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Teclast x98 Plus II Review – Another Dual-Boot Tab!

With the increasing developments in the features like size, display, processor, and connectivity in a Tablet PC, Dual Boot Operating System also emerges as one of the important factors to consider while buying a Tablet.

The marketplace is just flooded with the tabs having Dual-Boot OS these days. After reviewing Teclast x80 Pro, it’s time to explore another dual-boot tablet. Presenting Teclast x98 Plus II Review with detailed specifications and information.

The article will try to portray a clear image of all the Pros and Cons of the gadget which will help you in the purchasing decision.

Teclast x98 Plus II manages to withstand the list of the tablets with solid build quality within a budget price range. The manufacturing company took the inspiration from the giant tech-companies as the design model resembles more that of four-year-old Apple iPad 3 tablet.

With really exciting features, it has some minor drawbacks which are also explained further. With the facility of both operating systems, Android and Windows, it provides other satisfying specifications. Is this less-known Chinese tab something worth taking looking at? Let’s find out!

Design and Hardware – Teclast x98 Plus II Review

Teclast x98 Plus II Review - Design

The build quality seems to be extremely effective, flaunting with elegant squared edge style. The overall look of the model is highly premium except the front panel and buttons which are of plastic that are immiscible with the stylish unibody look of 8mm thick shell.

On holding vertically, the top-left side of the tablet consists of power volume buttons. The bottom side is packed with TF card slot which will also work as an expansion for microSD card, micro-USB port, micro-HDMI port, and headphone jack.

Teclast x98 Plus II Review - Hardware

As expected, it has Intel Atom X5 Z8350 64-bit 1.44GHz Quad-Processor (Cherry Trail X5-Z8350) with GEN8 Intel HD Graphics GPU and 4GB of RAM which is impressive. The weight is quite good of the same, i.e., 1.15 lbs and its sleek body with the dimension of 240mm x 176mm x 8mm which is quite bigger than iPad Air, bagging its portability.

The storage is sufficient with 64 GB internal memory which can be further expanded via microSD card up to 128 GB.

Overall, the design and hardware make it a solid tablet worth the price it is available at. Rest of the specifications of the Dual-Boot Tablet are explained further in the article.

Display and Touch Response – Teclast x98 Plus II Review

Teclast x98 Plus II Review - Display

The 9.7″ IPS Retina display screen with high pixel perfect resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels which provides an amazing user experience. The high pixel resolution fits perfectly with the gigantic size of the tablet making the images more crisp and sharp unless high brightness is not mandatory.

Users can also have a good experience while watching movies or videos making the entertainment on point. The touch response of the touch controller is great and shows no delay in touch.

Teclast x98 Plus II Camera Review

The tablet has 2 MP Rear Camera without LED Flash and the Front Camera of 2 MP. Though the camera quality does not offer an outstanding experience as both front and back cameras are of 2 MP, but they will provide satisfaction while video calling with others.

However, the quality standards will not motivate you to capture the pictures from the camera.

Operating System

Teclast x98 Plus II Review - Windows 10 OS

With the best of both worlds, the Teclast x98 Plus II comes with dual Operating System which incorporates Dual Android v5.1 Lollipop and Windows 10 making an amazing pairing. Both of the Operating Systems have their own advantages.

Teclast x98 Plus II Review - Android OS

On one side, Windows provides the features like Office Suite and also overcomes the functionality issues of some software which are lacked by Android OS. On the other hand, Android provides a large app store market with a huge amount of entertaining apps and gaming apps.

Battery – Teclast x98 Plus II Review

Teclast x98 Plus II Review - Battery

The tablet has the Lithium-ion Battery of 8000mAh having the AC adapter with an average potential difference and current of 100-240V 5V and 2.5A respectively.

Battery life is not one of those effective features which will draw the user’s attention. Display resolution and the Operating System you’re using are one of the prime reasons responsible for the battery drain. Though one can watch long hours movies at the 50 percent brightness.

The charging time seems to be quite fast as it charges the device from 0 to 100 percent within three hours.

Connectivity – Teclast x98 Plus II Review

Teclast x98 Plus II Review - Connectivity

Teclast x98 Plus II is exceptionally significant in the connectivity sector.

The only major drawback of the second edition of the Teclast x98 Plus as compared to the first one is that the latter offered the SIM card support. Unfortunately, SIM card support is not present in this model, but it also comes out as a positive aspect as the battery life can maximize its utilities greatly because of the sim card slot’s absence.

Regardless of anything, the connectivity is plainly great. It also has a considerable Wi-Fi modem which is built in with 802.11 b/g/n supported protocols.

The Micro USB port in the tablet has a substantial USB OTG support used for charging and transferring files to Pen Drives. Tablet also supports a Micro HDMI port to connect the device to the larger screens and one can enjoy the super high-resolution 4K movies.

The onboard Bluetooth version 4.0 fits perfectly with such remarkable connectivity specifications, offering faster transfer speeds and saving the battery life simultaneously.

Pros of Teclast X98 Plus II

  • Prominent Design and Build Quality
  • Long Lasting Battery Life (On dim brightness)
  • Dual Boot OS
  • Sharp and lustrous Display
  • Huge Screen Size

Cons of Teclast X98 Plus II

  • Poor Camera Quality
  • No SIM card slot

Conclusion – Should you take it?

Teclast X98 Plus II tops the list of the tablets having near around features and specifications in its price range. It is a perfect tablet for everyday purpose. The only stumbling blocks are the camera quality and absence of SIM Card Slot but if you can compromise on these features, then the device will not disappoint you at all.

If you think this tab suits your daily needs and you can compromise on the Camera quality considering the price of the tab, you should totally get it! We have a great deal for you. Get an extra 19% Discount by clicking on the link below.

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