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Teclast x80 Pro Review – Just another Dual-Boot Tablet!

As the title suggests, we are going to review Teclast x80 Pro for you today. We are listing the answers to all your questions about the performance, the aesthetics, the quality, and whether it’s a great buy or not.

The successor of the original Teclast x80, Teclast x80 Pro is a better player in the market in terms of the operating system, storage and price. The Teclast x80 Pro Review will highlight the features that make this tablet stand up to its expectation, and a few minor drawbacks, for the detailed information about the product.

8-inch tablets are not new, and people have already experienced the quality and performance, but Teclast decided to create another 8-inch dual-boot tablet which has certain new features which people might like and appreciate. Go through the pros and cons of buying Teclast x80 Pro and decide for yourself.

Design and Hardware – Teclast x80 Pro Review

Design and Hardware - Teclast x80 Pro Review

There is no lie in saying that Teclast x80 Pro is as elegant when you use, as it looks. The attractive features are what make for a great tablet. It has a micro USB slot, micro TF card slot, micro HDMI slot and a 3.5mm Headphone Jack.

With an Intel Atom X5-Z8350 (Cherry Trail T3-Z8350) Quad Core Processor, 1.44GHz (up to 1.92GHz), it has a performance that does not fail to impress. With chic aesthetics and decent specifications, Teclast x80 Pro is lightweight with only 321 grams and comes in 20.8 x 12.6 x 0.89 cm dimension.

It has a 2GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. So, if you’re looking to own a tablet so that you can comfortably watch movies, videos and browse the internet, then the impressive display features and specifications are something that you can’t say no to, for the price it is available at.

Moreover, it uses an Intel HD Graphic Gen8 processor which puts you at ease while playing games. Teclast x80 Pro offers speed and performance that are nothing short of impressive. Teclast x80 Pro is a dual boot model, so we can’t argue over the fact that it is definitely keeping up with the modern day technologies, introducing us with the ease of technology that can only be beneficial.

Display – Teclast x80 Pro Review

Display - Teclast x80 Pro Review

Teclast x80 Pro has an IPS screen with 1280×800 resolution. So you can lay your hands on any video or movie and have a great time on the weekend. With Teclast x80 Pro, your entertainment game is on point.

It has great viewing angles, but we must say, that the display with Windows is much better compared to the Android OS. However, it has a little gap of about 2-3 mm between the touch glass and IPS panel, which some users may feel uncomfortable with. Other than this, the display sure promises to impress.

Teclast x80 Pro Camera Review

Camera - Teclast x80 Pro Review

Teclast X80 Pro has a 0.3 MP front and 2MP back camera. With the great technology and super awesome features, the camera quality that Teclast X80 Pro provides is nothing to boast about. But if you want to concentrate on other features and not use it as a smartphone which comes handy while clicking thousands of pictures, then it is a great tablet to choose over many others in the market.

Honestly, there are a lot many companies that offer greater specifications, but if you want something reliable, without a big hole in your pocket, then Teclast X80 Pro is something you want to consider getting!

Operating System

The major advantage of Teclast X80 Pro is that it runs on two operating system, i.e, the ability to swicth between OS (Dual-Boot). But we would suggest you use Windows and have a great user experience. It uses Windows 10 and has Cortana – personal assistant, Groove music, XBOX gaming, etc. The performance of all these features is delightful.

Along with Windows 10, you are provided with Android and you can switch between the Operating Systems whenever you like (obviously one OS at a time).

Battery – Teclast x80 Pro Review

Battery - Teclast x80 Pro Review

Teclast X80 Pro uses a Lithium battery with 3800 mAh capacity. The makers claim that you can use the device continuously for hours before you leave it alone to get charged. Thanks to the Windows low power technology, you can use it to play intensive games and watch movies, for hours without worrying about the battery getting drained.

The DPTE intelligent battery management is what helps this device be managed so efficiently!

Additional Features

OTG slot, USB slot and the convenience of playing files of any format makes this device a great buy. It also has the Microsoft store, so you can buy games, apps, movies and everything that is available.

Other than that, the Android’s Play Store makes it easy for you to get updated on new App trends, games and whatnot.

Pros of Teclast X80 Pro

  • Great Battery Life
  • Great hardware under the hood.
  • Dual Boot device
  • Impressive Graphics and Display
  • Great gaming companion.

Cons of Teclast X80 Pro

  • Not great with Android.
  • Low speaker volume
  • Average camera quality
  • Limited Wi-Fi connectivity.

Conclusion – Teclast x80 Pro Review

With all the specifications like dual-boot, great processor, impressive display and obviously not to forget the elegance that the aesthetics of this device carry, Teclast X80 is a well-managed tablet.

There is a pool of options in the market, but with its prices, this device is something that you don’t want to miss out on if you’re running low on budget. We would suggest you not to wait if you like the specifications and want to give this device a try. Happy gadgeting!!

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