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5 Things We Know About The Upcoming Apple iPhone 11 Series

5 Things We Know About The Upcoming Apple iPhone 11 Series

Apple is well on its course to release the next iPhone series and if the plans stay on schedule, fans may not have to wait long.

The iPhone-maker generally release the premium and shiny smartphones in the final quarter of the year, which implies that you can hear good news anytime in the upcoming months if you are an Apple fan.

But just like any other big smartphone release, this one also comes with tons of rumors every year. Unsurprisingly, we again have a lot to look forward to in the iPhone 11 series.

Get Ready To See Much Needed Camera Boost in iPhone 11

iPhone 11 Series - Camera Boost!

There’s no question about Apple’s cameras being one of the best in smartphones. In fact, some might argue that iPhones have the best cameras every year, and rightfully since they are getting a little better every year. However, if we believe the latest rumors, this year iPhone cameras are getting a massive performance bump.

Reports are there that Apple is going to introduce a triple camera setup at the rear end. Now if it turns out true, we are looking at an improved zoom and a wide-angle lens. Apple has been recently lacking behind in some camera abilities against its Android rivals such as Huawei P30 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10. Both the Android devices feature three or more rear camera sensors so it would make sense for the iPhone-maker to do the same with its premium smartphone lineup.

To back the fact a little more, there are a number of design images taking rounds of the internet that show a triple rear camera setup on the upcoming iPhones.

We just have to wait and see if it is really happening or not. But one thing we and Apple can guarantee is that iPhone 11, as always, will give something new to photography fans.

Camera Boost, Fast Charging, and Everything Else in iPhone 11

Apparently, camera boost is not the only thing coming to the features since there is plenty of other stuff set to roll out in the iPhone 11.

Apple is known to improve its performance every year with either some tweaks to the existing chip or replacing it with a whole new one. This time we are suspecting that Apple will be getting a new chip launched with iPhone 11 series.

Other than that, there is a huge possibility of including reverse wireless charging that was missing from Apple previously. Including that will mean that AirPods and other accessories will be charged with your iPhone. This can also imply that new iPhone series might have a bigger battery than its successors.

At last, we might welcome the faster charging tech that Apple not has been a fan of previously. There are anticipations of some major improvements in the display and the FaceID technology is supposedly getting faster.

The Notch Will Stay… For Now

The Notch stays in the Apple iPhone 11 series!

The love-hate relationship of users with the notch is on since Apple’s launch of iPhone X in 2017. While some manufacturers are already looking to kill the notch through hole-punched cameras or pop-up slider, Apple is still not looking to follow any of them.

From all the rumored renders posted online, it looks like the US smartphone manufacturer is keeping its original design. So no matter how cool a smartphone display looks without a notch, Apple will not use or copy any other design over its original design. Apple iPhone 11 will have a notch.

The Cheaper iPhone XR Will See Major Upgrades

iPhone XR was released last year with an attempt to reach customers that cannot afford the top-tier iPhone XS Max but still want a piece of Apple’s creation. While iPhone 11 will keep the notch, iPhone XR is rumored to drop the notch and get an all-screen panel. If this major update is rolled with the fast processor, colorful design, and other features of iPhone XR, it will become a hugely popular device.

But wait. This is not the only surprise iPhone XR is giving you. According to a recently leaked image from the case maker Olixar and tipster Mobile Fun, a big update is on its way. Some images show a camera protector that covers the lenses and stop them from getting scratched. This is where things are different from last year since the current XR has a single camera sensor at the back, it looks like the next generation of the cheap iPhone alternate will house dual-lens setup at the rear end.

This will be appreciated all over the globe since it will bring an improved photography to the smartphone and there will be more images taken using the popular Portrait mode of the iPhones. It is not like this DSLR-style depth is not available in the current Apple iPhone XR. The feature is still available but it is limited since you can only click portrait photos when the camera detects a human face. However, with a second lens dedicated to the depth, the smartphone will give competition to many premium smartphone makers. According to Mobile Fun, case maker Olixar is 100 percent sure that this camera design is coming in the new iPhones this year.

A Release on the Usual Schedule

In case Apple follows its typical routine, you can expect the iPhone launch event in the mid or end of September.

Apple usually reveals its new smartphones at this time of the year and we do not have any reason to think that 2019 will be any different.

While the phones could be announced to everyone in mid-September, don’t expect them ready for sale before October 2019. The reason behind it can be some big changes since Apple has a reputation of delaying the sale if there are major tweaks in the features.

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