CPU cooler buying guide will solve the purpose and prove useful in helping you invest in a high-grade cooling system in as little time as possible.

So, if you still find it challenging to find the quietest cooler for CPU and want any kind of expert assistance to make the correct selection instantaneously, reach out to us by dropping your queries in the comment section below to fulfill your quest of getting more bang for your buck without putting in extra effort.

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