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UMiDIGI S2 Pro Review – A Phablet with Amazing Performance!

If you’re looking to get a Phablet having all the modern specifications and amazing performance, your search can come to rest. Presenting, UMiDIGI S2 Pro Review! A Phablet that can beat most of the smartphones and phablets in the market.

Today, we are going to review UMiDIGI S2 Pro by the very famous UMiDIGI. The name of the company which started in 2012, needs no introduction in the world of Chinese mobile phones. With its striking configuration, this device has got a nifty appearance that’s giving it the attention it so well deserves.

There are a lot of people who would never in their life think about getting a China product, and especially a mobile phone. The reasons, however, vary. There are a lot of them who only put their trust in companies like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, and others. But we cannot deny the fact that China products, if chosen carefully, give us the value for money.

The major reason that a majority of the buyers are choosing UMiDIGI and other China-based brands over the well-renowned others, is the highly attractive features, padded with the significantly low cost. And, UMiDIGI S2 Pro is no exception.

With its more than fascinating features, chic look, and unbelievably low price, we can say that UMiDIGI got it all planned to deserve the attention and reviews this mobile phone is getting.

After all this, we’re sure that you are keen to know more about the qualities that this phone inhibits. So, let us give you a better insight of the configurations so that you can judge yourself if this phone is good for the value of your money.

UMiDIGI S2 Pro Camera Review

UMiDIGI S2 Pro Camera Review - UMiDIGI S2 Pro Review!One of the positives of UMiDIGI S2 pro is that it has a Sony IMX25813 + 5 MP rear camera and 16 MP front one. Supports Touch to Focus, lets you take flawless selfies and whatnot.

UMiDIGI S2 Pro Camera Review - UMiDIGI S2 Pro Review!

The Videos can be recorded in 4K providing you the best quality and the camera is quite stable while recording which makes it a great phone for videos. It has a frame rate of 30fps has a dual LED Flash. So a good camera quality comes handy. Happy clicking folks!

Display – UMiDIGI S2 Pro Review

UMiDIDI S2 Pro comes with an efficient display. With a resolution of 2160x1080P, it provides an Aspect Ratio of 18:9 which all the modern HD phones have. It comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which provides real protection against scratches and fall damage.

UMiDIGI S2 Pro Review - Display

It has a screen size of 6.0 inch which gives better feedback when watching movies or playing games. This big size is what gets this phone in the Phablet category. The display quality is really good and the colors are crisp!

The Chin and the Head in the body of the phone don’t take too much space so the phone itself doesn’t get way too big. As you can see from the Image above, the color quality is amazing because of the FHD+ resolution it has.

Specifications – UMiDIGI S2 Pro Review

With an Android 7.0 Operating System, UMiDIGI S2 pro has a 6.0’’ body. It has an Helio P25, 64-bit Octa-Core, 2.6GHz Processor, which is more than impressive, especially considering its price.

It has a 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. When it comes to fast speed and efficient working, the device is something that transcends the ordinary. 6 GB RAM is too good for the price that it is offered in. It sets a standard that sometimes even big names can’t match.

UMiDIGI S2 Pro Review - Specifications

UMiDIGI S2 pro was crafted carefully for kind of people who aren’t afraid to try new devices in the market. It has an expandable memory up to 256 GB which completely eradicates the need for a great internal storage. Apart from the memory, there are various other features that it supports, like the GPS, A-GPS, Glonass and more.

Other Features that Impress

Let’s talk about all the other features that UMiDIGI S2 Pro has to offer and see what is setting this phone above many others in the market.

The S2 Pro has a lot of fuzz about its battery life. The phone is known to charge quickly and the battery lasts for 2 days, thanks to its 5100mAh Battery. Longer hours of fiddling with your phone now!

With an 8.8 mm slim body, it has a 4k Video resolution. It has an efficient display, for all the times that you want to watch a movie, or simply try your hand at a new game, since it has an amazing graphics quality.So there is no worrying of lags while you are just a step away from the win.

It has an OTG slot too which will let you connect your phone to pen drive and other devices.

One of the most attractive features of UMiDIGI S2 Pro is its bezel-less screen. This is one of the major advantages of getting this device. You can simply hold it in your hand while at some other work. This screen avoids unintended taps. This slim and swish mobile phone is nothing short of a beast!

There are more features that will leave you in awe with this product and you will find yourself clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button in no time. The look and the feel of UMiDIGI S2 pro is top-notch and is great for those who cannot afford a dent in their pockets.

Few Things you need to know before Buying the S2 Pro

There are a few things that some of us not like about this phone and since this is an honest review, we will list all the things out that we think are not very good.

The UMiDIGI S2 Pro comes with a hybrid SIM slot which can be used for both the SIM and the SD card. It might get a little difficult to choose at times because it’s tricky to give up on one of them. This is something we don’t really feel there is any use of. It is not always necessary to get carried away with the trend. Sticking to basics here would have been a better decision for UMiDIGI.

It has a Type-C audio port. So, you will have to use the audio adapter to convert it into a 3.3 mm port. Some people might consider it a trouble carrying it everywhere. But if you are not much fussy about it, then it is a great deal.

Another thing that some of you may not like is that there are no buttons. People who are still accustomed to the traditional designs may find this a little off.

Looking at all the other great features, we believe, that UMiDIGI S2 pro can easily surpass your expectations from a device that won’t hurt your pocket. It is a great deal for anyone who cannot burn a lot of money after the big names of the mobile phone industry.

Conclusion – Is it worth getting in 2019?

This was the UMiDIGI S2 Pro Review that you were seeking. Now, if you are a person who can compromise with the Type-C Audio port then this is the best Phablet you can think of. All these amazing features, the appealing body, efficient and crisp display, breathtaking selfie camera, great battery life are enough to get you to click the “Buy Now” button without a second thought.

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UMiDIGI S2 Pro Review - Buy UMiDIGI S2 Pro now!


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