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How to Recover Deleted Data on Windows

How to Recover Deleted Data on Windows

Losing all your data and files that you have on your PC can be a nightmare for any PC user and especially for editors and gamers. Since the beginning, Windows has always been infamous to a bit because of sudden system failures and crashes requiring you to wipe out all the data on your device. Doing that might fix your PC but what about all those important files, pictures, and videos? That is where third-party software comes in to save the day.

Steps to Recover Data using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

After you have successfully installed the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software on your system your next objective to recover all your data from the system itself or from an external storage drive. Doing that is pretty easy and this guide will enable you to know exactly how to do it.

Select the Drive to Scan

Select The Drive To Scan

First, launch the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software and the main interface will show up displaying all the drives and external storage devices that you have the option to scan from. The software will start scanning the entire drive after you select it. All you need to do is just hover over the disk drive or partition from which you want to recover all your data from whether it be an external hard disk drive, a USB flash drive, a memory card, or an SD card, and then click start.

Select the Files that you want to Recover

The software takes a bit of time to scan the drive you select and after that completes you have the option to select the files that you specifically want to recover. If you want to look for a specific file or folder then you can use the search bar and then just type the name of the file or folder just by typing in it.

If you want to recover only certain types of files like pictures, audios, videos, documents, or even emails you can just select your preference using the filter option just next to the search bar. To verify and check the file double-click on it so that you can have a preview.

Recover the Lost Data and Files

Recover the Lost Data and Files

After you have done selecting the files all that is left is to start the recovery process which is very simple. Just press the “Recover” button in the bottom right corner and the recovery of your selected lost file begins after you select a separate location or drive to save all of them.

Paid Version v/s Free Version

If you want to download the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software you can do so by just heading out to their website. While there are many other free data recovery software out there, the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard easily is one of the best among them that I have ever used.

The free version is definitely great if you quickly need to recover some important files that you have mistakenly deleted or to recover some pictures and audios from your other devices like a smartphone or USB flash drive. For large files, the free version will not do you much good since the free version of the EaseUS Data Recovery software only allows you to recover 2 GB worth of data. If you need to recover any more then you might need to upgrade and switch to any of their paid versions.

The paid version of the apps comes in many different versions including the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro that gives you full access to a single PC, Data Recovery Wizard Pro+Win which allows you to perform recovery from a system even it fails to boot or crashes, and the Data Recovery Wizard Technician that allows you to use the software on an unlimited number of PCs.

Tips And Tricks To Avoid Data Deletion

Losing your data can be a bit of a hassle. Instead of spending a bunch of your time recovering lost data, you can just adopt a few steps to prevent loss of data in the first place.

  • Regularly backing up all your field and data on an external hard drive, device, or on the cloud are great ways to be ready if you ever suffer data loss.
  • Make sure you have a generator or a battery backup system like a UPS so that you never lose data in case of electricity failure.
  • Make sure you have an anti-virus or anti-malware system installed on your PC to protect you from infected and corrupt programs that can cause system failures and data loss.
  • Try to keep your computer in a cool and dry place and free from static electricity which can permanently damage your internal data drives.


While there are many software and applications out there to help recover your data not all of them are reliable and most require you to purchase it for a good amount of money. This is the reason I pick the Data Recovery Wizard by EaseUS as the best free data recovery tool that is out there which you can download for free. Obviously, there is also multiple paid version of the software that gives you a bit more control and flexibility.

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